(2016-04-20) First Kiss
First Kiss
Summary: More Oliver and Grayson mushiness
Date: 2016-04-20
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Grayson walks into the hub from the stairs. He's carrying a green apple that's half eaten, which he chomps a huge bite of and chews rather loudly, his mouth rudely open as he does so.

After classes and after dinner…it's socialization/homework time. Oliver is actually hanging out in the Ocean Floor Hub doing the latter. He's seated on the floor, his back against a window as a notebook and hos textbook are spread out before him. At the sound of the chewing he looks up and smiles upon seeing Grayson. "Good apple?"

Grayson looks up from his apple and shrugs, "It'll do. I sure as hell wasn't eating that meatloaf they were passing off as supper," he grumbles. He walks straight over to Oliver, rather confidently, and then just drops onto the floor beside him. He doesn't say anything, but he offers the apple to Oliver for a bite.

"I didn't eat it either. I had some of the noodles and veggies," Oliver admits. He wouldn't have eaten meatloaf anyhow. He moves his notebook aside so that Grayson has some more room when he sits…and when the apple is offered, he smiles again. "We haven't even kissed yet and I'm getting some of your apple?" But he does take it and takes a bite before handing it back. "I like the green ones."

Grayson tilts his head a little. "Yeah. What's up with that?" He scoffs a little, and then he slides a little to the side and leans right over Oliver, planting his hand on the window over Oliver's shoulder for balance and just presses his lips onto Oliver's. It's a slow, gentle kiss, given with confidence. As he moves his lips over Oliver's, another student walking by makes a wolf whistle. Without removing his lips or looking away, he lifts his free hand, the one not on the window, and raises it, pointing it at the kid walking by behind his back, and gives a nice middle finger to him. After another moment of the kiss, he slowly pulls his mouth off of Oliver's. "Better?" he asks, hovering almost nose to nose with the boy.

"I don't know, you tell me…" Oliver starts, but he's paused by the kiss. Well then! He's obviously taken by surprise but he does kiss back as the shock wears off.

The wolf-whistle doesn't quite register, but Grayson's response does. His own hand reaches out to gently guide Grayson's back down, clasping their hands together if that's what it takes. As the kiss ends and the question is asked, he chuckles some, "Yeah…that was nice. Next time, let's do it without the gesture?"

Grayson doesn't fight him when he takes his hand down. He shrugs, "He started it," he says softly of the kid who w
histled. He stays right where he is. "You know you could do better, right?" he says, with a little grin.

"How do you know it was meant to be mean? Maybe he thought we were hot?" Oliver points out with a smile, still staying close to the other. Homework forgotten, he's happy to be sort of cuddling on the floor. It's…nice. "Do better…for what?" Blue-green eyes go to his notebooks, "In class?"

"Heh," Grayson chuckles. "No. I mean, you could prolly do better in choosing who you like." He shrugs a little, "But I'm glad you haven't yet." He smiles, "I um…" The smiles fades. "I'm sorry. I should have, uh… I should've asked you before I did that, huh?"

"Yeah, but that's sort of the thing. We don't really choose who we like," his grin still remains. "Do you want me to?" It falters then as Oliver's brows draw down a little. "I'm still amused that you were so adorably awkward around me. That kiss though…wasn't awkward and maybe you should have, but…I'll forgive you. This time." He's pretty much teasing at this point.

Grayson shakes his head, "I don't. I just… I dunno." He leans in and gives one more quick kiss, and then he flops back around to sit again beside Oliver. "I think that apple just got the best of me, Ollie." He laughs, "I'm not adorable," he notes.

"You can talk to me, you know," Oliver offers. "I know you're not used to being social but I'm not going to judge you for how you feel. Sharing is good, right?" He lets go of Grayson's hand once he moves to sit next to him since they'll still be close, "So the…apple made you do it? Are we in a Faerie Tale now?"

Grayson ignores the offer to talk for now. "You should see how I behave when I get a banana." He looks at Oliver, and purses his lips a little, making a silly but mischievous face at the boy. "So…" He exhales. "What's with you and Felicia? Besties?"

"If that's an innuendo, I'm overlooking that," Oliver actually flushes at that. He was -not- prepared for something like that! The question, however, has him tilting his head, "Pretty much, why?" There's a blink or two before he gives a look of realization, "You're not jealous, are you?"

Grayson reaches over and takes the apple from Oliver's hand. "You're blushing," he says after the note of the innuendo. He takes a loud crunchy bite of apple, and through his full mouth as he chews, he says, "Jealoush? Huh uh," shaking his head. "Jusht ashkin' 'cuzh she was intereshted in what wush up wif ush." Chew chew chew.

Oliver doesn't keep the apple away from Grayson — it was his to begin with, after all! There's a bit of relief as he shakes his head, "Good. Because yeah, she kind of is. I hope you two can be around each other and have it be ok." There's a glance at his notebook before he asks, not sure if he should look back, "So…what -is- up with us?"

Grayson swallows, and he shrugs. "I don't know yet." He sniffs, rolling the apple around in his hand for a few seconds, thinking as he stares at it. "I mean, we went on one date. We just kissed." He looks over at Oliver, "I hope there's more. But it's not like we're married yet." He bumps his shoulder against Olivers. "What do you think is, um… Up with us…?" He takes another bite of apple.

Oliver does look back then and goes along with the shoulder-bump. "Well, I don't really know either. More dates, sure, if we keep having fun together." There's a smile then but it fades a little, "I just don't want you to…I don't want to ask you to be someone you're not. I know you're not used to being with other people, but…I like it. And…I'd like someone that I'm dating to be able to hang out with me -and- my friends. Eventually."

Grayson hands the apple back to Oliver if he'd like more. "Of all the amazing guys I could have developed a crush on, I had to fall for the extrovert." He sighs. "I guess no one's perfect, eh?" He looks at Oliver and smirks. "I'm capable of being around people. I just don't like them."

Oliver takes the apple and has another bite before handing it back. He waits until he's mostly finished chewing before he grins and agrees, "Yup! I mean, I can be anyone, but…pretty much always an extrovert!" There's another tilt of his head, "Why don't you like them? Some people are pretty awesome. Some suck…but some are great."

Grayson rolls his head around, "I just…" He grumbles, "You're the first person I've let in in a long time, Ollie. I'm just trying to be careful, is all."

"I understand that. Really, I do." Oliver leans against Grayson some as if offering support. "I'm honored and flattered. But you know you don't really need to let anyone else in like that. It's just…not all people are out to get you. Just, it's something to think about, maybe? Because I don't want you to feel like I'm telling you to change who you are." Of course, he gives a smirk, "Now, if you ask nicely, -I- might change…outwardly…"

Grayson shakes his head, "No, you don't understand." He plays with the bit of apple left, moving it from one hand to the other, staring at it as he decides what to say. Finally, he speaks. "I don't…" He huffs, rethinking. "Look… I don't think people are out to get me." He looks at Oliver, "I just don't want anyone else to get hurt." He looks back at his apple. "I don't want you to change. You're awesome."

Oliver nods, "Ok, I get that. But…I think that most of the people here are pretty tough. The thing is, we all risk getting hurt in training and all, but that's part of learning, right? And this place has the ability to fix people up if something happens. So we know you wouldn't do anything to anyone here on purpose." At least, he trusts that Grayson wouldn't do anything on purpose. "Maybe just think about it?"

When he's told not to change, his smile grows, "Really?" Most past relationships always asked for little tweaks here and there.

Grayson nods, "Really." He furrows his brow a little then. "You um… Yeah." He nods, "You're right." He sniffs, and slowly unfolds his legs to push up to stand. "You're right, of course. Maybe I'm just being dumb." He nods to himself, "You need anything? I need to get some reading done for English Lit tomorrow, but…" He shrugs, shifting his weight a little nervously, "I could… um, get you a candy bar or, I dunno. If you need anything." He smiles, "Ollie."

Oliver watches as Grayson stands and soon stands himself so the two are at the same level. "You're not being dumb. We all have crap in our lives. But here, we get to decide if we let that crap weigh us down or if we leave it on the Mainland and figure out who we want to be in here." There's a brief moment before he steps forward to offer a hug, "Just a hug…and maybe a kiss goodnight. I need to study too…but the apple hit the spot."

Grayson accepts the hug, though he doesn't really return it. Perhaps it's because he's not as convinced of Oliver's pep talk as Oliver is. After a moment, he moves his hands to Oliver's shoulders. "Study this." He then moves his lips to Oliver's once more. Again, it's a gentle, slow kiss, moving his lips over Oliver's with cautious exploration. There's even just the slightest touch of his tongue moving across Oliver's lips, but he isn't bold enough to do much more than that. When he's finished, he slips his lips from Oliver's. "Good night, Ollie." he says, softly.

Oliver had a lot of time to figure out his mantra and he doesn't expect everyone to adopt it immediately. "Just think about it…" he offers with the hug before he is once more distracted by a kiss. This time he's not taken as much by surprised so he's able to return the gesture in kind. His arms move to wrap around Grayson again during the kiss and once it ends, he whispers back, "Night. Sleep well…I know I will."

Right. Studying. Good luck now.

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