(2016-04-22) Confessions - What He Said
Confessions - What He Said
Summary: Tabitha brings Jacob up to speed on her situation. They have a heart to heart.
Date: 2016-04-22
Related: Plot: Creation Myths
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Scene Runner: Tabitha

To say that this has been a… busy week for Tabitha would be putting it mildly. But spending the day at the arts and music festival in Shady Cove did its work to relax her enough to bring two particular people up to speed on what the near future might hold. Now that she's back at the school and in Athena territory, she goes to knock on Jacob's dorm to see if he's in. Then she invites him over to one of the corners of the lounge where they're unlikely to be interrupted. "I've got some news that I want to make sure you're aware of."

Okay, this is good, because it gives Jacob an excuse to put off that boring reading that he's been making himself slog through. Eventually he'll get to a point of comparing notes with others, which is at least less boring, but not quite yet. On the other hand… that's a pretty open-ended comment, all around. "What sort of news?" he asks, drawing one leg up closer and wrapping his hands around the knee.

Having spent the day in large crowds enjoying a wide variety of live music, Tabitha went to the festival in a mix of her normal clothes and her 'stage' costume. Over her black thermal pants and shirt she's wearing a demin short skirt, knee-high dark blue boots, and a knee-length sleeveless midnight blue hoodie with the hood modified with a half-veil to conceal the burned left side of her face. Since she's not in public anymore, the hood is pulled back.

She shrugs one shoulder at Jacob's question as she slides into a seat and folds her legs up to lotus position, bunching up the hem of her hoodie in her lap to keep her hands from fidgeting tooo much. "That's just it, I'm not really sure myself. First off, you're aware that I'm an orphan, yeah? Ward of the state of Maine?" She asks because while it's no secret she's never quite sure who knows what about whom around here at any given moment.

Tabitha shakes her head, "No, it's not rough at all. The town I grew up in prefers an orphanage to roating the kids through foster homes, so we all live together in a big house by the ocean. It's not a bad way to live, just that every so often one or more of the kids leave as they're adopted." She ducks her head under his stare. She's grown sensitive to when people are trying not to but do. She tugs some of her hair down over the left side of her face and neck to cover up, then slips her left arm inside her hoodie to cover her hand.

"Which brings me around to what I needed to tell you." She takes a deep breath and lets it out. "Depending on how things go the next month or so, I might not be coming back here next school year. I was informed earlier this week that a family is interested in meeting me." A brief pause. "They live clear on the other side of the country, in Hawaii."

Oh, no pause needed, Jacob starts mentally flailing as soon as the phrase 'might not becoming back' floats across the air. "What? No! I mean— that's good, if they're a good family, but…" But dammit, no, as soon as he thinks it through for a second, he starts to work out the possible problems. "Do they know what type of school this really is? Would they want to move you to a closer one? /Is/ there a closer one?" It hasn't occurred to him to sit down and look up census figures or anything like that, and they might be way off even if he did.

Tabitha leans back in her seat with a small sigh as Jacob reacts. When he's paused for breath she shakes her head. "They don't know I have powers. Hell, the state of Maine doesn't know I have powers. According to my records, I was awarded a music scholarship at an exclusive private school. Not quite sure how Master Nathan managed that, but he seems to have pull in a lot of odd places."

She gives her head a small shake to bring herself back on topic. "I won't be bringing up my powers unless it looks like things are going well and that they do want to adopt me."

Jacob pauses a bit longer, still thinking through it as best he can. "Okay. What I'm thinking is— even if there's another school like this out in the Pacific, it might not be /right/ there, right? Park it out by… San Francisco, say, there'd be more of a crowd to blend into. So if they're /good/ parents, then they'll let you keep going to school where you want to."

Tabitha fights against the knot in her guts that's been a permanent resident since her Wednesday meeting with her case worker. The same day that the small forest on Paragon Island ended up one tree short which the Atlantic ocean gained. This isn't going how she'd hoped. "It's not about where I might end up going to school, and to hell with my powers! Jacob, this is about how in just a month or so I might end up getting torn away from my /entire life/, but at the same time might have a chance at finding a real family. I wanted to talk to you about it face to face because of how we're just starting to try out this whole getting to know each other thing."

Jacob blinks, leaning forward and folding his arms across his lap. "Okay… I'm trying not to be insensitive here, if I do then it's an accident. But, I thought that things here were what you were most worried about? The stuff back in Maine… yeah, that could get monkey-wrenched, but you were already spending most of your time away from it anyway, right? And like you said, you already had to deal with some of the kids moving on."

Tabitha gets a mystified look on her face. She's having a hard time figuring out how this time the conversation is going south. She closes her eyes and slows her breathing, then tries again. "Jacob, I haven't even been here for a full month yet. That's not 'spending most of my time' away from my home. And yeah, I've seen a lot of my fellow orphans adopted over the years. And every time there was the punch in my guts, because I knew that it would take a miracle for it to happen to me. People don't go looking adopt half-burned…"

Her voice trails off as she stops herself from saying the word 'monster'. She doesn't think of herself in those terms anymore (not very often, anyway). "But no, most of my life is back in Bar Harbor with my band, the other orphans, and Master Nathan. There are important things here, yes. Even people who are becoming important, which is why I wanted to talk to you. I got blindsided by this, Jacob. I'm trying to be up front so that it doesn't blindside anyone else." She goes quiet again, not certain what words to use.

Jacob blinks in confusion. "You haven't? But you were playing tour guide that one time, I assumed you'd been here the full year at least." Okay, now he has to think through a somewhat different set of things. "Okay, I… Tabitha? I like you. A lot. But this is big for you, I get it. Thank you for letting me know, and… I /hope/ we keep getting to do the get to know each other thing. But you have to go with what's right for you, whatever that is."

Tabitha lets out the breath she didn't realize she was holding as they've found what seems to have been the point of confusion. She even smiles when Jacob says that he likes her. She manages to unknot herself a bit, then nods to him. "I hope we can keep that up, too. And I will do what's right for me." Her mouth quirks up in a half-smirk. "Just as soon as I figure out what that is."

Jacob inclines his head, moving a little closer and reaching out his hands to offer them to hers. It's a simple gesture, but at the same time, an important symbol. Closeness. Connection. "Meanwhile… how about we get to know each other some more tomorrow? Maybe get an earlier start, explore the city a bit more." And maybe put off the reading until Sunday. Hey, as long as he doesn't burn through the /entire/ weekend…

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