(2016-04-21) Laundry Room Introductions
Laundry Room Introductions
Summary: Oliver and Daxton meet
Date: 2016-04-21
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Dinner done, most students are off doing their own thing. This includes the Ares speedster Daxton. Who seems to be hanging out in the Laundry room? Maybe he has something in one of the machines that's spinning. Either way he's man sitting on a couch, tapping some unknown rhythm on his chest. The army brat's hair is starting to grown out enough that it's not technically an army crew cut, but not long enough to be anything else. That's not a metaphor at all for Dax's position in life, really. A generic science book is closed next to him, ignored as it should be.

Oliver brings in his own laundry basket — when one doesn't wear jeans and t-shirts on their downtime, laundry more often is imperative. He looks over at the other there and gives a nod and a smile before he goes to an empty machine and separates the lights from the darks and begins two loads. Only when they're in does he turn to the other and points out, "I don't know you yet. I'm Oliver…"

Daxton's blue eyes come up when Oliver enters and he gives a friendly enough nod. The MEtis's presence though has him sitting up, the thumping against his chest stops and he reaches for said ignored book. When he's spoken to, the speedster makes eye contact only briefly, like it maybe makes him nervous. His gaze ends up on the other teen's shoulder. "Hey, yeah." He sounds young for a Junior. although he's definitely big enough to be one, "Felicia's mentioned you before." The teen doesn't open his book, just holds it, "I'm Daxton." Not Dexter, like all the rumours keep calling him. And yeah, he's been the center of several rumours already.

"And Felicia's mentioned you! Glad to finally meet you!" He steps on over and offers a hand. "I'm afraid of what Felicia might have said about me though. Nothing but good things about you. And we should meet. So, Ares, right?" Like the girl they're talking about. He tilts his head as if to look at the book before offering, "So. What do you think of the place so far?"

Daxton makes a slightly yikes face, "Yeah…i can only imagine the swear words she used to describe me." There's a definite touch of humour to the boy's voice as he stands up to give Oliver a firm hand shake. The guy is built, but he's compact muscles. Not over the top that it's noticeable right away. "She likes you, says you're a good guy. i got no reason to distrust her opinion." Even if she picked Dax as a friend too! He nods, although the jeans and t-shirt he's wearing currently defiantly don't represent his Team colours. "It's…ok? I mean, it's good." A small rise of one of his shoulders, "I'm kinda going through stupid, so no where would be good, ya know?"

"And I like her a lot too. She's great." He's currently wearing nylon shorts and a nylon top…it might be comfortable, but it's not terribly stylish or interesting, really. His frame seems to have more of a promise of being broader in the future, but he doesn't tend to work at it. The firm handshake is returned, "Going through stupid? Now that's not something I've heard before. Anything I can help with?"

Daxton chuckles , glancing towards the machines as the spin, "No. Probably not." His free hand runs through his short hair, "It's ok. I'm trying to focus and get myself settled. Can't deal with stupid when everything else in my life is stupid, yeah?" Does that even make any sense? Dax seems to know it's evasive and his eyes flicker to catch Oliver's briefly before darting away, "Thanks though. I'm trying to catch up with this school work. It's killing me. Who needs this stuff beyond basic anyway?" Everyone, Dax even knows that. It's just nice to complain some.

"Well…I've been here for almost two full years, so if I can answer any questions," Oliver offers before he moves to sit on one of the machines. "If you've just arrived, aren't they cutting you some slack with the schoolwork?" He tilts his head some, "So, are you just shy or did Felicia say something about me?"

Daxton moves to sit back down on his spot on the couch. "No, I'm…behind. Like 2 years." The book is tossed next to him again and he rubs the back of his neck, "I don't really remember the past 3 years." Well, he gets flashes, and then wishes he didn't. He pauses, stilling for a moment before he frowns, "What? Felicia didn't say anything…" There's an uncomfortable shift and he glances up at the other boy again, the frown still there, "I'm not…shy." He's not! Sorta!

Oliver rolls his eyes good-naturedly, "Yeah, and Grayson isn't awkward and fidgety around me." Which apparently he is. The grin fades a little, "If you're that far behind, why don't they just stick you in the right classes? I mean, so you graduate later, so what? I don't know that age matters anymore for that sort of stuff…" and at the frowns, he prods, "You sure? Or you didn't hear stuff? I'd rather clear up rumors and answer questions straight out. Or are you really that shy? That's ok…nothing wrong with it, really."

Daxton looks completely baffled now and tenses slightly, what does Grayson have to do with him? I…my power, I think they think I can catch up." Speed reading and all. "I'm doing pretty good, I think…" He hopes. Anotehr half shrug, he doesn't understand a lot of what this school does. He frowns still, confused, "What are you talking about?" He feels like he's missing a chuck of this conversation.

"Oh! Awesome! Good that you can catch up. Don't kill yourself to do it though…make sure that you have fun, too, right? Otherwise, what's the use of being a teenager?" That's his explanation, at least. Oliver blinks some, "Well, I don't know." Oh! Maybe he gets it! "You…maybe don't want to talk and read instead? Introvert. Got it. I'm obviously not."

Daxton's not been a teenager is 3 years. it takes some getting back into. A quick nod of his head and he turns to glance down at the book before looking back at Oliver. His brow crinkles even more as Oliver talks, "I'm not…" This is frustrating, getting speed labeled like this. "Jesus, chill out. I'm not shy, or introverted." He may not be those things, but annoyance is showing. he folds his arms across his chest, his foot starting to tap. "What are you afraid Felicia said about you?"

Oliver huhs quietly even as he leans back some in his seat on the washing machine. "Sorry…" is offered before he blinks again, "I'm not afraid of anything she said about me. It's probably true. I trust that even if it's something negative, she'd say the truth and not lie about anything about me. I wouldn't say anything untrue about her."

Being annoyed seems to give Dax a little more umph to make eye contact for a few seconds before his gaze goes to Oliver's shoulder again. This is not the best first meeting they could have had. Fel's gonna yell at him. The teen sighs and leans back into the couch, arms still crossed and foot still tapping. "…sorry. I'm just stressed out." He'll offer a little quieter, "She only said you were a good guy and her friend."

The apology is accepted with a nod, "It's ok. You're probably not the only one. I'm just…I came on too strong, too. Sorry about that." See? maybe his dating an introvert will help him as well! "She's a great girl and she's my friend. Probably my best friend here." He's actually very serious about that.

Daxton takes a deep breath and holds it as he nods, "It's ok. No lasting damage, we're both good." And he seems to mean it. "Felicia is. She's been good to me." Mostly. Yelling at him wasn't good, but he'll not bring that up. "Keeps me stocked in Monsters." Like some kind of energy drink back room dealer. His arms loosen and his hand goes to tapping his chest again, the same beat a his foot on the floor.

Oliver ohs, "You're one of -those-…" when he mentions the energy drinks. "I don't know how you guys manage to drink that," and he gives a pretend shudder. "She's good people. I'm glad that you two are friends too." Well, now that they're ok with each other, he stops prodding. However, he's also not too sure what else to say.

Daxton quirks an eyebrow, but the fidgetiness of the teen may be explained now. "It's a need, not a want, man." Dax doesn't seem to have that problem though, "So…what can you do? I'm fast." Just fast, no other explanation.

"A need?" is asked but he explains that he's fast, that sort of answers his question. "Got it. Cool. I mean, yeah. So…it must be really hard for you sititng through class." Right, he had a question asked of him as well! Oliver grins, "Shapeshifter."

Daxton snorts, but it's amused, "God…it's the worst. Sometimes I actually read ahead, I'm so bored." The horror! His head tilts and there's a brief eye contact again, "Shapeshifter…like a werewolf?" There's a hint a of impressed in the speedster voice at that idea.

Oliver chuckles, "I can't even imagine! I know sometimes it's bad for me and I'm not speedy at all! Is it bad if you read ahead though?" Isn't he trying to catch up? There's a grin when werewolves are mentioned, "Actually, I can only shift into animals that I've seen. But I can shift into other people, too."

It's a complicated give and take with his studies, so Daxton just nods and gives a small shrug, "Sometimes." That's super informative. "Cool. Like seen in real life, or can you do photo graphs and stuff. Like, can you do Abe Lincoln?" Hell, he then asks, "Maybe we should have you meet a werewolf." He's just assumming there's werewolves, there's witches, why not other creatures of the night!

"Oh, people I can usually just do. I mean, I don't need to see photographs unless I'm supposed to shift into someone in particular." Abraham Lincoln, huh? Oliver looks thoughtful for a moment before he just sort of blurs and Abraham Lincoln is now sitting on the washing machine. "Guess I can…" but there have also been pictures of him, so it helps. That, and he's not a mythological creature.

A real smile, bright and boyish, graces Dax's face briefly and he responds like anyone should, "That's fucking cool." He nods, eyeing Abe. "You must be killer at Halloween then."

Oliver shifts back into himself and continues to grin, "Felicia said the same thing. I've only been trick-or-treating a couple of times and I did it the conventional way. I was still hiding what I could do then." It was apparently a while ago. "I think Felicia mentioned going Trick or Treating next year, but…I think we're too old."

Daxton nods, guessing they're probably to old for trick or treating anyway. "Still… you'll win any contest you enter." And then Oliver come sour and says it, "Yeah, probably. Maybe we can find a dance or some kind of party instead…does the school have one?" Not that a school dance is high on his list of things to do, but…yeah. It's an option.

Oliver shrugs, "That's kind of cheating though. And isn't Halloween about dressing up yourself? I actually sort of turn into the other person. So…" he wrinkles his nose then and hops down as his washing machines buzz, one right after the other. "A dance would be cool. I think they might have something…I didn't really go." Again, didn't want to cheat and Halloween…not a favorite holiday.

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