(2016-04-17) You Think This Is Real
You Think This Is Real
Summary: Daxton stumbles on a rather mystified new face.
Date: 2016-04-17
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Sometime in the afternoon, an unfamiliar figure is seen wandering along the lower tunnels in the same manner one would stroll through a grassy park. She clearly has no agenda or mission or any particular place to be. And she stands in front of the glass that reveals of view of the ocean depths with wide, stupefied eyes. "What … the … fuuucccckkk," she says, her voice carrying down the tunnel. Her words carry more of an amazed tone than anything else.

Daxton's just gotten back from his job, so the teen speedster is dressed in jeans and a LightHouse Pizza t-shirt. He seems to be headed towards the Ares dorn room, but does glance over at what he's assuming isa newbie, "You ok?" He sounds friendly enough, but isn;t making direct eye contact with the girl.

It's no matter, since Margo is also not really look at Daxton either. Eyes still wide, she reaches out to touch the glass as if she reached out an touched the water itself. Raising a brow she looks skeptical, and instead presses an ear against the surface to listen to the sounds of whatever may be floating around down there. "Yeah…," she mutters to Daxton before asking, "Hey, you think this is real?"

Daxton's brow creases together and his head tilts sceptically, "Real…glass? Water? Ocean?" Life? What does she mean? Hew offers a little more gently, "Do you need help?"

"Ocean," Margo clarifies, closing her eyes to hear the sound a little better. "It sounds real. There's fishes and shit moving around down there. But like, I can't tell if it's the ocean forreal or if it's one of those fancy digital displays." She sounds high. Is she high? Who knows. But his latter question, makes Margo alert once more as if she rejoined reality. "Oh me? Nah, I'm good I go to school here," she explains cheerily and then points to his t-shirt, "You delivering or something?"

Daxton blinks a little, letting his own gaze go to the window. "I'm pretty sure it's a window." But who the hell knows. He's not seen her before, but then again, he's fairly new and hasn't made a point to meet everyone. "I'm in Ares." Till the kick him out, that is. "I just work at Lighthouse Pizza on the weekends." he waits a few seconds and then adds, "My name's Daxton."

Margo blinks her big eyes once. "A window?" She looks at the glass. "So it IS real. This school's insane …" The amazement still lingers in her voice. For a second, 'Ares' doesn't ring a bell in her head. So she purses her full lips in deep thought until the light comes back on. "Oh! Isn't that one of those teams? The names are really hard to remember." His introduction is met with a bright smile and she sticks her hand out to say, "Nice to meet you, Daxton. I'm Margo. I just got here this morning."

Ah, ok. That makes a little more sense. "Hey. Welcome." He takes her hand and shakes, firm, but not overpowering. He makes sure he's not vibrating either, that might freak her out. ""Yeah…the Teams are kinda confusing at first, but you'll figure it out." She gets a quick glacne up and he throws her a warm smile as he makes eye contact before his gaze swings over to the fish again. "You don't need to decide anything today."

"Thanks, good shake!" Margo compliments. Her own shake is exuberant, perhaps even overwhelming. But she takes his warm smile (no matter how brief) as an invitation to engage. "Is that what you did? Waited to decide?"

Daxton's eyes widen slightly, but there's a hint of amusement in them. "Thanks. I made it myself." Watchign the water he nods, "Yeah. I think it was almost two weeks. Don't just rush into it. You need to feel comfortable." His left hand sneaks up to fidget with a watch on his right wrist. It's old, like a wind up one. "Thay all got good and bad, you just need to see which fits best with you."

Margo blinks again, not getting the joke until - "Oh HAH! Shake! I get it! Good one!" She grins at the pun as if it were the best thing she's ever heard. "Two weeks, huh? Wonder if I'll be able to wait that long. Kinda can't wait to dive in, ya know?" she says, "You must be one of those folks who like to take things slow, huh?" Irony. But leaning against the glass, with the depths as her backdrop she asks. "Why'd you end up choosing - what's the name again? Ares?"

Daxton seems amused, but slightly nervous around the loud and excitable girl. "Sure, yeah. You don't have to wait that long. Just make sure you're not doing it randomly is all." Says the Ares. There's his patented half shrug, "I like to be sure, if that's what you mean." That last question though, has him shift his weight, he's been still too long and is getting antsy. "Ares? i…well, the people that found me were all Ares. I just…" He's brow creases and he sighs, "I huess I just felt more comfortable with them."

"Found you?" Margo seems confused at first and is imagining a scenario much like the two of them meeting just now - where Dax is lost in the halls and suddenly the Ares team finds him. "Like they gave you directions or something? Seems like a really friendly bunch. I mean, you're pretty friendly enough." While Margo doesn't catch much, she does pick on the shift in weight and she asks, "You gotta pee or something dude? I think you're doing the dance and it kinda makes me wanna pee too."

Daxton's not join g to get into kidnapped and being experimented on currently. Margo's got enough to deal with. "Soemthing like that, yeah." He frowns again, her asking about his bladder is awkward. "No. I'm just…fidgety. I don't like to be still." That's an understatement. "I tend to move. A lot…and fast."

And there it goes again. Margo lights up like a summer carnival when Daxton explains himself. "Oh my god, YES! I toooootalllyy feel you on that," her arms wave around to emphasize just now much she thinks she can relate. "I mean, I love going fast. There's something about that rush that … I don't know, gives you this sense of confidence. Makes you feel like you feel like you're sure of who you are, and where you're going. Ya know?" The way her own speech speeds up with excitement just proves her words.

Daxton can't help a small chuckle. Maybe she's a speedster too? He nods, not that his short military hair cut moves much with the motion. "Yeah. Kinda puts everything in perspective." He keeps shifting bios weight. It's almost a rocking motion. "Do you run?"

Margo vigorously nods, but even in all that gusto one can tell that she really does understand what Daxton means. "Nahh, not really. I mean, I like to run but it just isn't fast enough for me. Things with wheels on them are more fun," she admits, and then holds her hands up like they're on a steering wheel. "I like to drive, but … I'm kinda taking it easy for a little bit." She scratched the back of her neck on that one. "You got a license?"

oh. Oh. He smirks, "Sure. You should talk to Felicia. She has a way of doing a go cart type of thing…I bet it would be fun." Her question seems to throw him. he doesn't answer at first, almost like he's thinking. Or possibly remembering something, "No…I don't think I have a licence…" He doesn't sound exactly sure on that. "But I know I can drive." that's kinda weird. Even his won face shows that that's weird.

"Go Cart?" Margo repeats, as if suddenly entranced by a magical spell. "Oh shit, yeah that sounds really fun." Whether she realizes it or not, she's getting shifty too, bouncing a little from one leg to the other. Margo isn't sure she understands Daxton's answer, but merely replies, "Oh well, maybe you should work on getting one then. It'd be such a waste for you to know and not be able to use it." She shifts around a little bit more before admitting, "Yeah so about peeing earlier. I wasn't kidding. Can you show me where the nearest girl's room is?"

Daxton nods, that thought rolling around in his head. He's not old enough to get it though. Weird. Anyway, "Sure. You can use the Ares restroom." He nods in the direction of the dorm, he needs to go that way anyway. He manages to not just speed off, that antsy feeling getting worse with that feeling of alsmot remembering something. "It's this way." He'll lead her so she doesn't get lost.

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