(2016-04-22) Confessions - What She Said
Confessions - What She Said
Summary: Tabitha brings Violet up to speed on her situation. They have a heart to heart.
Date: 2016-04-22
Related: Plot: Creation Myths
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Scene Runner: Tabitha

For those that might need a bit of a reminder…

So there was an alternative music festival, pizza, and friends. And at that festival, Tabitha shared with Violet that there was a bit of news to be relayed in private. And so here we were. It was a lazy walk back to the ferry, night having fallen a bit ago, a bit of a chill wafting from the ocean - perhaps a bit of a haze of fog settling overhead.

Jacket worn over her torn t-shirt and short shorts, and tall boots, Violet had a steady little step alongside Tabitha, her eyes going ahead with a certain steady gaze. "So… that was some music, wasn't it?" she asks - breaking the silence of the last few blocks - her eyes turning towards Tabitha.

Tabitha is walking alongside, maybe a bit behind on Violet's left. The night's chill makes her glad that she's wearing her thermals under her shorts, knee-high boots, and long sleeveless hoodie with a half-face veil to hide her burns. She nods at the question, taking the opening given. "Yeah. Glad I was able to come out for it. LAR is going to be tough competition this summer." She walks a bit further before letting out a brief sigh. "I got some news from home. From the orphanage."

Violet… never quite felt the cold anymore. At first, she felt it was great - no more shivering pretty much everywhere, but now, well… everything felt kinda normal. Kinda humdrum. But she could focus on other things, too - like… "Do you need a jacket?" she asks, offering hers with a gesture.

A beat.

"What are you going to do for a band? For LAR?" she asks. A beat longer, her eyes turning towards her at that news from the orphanage. "…what kinda news? Is your sensei dude alright?"

Tabitha shrugs at the offer of the jacket. "I'm okay for now, thanks." She's got her arms crossed inside her hoodie, which from a certain angle gives the impression that she has actual curves up front. "The crew all has permission to come down for the contest. I won't be doing it solo or anything." She shudders at the thought of that. "I've got a lot of practice to do before I can pull /that/ off."

She nods at the question about her sensei. "Master Nathan? He's fine. But… depending on what happens the next week or so, I might not be back here next school year." She pulls a folded and much read letter from the pocket inside her hoodie and hopens it up. "A family in Hawaii is coming to Maine next week to meet me. They might want to adopt me." It's clear form her tone that she's really uncertain what to think about this.

"Cool cool - I'd like to meet your band too," says Violet, with a little shrug of her shoulder, bringing up a hand to pull a wayward lock of her blonde hair out of her eyes. "Haha - most musicians are like what? 30? 40? Otherwise old? You're like… leagues ahead of anyone, Tabby. Just wait until you're old too," she says with a wryness to her voice.

A handful of moments, the rest of the news coming to kinda cause her eyebrows to furrow - just a touch. Reaching out a hand - if she had permission to take the letter, Violet does take the thing, but she doesn't read it read it - her eyes were on Tabby. "Wow, Hawa'ii! How do you feel about that?" she asks, gently - the uncertainty was obvious. Another moment. "And… uh… what will you do about your schoolwork here?"

Tabitha doesn't mind the letter being taken. She does chuckle at the remark about waiting until she's old. "Old is boring. So is waiting." She nods about the band as well, "Yeah, I think it'll be fun having them here for a couple days." And the question of the possible adoption? She shrugs her left shoulder. "I don't know what to think. When it comes to orphans, we know that there are some of us that… are far less likely to ever be considered, much less actually adopted. I've always known that to anyone looking, I'm damaged goods. Add my age and all the questions about where I'm from…"

She shakes her head and kicks at a bit of dust on the street. "I'd started building my life around the near certainty that in a few years I'd be out on my own. The band is part of that, and my college plans. And it's so far away." That last part seems to be a big part of her uncertainty. "And there's everything… and everyone here that I don't want to be forced to leave behind."

Violet glances up - particularly when Tabitha calls herself damaged goods, in a roundabout way. Pursing her lips, she draws her hand up, her nails painted black, and pushes another unruly lock of hair behind her ears. "You're a musical genius, and now a superhero," she says. "No matter what else is happenin', Master Nathan believed in you, Tabitha," she states. "And so do I," she says, offering the letter back.

"And so do these people," she adds, tapping the paper with a fingertip.

"You're hot goods, in our books," she says. A beat. She did have a flip in her chest at the prospect of Tabitha leaving, but… "Maybe it'll just be for the summers or something? Maybe they won't want you to, you know, stay there," she says. College was so far away, though - two whole years, right? "But that's the problem, right? It's not what's happening, it's the questions about what it's gonna do with the life you've built so far."

Tabitha takes the letter back with a small smile of gratitude. "Thank you. I do have a hard time imagining a family that would travel several thousand miles to meet me, and then not wanting me to go back with them." She listens a bit more and nods when Violet says it's about how this will affect what she's already started.

"It's… it's something I've wanted, but eventually convinced myself wouldn't happen. I want them to like me, I want them to turn around and leave as soon as they see me. There's a tiny part of me that wants everything to go well, but mostly I just want to stay here." She stops walking and turns to look up at Violet. "I don't want to leave."

Violet pauses a handful of moments, considering what Tabitha says. Very very carefully - there was a faraway look in her eyes, glancing at the horizon. A beat further, and she pauses, letting go a soft breath. "You want both things - you want a family, but you don't want to give up the…" a pause then, and Violet glances towards Tabitha, her lips pursing - the edges of them ticking downwards, "…friends you have made."

"I think that you could make friends anywhere you go, Tabby," says Violet, coming to a stop as well - turning towards Tabitha. Lifting up her hands, she moves to take Tabitha's hands in her own, if she allows the same. Violet would squeeze them as well.

"And the friends you have would want you to be… happy, no matter what you chose."

Tabitha's hands are warm when Violet takes them. Out of reflex she starts to pull her left hand back, but she stops herself and squeezes back. Her right hand is no different from anyone else's, while her left feels worn and more smooth than skin should feel where the scars take over. "You're right. I do want so much." She looks at their hands held together. "I want this. This makes me happy."

Violet pauses a moment at the jerking back - she wouldn't force the matter - those clear blue eyes, nonetheless, upon Tabitha's own. A beat still - she smiles at the squeeze back, letting that smile linger a beat. She didn't seem to mind the touch of the scars - nor did she really point anything out. "Friendship," she says, interlacing her fingers with Tabitha's. "Stronger than a lot of things - and it's not gonna get any weaker if your family takes you to Hawa'ii… it'll just go stronger, right?" she says. "If it's true."

There's so much going through Tabitha's mind as the pair of them stand here in the cool spring night. Not that she can put it into words. For her the music always comes first, then the words follow. So she lets the tune flow in her mind, while she smiles at Violet. With a small nod and another squeeze of her hands she only says, "That's what the songs say."

Violet seemed… troubled, at the edge of her being, but the smile on her lips was genuine regardless. Leaning forward then, Violet bends over the smaller young woman - to kiss her forehead, briefly, if she allows. Turning then, she would lead them to the ferry proper - they had things to think about.

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