(2016-04-19) Ice Cream Disaster
Ice Cream Disaster
Summary: Ice cream melts in the hands of a fire starter
Date: 2016-04-19
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It's early evening. After classes and the evening meal seems to be finishing up across the hall in the cafeteria. With it being so close to the end of the school year the students have already started the last day of school count down and summer plans are the topic of conversation of a couple of students that are loitering right near the entrance of the commissary. Inside the commissary though is Felicia. Still in her uniform, though she wears the slacks and not the skirts like most of the girls do. The uniform is accented in blue, marking her as one of those troublemaking Ares people. Not trouble making at the moment though, she's just at the small freezer case trying to decide which Ben & Jerry's flavor she should get.

Aidan had stayed a little later this evening, getting caught up in reviewing some of his class notes for tomorrow. To reward himself, a trip to the ice cream cove seemed in order. Making his way towards the freezer, Aidan's own uniform is accented in colors representing Prometheus. The blazer is worn, not really because he favors it, but his mom insisted it made him look 'dashing'. Moms. Either way, if she was going to spend the money on it he was going to wear it. Stepping up to the freezer now he waits while Felicia makes her selection, rocking on his feet a little out of habit.

Thanks to reflections in glass Felicia is well aware of the teenager waiting behind her. Spinning on a foot she quickly turns to face the relative stranger that waits for her. After an appraising look she speaks "So," the word is sharp but cheerful and she throws her arm back pressing a finger with a thunk against the glass. "Karma Sutra, Chunky Monkey or Half Baked?" she questions as she leans forward from her ankles to peer at the boy that waits.

The foot rocking stops. Aidan lofts a brow when Felicia turns and speaks to him, actually looking back over his shoulder and seeing if there was another person behind him. When it is apparent the cheerful greeting is meant for him, he looks back and listens to the question. "Hrm…" A hand is brought to his chin, brow furrowed in deep concentration. He was being entrusted with a serious responsibility here! After a moment the hand comes from his chin, extending out into a finger that points decisively. "Half baked. Easy. You have all of the benefits of sugar rush without the health of fruit and nuts" he says with a grin. "Unless you're into that sort of thing."

Felicia continues to lean forward from her ankles as she peers at Aidan. Since it is just after the evening meal, the pair must have both decided that ice cream would be a good dessert. The teen girl squints at Aidan, studying him. Her finger is still pressed against the window of the freezer case behind her "You have chosen…wisely." she tells him, trying to say it with a straight face, but it is not at all easy for the exuberant girl.

Oliver is still dressed in his silk harem pants and linen shirt, but he has an anachronistic baseball jacket over for warmth. The guitar from earlier has been left in his room as he comes to the commissary. His dinner might not have been enough for he begins browsing some of the snacks.

He does, however, notice Felicia and he gives a 'shhh' look to Aidan as he tries to sneak up behind her.

"Oh good" Aidan says, giving a mock breath of relief and the grin relaxing into a smirk. "I was worried I had ruined the entire course of your evening for a moment. I'd never be able to forgive myself." His eyes go to the freezer a moment as he debates his own selection, attention briefly caught by Oliver. "You know you could always have two though?" He looks back at Felicia, shrugging "I mean why limit yourself?"

"It's still early yet." Felicia points out "Who knows," she makes a fanning out gesture with her hands under her chin "what is in store for this evening." the suggestion has her hmmming "But if I am double fisting it with the ice cream how would hold my spoon?" she is purposefully mentioning eating them at the same time on purpose, and there is a quizzical lilt to her tone as she asks.

Oliver grins at Aidan when his secret is kept and he steps up behind Felicia to gently poke her in the sides. It's meant to spook, not to hurt. "Boo!" is then called…after the fact, and he ducks. Just in case. Because he doesn't doubt her ability or desire to swing at him.

"Hi! I'm Oliver. And is this the great Ice Cream debate?"

"Well I suppose if you're that worried about getting your face messy you can factor the need for a spoon…" Aidan stops then as Oliver attempts to sneak attack her, interested in how this would pan out for the brave lad.

She ponders the conundrum "I could put it in a bowl I suppose. Instead of eating it straight from the container." and then Oliver strikes. There are no starts of surprise, no jumping in shock, Felicia just turns at the fingers probing her sides and gives a blink at Oliver and then grins "Oh hey Oliver." she glances around "Where'd you come from?" it is quite an anticlimatic response for all the sneaking that Oliver just did.

Oliver gives a sigh as he straightens, "Well, that's no fun!" He looks to Aidan, "Did you give her a 'tell'?" Although he knows that the other didn't. "I came from the Hub…wanted some more food that my roommate won't mooch." He then looks between the two as if expecting them to offer some sort of explanation.

Aidan shrugs "She's just that good?" A smirk is given to Felicia then, Aidan stepping forward to reach into the freezer. He returns victorious with his own selection of…Half Baked! He then gets a spoon, looking back to the other two. "Your roommate snags your food? That's not cool…"

Felicia gently nudges Oliver "Next time I promise to scream like a little girl." she crosses her heart with a finger "Just like all those freshies did when I dropped from the ceiling." she winces then at Oliver and his tale of food snatching woe "That's harsh man." when Aidan opens the freezer she shrinks under his arm to step forward and grab her own container of half baked icecream, make that two containers. She has a bestie that would probably like some too. Yeah she is a big show off when it comes to her powers, she is always flaunting them.

Oliver shrugs, "Eh. It's probably best not to keep food in there anyhow." He doesn't seem too worried about his roommate though. "So it's ice-cream time? I'm down with that." He does glance about though as if looking for someone else but he brings his attention back to Aidan, "And you are?" He already gave his name, of course.

"Aidan…" the response is given with a nod, spoon tapping against the ice cream cartons as he watches Felicia grab hers. Then, looking back to Oliver, "Toothpaste. Remove the cream centers in a pack of Oreos. Replace with toothpaste. Food stealing problem solved" he shrugs.

It's just after the evening meal and even now noise from students hanging out in the cafeteria across the way after dinner is over carries into the commisssary. There are a trio of students standing in front of the freezer case, Oliver, Aidan and Felicia, seemingly conversing. The girl amoung them has a pint of ice cream in each hand and is looking decidedly shorter than her usual 5'7" and the moment she is a few inches shy of 5'. "I'm not sure if you really have to worry about ants here…but why take the risk." the girl says to Oliver. Since she hadn't asked for Aidan's name as of yet she looks to him when he offers it, "Felicia." she returns the favor. "Oh my!" she points a finger at Aidan "That was one of the things on my list Oliver. Toothpaste in the cookies." she turns to Oliver chuckling at the coincidence.

Oliver ews at Aidan's suggest, "That's just gross. I don't -hate- my roommate…and I don't eat oreos anyhow. They use animal fat in making them." It might not be true anymore, but he heard it at one point. He glances at the ice cream that's being held before he looks between the two. "Toothpaste in the cookies…but wouldn't the cafeteria people notice? And wouldn't it smell all minty?"

Aidan lofts a brow, but nods, "Right. My bad…sorry." He wasn't really sure what to say in response to the animal fat comment. He liked animal fat. That just kind of made him want Oreos now too! When Felicia introduces herself he nods, then looking down at the pint of ice cream in his hand.

Furrowing a brow Aidan sighs as he notices steam coming from the area between his hand and the carton, squeezing the sides as they give all too easily. Great. Without a word, he opens the pint to reveal the quickly melting ice cream. He switches it over to his other hand he starts to drink the 'milkshake', trying not to let much drip on the floor if he can help it.

Grayson makes his way into the commissary. He's wearing a pair of tight school sweatpants and a gray V-neck T-shirt. He's wearing slip on shoes as he meanders into the little shop, and he makes his way over to the rack of fancy notebooks. He sighs and begins pulling the various moleskin books out, inspecting them, flipping through them, feeling the covers, and just looking rather carefully in selecting one.

"You don't get the cookies from the cafeteria Oliver." Felicia tells him "You buy some kind of sandwich cookies and replace the cream filling with toothpaste "Animal fat?" she huhs at that factoid "I figured there could be milk in it, but not animal fat." she shrugs though, she hasn't memorized the ingredients of Oreos, ever in her life.

Pointing to the ice cream in Aidan's hand she trys to control the smirk that is overtaking her mouth. "Gotta bit of a problem there man." As Grayson walks in her eyes drift to him and then glance to Oliver as she gives him a gentle nudge with her elbow.

Oliver ooohs as the carton begins to steam and melted ice cream is revealed. "Heat powers? Or something more? And that must be awesome in the Winter and really -suck- when…well…you want ice cream." He considers the carton, "They'll probably make you pay for that." As for the cookies, he just wrinkles his nose. "So you just put them out then? I guess that could work…" He does glance over when he catches movement coming into the Commissary and he smiles when he sees who it is. He grins at Felicia when she nudges him. "Be right back…" is offered before he goes over to peer over Grayson's shoulder, "Need a new notebook already?"

Aidan finishes as much as he can before needing a break, lowering the carton again and grimacing a moment. Possibly against the cold. Possible against that much sugar intake at once! Oliver's questions just get a "Yeah…" Not specifying if that was an answer to the question about his powers or in reply to the last statement. As Oliver moves over to talk with Grayson, Aidan's gaze follows a moment before looking back to Felicia. "At least I made a good recovery?" He looks down at the still 1/3 full carton, "…mostly…"

Grayson answers before he looks to see who it is, "What's it to you?" He looks over his shoulder, and then, there's Oliver. He closes his eyes just a second, and then rolls them. "Sorry, Ollie. Hey." He smiles, that wide mouthed, closed lip, dimple-laden smile of his. "Mine is almost full. I keep looking every time I'm in here hoping I'll find one that speaks to me." He shrugs, "So, come here often?" And he winks.

The girl tries to control her sniggers at Aidan's ice cream issues, but its nearly impossible for her. "Oh I beat you would be great for microwave popcorn! Or making smores!" she can think of more examples but just sticks to those two for now. "Something like that Oliver. And yes it does." she gives a nod and Felicia grins at Oliver as he heads over to greet Grayson.

She has yet to upsize herself so she lifts herself to her tiptoes to peer into the cartoon "Yeah you need more practice if you plan on being the ice cream chugging champ."

Oliver gives a little start at the initial comment to him and he steps back a step until he's actually recognized. He chews briefly on his lip before offering a smile and, "Let's try that again, shall we?" He gestures for Grayson to turn back around again and he repeats, "Need a new notebook already?" Because he's expecting a different response, of course.

"Come on over and hang out with us. Aidan just melted a carton of ice cream. It was pretty cool."

When he first got here, having a power flare would have a very different reaction from the Sophomore. However, currently Aidan just chuckles and shrugs. "And to think the teachers at my last school said I'd never amount to anything in life!" he jokes sarcastically. "More practice will have to come later…I think I've had all the Half Baked Milkshake I can handle for one night." He then grins and holds the pint carton out to her, shaking it back and forth gently "Unless you want some?"

Grayson sighs, looking at Oliver for a moment, "But I don't like people…" he whines. There's a little grumble, and he puts the notebook he was looking at back on the rack and follows Oliver. As he walks over with the boy, he shoves his hands deep in his pant pockets.

"Well I guess you showed them didn't you…or will show them." Felicia furrows her brow a bit, then waves off whatever thought she had with hand full of an ice cream pint "Never mind." she then shakes her head at the offer "I prefer my half-baked fully frozen, thanks." As Oliver returns with her team mate she looks to the broody Grayson "Hey Grayson." she greets in a singsong voice, giving a knowing grin to the pair. Oh they are so cute together…is what she is thinking and desperately trying not to say.

"But you like me, and -I- like people. They don't bite, I promise," Oliver offers what he hopes to be a charming smile. As Grayson walks with him with his hands in his pocket, Oliver reaches to link his elbow in one of the other's arms. "Aidan, this is Grayson. He does water stuff…so you two might cancel each other out or make firey water or something awesome like that. And you know Felicia." He continues to smile as if he has no idea what he's doing. Of course, Oliver gives Felicia a look as if begging her not to start something.

Aidan chuckles at Felicia's reply, shaking his head "Yeah…I think I'm with you on that one." Tossing the remains in the trash, he reaches for some napkins to wipe his mouth and hands with before seeing Oliver approach again with Grayson. "Hey! Aidan…but…he already said that. Right, nice to meet you!" he says, offering a quick wave with one hand to Grayson.

Oliver's comment about Grayson's powers gets an awkward, but humored chuckle from Aidan. "Oh yeah? Maybe…" He was awkward with his words. He was awkward with his powers. Combining both into a topic of conversation was just asking for awkwardpalooza.

Grayson swallows, "Hey," he offers, kind of flatly, to Felicia. He gives a simple nod to Aidan, and asks, "So, what, are you an elementalist too, then? Like, with fire?"

The look she is given by Oliver has Felicia confused and she looks at him in such a fashion "What?" but she she just shakes her head and shrugs it off. At the mention of the opposite powers the two have the girl gets positively giddy "Oh, oh, oh…" she nearly bounces with excitement "Waterbender and Firebender. You guys could totally reenact scenes from Avatar." and she doesn't mean the movie with the 10 foot blue aliens. Though that would be awesome to, but that didn't involve any bending of elements "This is so awesome." her life has just been made…for now at least.

Oliver just sort of watches Grayson interact with the others. He presses a little closer as if that might help reassure him that he's there and it's ok. It may be too soon for this sort of thing. Baby steps. But he brightens some as the two discuss being elementalists. That's good, right? He looks over at Felicia and offers her a smile as a conversation is made. There's a tilt of his head when she mentions Avatar, but he just shrugs. People are happy! This is good!

Aidan shoves the used balled up napkins in his pant's pocket for now, nodding in return to Grayson. "Yeah. I guess? I can create fire…manipulate it. All that jazz…" He watches Oliver's eager reactions to the whole conversation, not really sure what was going on but apparently whatever Aidan was part of he was doing it right? Yay! Felicia's comment just gets a quick blink from him though. "I'm not anywhere near that skilled…you saw me. I just accidentally melted ice cream…" Figured that was a more polite approach than completely shutting down the suggestion. Especially if that blasted Shyamalan had any part in it! *shakes fist*

Grayson nods at Aidan, and then looks at Felicia with a bit of a confused look. "I don't BEND water. Water doesn't bend. Metal bends. Water just… does what it does." He looks at Oliver. Help? Then back at Aidan, shoving those hands deeper into his pockets.

"Well of course not. Even Aang needed a lot of practice before he got any good, and he was uber powerful." Felicia points out to Aidan "So you need to practice lots. At the Grayson's literal mind tosses in his two cents "Well no, not literally bends, it flows! It….uhm…" she stands there a moment, trying to come up with synonyms for flows but after a few moments just shakes her head "Sorry, I got nothing."

Oliver just continues to blink at Felicia when she talks about the TV show. He then looks to the others, "Sorry…no idea. I never watched it. But wouldn't it be cool if you two could work together and do awesome watery-firey things!" He leans in again as if to give Grayson a bit of a hug before he offers, "I have to get to doing homework or I'm going to be screwed. Felicia, we'll talk…and Aidan…stay cool." He cracks himself up at his own little joke. To Grayson, he murmurs something that sounds a lot like, "Come on by later if you're bored," before he extricates himself from the other's arm.

"Yeah…and fire kind of just…does what it wants to" Aidan shrugs. "Part of the challenge of trying to learn how to work with it. It's really stubborn…" Oliver's tag-team dreams and Aidan is rocking back and forth slightly on his feet again. Then, Oliver is leaving…and the pun. Oh so punny! Aidan's hand goes to his face a moment, a laugh sounding though. "Wow. Yeah I see what you did there…nice to meet you, Oliver!" As he leaves, a nod is given to Felicia "Definitely something to think about I suppose." Maybe if he just agreed it would be enough to keep Felicia happy.

Grayson smirks a little at Oliver when he speaks quietly to him. He quietly responds, "See ya… Ollie…" And then he turns a bit, watching Oliver go. He remains there, ignoring the others, just watching Oliver go. And once Oliver is out of sight, he sighs. His hands shove deeper into his pockets again, and he looks back at Felicia and Aidan, shifting his weight from one foot to the other, but not saying anything.

"Really really awesome firery-watery things!" Felicia wants a front row seat to that spectacle. Ewww homework but Oliver does get a wave "Later Oliver." she nods to Aidan as she watches Grayson, watching Oliver leave and can't help but grin about it, but she keeps talking to Aidan at the same time "Practicing against your opposite element couldn't hurt. Probably help you both out a lot." she looks between the two a moment then to the wordsmith Grayson "How was your day? did you get at stupid pop quiz in math too?"

Aidan thought on that a moment…she did have a point. "True…" She lets the other two talk for the moment, looking back to the snack display and seeing if there is anything else he might want that wouldn't melt. Or burn. Or you know what on second thought…maybe he was full.

"Hrm?" Grayson returns to the conversation, "Oh. Um…" He nods, "Yeah. It sucked. I don't think I did well. But it's math. It always kicks my ass." He looks at Aidan, "Get the Milky Way Caramel." Then back at Felicia, "I'd rather not go up against him," he says of Aidan. "I'd hurt him."

Felicia sagenods at Aidan, then her attention turns to Grayson "I know. I'm pretty sure I bombed it." it's not that she doesn't get math, not really. She can't help it if the numbers get all jumbled in her brain. "You can't know that." she says after taking a moment to process the words, kinda surprised that he said him "Or is telling the future suddenly in your powerset?"

Aidan 's attention goes back to Grayson with the suggestion, a nod being given. "Good call." However, at the followup comment Aidan just blinks. A quick glance is given down at his own chest, arms and legs before back up to Grayson. Did his physique really scream 'weakling' that loudly? He had hoped it was just a dull whisper. Either way a shrug is given as he turns to let Felicia worry about it while he gets a Milky Way Caramel from the display.

Grayson furrows his brow just a little, "I know that," he says, rather firmly. He looks at Aidan, "Enjoy the candy, bro." Looking back at Felicia, then dropping his eyes, "I need to go." He looks back at her, and then he turns, heading toward the door.

Felicia just shakes her head at Grayson for a moment "You know nothing Grayson." she exclaims to his back as he stalks away. She watches as her teammate disappears and then looks at Aidan "Don't mind him. He's what cacti would be if cacti could be emo."

Just as quickly as Aidan is turning back with his candy in hand…Grayson is leaving? "You don't have to leave…" He sounded a bit regretful. Aidan then looks to Felicia "It's fine really. If I took everything everybody said about me seriously do you honestly think I would have made it through middle school? Look at me? I'm the beat up kid in every PSA video about anti-bullying."

"Not sure." Felicia answers honestly "The month I have been here is pretty much my total high school experience." she realizes that might not make much sense and continues "I mean I was in high school or some school before I guess, but I don't remember it. But if TV is any indication I would say probably not.

"Ah well…welcome to high school then!" Aidan grimaces then "Wait that sounded pessimistic. High school can be great. It can be difficult too though. Like any other aspect of life I guess, but harder to process because we're all a bunch of teenagers filled with angst and hormonal imbalances." Taking a bite of his candy bar he keeps an eye on it, afraid it might start melting but things seemed good now. "So…what year are you?"

"I know right! I was just saying that the other day. Sticking a bunch of us teens with superpowers on an island. What could possibly go wrong." Felicia does eye him funny at some of that though "Stop sounding like Enigma. It's kinda creepy." she puts the two pints of ice cream back in the freezer and grabs two new ones "I'm a junior." she answers, upsizing herself as she begins to head to the cash register to buy her pints.

Aidan lofts a brow again, but nods "Sorry. I like making observations…but can get carried away I guess." With her departure he offers a wave "Nice to meet you. Hope your ice cream adventure turns out better than mine!" With that he looks around, figuring he had filled his socialization quota for the day so with a bite of his candy bar he heads back towards his room.

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