(2016-04-17) Glow Sisters Dance
Glow Sisters Dance
Summary: Bev and Stefanie check out the dance club at Shady Cove.
Date: 2016-04-17
Related: Dancing Queens
NPCs: Mark (npced by Bev)
Scene Runner: N/A

Stefanie has gone scouting for the dance club that Felicia and Anna were talking about earlier in the morning. She pays the cover charge for herself and Bev as they make their way in. "Wow.. This place is amazing. The girls were right." She walks in, wearing blue halter dress, form-fitting with black lace 'windows' at the side of the dress. The hem has a sewn in elastic, keeping the outfit tight to her.

Bev's dress fits into the 'little black' category. It comes down to mid-thigh, leaving her legs bare and her feet clad in shoes with low heels — one would not wish to get blisters on the dance floor. At the top, the dress loops around her neck from the right, but her left shoulder and arm are bare, an inlet of bare skin sweeping across her chest and down to show just an inch or two of cleavage. And, because she is fabulous, a cape descends from her right shoulder to her knees.

"It's not bad," she concedes after inspecting the room for a moment, eyes sweeping from left to right, top to bottom, critical. "The dance floor is straight out of seventy-four, and non-alcoholic beer is even more gross than alcoholic beer… but I can get a virgin strawberry daiquiri!" She looks pleased at this.

Stefanie nods. "Sure… and then we can act like we're drunk out on the dance floor. Whoo!" She chuckles. "I gotta tell Felicia and Anna about this." She says, making her way over to a table where she can out down her purse. "So.. drinks first?" She asks, looking for the bar through the crowd.

Bev points the way. "It's probably for the bros," she says as she winds through the crowd. The light is such that her skin glows visibly as she moves. She seems to realize this, as she adjust the glow subtly, brightening it a touch to give the impression of glow-in-the-dark bodypaint worn under her dress. "You got the cover," she says. "I'll get the drinks. What do you want?"

Stefanie giggles and nods, noticing a few looks from people nearby. "Just get me whatever you're getting." She shouts as she moves onto the dance floor, wiggling to the house DJ. She sees what Bev is doing and mimics the glow as well. this does not detract from the amount of people looking at her.

When Bev comes to a place like this she WANTS to be noticed. On the other hand, she knows her roommate tends not to want that. "You okay?" she murmurs to her friend to be on the safe side. "I can make a spectacle of myself if you need to go more incognito." She turns to the bartender — a boy not much more than eighteen, if that — and gives him a flirtatious smile before she orders the daiquiris.

Stefanie smiles and nods, feeling more in her element here. This was what it was like back home, in high school, with cheer team and gymnastics. "I'm good. I haven't felt this…. normal… in a long time." She watches as Bev flirts with a boy. SHe's not jealous. In fact, she enjoys it. She dances around Bev, watching between her and the boy.

It's a brief flirt — intended to get quick service more than romantic attention. Soon enough Bev turns away from him, giving him one more wink over her bare shoulder, and hands off one of the daiquiris to Stefanie. "There we go," she murmurs. "These are really the best — cold, refreshing, sweet sunlight."

Stefanie grins. "Well, they're not the same as sunlight, but it's a close second." She grins, squeezing Bev's hand and giving her a dose of light through the touch. She takes a sip of the drink and heads over to the table and sits, watching others, looking at the kind of moves they're using. "It's… been a while since I've been dancing out in public."

"It's not a replacement for sunlight," Bev concedes, "but fruits and vegetables agree with my system a lot better, given how much sun they soak up." She follows her roommate to the table. "Not so long for me," she observes. "I always go to the clubs when I go home for break. Catch up with old friends. You know." She reaches out to pat Stef's arm lightly. "I'm sure you'll do just fine."

Stefanie smiles and nods. "I know. Thanks. It's just getting used to everything. Everyone at school is helping. We all seem to be suffering from some sort of Beautiful Frankenstein syndrome." She sips her drink, watching the interactions between the teens. "Thanks for coming here with me. If you want to join the dance team, let me know." She smiles. "Felicia's amazing.

"I'm not sure that the dance team is quite the thing for me," Bev says with a shrug. "I'm still trying to get Tabitha to jam with me. I'm more interested in being the one making the music than dancing to it, you know?" She shrugs. "But if you guys need another, of course I'll join." She takes a long swallow of her daiquiri, closing her eyes and clearly enjoying it until she suddenly winces. Brain freeze.

Stefanie shakes her head and smiles. "We don't need numbers. I just didn't know if you were into dancing or not. Music is good too." She grins. "I need to start singing again." She sips her drink. "How've you been? We haven't really talked in a bit."

Bev chuckles softly. "Busy," she replies mildly. "You know. Getting on toward the end of the year, and I've been working twice as hard during the day so nothing gets left 'til the end of the year and I fall asleep the night before it's due." Bev doesn't make the best grades, but she works hard all the same. "How about you? Everything's going okay?" Clearly the dance team is a good thing.

Stefanie nods. "I told you that I'd help you, you just need to let me know. I seem to be doing alright. I'm working out in the off-hours, trying to stay in shape physically so i don't need to rely on.. abilities.. as much, you know?" She says. "I met this girl, Sierra. She's so adorable. I guess she had it pretty bad where she came from. She's super shy and afraid of people picking on her."

"I'm doing okay, but I really do appreciate the offer," Bev says. She's frequently determined to do things herself, is all. "Well, that's not a huge problem at the school, I think, mostly." Okay so mayyybe she's made a few unkind comments about people she dislikes, but there aren't a lot of those. She's certainly not going to pick on somebody shy and in need of support. "What team is she on? Or has she picked yet?"

Stefanie smiles. "She's in Ares, and I already told her that everyone at the school is way cool and that she doesn't need to worry about that." She gets up. "I'm going to dance. You can sit here and watch, or you can come join me." She says as she makes her way to the dance floor. She loves the way the tiles change color when they're stepped on. The color reflects off of her glow as she spins around.

Bev wonders idly when the DJ will start playing 'Dancing Queen', her moment of snark for the evening, but watches Stefanie all the while. She finishes her drink after a minute or two, then moves out onto the floor to join her roommate. She knows full well that Stef's going to have a ton of wannabe companions. Best to take some of the heat off of her. She starts to change the color of her glow, making it the complement of the colors shining off the floor.

Stefanie smiles as Bev joins her, despite the partners that she was attracting on the floor. She leans in and whispers. "That's so cool. I can't change the colors on mine." She grins.. Any on-looker might think she was whispering sweet nothings into Bev's ear. She spins, thankfully her dress stays down. Yay for elastic hems.

Bev murmurs, "Just slightly different frequencies. I can't do anything outside the visible spectrum." She doesn't care what it looks like to the other kids — she's vibrant on the dance floor. It's not her main thing, no, but she does it pretty well. Her own hem flips up — but not so high as to expose anything.

Stefanie nods as she dances around, getting used to things. She nods. "This is getting repetitive. I don't understand how adults can do this for hours on end." She says as she heads back to the table. "Want another drink?"

Bev laughs softly as she follows Stefanie back to the table. "They have alcohol," she points out mildly. "Trust me — it's much easier to do the same thing over and over when you're drunk. Sure. You want to try banana daiquiris this time? Or something else?"

Stefanie blinks at Bev. "You've… been drunk before?" It's more of a look of amazement than of judgment. "Sure." She looks around. "I'm surprised the other girls haven't showed up yet. Maybe the burgers are just too good." She takes a seat at the table to watch some more.

"I grew up in Hollywood, Stef," Bev points out. "You're lucky you don't have a junky for a roommate. I've avoided pretty much everything BUT alcohol." She steps away from the table and goes to retrieve the new drinks. It won't take her long.

Stefanie pouts at that as Bev walks away. When she returns, Stef is standing waiting for her. After the drinks are placed on the table she envelopes Bev in a big hug. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you feel bad. I'm sorry you went through that." Stef tries to stay bright and sunny, true to her codename. She lets go and sits down, watching the people. "This is what I'm not used to… The out-of-school interaction. I didn't get to see this, even when I *was* free."

Bev blinks in surprise, then puts her arms around Stef in response, hugging the girl tightly. "You didn't make me feel bad," she says. "You're from a small town in the middle of America. I'm from a big city where kids go to crazy parties all the time. And since the people involved are all rich, the cops don't even care most of the time." She shrugs. "So yes, I've been drunk." She settles at the table, takes her daiquiri and sips it. Bananas are not quite so fantastic as strawberries — but they ARE her favorite color. She watches a guy in the crowd. He's got his eyes on Stefanie. "Well, this is certainly a good place to learn about it," she observes. "There's a guy over there checking you out."

Stefanie looks to the guy and then back to Bev. "And? What do you want me to do, actually talk to him? I've spoken to guys before… I mean…" She swallows nervously. "You want me to go talk to him." She sighs, taking a big gulp of the drink, wishing it did have alcohol. "Fine." She says, standing and making her way over to the boy. She hopes Bev gets a kick out of this. "Hey." She says to the boy. "I'm Stef."

Bev didn't quite intend it that way. They could have waved the boy over, and Stef could have had a conversation with him that's less uncomfortable for her. But she's too late to interrupt Stefanie. The girl's already gone off to talk to the guy, and now Bev feels sort of guilty. She sips her daiquiri, though, and watches indirectly. The last thing Stef needs is for the guy to think some jealous girlfriend is watching over her.

The guy is cute enough, a little short, dark hair and blue eyes, probably about the same age as the Glow Sisters. His eyes go wide as Stef approaches, and he blushes a touch at being caught — though he's grateful that the light is low in the club and it's hard for anybody to detect. "Hi," he replies. "I'm… uh… I'm Mark. It's nice to meet you. You and your friend have great bodypaint."

Stefanie looks back to Bev and smiles, to prove that she's doing it. "Hey, thanks. We thought we'd go all out coming to a place like this. We're from out of town." She says, not specifying as to where. "Do you come here often?" One of the dumbest lines ever created.

"Oh, uh, no," replies Mark, raising a hand to push back through his hair. "I… some friends decided they wanted to come." He points to a pair of couples, two fairly attractive girls, two athletic guys. "And I got dragged along." Didn't want to be left out, even as a fifth wheel.

Bev smiles at Stef when she glances over, raises one hand and gives a thumbs-up.

Stefanie cringes. "Well.. That sucks.. I mean, to get dragged out. Let's see if we can make them jealous." She grins, taking his hand and drags him back over to their table. "Mark, this is my roommate, Bev. Bev, this is Mark." She says. "We go to a boarding school out of town. Some weekends we get to swing by here." She takes a seat. "Do you live around here?" She asks, then second-thoughts the idea. If he recognizes Bev and she doesn't want to be, this could be disastrous.

"Hi, Mark," says Bev mildly, grinning at the young man as he's brought over to their table. "It's nice to meet you." She waits for the moment of potential recognition, but it doesn't come. Mark gives Bev a 'It's nice to meet you, too,' but his eyes are for Stef.

"Actually, we go to a private school, too," says Mark, pointing off in another direction, away from the shore. "Ravenswood. But Mike's got his license and a car, and Zoe said she wouldn't come unless there was somebody who knew how to drive besides Mike, since he kind of drives like a maniac." He gestures to the larger of the two guys dancing in the crowd with a tiny blonde girl, then the tall brunette dancing with a guy who looks vaguely like the lead singer of Sugar Ray, but younger. "What school do you guys go to?"

Stefanie nods and listens. "Coral Springs." She says.. more than likely he hasn't heard of it since it's pretty off-books as far as the public is concerned. "It's a prep school." She says, though what the school is preparing them for is left unsaid. "So, you drove them down here only to get ignored? That's rather rude." She pouts teasingly. "What can I do to make your night?" Her eyes widen, realizing what could possibly be an answer. "Within reason!" She says, holding up a finger. She doesn't want to give Coral Springs girls a bad reputation.

"Well, I mean, I could have said no," Mark says, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly. At her question, though, he considers for a moment. "I probably wouldn't have got up the courage to ask you to dance if you hadn't come over. Would you?"

Bev is only slightly annoyed that she hasn't been recognized or worshipped. She always knew her roommate was going to outshine her. She waves a hand toward Stef, shooing her toward the dance floor. She's pretty sure a slow song is coming up.

Stefanie nods slowly. "Sure." She says, "Hold on." She walks over to Bev and squeezes her hand, sending another dose of energy and an unspoken promise for later. She walks over to Mark and takes his hand, walking him out to the floor. When the music starts, she puts her hands on his shoulders.

Bev looks amused more than anything. She cares very much about her roommate, and Stef deserves her day in the sun. This seems, for the moment at least, to be such a day — or at least a few sunny minutes.

Mark's hands go to the blonde's waist, tentative, not risking anything that might annoy her. He's not a skilled dancer, but at least knows how to two-step to 'i hate u, i love u' without stepping on Stefanie's feet.

Stefanie smiles and looks at the boy, dancing. She's pretty good, but she tones it down so that he can keep up. When the song ends, she gives him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. "Thank you." She says, "But we need to get going. Curfew and all." She says, making her way over to the table, grabbing her purse. She just looks to Bev with her eyes filled. "Thank you." She whispers, and takes Bev's hand.

Mark blushes all the more for that kiss. "Thank you," he replies, a little awed, and then sighs, staring after her as she makes her way back to her table and prepares to go.

Bev chuckles softly, leaning up to plant a kiss on Stef's cheek in turn. "For what? He liked you. I didn't do anything." She rises and takes up her own purse. "Ready to go, then?" she asks. "Did you like the daiquiris?"

Stefanie just nods and grabs her purse, taking Bev's hand and leading her out of the club.

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