(2016-04-22) FNGs
Summary: Dwayne and Brenna show up at the same time.
Date: 2016-04-22
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Dwayne stands on the docks, looking between the various choices. He looks from one to the next and then shakes his head as though uncertain. He drops his shouldered duffel bag, a green army type, onto the ground. Crossing his arms, he stares at the different choices and asks himself, "Who really wants to make the choice to go to school? But what am I chicken shit all of a sudden? I can't go to a school?" he looks to the Ferry and twists his lips as he thinks.

It's really not a decision for Brenna, she's so very curious about the school, so so very curious about there being others like her and in the United States too! With a backpack over one shoulder and a duffel in the other, she approaches the ferry and looks out towards the water as if able to see the school from there. It's not possible of course She looks towards the guy, who looks around her age or so, and gives a whimsical smile. 'Decisions, decisions."

Dwayne blinks as he realizes there's someone else there with him. He glances in her direction and offers a slight nod before looking back to the water and saying, "Yeah? Guess I should probably check in with the school though.. figure out what they want me to do.. figure out where I'm layin' my head. Guess that's probably the best option at this point." He smirks and the moves to the ferry as it docks. He turns and offers her his hand if she wants to take it to step on, "I'm Dwayne by the way.. sorry, I'm a new guy."

Brenna gives him a mandatory once over, according to girl code it's mandatory anyway, and she offers a lopsided grin. "Brenna McCormick." Her accent is Irish Gaelic, she definitely sounds foreign, but she enunciates her words well enough to be easily understood. "Welcome to the school," there's a look tossed out towards the ocean again, beyond the ferry, "I'm new too though. We can be the fng together."

Dwayne smirks at that and says, "The fah-noo-gee twins, huh? Sounds good to me." He lowers his hand and then shoulders his bag before getting onto the ferry completely and moving to find a place to stand. He's been sitting long enough today. Once the ferry departs, he looks to the water and asks, "So what's your deal? You a voluntary or a mandatory?"

Beside him, Brenna heads onto the ferry at the same time and she leans against a railing as she looks up at him, the lopsided smile turning more playful. "You mean there's mandatory admission? I'm voluntary, was invited here by Mr. Green." Well, the teacher was green, she didn't really remember his real name. "I take it you're mandatory? What happened there?"

Dwayne looks defiant all of a sudden, "Hell no, I'm not mandatory. Nobody makes me do nothin' I don't wanna do." His expression softens just a little afterwards, "Maybe it was more of a compromise. I'm here so that I can be around others like me, and that's better for the mundanes." He looks over the water again, "Better for me too I guess."

The defiance brings a look of surprise and Brenna almost takes a step back at his denial. Instead, she just gives a half nod. "I'm not judging, just asking, you know.. making conversation." It doesn't seem to bother her either way. The school isn't too terribly far from the docks, but they are still traveling. "What sort of powers do you have?"

Dwayne notes her step back and looks back to the approaching school again, "I can shapeshift and move things with my mind." He feels weird saying that so casually but there it is. He looks to her then and asks, "What about you?"

"Move things with your mind?" That brings a musing look to Brenna's features, "And Shapeshifting." The last is a bit more wistful. "I always wished I could turn into something like animals. I.." she grins, "I can make plants grow, talk to animals and I can fly. I'm a fairy."

"Well than that explains how you're able to talk to me." He grins slightly before picking up his bag and looking to her again, "Well hopefully I'll have a class or two with you." As the ferry arrives, he steps off and heads to registration.

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