(2016-04-21) Good News or Bad?
Good News or Bad?
Summary: Tabitha returns from the meeting with her caseworker
Date: 2016-04-21
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NPCs: None
Scene Runner: Tabitha

It's a bright, sunny, and decently warm Thursday on Paragon Island. The training grounds are being prepped for tomorrow's championship Arena Fetch game, the grounds being leveled and devices to build the field hazards are in place. And coming in from the northeast is a rumble that could be mistaken for strong thunder if it weren't for the clear skies. Instead it's a low flowing sonic boom caused by am incoming red headed waif who was missing from classes today. Student grapevine had her heading home for a meeting with her social worker or something like that.

Tabitha wings her way in, her aura spread out around her like an airborne stingray, and comes in for landing near the island's wooded center without bothering to slow down. She goes from mach 1 to zero in about five inches, her landing kicking up a considerable storm of dust and debris to match her stormy expression.

Having only be at school for a little over a month Felicia has yet to see an Arena Fetch game. From all that she has heard though she can't wait to watch the championship or try out for next years team. That's why she is here, she is watching them setup for the game. Trying to get a better idea of the staging of it at least.

The rumble in the skies has her looking up, her brow furrowing. No ominous dark clouds so it couldn't be thunder "Huh." she says to herself with a shrug and goes back to watching and then Tabitha hits and she is hit with a wave of dust and debris. If she weren't the brick she was that might actually hurt, or send her flying, but she is immovable in the wave, but does block her eyes, because she has found out that things in the eye still irritate, even if they don't damage.

Aidan had also made his way out to the training grounds, sitting atop one of the rows of bleachers as he watches the goings of the preparation. For him, it was just something else to watch and get his mind off of things. However, when the rumble sets in he looks around with a lofted brow. "What the…" Before he can think of what the cause might be, Tabitha makes her entrance. The bench row above his acts as support as he leans back from the force, arm coming up to shield against any dust or debris that may try to get by. Slowly taking his arm down, he tries to see what in the world caused all of that ruckus.

Being particularly monofocused at the moment, Tabitha hasn't registered that there might be other people on the island. She's started to pace along the edge of the island's wooded center, a short distance from the arena. In contradiction to the debris cloud's wildness, she's more formally dressed than anyone here other than Jacob and Violet have seen her. She's wearing a powder blue button-down blouse over a cream colored ankle length skirt, slightly frilly church socks and pumps of not quite the same shade as her blouse. Her hair has been scraped back into a prim and somewhat severe braid. The overall effect is very debutante finishing school on a budget, and has the side effect of making the burn scars along her face, neck, and left arm far more visible than she's ever been comfortable with.

As she paces, she is muttering to herself and taking the odd swing at trees as she passes them. The muttering gets louder as the punches get stronger. "Hawaii…" *punch* "Hawaii!" *Punch* "HAWAII!!!" *PUNCH*

The last angry scream is projected with all the force and vocal training she can muster, and the punch puts her fist straight through the trunk of an old maple tree.

Well up until a few seconds ago Felicia thought the most exciting thing to watch was the building of the Arena. Boy was she wrong. Blonde girl punching trees and screaming about a tropical island is so much better. So she gets out her phone and starts to record it of course, because that's what teenagers do. "You show that tree whose boss Tabitha!" she calls out as she holds the phone up, drawing closer to the other girl. Oh yeah she is probably going to get punched to and her phone crushed but what's life without risks.

When the debris cloud had finally settled down, Aidan lowers his arm fully. Looking around, he does not see anybody…but he sure hears somebody! The Sophomore blinks a moment "Somebody really hates the Aloha State." Unable to help his curiosity, Aidan stands up and makes his way off the bleachers and towards the sound of the wreckage.

Dear gosh if he and Felicia were in a horror movie they'd be the first to go. Video recording the evidence? Following the strange noise? Teenagers. Coming up the trail and seeing Felicia with her phone out…and Tabitha a bit ahead with her fist through a tree, Aidan just lofts a brow "Everything…okay?"

Finding her arm stuck in a maple tree up to the shoulder doesn't do anything for Tabitha's good temper. She tries to pull it out, but it's nicely wedged in. She hasn't noticed either of her spectators just yet. After trying and failing to get leverage again, she braces her feet and her aura becomes bright, highly visible, and almost solid looking. It splits into a dozen arms which sharpen into long serrated blades. The blades go into the hole around her arm and with a loud growl she tears them upwards, downwards, and outwards.

The trunk shatters, and the arm that was previously inside of it grabs the now separated upper bulk of the maple. With a twist of her torso and a last ear-piercing full operatic soprano shriek of, "HAWAII!!!!" that maple is tossed far out to sea. And it seems to have taken all of Tabitha's anger with it. She drops splay-footed to the ground, her breath heaving with a lost look on her face.

Felicia continues to record the incident with her phone, slowing moving forward and capturing the aura brightening and splitting into blades. The growling, and the violent disposal of the tree and the shout of pure emotion. When the show is finally over she turns the camera toward herself "I guess we know where she won't be going on her honeymoon." she eyebrow waggles and then stops recording.

Finally seeing Aidan she gives him a wave and pockets the phone. Not knowing Tabitha that well she isn't sure how to approach this. If if were one of her team mates sure she would go right up there and figure stuff out, but she has only talked to Tabs twice so isn't sure, so she asks "Should we do something?"

Aidan frowns, watching the obviously upset Tabitha as she destroys the tree and sends it soaring. Felicia's question gets a sigh from the awkward teen, Aidan looking to her and seeming to hesitate saying something for a moment before shaking his head. "Stay here…I'll see if she's ok." Then, he turns and focuses on Tabitha. Stepping towards where she sits on the ground, he clears his throat as he gets closer. "Hey…Tabitha right? Is there somebody…you want us to get? To come out here for you?" Obviously she wasn't ok so that would be a dumb question. He didn't know her that well and didn't know how well Felicia knew her, but figured she needed some kind of assistance. Or comfort. He keeps a small distance for now, but is close enough to make his presence known.

It takes a moment for Tabitha to notice and acknowledge Aidan's approach or that he's spoken to her. When she does it's with the barest of shrugs. Her aura has gone back to its normal semi-quiescent golden amber shimmer just over the surface of her skin. "No…" She lets out a long sigh and floats upwards to get her feet back under her. "No, I'll be alright I guess." She's starting to get some color back into her skin under the aura.

She brushes herself off then looks around, noticing Felicia not far away and also the effect her return had on the surroundings. She gives Felicia a quick up-nod of greeting. "Sorry if I startled you. Didn't think anyone would be out this early. Guess I forgot to carry the Ares."

Yeah right, like Felicia is going to let Aidan get to have all the fun. If Tabitha is going to get punchy again she is going to want to get in on that action. "Uhm…you guess?" that doesn't sound good to her. She waves of the apology, she wasn't startled, shock and surprise just isn't her thing anymore, "They always do." forget to carry the Ares. Big mistake "So Hawaii…what did the Aloha state do to have to pruning trees?

Aidan watches as Tabitha gets herself up, "Eh a bit of wind blowing about, but no personal damage done as far as I know" he offers with a small smile. With Felicia's question, Aidan looks to Tabitha…curious as well. For a moment, given her hair being pulled back, he notices the burn marks that were not as visible yesterday in the cafeteria. His attention doesn't stay on them though as he listens to the girl explain…if she wanted to.

Tabitha shrugs one shoulder to Felicia, "Yeah… I guess." Her wandering gaze brings her attention to the work done to prepare the Arena Fetch field for tomorrow, and the pillars done up in Ares blue and Metis green. "At least I'll get to see one match before…" She half grins at the remark that people always forget to factor in the Ares, then pauses when she asks about Hawaii. She is quiet for a few beats then shrugs to herself. "That's where the family that's shown interest in adopting me lives." She says this in a tone that makes it sound more like a proclamation of doom.

With the Arena Fetch championship being tomorrow the training grounds are a busy place with staff setting up the field and hazards for the event. That highly entertaining spectacle is being ignored though by the three teens off in the more wooded area of the island. Though with that one maple tree now missing and a bit hole in the ground where it used to be, they are easily visible from the path that leads from the school.

Felicia glances back to the preparations when Tabitha does, but her gaze doesn’t stay long there, it quickly returns to the dejected looking Tabitha "Wait. You're upset because a family in Hawaii is interested in adopting you? Wouldn’t that be a good thing?" color her perplexed.

Aidan lofts a brow, confused as well. Being adopted…good yeah? Then, he realized the wording she had just used. "Are they taking you out of the school?"

Tabitha is standing on the edge of that wooded part of the island in the middle of an area that looks like it got hit by gale force winds. She's dressed very 'Sunday go to meeting' formal. Powder blue blouse, cream ankle length skirt, white church socks and pumps a shade of blue that doesn't quite match the blouse. Her red hair has been scraped back into a severe braid. The overall effect is very /not/ Tabitha, partly because it puts her burn scars out there to be plainly seen. Not something she's a fan of.

Felicia's question causes Tabitha to briefly clench up in angry reflex, but it only lasts a second. She recognizes that coming from Felicia it's a genuine question, not the kind of careless assumption her case worker made. "I'm upset because… because if you ask any orphan, any kid in the foster system, they'll tell you that we have an adoption shelf life that ends when the word 'teen' is added to our age." She kicks at a bit of wood shrapnel from the tree trunk. "I'm too old, plus… well…" she makes a vague gesture to her scars. "I've started making my /own/ life. My friends, my music, my band, this place here…" She nods to Aidan's question. "Yeah, considering that my powers aren't in my adoption file, I very much doubt that I'd get to stay in a private school of dubious origin five thousand miles from my new loving home."

Daxton had to take it easy in the gym, he'd over down it the other day, so instead the speedster has been out jogging. Endurance is just as important as speed. He doesn't know why that's stuck in his head, but it is. He's been running around the island, sometimes on paths, sometimes in the woods. he comes up and slows at the scene in front of him. He doesn't stop, but slows and tilts his head as he comes up, "Hey….what's going on?' Blue eyes scan over everyone, making sure there's no injuries.

Felicia is actually injury free, but only cause she got lucky, with Tabs not noticing stuffs. She does have leaves and small twigs caught in her hair though and is a bit dusty. Facts that she hasn't realized herself just yet. The teen continues to look confused "Yeah, okay. I get that. Not wanting to leave all that stuffs behind and all. But interested doesn't mean anything really does it?" she asks and yes still genuine "I mean I could be interested in getting a tattoo, or a nose ring or a new set of tennis shoes." she scales that down to make it a little more reasonable "Doesn't mean it’s going to happen. Not set in stone yet right?" as Dax approaches she gives him a upward nod in greeting but uhms and his question "Best if Tabitha tells ya." not her story.

Tabitha tries to show that she appreciates that Felicia is trying to provide perspective in her tone of voice and expression. She she does appreciate the effort, she's just… a bit emotionally bruised at the moment. "True, and if they were local or even as close as Boston or somewhere like that I'd be less concerned. But they've shown enough interest to be put through five weeks of paperwork and background checks, plus the cost of traveling five thousand miles to meet me next week."

She looks over at Daxton approaches and gives him a one-shoulder shrug. "Had my case worker meeting today. The family that wants to adopt me lives in Hawaii." This does not seem to thrill her. "And it's not like I really get a choice in the matter. I'd only get an option if I were sixteen or older, because I could petition the state to grant me early majority rights."

Daxton knew that was coming up, and he glances between the three listening. As Hawaii is brought up he blinks in surprise. "Oh…wow." The speedster shifts from foot to foot, partially to cool down from the run, and partially because he just can't help it. "Well…I doubt they'll have a school like this in Hawaii. You'll just need to explain your situation to them. If they really want to adopt you, they'll understand and make it work." Simplistic thinking, or is the answer to the situation so straightforward that it wasn't easy to see? Who knows (Not Daxton!)? The vaporized tree is glanced at again before he asks, "If you live there during the summer, but come here for school…that's not all bad, is it?" Not ideal, but not all that bad.

"Or they will decide that you aren't the daughter they are looking for." for Felicia it is a force of will not to do a Star Wars impersonation there, her hand even starts to come up to do the force wave but she forces it down when she realizes it, sticking her hand in the pocket of her hoodie. "Either way honesty is the way to go." nope in this instant she is no encouraging schemes or trickery. "Can your case worker force you to go to the visit?"

Tabitha nods to Daxton's comment about a lack of a school like this in Hawaii. "Exactly! I /like/ it here, and was already making plans for the summer. I've got…" and here she starts to blush down the right side of her face and neck. "People reasons to want to stick around." She starts to pace back and forth again, not reaching the same level of agitation that caused her to launch a maple tree out to sea but still showing her nerves.

"Yeah, they can force me to go to the meet-up. The state of Maine is my legal guardian, after all. They can't force me to accept an adoption, but what if…" And here she stops and drops her head down, her very nature forcing her to acknowledge the real reason she's so scared. One that both Felicia and Daxton have touched upon. "What if they're the right people, good people, and they do want me? What if… what if they don't?"

Daxton frowns slightly, a pang for his own family, "Tabitha….is it better to live without a family? What if they are it?" He'll take a few steps closer, trying to be supportive, "Meet them, if it doesn't work, it doesn't. But then you won't have that 'what if' hanging over your head." He then laughs, shaking his head with a half smirk, "If they don't want you, then they're fools and not the right family." Duh. "Just be honest, Felicia's right."

"Oh Tabs." Felicia says in a sympathetic tone moving forward to put an arm around the girls shoulder in a gesture she hopes is reassuring. Yeah she may have a bit of an issue with personal space, but that's just how she is. "If they are the right people then they will listen to you and take what you want and need into account." a glance is given to Dax as she nods in agreement to what he says "Hey, if they can't see what a awesome person you are then there is definitely something wrong with them and you don't need that kind negativity in your life. It's their loss, not yours."

Tabitha grew up sharing a bedroom with a dozen 'orphan sib' sisters and almost as many brothers. Any issues she might've had with personal space got weeded out long ago. She accepts Felicia's gesture for the comfort it is, flashing the older girl a warm smile of gratitude. Up close it's clear that her eyes are heavy with almost shed tears, but none have fallen yet. She blinks them away before that can happen, though. "Thanks, both of you. I'll try to be. Not sure how any of them will react to the whole 'superhuman' thing, though." She doesn't say anything, but it's probably not too hard to figure out that her powers aren't the biggest reason she's nervous (no, let's be honest… terrified) of meeting this family. People don't usually buy damaged goods on purpose.

She takes a deep breath and lets it out, then repeats the process a few more times while standing up straight and squaring her shoulders. "There's nothing for it then, is there? Just have to try and be positive." She looks back down at the remains of the tree and sighs once more. "I should… go in and explain what happened out here to admin. And then… there's a couple people inside who deserve to know what's going on." The blush is back when she says the last part.

Daxton zips over to the tree, looking down at what's left of it. "I'll clean it up so it doesn't look so bad." There's a wood pile where Derek usually has everyone camp. he could put it there. "Be positive. Know we got your back." He eyes the blush and then smirks, shaking his head softly, "Go then."

A hand rubs across Tabs back "Sure you do. They will either react really good or really bad. Knowing that you can prepare yourself for both." yeah Felicia isn't a real shades of grey kinda of person. At least not about this, could be about other things.

Looking at the destruction she gives a bit of a wince. "How about you go talk to those deserving people and I will go deal with admin about this." she circles a hand toward all the destruction. Which means she is going to take the fall for it and not throw Tabs under the bus. It's been three days since she has gotten a detention, people are going to start to think she is slipping. "Totally got your back." she agrees with Dax wholeheartedly with that. "Later Dax." she gives a wave to her team mate and then heads inside with Tabs. She has some storytelling to do.

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