(2016-04-20) Good News at a Bad Time
Good News at a Bad Time
Summary: Tabitha receives news from home that she never expected and isn't sure if she wants.
Date: 2016-04-20
Related: Plot: Creation Myths
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Scene Runner: Tabitha

Another day of school done, and it's time for the comsumption of mass quantities. Tabitha makes her way through the line as she does at every meal, loading up her trays as usual then snagging a seat at one of the last empty tables. She's got her usual massive load of food, easily enough for five or six people. She also sets an art tube against the table next to her chair and a sealed manilla envelope with offical-looking government type print on the front. Her mood is a mix of happy and uncertain, with the latter being more dominant. She fiddles with the envelope between bites of her meal(s), and from the worn look of the edges, she's been doing this all day.

One of the bonuses of speed is getting to the front of the line, and speed also helps in finishing before everyone as well. Daxton leans back in his chair stretching and rubbing his belly. A quiet, but happy noise and he stands, which puts Tabs in his line of sight. It doesn't take a genius to notice the envelope and he sighs, making his way over, "Hey Tabs…you ok?"

Meanwhile, Aidan is at a table across from Tabitha's, his back to the girl and Daxton for the moment as he continues eating his meal. He had managed to get here at a decent time though, being almost finished. At the upper corner of his tray way an orange. An orange with a purpose!

Tabitha's attention seems to be fairly monofocused. She doesn't register Daxton's aproach or question at first. Then she blinks as she notes the shadow on the table and looks up. "Huh? Oh, hey Dax. What's up?" She flips the envelope over, genuinely thinking that she's being fast enough to deflect attention or notice away from it. "How's the new job going?" She's not too good at deflecting.

The speedster tilts his head, looking down at the girl. "You. Are you ok?" His blue eyes look to the envelope but Daxton lets her have it for now. "It's good. I think I'm gonna do ok there. I'll be able to buy the watch in a week or two I think."

It was dinner time and students were gathered in the cafeteria. At a lesser populated table, Tabitha sat now talking to Daxton who had approached. As for Aidan, he sat at a table across from Tabitha's but with his back to the duo with how he was seated. Aidan finishes his meal now, eyes going to the orange that remains at the corner of his tray.

You know those days where you just crave something? Your stomach won't let you have peace until you get it. For whatever reason, today this orange was that craving. Ever since the middle of the afternoon. Picking up the orange, he rotates it to peel it…when it slips from his grasp. Figures. "Ack!" It falls to the ground and, with the aid of gravity, begins rolling across the cafeteria floor. A kick from a passing foot sends it even further as Aidan gets up and takes chase "Come back here! I just want to eat you!" He was closing in on it, ducked down low to try and snatch it up.

Grayson walks from the lunch line, carrying a green apple. As he lifts it to his mouth, he feels a thump against his ankle. He looks down, and there's Aidan's orange. He sighs, takes a loud, crunchy bite of his apple, and then bends over, picking up the orange. He looks around for the orange's owner. When he spots the crawling Aidan, he rolls his eyes, "Hey Sparky. I got your fruit." He holds it up for Aidan to see.

Tabitha's smile at Daxton's response is perhaps a bit lacking, but honest in its intent. "That's good, but don't worry about it too much. There's no rush." Her attention is distracted by the arrival, and then departure, of a rolling orange and its pursuer. Her gaze follows the sight until it comes to an and at Grayson. She quirks an eyebrow at the situation, but shrugs and turns back to her food and conversation with Daxton. Her eyes keep flicking over to the envelope despite her intention of putting it out of her mind. "But me? I'm…" She sighs and shrugs. "I'm a bit torn, to be honest. You remember all that paperwork I had to do last week for social services? My 'orphan's homework'?"

Daxton cocks an eyebrow at Tab, "Uh-huh." Anything else he was going to say is diverted swell to the orange drama unfolding in front of them. He turns back, there's no yelling or punches thrown so he's not super interested. He nods, "Yeah. Did you hear back? Is that what that is?" He leans against the table, not quite inviting himself. The army brat's arms fold casual across his chest.

As his orange is grabbed by Grayson, Aidan stands upright in time with the orange lifting from the ground. "Nice save! Grayson right?Thanks." Walking up to close the gap between them, holding out his hand for the fruit. "So I'd ask what brings you here, but that's…kind of obvious."

Grayson nods, "Yeah." He puts the orange into Aidan's hand, but he does so rather firmly, expressing some annoyance through the gesture. "Try not to roast it." He rolls his eyes, and then marches out of the cafeteria, chomping on his apple as he goes.

Tabitha shakes her head at Daxton's follow-up question about her paperwork. "That's just it. There is never a response to that stuff. It's just basic 'file and forget' documentation to prove that I'm still alive, still in the state's care, and in generally good health." She gives up the last shreds of her 'don't care' act and pushes her food trays away so she can bring the envelope right up in front of her, flipping it face up. The address is the orphanage she grew up at in Bar Harbor, Maine. "I want to open it, but I don't want to at the same time, y'know?"

She and Daxton are talking at her table, the speedster leaning against the side of the table. Aidan is off to one side not too far away, holding an orange that he's just finished chasing across the floor.

Daxton keeps his eyes on the envelope in Tabitha's hand. "The longer you wait the more stress you're putting yourself through." He drops his arms, a hand tapping against the table top near said envelope. "Do you want someone to read it for you?" The implication is he will, but he doesn't push that.

Aidan had managed to get his runaway orange back thanks to Grayson's help, but at the other's next statement, the Sophomore can only blink at both the words and the sudden change in demeanor as the orange was delivered into his hand. Watching Grayson walk out of the cafeteria, Aidan gives a nod and calls out "Right! Good talk!" Turning to head back to his table, a frown is on his features though he keeps his focus down on the orange as he begins dusting it off on his school polo.

Jacob is just heading into the cafeteria at about that same time, eyeing Aidan and ducking over to one side as he passes by. "Right, good talk," he echoes, having no actual idea what the topic was. Then he looks around, spotting Tabitha and biting his lip, picking up on her tense mood.

Tabitha's acceptance of the situation has brought her somewhat out of her earlier case of tunnel vision, but she's not quite ready to go all-in on the envelope's contents. So she delays by shifting her attention to Aidan and his reaction to Grayson's sudden departure. "He's like that sometimes. Don't take it personally." Shifting her attention to talk to Aidan also causes her to notices Jacob's arrival. She shoots him a quick nervous smile. Just what she needed, a population explosion of stomach butterflies.

Daxton's question is returned to after that. Her eyes shift from him to the envelope and back a couple times before she hangs her head in shame and lifts it towards him. "Yes. I'm a coward."

Daxton ignores the new guy and Jacob. Instead he nods, looking a little sad and takes the envelop and opens it at an inhuman speed. The appears are shuffled throughout at an inhuman speed, his blue eyes almost look comical as he speed reads though the many papers. The teen blinks, "OH, uh…do you want me to tell you here?" Which is probably not the most helpful.

Aidan blinks, looking up to Jacob and lofting a brow before just returning his attention to his orange as he begins to peel it now. Putting the scraps of peel into his pocket as the fruit is exposed, he'd then glance to Tabitha at her reassurance. "Oh Grayson? Eh I just met him last night so I'm not too broken up about it…" a small smirk is offered "but thanks." He bites into the orange, lofting a brow and looking between her and Daxton, "Everything okay?"

There's a quick waggle of fingers from Jacob toward Tabitha, as he heads over to pick up a couple of things for himself. Lots of high metabolisms at this school, and he doesn't want to pile on to whatever Daxton is helping her with there. Just letting her know he noticed, is all.

Tabitha barely has time to blink between giving permission/begging Daxton to read the letter and his response. And while she dosn't give Aidan a direct response to his question, her reaction to Daxton's is probably sufficient information. Her reaction is thus: Going completely pale (which isn't a long road for her, being a ginger), her mouth opening and closing a few times in rapid succession, and then finally a sudden babble of questions. "… What is it? Did they find out about me? Am I being moved? Is it cancer? Are they sending me to jail? Did they learn I'm an alien? What is it?!"

Daxton's head shakes, and he leans closer, not wanting his voice to carry, "NO, no…nothing bad. Sorry. There's a family wanting to meet you, for possible adoption." He makes a yikes face, realising he should ahem been more delicate, "I…i think it's a good thing, right?" The speedster reaches a hand to take her's, hopefully so she doesn't pass out, "There's a time and a place for you to meet your caseworker to talk about it more….No jail. No cancer. No being moved."

Finding himself to be disrupting what seems to be a rather private conversation, Aidan's foot that had been lifted to take another step just as quickly turns on it's heel…setting him off in the direction of the table he had been sitting at instead. Sure it was still close enough to interact with them, but at least far enough away to ensure them he wasn't trying to eavesdrop. He takes to the task of gathering his trash atop his food tray.

Jacob, on the other hand? Well, he's not going to force his company on the others, but he does pick up his things and carry them over in that general direction. Whatever it is, it doesn't look like it's /too/ rough at least.

"Wait… what?" Yeah, Tabitha's not in the most coherent state of mind just now. She gives Daxton a look that clearly says 'Am I being punked?', then takes the letter from his hands and starts to read it for herself. It takes her longer to read it, naturally, and after a couple minutes she blindly sits down as if her knees decided to go on strike. Fortunately she just lands back in the chair she was in before without much more than some squeeks as its slides across the floor a bit. "Um… yeah… this is… not what I was expecting. Ever."

Daxton stays silent leaning against the table, just being there for her while she reads. "Good though, right?"He actually makes eye contact with her briefly and nods softly.

Still taking his time, Jacob pulls up a chair and sits down, not right next to them, but close enough he won't have to shout or anything. "Kind of looked like a good surprise, yeah," he offers, along with a wave as a form of silent greeting.

Some color is starting to return to Tabitha's face, visible under the slight amber sheen of her aura. She looks up from the letter to meet Daxton's gaze. "Good… yeah. I guess it might be." There's no real conviction in her eyes or voice. Her food sits forgotten. "I just… " She shakes her head, not wanting to put voice to how she'd figured that she was unadoptable once she grew into her teens. Too many questions about her background. Not… physically perfect enough.

Jacob gets looked over at as he weighs in. "It's a surprise, yes. Not sure if it's good, yet." The letter has become rather crumpled as she's been squeezing it in her hands. "I need… I need to go talk to the Headmistress. The meeting is tomorrow."

Daxton offers her a soft smile and then straightens up. Jacob gets a nod before he offers back to Tabitha, "Eat and then talk to her." He glances around the room before looking back to the students here. "I'm about to head out, I can let her know you're gonan talk to her?"

Mmm, still that highly tentative feel to it. But not all bad! Jacob shoots Tabitha a quick grin as well, nodding to Daxton as well. "Yeah, you'll get through it okay. And you know we'll be there for you if you need it, after."

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