(2016-04-18) Safety 101
Safety 101
Summary: Grayson points out an important safety tip, wear goggles.
Date: 2016-04-19
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Training Grounds
It's shortly after the evening meal so free time is upon the students of Coral Springs. It's a nice day so of course there are small groups, duos and even solo students scattered throughout the training grounds, doing whatever they thing is entertaining.

On the bleachers near the arena sits Felicia, RC car in hand that she seems to be in the process of doing some modifications to. A few tools, scissors, superglue and a belt made out of seatbelt sit nearby as she uses a small saw to cut a sunroof into the top if the car.

Grayson meanders out into the fresh air. He's wearing a pair of tight gray school sweats and a white V-neck T-shirt. He makes his way over to a small area of grass beside the bleachers, where he flops down onto the ground. Bending one leg and reaching the other out straight, he leans forward and begins stretching his hands to his toes, getting loose. He glances over at Felicia, watching a little, to see what she's doing.

It's delicate work for her, sawing at the roof and holding the car in hand tight enough where it is steady but light enough where Felicia doesn't crush the thing with her strength. Little plastic shavings are flying everywhere as she works, she probably should have glasses on but she didn't think about that until just now. It was already a bit breezy but the wind gusts a bit sending the little flecks right into her face "Ah shit!" she exclaims, setting the car and tool down then brushing her face then rubbing an eye.

Grayson looks over at Felicia when she curses. He sniffs, studying her as she rubs her eye. He swallows, then asks, "Hey. You alright?" He pushes himself up to his feet, taking a step over toward her. As he stands there watching, he scratches the back of his neck, his thick bicep bulging as his arm bends. "You should have goggles on."

With a tearing eye, the one that isn't concealed by her hair at least, Felicia looks around to find it is Grayson inquiring about her. "Yeah…guess I get to find out if my invulnerability includes my cornea." she runs a finger along the waterline of her bottom eyelid and then blinks rapidly a few times "I guess I just flunked safety 101." despite their previous heated encounter the girl isn't cold or snarky toward him, so that's something at least.

Grayson nods, "We all have bad subjects. Mine's math." He lowers his arm back to his side, tilting his head a little, "If it's still in there, I can flush it out." He shrugs, "Or I guess you could just shrink until you're smaller than the piece in your eye so it falls out. Whichever."

Makes an eww face at the mention of math "It's about time math started solving its own problems." Felicia isn't a big fan of that subject either…or any of them for that matter, except PE, that one she likes. "Huh?" it takes her a moment to figure out what he is talking about. "Oh, the water juju." she waggles her fingers when she says it. "As fun as that would be I can't shrink down that small. I can get to about five inches, no subatomic particles for me." setting the car down for a moment she gives a final wipe of her eye "How was your da….er weekend?" she grins, nope she didn't just slip up and almost say something she wasn't supposed to.

Grayson nods about her size, "Well, size doesn't matter that much." There's a joke there. "Huh." He sniffs, and then shrugs, opening his mouth to answer, but then thinking more of it. He looks a little more serious. "My da what?" he asks, sternly.

It's a joke that Felicia gets and she can't help by snigger in amusement at it. She's in a better mood that she has been all weekend so she probably laughs a bit harder than it warrants. The question has her getting her laughing under control, but the stern voice is ineffective, "Your day?..uhm Your dad? Your dog?" she crosses one leg over the other, trying to project an air of innocence "No?" she shakes her head, probably realizing he isn't going to buy it. Acting is not in her skillset.

Grayson stares at her a long moment. It's not quite a glare, but it's close. He slowly lifts his chin a bit, folds his arms over his chest, and then says flatly, "My date was great." He then turns and walks the two or three steps back to where he was and sits, beginning to stretch again.

Felicia just stares back at him though his comment has her eyebrows raising as she watches him go back to where he was. "Yeah. That doesn't sound very convincing. So either it really did suck… or," the or is dragged out a bit "You don't like the fact that I know about it.” she turns to face him crossing her arms over her chest "Which is it? And keep in mind I can always just go ask /him/." not that there is a guarantee she would be told anything, but she could still ask.

Grayson stretches for a few moments, ignoring her. She doesn't go away, so he sighs, looking up at her. "Ollie's awesome. Why do you care?" he asks.

"Because Oliver's awesome." she says without hesitation using the same adjective on purpose, "He was my first friend here and I want him to be happy." if Felicia could be more sincere she would be "And if dating you is what makes him happy than I am happy for him." her brow furrows slightly and she rubs at her eye again, "Damn, that was a lot of happys."

Grayson studies her for another moment. "Is this your, 'if you hurt him I'll hurt you,' speech?" He smirks, "Or are you jealous he didn't ask you out?" He unfolds his legs and slowly rises back to his feet once more.

The teen girl shakes her head "Neither really. Oliver is fully capable of defending himself, he doesn't need me to be his knight riding in on an RC car." she picks up the car she was working on and shakes it a bit "And we are just friends. Honestly, there really isn't anyone at this school that I am interested in enough to have fits of jealously over, Oliver included." a shrug is given "Sorry if that disappoints you or you were looking for some competition or something."

Grayson shakes his head slightly, "No. I'm not disappointed." His head cocks just a bit to the side. "I actually figured you were more interested in Daxton the way you defended him the other night." He looks over at what she was working on. "What's with the car?"

Felicia actually looks a bit sheepish at the reminder of that "Yeah. Sorry about that. He's just been through a lot. Serious bad stuff." she leaves it at that since it isn't her story to tell. The car though, that's perfectly safe to talk about and she is grateful for the subject switch "I am trying to make it safe to ride in." there is a gesture made to indicate another part of the training grounds "A couple of other students are making a track and I am going to ride in it while someone else drives it around." she looks down at the car to study it for a moment "I may be able to get two of us in it even. I may need to cushion the inside a bit though." she looks back up a Grayson "Cotton balls maybe?" yes she is asking him what he thinks.

"We've all been through bad shit," Grayson says, rolling his eyes. "I don't ask anyone to fucking baby me. He needs to man up and walk it off, and stop getting the rest of us dragged into the teacher's radar." He inhales, then exhales. "Cotton balls?" He smirks, "I'd prolly use a sponge." He shrugs, "I need to get my run in." He turns and unless she stops him, he begins to jog off.

Felicia isn't going to get into whose shit is worse debate with Grayson "Well he wasn't alone it that. A few of us were part of that too." she'll pony up to her part in that. She keeps up when he shifts gears. "Sponges?" she repeats and then after a moment thought she nods grinning "That's a great idea. Thanks." she nods at him "Yeah sure. Go run your stuff off." she waves him off as she gets back to working on the RC car.

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