(2016-04-18) Team Reunited
Team Reunited
Summary: There was some yelling and cursing, but team Ares is good, for now.
Date: 2016-04-08
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Ares Dorm Hub

Lower than the rest of the ocean floor, the hub of Ares is sunken into the ground itself here. Windows overhead reveal the ocean remains up there, but windows on the side show the natural rock of the ocean floor as well. The room curves, with circular cushioned couches offering views of the windows or the central HDTV at the center of the half-circle room. Along the longer outer wall, there are sporadic gas fires burning, providing the ideal of warmth to the room.

He's back from the weekend, Derek that is. He's found finally and sort of thrown into the mix. Daxton is off doing his own thing, everyone is worried about him. Derek assumes he's his normal self, standoff'ish. There is some forehead rubbing by Derek as he meets up with anyone in the dorm hub, ready to hopefully find Daxton and figure things out. "Are we sure we should push for an answer, he's the kid that doesn't like to open up. What if he just leaves the school cause we push too hard?" He's a guy, he knows how being a guy can be, or a boy that is, at this age. While he lets most things slide off his back, cause he can be a jerk like that, he still gets it. So, wearing a lose t-shirt and having thrown on jeans to be presentable, he is still barefoot as he looks for a sofa to park his entire body on, cause he needs to look at the ceiling for this conversation.

Well Derek isn't getting the part of the sofa that Felicia has parked herself on, so he can just go look over there for somewhere else to sit…whereever there is. She grabs the remote and mutes whatever was being watched on the TV and looks at Derek "Who said anything about pushing?" she asks Derek "But this has gone on long enough. This.." she waves her hands in frustration "is't accomplishing anything.

Dropping into a seat as well, Vinny is looking around a little thoughtfully. He doesn't say anything yet, but listens carefully to what the others are saying. Glancing around a bit thoughtfully.

It's actually nice enough out that Annaliesa isn't all bundled up. Wearing a simple pair of shorts and a short sleeved shirt. Vinny's old ball cap is on her head and her ponytail is poking through the back. Her feet are bare as she pads out of the dorm room she shares with Felicia. When she comes in, she approaches where Felicia is, as well as Vinny, but she sits on the sofa, cross legged, beside her roommate. It's then she looks up at Derek, "Yes, we're involved in it too deep to not push for answers."

Daxton's not spent much time in the Ares dorms since Sat night. Any free time he's been elsewhere. But that doesn't mean he doesn't need to come in for clothes changes and to drop things off. The door swings open and in come stye speedster, not speeding. He's dressed in his workout outfit, having forgotten to grab a towel for his shower afterward. At least they aren't getting post workout, sweaty Daxton. He hesitates a moment, the Team is clearly having some kind of meeting but then his face smooths into something unreadable and he starts heading towards his room.

Looking up a little at the frustration, Derek still seems mellow about it all. "Just saying, he could come around." A yawn, stiffled on back of his hand, sort of, hand some arm, some yawn for the room to share. A loud noise to let everyone know he's being tired. "Guys have to be stupid, make a mistake on their own. If someone tells them its a mistake before they do it, they want to do it more, and fail worse, then come around." Of course speaking of stupidity and guys being stupid, Annaliesa arrives, a sympathetic look her way, but he doesn't keep looking. Maybe Daxton got through to him a little on not pushing that topic. "Okay okay, we talk to him." And there he is, Derek sits up on the couch, making room for Annaliesa too, but he grins, "Heard you had a weekend?" Difficult, fun, spontaneous, all in the air, more giving everyone else a heartattack by disappearing, but that's not on Derek to share.

Now Anna, Felicia will make room for. There is a very mature display of a tongue being stuck out at Derek as she does so "About time you got out here." she tells her roomie as she drapes an arm over the mermaid's shoulder. She nods at what Anna says, though won't come out and say that she feels they are owed something, cause that just doesn't feel right.

"We don't have that kinda time, Derek." she points out to him, but then the topic of conversation enters the room, and while all other eyes may go to looks at Dax, hers lock on the TV.

Vinny offers a brief grin to his sister, before he looks up as Daxton enters, offering his roommate a brief grin. "Hey…" he adds, before he looks around te room once more.

Annaliesa smiles at her roommate when the arm drapes over her and she looks over to her brother while deliberately straightening his cap on her head. She looks at Derek, catching that sympathetic look, but not understanding it, so she returns a curious one of her own. As Daxton walks in, she looks his direction, "Daxton," she says in an attempt to get him to not go to his room. "Will you at least tell us what happened? What you found out from your old unit?"

Daxton takes Derek's words as making fun, and he responds, "Oh yeah. It was a blast. Everything I could have ever wanted." He can't keep the touch of snark out of his voice, but he keeps his gaze on his and Vinny's door. Maybe he can just make it in and out without more yelling or guilt. Vinny's greeting doesn't help, it just sounds uncomfortable to the army brat, like he's disturbing them. He stops though and turns when Anna speaks, his arms folding defensively over his chest, "Now you wanna hear it?" He's trying, and most succeeding in keeping his own hurt form his voice. Mostly.

"Dude," says Derek, casually, "It sounds like they worried all weekend about you." He gets to officially sitting up, bare feet on the floor, knees out, elbows on top of those. "Yeah, they wanna hear it, and they're probably hoping for some reason they shouldn't of been worried for you just running off." One hand goes up to muss with his bangs, out of place like he had napped before coming to the dorm hub here. "Cause people do that, worry and care about you. Its a thing here." Ares implied, he can't speak for other times, but Ares sometimes feels like the place where they couldn't find another home, and this was last resort too.

As the teens around her speak up Felicia's eyes dart to each one. She can't easily hide her emotions so her own frustration and hurt at this situation is clear on her face. At least she is done being angry though. Daxton's words and tone has her wincing and she withdraws her arm from Anna to shove her hands in the pockets of her hoodie, Anna can probably feel how tense the girl is, sitting right next to her an all. She follows up on Derek's line of thought, "When you put on the blue of Ares you joined a family." Felicia finally speaks up "We may have fights, squabbles and disagreements. Some of us might not even like each other." she doesn’t mean anyone inparticular, just a blanket statement, "But we stick together. You might not have given us a chance," which is what upset her the most, "but we will give you as many as you need." within reason of course.

Vinny nods a little as he hears what's said. "Of course we want to hear it." Spoken a bit quietly, as he offers a brief smile. "It's just… we were worried back then, you know…"

"Yes," Annaliesa tells him, with a touch of defiance in her voice. "But only if you're not going to shut us out of that too." Yeah, she's hurt, but she is willing to listen now. Feeling the tenseness of Felicia, she puts her arm around her roomie and rapidly becoming bestie, offering a show of solidarity, of support. "She's right, Daxton. You're one of us. Like it or not." She looks to Derek, "Yeah, it is a thing here."

Daxton's lip pulls back in a snarl, "Yeah. I know. They told me repeatedly how much I suck, ok? I don't need to hear it anymore." And what's it say when the last resort home is this mad at him? He tenses, defensively. His tongue darts out to wet his lips before he answers Felicia, "So…I'm supposed to trust you, but none of you have to trust me? You didn't give me a chance to share what i found out… I left the note, I'm sorry that wasn't the right call. I came back." Definitely no note next time. His jaw tenses and he grunts out, "I know, Vinny. I said I was sorry!" His eyes come up, the blue flashing as he makes eye contact (It's angry, but it's contact!) with Anna, "I was going to tell you Saturday, but you all attacked me! Are you mad because you want to know what's going on, or mad because you wanted to go?" Cause that's what it's starting to feel like. He's started vibrating at some point and his arms tighten around himself. "I got a name, it's probably fake, but it's what our handlers called him. General W.W. Clancey. It sounds familiar, but I'm not getting a face to go along with the name." His eyes drop with the name, there's flash of fear he tries to hide with it. "They don't think the program is actually army anymore. Inferno says when they picked him up is was, but it was moved to a private facility."

A slight look to Liesa at its what we do, the apology there, but Derek keeps focus to Daxton, so Daxton doesn’t give him the dead eye today. "You're right, sorry." Says the boy about them not letting him say, then again, its the going off alone bit that has the team worried. So he keeps looking and listening. "Both," he says, after the General Clancy stuff, but answering why he would be mad. Though he's not so upset as the others are. Then again, he and Daxton talked about it too, Derek less insistent, only hopefully he'd come around to their idea of team. "So, we dig up info on this guy during the week. I can totally google search that." The limit of his computer tracking experiences. The whole disappearing bitg and why everyone else is upset up for them to express, he's throwing in to help, and he looks towards Daxton to see if he's cool with it, no assuming he should just go and search.

The angry rant directed at Felicia gets an unusual response…confusion "That doesn't…" she shakes her head there is something wrong there but she can't wrap her head about at the moment. So she shoves that into the back part of her brain so in the middle of the night she will wake up suddenly having finally gotten it. "Okay. Okay." it takes are her will power not to jump to her feet "Can we just admit that we all fucked up and handled this all wrong and get past it. You're sorry. We're sorry. We are all fuc…" she almost swears, but pulls that back, "We're all sorry." the statement started with a raised voice, but as she talks her tone lowers until it's just a teen girl's plea for everyone to be friends again. She falls back against the back of the couch. Listening as Daxton finally gets his chance to tell them what he learned even if it isn't much. Derek's Both has her hand wobbling, she's not sure anymore it's all just a jumble in her head now.

Vinny raises an eyebrow as he hears the name. "W.W. Clancey… Need to find out more about that name…" A brief pause, before he adds, "A private facility. Could be that it's no longer army, or that they are hiding it or something?"

"I'm not mad, Daxton," Annaliesa tells him honestly. "I'm sad you didn't trust us enough to take us with you. We saw how you were when we found you. We saw how you are even now after meeting with them. We could have waited for you outside and gone in if something had happened, there are ways, things we could have done." She closes her mouth, it was all useless anyway to argue. Once the name is given, she looks between the others, "Well, I have detention for skipping classes last week. I can use the computer to look into it there." The words are a grumble and she casts a look towards Derek, because he had skipped the same time. She didn't know if he had the same. "I have to get dressed for the day. If I don't report then I have to stay here this weekend and serve it. And I don't want to." Rising to her feet, she looks towards her room with a sigh and slooowly walks in that direction. "I can Google and Facebook, but that's about it."

Daxton's frown is at least now directed down at his feet. His head hurts, his chest hurts. Everything just hurts. His own computer skills are pretty non existent so he just nods. He tried, but found nothing. He got other bits and pieces of things, but the name was the huge thing. Oh, and, "Unit 23 is going to south, they have a lead on some lab. They said they would let me know what they find out." Somehow. He may have mentioned where he's working now. Maybe. Vinny gets a quick glance and then he shakes his head, "I don't know. Maybe? But Unit 23 seems pretty sure it's no longer government." His gaze shoots over to Anna, but then he drops it almost immediately. They all could have done things differently.

A nod all around, some grumbles between them all, but maybe the same page. "I did, I totally fucked up," gives in Derek, but he may not mean on this Team Ares stuff and including or pushing against Daxton. Liesa gets a look, and a nod, "Yeah, I have another detention to serve." That's what the look was for, a little more. he even tries to stand up a little, letting his toes dig at the floor, both hands stretching above his head. "Its what ever you want, Daxton, if you want us to help. We're here, we want to help." As in, please don't run off alone, they will be just as upset again. But he's not going to be super direct either. "Enigma again?" He asks of Liesa about detention.

A can of Monster is pulled from a pocket of Felicia's hoodie, upsizing as it comes out. She doesn't pop it open though, just holds it in both her hands, staring at is as she listens to what everyone says. When Anna gets up eyes follow her briefly. The brick is torn between staying to hear Dax out and following her bestie. The former wins out this time. Especially since he is already telling them more of what he has learned. She starts to say something, but lets Derek go ahead, chewing on her bottom lip worriedly as Derek sums up her thoughts though in far fewer words than she would have used. She still has questions, that much is clear, but they are the kind she isn't sure she wants to know the answer too, so she remains silent for the moment.

Vinny looks to his sister as she moves to leave, offering her a brief grin. "See you later," he offers to her, before he nods at Derek's words to Daxton. "We're here for you if you need us," he echoes, before he adds, "Besides, this sounds like an interesting thing to help researching…"

"I'm sorry Daxton, for being mad. I was just worried about you." Annaliesa finally tells him, not wanting to leave things like they are when she has to leave already. Hearing Derek, she nods, "Yeah. Always Enigma," she grumbles. "I'll see you as soon as I can, Felicia." A grin to Vinny, "Thanks for not telling mom and dad about detention." And then she's off to the room to change.

Daxton internally winces. Interesting? This is the group that experimented on him, not a science project. He sighs, his arms still folded but he he shifts them a little lower, not as tight around himself. The speedster just nods slowly, but doesn't say anything to the concerns or apology. What can he say that's to already been said. Finally he swallows, biting his lip briefly before saying, "I'm not leaving unless the Team want me to."

A raise about telling parents, guilt in his features, he was supposed to meet parents once. Derek finds shoes at least for this detention business. They were handy. In the dorm hub. Ah ha, the culprit, he needs to put those in his room. He's a teen boy after all. But he has them slipped on. "If you want to to, you should, just." Derek shrugs, he should be more specific, maybe take someone with him. Then again, he's finding his place, dealing with his old place. "And if nothing serious, real camping this weekend then!" Cause he won't stay at school either way over the weekend. "Meet you upstair," grinned to Liesa, as detention calls.

Derek gets a frowny face at his words, "Shut it you." she tells him as he departs to go serve his well deserved detention, but there is no vehemence in Felicia's voice "No one wants you to leave Dax." she tells him with total sincerity "Except maybe Grayson," she says after a moments thought, "But he doesn't count…and is just more reason to stay really." she glances at the can in her hand and then up at Dax, holding it out to him.

Vinny grins momentarily, offering a grin to those remaining after he heard Annaliesa's last words. "See, if I was evil, I'd have demanded something in return for not telling about her detention, right?" A brief pause as he looks at the can handed over, offering them both a smile.

Blue eyes flicker to watch the former couple leave, eyebrows knitted together. Derek's not really helping. Vinny gets a weird look, who thought he was evil? "No…thanks though. I think I've drank enough of your monsters…I'm gonna owe you a whole pay check if I keep going." Dax raises a hand to rub his neck and sighs, eyes closing briefly. He could use a monster, but has been depleting the schools coffee during meals instead.

"I'm not a bar, I'm not keeping some mental tab on how many cans you drink." Felicia shares them with, okay she just shares them with Anna, Oliver (not that he takes them) and now Dax, but that's not the point "It's called sharing. It's what friends do." she continues to hold the can out "Just take it before I throw it at Vinny for all his smiling." the boy in question does get a wink to indicate she is joking…maybe. It doesn't occur to her that maybe Dax would want her to throw it at him.

"Now why would you throw it at me?" Vinny replies rather lightly, before he adds, "But I'll try to smile a bit less?" There's a grin offered as he speaks though.

Maybe Dax wants her to throw it at Vinny too.Living with Chipper can be difficult. The speedster sighs again, but it's not directed at Felicia, but just a general tired sigh and he steps over to take the can. "Thanks." No eye contact, seems he's only doing that now when he's angry. That moment they're both holding the can she can feel the vibrations from the teen. A camn of monster before working out might help. Yea sugars?

Felicia just rolls her eyes at Vinny's question and continued grinning "Don't ever change." she smirks at him. Of course she does't have much room to talk, she is cheerfully exuberant and smily most of the time, and now that the drama is over and hopefully in the rearview, she is quickly swinging back in that direction. At least the can will be well shaken. Good thing they aren't carbonated or Dax would be wearing it and not drinking it. "You going to work out?" she asks as she finally notices his work out clothes "Or is it laundry day?"

Vinny grins, "Will do my best not to," he promises, before he leans back where he's been seated, letting out a bit of a breath.

The speedster nods, "Yeah. I didn't get to yet, but I forgot my towel." Dax cracks the can open, caffeine may help him focus a little bit. He hates this feeling. It's about half chugged before he glances around the now mostly empty room. The muted TV is eyed, "Sorry if I interrupted TV time." Serious business that.

Felicia looks at Vinnny as he sorta agrees not to and his sigh is note "See it's not so hard." The answer from Dax is sort of vague, but the mention of the towel has her figuring out which it is. You don't take just a towel to do laundry. "It was a documentary on the war of 1812 we are supposed to watch for history class. So no problem. Feel free to interrupt anytime something like that is on TV. In fact I insist on it." she puts the back of her hand to her forehead in dramatic fashion "Save me from the horrors of history." Felicia collapses sideways onto the couch pretending a swoon. There it is, cheerful exuberance restored.

"War of 1812… Sounds interesting," Vinny offers, sounding quite truthful, but then again, he likes those kind of things. He's unable to hold back a laugh at the swoon though. "Seems like you're her hero now," he offers quite lightly to Dax.

Daxton grunts, he still has to watch that. But he has an energy drink in his hands and the need to try to burn off some of this stress and pressure in his chest. "I'm headed to the gym, if you wanna join me." Either can, but he's not sure if he's ever actually seen Vinny in the gym. Fel's dramatic fall gets the first not frown from the army brat. A twitch of a lip upward. It's not much, but it was there. "She's in trouble then."

Felicia cracks open an eye to look over at Dax "It isn't any fun unless there is trouble." you'd think they would know that by now, geez. She sits up to eye Vinny "Boring." she drawls at him before bounding to her feet "I could work out." she might not be able to move as fast as the speedster but she has enough energy that she should be. "I promise no dead falls from the ceiling this time." she gestures to her room "Let me grab my gym bag." she'll just change in the locker room, easier that way.

"I'll head over there later. There's a few things I need to finish up. Schoolwork, you see," Vinny replies, with a grin as he listens.

Daxton nods to both. "Ok, let me grab my towel." He's not planning on running till the end of the workout, so Fel will definitely be able to keep up or out match him. A hand is raises to rub his neck as he finishes off the rest of the can before tossing it.

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