(2016-04-19) Afterschool Interlude
Afternoon Interlude
Summary: Oliver is serenading the fish when Felicia happens by
Date: 2016-04-19
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Sea Hub

Unlike the tight quarters above the surface, this central hub under the water is large and spacious. Not quite a dome in shape, there are windows along the surfaces making this like a giant bubble with plenty of views, both of the old fort above as well as a view down to the ocean floor below. Circular arches lead into rooms beyond this central room, not unlike what one may imagine a space station to look like. Though there are comfortable couch like benches and plants to fill the space, giving it a semblance of earth as well. These do not, however, compare to the view outside the windows.

It's after class and Oliver has changed out of the uniform into a much more comfortable pair of silk harem-type pants and linen shirt. It may be a little formal, but even gets tired of wearing wicking fabric and athletic gear all the time. He has his guitar out with him and is seated on the couch, seemingly serenading the fish as he strums some chords that may sound familiar to those who know the Beatles.

Someone is in a hurry and that someone is Felicia, rushing through the hub, still in uniform, but sans one shoe which is in her hand. She rockets from the gym and toward the stairs that lead to the upper level. Hearing the music though she skids to a halt glancing around to find the source. It isn't her style of music, but it isn't every day you hear guitar solos in the Hub. Spotting the source as being Oliver she heads over to where he sits strumming away "Hey you." she greets with her usual exuberance "Howz it?"

Oliver turns back from the windows at the familiar voice and grins, "Hi!" He looks over her quickly, "Where are you off to and why are you only wearing one shoe, Cinderella?" He turns so that he's facing her, the guitar still in hand and lap. "It's good…you?"

"Detention. Where else would I be heading in such a hurry?" besides lunch, dinner, or any other activity that is either fun, dangerous or if she had her say both. The black mary jane shoe dangles from a finger "Because I was in a rush, duh." she begins to flop down on the couch next to him, but thinks better of it and just sits. The last thing she wants is to send Oliver and his guitar airborne like she did Tabitha "Wonderful." she drawls "Except the detention part." she leans toward the boy all curiosity "So, how did it go?"

"Why did you get detention this time? I mean, you know you're not supposed to sass back to the teachers, right?" Oliver seems to be quite amused at something and it probably has to do with the question she asks. He does make room for her on the couch, moving his guitar neck out of the way, "It went…really well, I think. There was confusion some but…yeah, it was a date. And I think that Grayson is so…I think he puts up defenses. I think he's afraid of getting hurt and hurting other people so he pushes them away."

"Dead falling from the ceiling of the gym and giving a group of freshman a hairy keneption." no sassing back this time, just Felicia's usual antics. "You shoulda heard the screams." she does have a bit of a pranking streak in her. As Oliver talks she nods, grinning "I asked Grayson about it, but he got all emo and is like "Why do you care…" a snarky tone is used. An uh-huh face is made as Grayson is described "He is…prickly? Aloof? Standoffish?" she throws out adjectives in rapid fire succession.

"So we get in trouble for pranking people?" Uh-oh. He should remember that as it's something he also tends to do, although not quite to that extreme. "He isn't with me though. I mean, he was all kind of awkward and kind of shy and unsure. Until I mentioned that I would help him make friends. I don't think he's had many and I get that…but I think he's all prickly and aloof because he doesn't want people to get hurt. I tried explaining that most of us here are pretty tough, but I guess if it's ingrained…" Oliver shrugs then. "Did you answer why you cared?"

"If you get caught yeah. That's a gimme. Though I think some of it was not using safety equipment." Felicia shrugs "As if that short of a fall could hurt me." Felicia leans back on the couch, the shoe in her hand tapping on her slack covered thigh "You sure he meant hurt people physically?" she asks with a mingling of concern and confusion "Because, yeah, most of us with abilities do have a certain level of toughness." of course not knowing the answer she gives a shrug. "Course I did." she sagenods

"Well…ok…safety equipment…I guess…" But Oliver doesn't seem too convinced at that. Even he might not get too hurt by dropping that far…if he landed well. "We'll just have to think of different ways to prank the Freshmen then…ways they can't give out detentions for!" There's a quick grin before it fades into a sigh, "Maybe. I think maybe he's also afraid of maybe being hurt emotionally, but that doesn't make to much sense because why go out on a date then?" An eyebrow lifts, "What did you tell him?"

"I don't know. Teachers be crazy." there is an eyeroll before she grins at the idea "Totally up for pranking some freshies. Boy do I have some ideas about that one." she isn't sure how many would end up being detention free, but that's a problem for another day. "Dunno. Maybe he thinks you are worth the risk?" its a theory, one that she will stick too. "In short, because we're friends and your happiness is important."

"I want to hear your ideas about the pranking," Oliver offers but he also wants to hear about her conversation with Grayson. At being called 'worth the risk' his cheeks flush some and he nods at her response, "Did he say anything to that or just walk away?" He might be in for more than he bargained for. "I mean, maybe it'll work out…maybe it won't. Maybe he won't like me being so social, but that won't change. I'm not going to change who I am for someone…" at least, not like that. He does smile though, "Thanks for reaching out though. I don't think many people have."

Felicia shakes her head "No. He seemed a bit defensive for me even asking about it, so I just let it go. He did say you were awesome, but other than that not much really. The girl hmmmms "Yeah, don't force it and changing just so someone likes you. Worst idea ever." she gives a chuckle "Actually he is the one that approached me. Progress already."

Oliver blinks, "He did? And he said that?" Cue more blushing. "Yeah, that is progress. I told him that people aren't as delicate here so maybe he listened? I think he could be kind of awesome too…but it's all hidden. I mean, I get it." Says the shapeshifter. He looks at the fish for a moment before looking back to Felicia, "I think I totally could have been like that too, but I decided that it would be too miserable to go through life like that. That I get to choose who -I- want to be my family…no one else gets to do that for me. And I think that made a difference. Also, being here helps." Having some stability in his life now.

"Yeah, and boy was he defensive too. He said it like I was about to go off and start insulting you up and down or something." Felicia sniggers "Then when I told him the friend stuff, he was all like 'you going to give me the hurt him and I'll hurt you speech or are you jealous that he didn't ask you out.'" the girl finds both funny though at the time she was more perplexed that he would care either way. "I could never be that way. It looks depressing." and she is like the antithesis of anything remotely depressing. "I totally get that. I mean I have parents, and siblings, but they are just faces with no emotional connection. I mean I care about them, but the people I have made friends with here seem more like family than they do."

Oliver gives a sigh and plucks at a string on the guitar, "I'll try to help him out. Maybe if it lasts some, he'll relax and realize that people aren't out to get him. Maybe. I can hope. I'd like to be able to hang out with him -and- my friends at the same time, and not an 'either or' thing. I'm sorry he said those things to you." But. Enough about that.

"Isn't it weird that the people here feel like family more than others do? I mean, I can imagine…but…I hope that when we split off from the school we don't just fade away from each other, you know?" Now there's a subject! "What are you thinking about doing after here?"

Felicia shrugs "He wasn't offensive. He said worse to me a couple of weekends ago. Almost had a throw down in the Ares dorm. So just the fact that we had a civil conversation was something, ya know." she nods "Well good luck with him and I hope it works out. From what it sounds like he needs someone."

"I think it is because the powers thing. We are a minority and its a common ground sorta thing. I hope so too, but that's still over a year off for me. So I'm not worried about it yet." the question about the future and what she what's to do after graduation gets an immediate response "Everest, Capitan and K2." three of the most dangerous mountains in the world. That's what she wants to do. "Hey I really should get to detention…or else I'll get another." she bounces to her feet "Later Oliver." and they rushes off, still with just one shoe on.

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