(2016-04-17) There's a song in this somewhere
There's a song in this somewhere
Summary: Getting stood up ends up putting Tabitha into… confusing waters. Also two dates at once.
Date: 2016-04-17
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Scene Runner: Random Acts of Spongebob

It was a beautiful day. The sun was bright, the winds were soft, the sea was calm. And one Miss Tabitha Jones could not be in a worse mood. It was his damned idea in the first place! Tabitha had been looking forward to it all damn week! Her first actual, official date with a living human! She'd spent all morning trying to find something good enough to wear, or at least repair to good enough. Then she'd thought 'fuck it' and gone into town to buy new clothes. She bought /A DRESS/ for fuck's sake!

And it was in that new dress, a bright blue number with long semi-sheer sleeves and a skirt that the wind loved to play with, that she was now standing on the beach. Completely alone and in a mood that might tend to encourage anyone approaching to let her remain that way. She's alternating between kicking the sand and using her aura to pick up handfuls of rocks and throwing them against the sea cliffs hard enough to shatter them into shrapnel. She has enough discipline as a musician to not tear her voice apart by shouting herself hoarse, but oh is she muttering obscenities hot enough to melt steel.

A beautiful day. The sun was bright and the winds were soft, and the… sea was calm. Violet didn't mind such environments at all. But she preferred, if one can be secret about such preferences, more dramatic days. Now that nothing… really phased her, she preferred nature itself to be more dramatic, more shocking, more daring - and days like this were peaceful, fine… but they were boring.

And what she preferred to be in, now that she was on the mainland, were her normal clothes. Yes, she loved dresses too, but she found herself drifting towards more functional wear - jeans, a t-shirt with a band name, and a leather jacket, tied around the edges. Not to mention her dramatic makeup.

It wasn't… sheer luck that she had wandered this way. She had heard from a friend of a friend of a friend that Tabitha had stormed off a bit, and while she figured that… well… finding her was something else. So she wandered a bit. And lucky enough - her wanderings had brough her here to the beach, outside of the Lighthouse pizza.

Stepping nearer, perhaps Tabby would stop with the rocks flying as she drew nearer - but Vi wouldn't stop even if she didn't. "Hey, Tabby," she states, her tone of voice a bit… well, roguish, perhaps. Playful, but guardedly so. It had an undertone of sympathy to it. "That a new dress? It's /amazing/."

If she were in a state of mind to think about it, Tabitha wouldn't be at all surprised that word had already filtered through the other students. Small town mentality meets high school grapevines meets snapchat. But as Violet approaches she's currently too busy not throwing more rocks, but now applying her strength to them in a more… direct fashion. Stone powder sifts through her clenched fists that were once holding a fair sized stone apiece.

She's getting more and more used to her how her aura has expanded her senses. Seeing in all directions at once doesn't phase her much anymore. So she does spot Violet approaching, even notices the expression on Vi's face that goes with her tone of voice. She doesn't respond right away to the initial greeting, but the compliment of her dress brings her up short.

She spins on her bare feet (her new sandals are over… well, she's not quite sure where she threw them) to face Violet, her own expression a mixture of anger, saddness, embarassment, and pleasure at the compliment. After the span of a long held breath, she apparently decides that her tantrum is over. Her gaze drops and her shoulders slump. She glances up towards Violet with the barest hint of a ghost of a potential smile right next to an embarassed blush on the unburnt side of her face. "Thanks, Vi." She lets out a long sigh, then looks up a bit more. "Just out for a stroll on the beach?"

Violet's eyes drift across that powder, crushed by the aura. Even though a lot of things didn't put fear into her heart anymore, she admitted… that kinda did. One imagined that whatever infernal force put her back together again - could it if she were crumbled into dust?

Violet didn't have any kind of particular desire to find out.

Thumbs in the pockets of her jacket, whatever little tingle of fear she had in her heart didn't reach her eyes, or face - a bit of softness there besides, dancing alongside the roguishness she was trying to slide into her grin.

Violet watches - watches that array of emotions - just being present, more or less, with the smile still on her lips. "I am," says she. Bringing up her hand, she kinda reaches it forward, and hopes to brush a lock of Tabby's hair away from her eyes. "You wanna come with? Maybe we can find where you put your shoes - too," she says, glancing down towards Tabitha's feet, and back up again. The smile on Violet's lips turns impish, even as that gentle breeze plays with the ends of her hair, blowing those blonde strands in her own face.

At the brushing of her hair, Tabitha lets herself calm down enough to allow a genuine smile to cross her face for a bit. She's still all churned up inside, but now that someone else is here it's harder to maintain a tantrum or even the desire to throw one. And since it's Violet, she starts to unknot herself enough to stand up straight.

She nods her head at the question, holding Vi's gaze for a moment at the contact, then lets out a snort at the mention of her shoes. "Yeah… part of me is actually tempted to just say 'screw them' and stay barefoot. But they weren't cheap, so yeah…" She dims down her aura to near invisibility and sends it out to try and locate the wayward footwear. Her voice is a bit more subdued when she speaks up again. "I'm glad you… happened to come this way, Vi."

There was a handful of moments where Violet just lets her eyes search the face of the other. With that momentary bit of fear passing by, she found a bit of the sympathy edging away too. Not because she didn't still feel for the other young woman, but… because she… well. It was hard for her to figure out as well.

But there were knots involved, around the heart and around the belly, for certain.

Lifting her chin up, she kinda glances down the beach. "To be honest - I was worried about you," she states. "I heard it through the grapevine - and… well… I went out hopin' to find you. And here you are, throwing your cool shoes away before I could see them," she says with a smile.

"Do you remember where they landed last? Where you threw them?" asks Violet, then. A handful of moments more - unaware that her aura could also find missing footwear. A beat. "I'm glad I did too, though - you doing okay?" she asks.

It was obvious she wasn't, but one has to start the conversation somewhere, right? And Violet was asking with her eyes lingering upon Tabitha's own.

Tabitha shrugs one shoulder as she sends her aura outwards. Much like how a spider's web becomes visible in the rain, the edges of her aura show up in the sea spray as they range around the sand. "Pretty sure they're between here and the lighthouse. Not sure how far they went, though. I was… annoyed when I took them off."

As she watches Violet looking down the beach, Tabitha decides that being able to see things without getting caught looking has its advantages. She's still too worked up to pick up on deeper subtleties, but she's able to pick up that there's something about how Violet happened by that's other than checking on a friend.

She shrugs about the grapevine. "Yeah… thought I saw some Proms up at the lighthouse while I was… waiting. Wonder if word's reached the erstwhile Romeo yet?" She shakes her head to clear it of the 'then' and focus on the 'now'. "I'm… better, now. Still pissed off, but more at the whole situation than at Jake specifically."

There was a handful of moments more, Violet's eyes briefly drawn by the flicker of aura against the sea spray. No wonder her hair was becoming frizzier by the moment. "Hmmn," says Violet, lifting her chin up and kinda glancing back towards the auras with a long sort of look. "I wish I had your powers," says Violet, with the edge of her grin lifting up - her eyes flickering back towards Tabitha.

A handful of moments more, and she says. "… well, perhaps there's a reason for it. Something held him up, something managed to get in the way… I don't know him very well, but he was very, very…" A beat, and she draws her tongue over her lips, glancing up and away. "He was very into you, Tabby. You leave a mark on people," she states.

A beat further, and she grins again, this time, with a bit more cautiousness to her air of mischief. "I can see why he was," she states. "I know that if it were me in his place… it would take both heaven and hell to stop me," she says.

A handful of moments more, and she turns wryer. "D'ya wanna go get some pizza then?" she states, with a little more intent in her voice now, turning her blue eyes to look towards Tabitha. "There's that lighthouse place nearby - you were gonna meet him there, right?"

The searching extensions of Tabitha's aura catch hold of the sandals…halfway up one of the sea cliffs near the ramp up to the lighthouse… and hook them to bring them back to her waiting hands. She smiles to herself at Violet's remark about her powers, facing away from the other girl. "I think that about some of the other students, too. Oliver's shapeshifting, specifically."

She's in the middle of floating a bit above the ground so she can strap the sandals back on again when Violet talks about Jacob maybe having a good reason… or at least /a/ reason. Then there's the rest of it.

First is a huge blush at how Violet says she leaves a mark on people. She's in the middle of replying with a brief. "I'm just me y'kn…" when the rest of what Violet says registers in her head. All she can do is try to catch her jumping guts and stare back at Violet. Eventually she manages a quiet, "Really?"

And then a beat later is the offer to go back up to the lighthouse for food. She finds herself nodding in a manner not unlike how she did when Jacob asked her out. "Yeah. That sounds good."

Violet just watches as Tabitha works out her thoughts a bit, inclining her head just so to the other one. "Really, really - plus, if he does show up late - that's where he'll go, right?" says Violet, bringing a hand up out of her leather jacket, and snapping - her thumb against her index finger, her nails painted black for the occasion.

As that offer of pizza was taken up on, Violet doesn't really hold back her smile at all. "That sounds great then," she states.

The trip back to the Lighthouse was light, no doubt - Violet keeping the conversation light, and to trivial topics like the weather and so forth. A quick order of pizza later, and so Violet and Tabitha were seated at one of the corner tables looking out over the ocean proper, the music playing over the jukebox something akin to 60's rock and roll. Violet went ahead and ordered a full pepperoni pizza (if Tabitha wanted other toppings, or different ones, she wouldn't fight it), and glasses of soda.

And in one of those corner tables, Violet was leaning back, throwing her arm over the back of her chair, the heel of her boot stuck into the ground, toe wiggling back and forth, and smile so wide her nose was crinkling. "So," she states. "I've been meaning to ask you about one of the songs on your soundcloud - how'd you come up with /that/ song?"

Ever have one of those days? When something you did weeks ago comes back to bite you, and it was completely your fault and now you've ruined everything? Yeah, that's the sort of day that Jacob is having right now. Outside the pizza place, there's a scuffle of feet against ground as he flat-out /runs/ toward the entrance, banging the door open with one hand and taking a quick look around. "There! You! I!" Okay, stop, Jacob. Breathe. He'd be even /more/ out of breath by now, only, have you ever tried to run on sand? It doesn't work, and until he gets a better handle on his speed issues, flying would have been even worse. Some things just can't be helped.

Tabitha is glad for the lighter topics on the way into (or back into in her case) the lighthouse. Because they're going back into a crowded place with normal types, she reels her aura back in so it's just a dusting of golden amber on her skin. But don't think that she didn't notice that Violet had gone so far as to touch up her nails and the like before coming out to find her. No, that bit is being put right in a row with the rest of the bits and parts to one side of her mind while pizza is ordered and a table is had.

She's starting to genuinely relax when Violet turns the conversation towards her music, and one of the small handful of songs that's actually made its way online. "Which…? Ah, that one." She thinks about it a minute, idly twiddling her thumbs such that they catch her hair as they move. "Sometimes I get… really vivid dreams. They're full of things I've never seen, sometimes things that seem impossible. 'Sophia' came from some of those. It was the first song of my own that I wrote, and it's kind of a summary of…"

Her voice trails off as her previously-seen-as-a-blessing all-around vision catches the commotion at the door. And then she's just lightly banging her head on the table, not sure whether to laugh, cry, or scream. "Of course…"

"Yeah, that one," says Violet, leaning forward and setting her elbows on the tabletop. Violet had a casual sort of demeanor - her fingertips kinda plucking at the side of the chair, her leg - the one with the boot heel not dug into the ground, that is, folded over the other for some sembelence of modesty.

"Bad song to pick?" says Violet. "Of course, it would be hard not to find a song of yours that was… shallow," she states. A bit of a pause, and she runs her tongue over her lips, considering the other young woman. "When you write songs, it seems you write them with such meaning in mind - it makes them really very interesting, when…" A handful of moments, and Violet glances up.

A bright smile, and Violet lifts up her hand to kinda wave Jacob over. "Hey - you made it!" calls Violet. "We ordered pizza already - uh… are you hungry?" she asks, letting that smile tamper down to a grin that some might consider to be mischievous. Glancing back towards Tabitha, Violet leans forward, her elbows on the table a bit - and she kinda brings up a hand to hide her lips in a whisper. "Told you he'd make it," she says, waggling her eyebrows up and straightening again. A beat. "Want me to vamoose?" she asks, pointing doorwards.

Is Jacob hungry. Now there's a silly question. As soon as he works out how to form words again, then yeah, he'll get right on that. "I've got this old wall clock in my room," he starts to explain, dragging a chair over. "Only use it on the weekends. Well, /apparently/ when Daylight Saving Time started, I changed it that morning… in the wrong direction. Tabitha. I am /so sorry/, I should have—" Well, she probably gets the idea by now. Violet, meanwhile, gets a silent wave and that's about it.

"Don't you dare," is Tabitha's equally whispered response to Violet's last question. She glances up through the hair that fell over her face as she was introducing her forehead to the tablecloth. Repeatedly. Her aura ripples slightly to part her hair so Violet can see the serious in her eyes. And maybe a bit extra, too? That bit's still getting worked over in Tabitha's brain.

And then Jacob has made it to the table and she's sitting up all ready to give him the angry stare to end all life when… "Okay… that actually makes sense. Sit your ass down." Her aura hooks a chair and brings it up behind Jacob's legs, then pulls him in once he's decided to sit down. She also shifts her own seat and the table a bit so that now the three of them situated so that both Violet and Jacob could say that they're sitting across from Tabitha. A sort of equilateral triangle aorund the circular table.

"You're not off the hook just yet, buster…" Tabitha's voice and expression start off harsh, but then soften as she finishes. "But you get a chance." She finishes with a light smile his way while the part of her mind that was trying to decipher her reaction to Violet has just started gibbering to itself at how today as gone from great to terrible to just plain confusing. Oh, you know there's going to be a song somewher in all this.

The little wave was treated with an incline of her head, Violet letting her eyes track along Jacob's face. Violet doesn't mind that his focus is on Tabitha - it really should be!

Glancing back towards Tabitha at her statement, Violet cants her head just a bit to the side, the woman watching the other young woman's own eyes. Something in there sparks that smile again, and Violet pulls back, leaning her chair back enough so that the forelegs lift off of the ground. A beat again, and she tracks her eyes back towards Jacob then.

"We got pepperoni - is that okay by you?" she asks. They had their drinks already - Violet had hers in front of her - something dark, likely Dr. Pepper or Root Beer or something, tapping her fingernails against it to make a steady ticker tack of a noise.

It takes Jacob about that long to settle his thoughts down and properly process Violet's presence. Yeah, having a mutual friend around for a bit is probably a good idea at this point. "Thanks," he replies to Tabitha. "And that is a neat trick, with the movement thing. And— yeah," he adds, nodding to Violet, "pepperoni is fine. Usually get that anyway. How have you been?" Nice simple questions to begin with, while his thoughts continue shifting toward the proper gear.

Tabitha grins at Jacob when he mentions the 'moving thing', "It's useful having a bunch of extra hands." Her aura is being kept invisible while in such a public place. She utters a purely mental sigh as Violet rocks her chair back. Not because she thinks it's rude or anything, but because it reminds her that while she's sitting up and has her chair firmly planted on the floor her own feet are still dangling in the air. 'Any day now' is a mantra that her mirror gets to hear regularly.

Because of the original intent for this evening she puts her current focus on Jacob, shrugging at his question about how she's been. "Oh, you know… bit of shopping, bit of waiting, some time spent crushing rocks into sand imagining they were someone's tender parts." She makes certain that her tone and expression convey to Jacob that she's really not contemplating such actions anymore, but she feels it's her duty to let him know that it was a near thing. "So what were you up to all day?"

While she's talking to Jacob, there is the slightest warm touch along Violet's hair. Could be a breeze getting through a crack in the window. Might not have been.

Mutual friends were great things.

And Violet was okay with letting the others process the situation - she suspected it would be a lot more heated otherwise. And in spite of everything else… Violet glances up towards the counter - and the smile springs back to her lip with extra abandon. The pizza was arriving.

Yes - on a slab of black stone it was being carried to them like an olympic torch, the pepperoni and cheese perhaps bubbling a bit still. "I've been great, though - about to get better," says Violet to Jacob. "And how about you? School life still treating you alright?" she asks Jacob, scootching her chair a bit to one side to make room for the incoming pizza - set in the center of the table with paper plates. "You want anything hun?" asks the waitress of Jacob - the one currently drinkless at the moment. The waitress wouldn't stick around long after the order. She kinda sensed a bit of tension at this table.

Violet doesn't waste time in reaching for a piece of pizza, pulling it to her plate. That touch of the breeze - she brings a hand up to run through her hair. A pause though, as she processes the source of the same - glancing towards Tabitha with a wryness.

"Iced tea," Jacob says to the waitress, getting the simple question out of the way first. And getting the waitress back on her rounds. Tabitha and a friend is one thing, Tabitha and a friend and a stranger is another. He grabs a slice, but lets it cool off a bit while he waits for the drink to arrive.

"Studying, mostly," he answers Tabitha. And the mention of rocky effigies inspires him to exhibit a sympathetic wince anyhow. Near thing, indeed. "I thought about texting you once I made it back up to ground level, but I thought maybe that would be too heavy-handed, you know? Figured I'd wait and do it if I had trouble finding you— that's when I realized about the clock thing."

Tabitha gives Jacob a wry smile as he explains how he's considered texting ahead, then shrugs. "Wouldn't have done any good, I'm afraid." She reaches… somewhere on her person and produces her phone. It's an old model Nokia brick with 'Bar Harbor Orphanage' etched into its side. "I lack many of the standard conveniences of modern telecommunications." And for those that didn't follow that. "I can't get texts. Or send them."

She takes a quick sip of her own drink, a large Arnold Palmer, then nods about his studying. "Getting ready for finals, or just working on current stuff?" Then the pizza is here and she waits for Violet and Jacob to get theirs first, because she worked up quite the appetite on the beach. This meal just might turn into a massacre after all, just of cheesy things.

The waitress does not, and shuffle off soon enough. She'd be back in like twenty seconds to give the ice tea back, and turn around wordlessly. Giving Violet time to let her chair fall back down to the ground with a clack, unaware of the torment her long legs were causing the other young woman.

"That is the right way to do things - you know? Talk face to face, get it all out," says Violet. Unless he did try to text and couldn't get through, and was just backpedaling now. "It's brave, right, Tabby?" asks Violet of the other young woman, quirking her head at her. Violet didn't seem to mind the heat of the pizza slice, either on her hand, or in her mouth - she takes a big bite of the hot pizza.

"You're not missing much - I never had a fancy cell phone, and I did just fine," she says. Well, that depended on your definition of fine, but… Violet takes a moment to take another bite of pizza. She tended to eat a lot too, so… it could be a problem.

At least they all probably have powerful metabolisms, not to mention strenuous exercise habits. Not exactly a lot of fat kids at the school, are there?

Jacob reaches for the tea and inclines his head to Violet. "Oh, definitely, some things you need to talk about in person. Texting is just for stuff like 'be there in five'." His own phone isn't super fancy or anything, just newer than Tab's, which isn't saying much. "Mmm, a little from column A, a little from column B. It's good to be able to change things up, otherwise you just get bleary-eyed after a couple hours. I've been through that and it's not fun."

Tabitha reaches over to lay her left hand on one of Jacob's. "Yes, it was." She's agreeing with Vi's comment about him being brave by racing over and facing his mistake. "I'm glad you did get here, Jake." She gives his hand a quick squeeze, then it's her turn to lay claim to pizza goodness, uttering a solemn mantra. "Lo, tho I walk through the valley of teensy cocktail dresses I shall fear no carbs. For I train a minimum of twenty hours a week, and then I go to phys ed."

She nods to Jacob's response about what he was studying. "I'm just wanting it to be June already. Not just because summer, either. I'm just sick of being fourteen… or however old I am." She screws up her face in an offbeat expression.

Taking a sip from her soda, Violet glances back towards the pizza - although the prayer does bring a bit of wryness to her lips. "Amen to that, Tabby," says Violet, lifting her soda before taking a long swig, finishing her first slice of pizza. She was moving to the second, though, after kinda wiping her fingers off on one of the provided napkins.

"That's when your birthday is? June?" asks Violet, her voice perking a bit with interest.

"And I'd be okay with taking a break from schoolwork - I feel done with a lot of this," she says, bringing up her non-goopy hand to massage her own temples.

"Hear, hear," Jacob echoes, picking up his glass and hefting it in the air. Carefully, lest it slosh onto the table; he hasn't actually started in on it yet. "And hey, you know what they say about your age, right?" At about that point, he gives Tab's hand a quick sympathetic squeeze before letting go once again. "If you don't like it, just wait a year."

Didn't Tabitha have a slice of pizza in front of her just a minute ago? Scientists across the globe are baffled by this question because she, too is going in for a second slice at the same time as Violet. There is a moment where she plays defense, acting like she's going to claim all of the pieces for the Nation of Jones.

Then she relents and sits back with just the one piece. She raises her glass to Jacob's toast, then shrugs as she takes the first bite out of the crust (yes, she eats her pizza 'backwards'… crust first), "I have no idea when my birthday is, really. But I was put into the system on June sixth, so that's when I've always celebrated. But just like my age and my name, it's a matter of guesswork and arbitrary decisions."

A snerk from Violet. "Clever," she says to Jacob, kinda wagging her finger a bit at the young man. Of course - when she goes for that second slice. She wasn't looking at first, which meant her fingertips brushed against the back of Tabitha's hand. Her eyes flicker towards the other young woman, and she clears her throat - of course, once defense is assumed - a terrible offense is enacted, Violet's hands going hither and yon to capture at least one slice for the hungry people of Court Westwood.

"Hey, though, I like that. Choosing all the little details that make up you, you know?" she says, taking a bite out of the end. "If you could choose your birthday, what would it be, Jacob? I'd have mine in December sometime. Double Christmas, yes."

Jacob waits till the girls are done before reaching for another slice himself. Does this mean he gets the one with only three slices of pepperoni? Yeah, but hey, he'll survive. "Hmm, I think I'd have it in early August. There aren't any big holidays in August, are there?" As for the question of Tabitha's real name, that gets him to furrow his brow for a moment. "You know, that opens up some interesting possibilities. What if it turns out you're really Anastasia or something?"

Tabitha listens to the ideas of where her friends would like to have their birthdays, then is caught mid-bite by Jacob's remark about her being an Anastasia. She works to swallow her food before talking, fixing him with an oh-so-serious stare. "If there is one thing I know about myself, it's that I am /not/ a pseudo-mythical figure from the distant past." This is said with a dead serious certainty that is ruined by the grin twitching its way onto her face.

"Honestly though, I just refused to be officially called Jane Doe. And I think I'm pretty safe from having someone just randomly appear to scramble my self-image." She drinks more of her Arnold Palmer, nodding to Violet. "Like Vi said, being able to decide some things for myself doesn't suck."

"There's… national dog day, August 31st - that's an important day, right? Don't ask me how I know that," says Violet. A beat.

"You could be a robot. Or an alien. Or an alien robot," says Violet, considering carefully. "A mutant alien robot?" A beat, and she sticks her jaw out to one side. "A mutant alien robot sparkleninja?" she says, grinning a bit wryly again - and trying - unsuccessfully - to hide her grin with her drink.

At the mention of 'sparkleninja', Jacob reaches over to ball up a paper napkin and chuck it at Violet. Well, in her general direction; it falls well short, landing on the pizza tray and soaking up a bit of excess grease. "Hey, I know they're getting pretty good with robots, but I don't think they can make one look /that/ good in a dress!"

Tabitha was about to chuck something at Violet for the sparkleninja crack, then Jacob beats her to it despite his throwing like a 10-year-old nerd from public school. And just when she was about to let loose with a blistering retort that would echo down through the ages, Jacob has to go and remark on her dress and how she looks in it. Did you know that blushes could appear on someone's arm? Because Tabitha didn't. And that's all she can do for the moment… blush from her face to her waist and be rendered temporarily speechless. Enjoy it while it lasts, true believers!

"What! What!" says Violet, laughing a bit uproaringly. Batting the wadded up napkin, it… doesn't even reach her. It was way too slow! "Pff, I know it, right? She has an amazing taste in dresses, that's for sure," says Vi, straightening up as Tabitha turns a beet red. "…oh, wow - Tabby, your arms…"

Jacob /probably/ missed Violet on purpose, there. He didn't have to actually hit her to make the point, right? Napkins aren't exactly aerodynamic, but crumpled up, they shouldn't be that bad. He starts to say something else, but then catches sight of that blush and leans in to get a closer look. "Ooh. Tab, are you all right? Does it do that normally?" It could just be an aura thing… or maybe they snuck Jovian tomatoes into the tomato sauce, and she's allergic.

So many things that Tabitha could say to defuse the situation, to regain her mental footing and secure her place as being In Charge of Things… but she's got none of it. No, the best she can come up with is, "Stop making the ginger blush! I swear, both of you…!" In an effort to distract the two horrible, horrible people she's sitting with she takes advantage of her love-it-again all-around vision and jerks a thumb towards the entrance. "There's a line forming, and it's almost 'last ferry' time. If you two must torment me so, then let's all do it together on the way home."

Yes, she's just a touch off balance. No, she doesn't register any potential double meanings in her last statement.

Another snort from Violet, and the young woman rises to a stand, glancing down at the demolished remains - or not remains - of pizza. "Hey, I'm all for not missin' the last ferry home. Although Jacob can fly, right guy?" says Vi, kinda pointing a thumb at him. A beat though, and she takes one last sip of her drink. If there was anything in that double meaning, Vi didn't seem to catch it - or just let it go. But she was waiting for the other two before heading out.

Jacob waggles a hand in the air. "In theory. I'm not exactly good at it." He reaches for his own drink to finish off what's left of it… then pauses, silently processing that last phrase. Yeah, let's /not/ spit iced tea all over these nice young girls, huh? He is still on double secret probation, after all.

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