(2016-04-17) Dancing Queens
Dancing Queens
Summary: The love of dance brings 4 girls together. There is a steamy demonstration as well.
Date: 2016-04-17
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A massive dome overhead is completely revealing of the ocean above it. This is a full size gym, with basketball hoops along the walls ready for play. Ropes hanging from a secion of that dome ceiling ready to be climbed are tied off to not impede on gym floor activity. Excersize equipment and weights are off to the far end. At anytime the floor can be sectioned off for multiple team games to be played if needed. There are locker rooms for girls and boys to one side and opposite this are wooden bleachers that can be pulled out if needed for spectators. Opposite the bleachers there is a rock climbing wall, that goes right up to the dome itself overhead.

After watching most of the school take off towards the mainland in the ferry, Stefanie had made her way to the gym on this Sunday morning. Figuring that those who didn't leave are sleeping in, she takes advantage of the near-empty facility. She has a small music-playing device on the open floor and stands there, dressed in a red sports bra and black running shorts. With the music going, she's practicing some of the old cheer routines that she used to go through back in her old school. Pretty much dancing as if no one was watching.

Another of those that has stayed behind is the recent arrival from Mexico City. Again not expecting anyone in the gym and again finding Stefanie, she offers the blonde a silent wave - though may not be seen with the cheerleader in full flow. Sierra is dressed in an oversize t-shirt that hangs off one shoulder, leggings and…leg warmers. She looks like she has stepped out of a high school version of 'Flashdance'. The Latina has an iPod as her music system of choice but she turns it off to watch Stefanie's routine better.

Now that Felicia is settled into the school and team, she's only been here about a month. It's time to start getting back into her fun training. The other day is was climbing, today it's dancing. Which is good, because she has a lot of pent of emotions and she needs to work them out somehow, and punching things just isn't her way.

Hearing the music from the locker room she peeks out to see the dancing Stephanie. Seems someone has the same idea has her. Carrying her shoes in and and wearing yoga pants and a loose long sleeve top circa Flashdance by the style of it, she comes out of the locker room, soft soled dance shoes in hand. Now Stephanie has someone watching her as she sits down on the floor to slip her shoes on.

Stefanie even begins to glow a bit as she gets into the routine. Subdued white light forms an aura around Stef's figure as she moves. She's into the groove and isn't noticing anyone else until she makes a deep bend at her waist. She opens her eyes to see both Sierra and Felicia from the position between her legs. Her eyes go wide and she blushes as she straightens out and rushes to shut down the music. "Oh… Sorry." She says, huffy, as she works to catch her breath. "I.. thought I was alone." She smiles to Sierra and waves. She then looks to each of the girls. "Did you both just walk out of a Jane Fonda aerobics video?"

Sierra nods shyly to the new arrival who has been to the same thrift shop…and that makes the Latina blush even more. So much for being an individual. When Stefanie notices her she offers another wave followed by a "Who is Jane Fonda? You are a very good dancer, Stefanie. Are you a cheerleader? Do they have cheerleaders here?" Looking over at Felicia she offers a wary introduction. "I am Sierra Jiminez. Ares." She doesn't really like giving out her name as that gives the bullies stuff to work with but she still has a modicum of faith that this place will be different.

"You /were/ alone. And now you're not." Felicia points out with a bit of a smirk on her face. There is a wiggle of fingers toward Stephanie "What she asked." she says when Sierra pipes up about the cheerleading stuff. She recalls meeting Stephanie at breakfast once, shortly after she arrived, but hasn't ran into her since, beside perhaps the occasional passby in the hallways between classes or at lunch. As Sierra introduces herself Felicia gives her teammate a nod "The Ares part I know. Felicia Carlyle. Ares represent!" she gives Sierra a wink. No bullies here. Back to Stephanie "Richard Simmons, Sweating to the Oldies. He says hi." full of jokes she is. "

Stefanie laughs. "I used to be a cheerleader… and a gymnast, back in the day." She says, sounding like one of the old instructors. "I haven't done it in a while, and I don't think there's a cheer squad here, because the only sport we play is Arena Fetch… and I don't think they need cheerleaders for that." She smiles. "But I like to stay in shape and make sure I still got the moves." She winks. "Stefanie Howson, Athena, but I think you both know that." She stops and cringes. "Sorry… That sounded douchey. I just meant that I met Sierra yesterday and I know we have some classes together." She says to Felicia. "So, did you both come down to work out?" She especially looks to Sierra, to see if her confidence has improved since yesterday.

"Oh, you are Ares too?" Sierra smiles to Felicia - she hasn't really mingled. Though with all that is going on in Ares, is there anyone not on detention to mingle with? "I am not even sure what that means." Then a curious look at her teammate. "Who is Richard Simmons?" At least the other two girls seem to know about these references so it must be an American thing. "You could still be a gymnast" she offers to Stefanie as she learns her surname. "I was going to work-out" she admits to the blonde "But I did not know it was going to be so busy. This school is like a ghost ship. Is this normal for weekends?"

"Why would you cheer for Arena Fetch when you can play it?" Felicia asks in that perplexed tone of voice. "I'll be trying out for the Ares team next year. A few of us are already starting to strategize how we are going to sweep the game." someone is confident. There is a chuckle at Sierra's naiveté, but it isn't mean spirited "Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons did workout videos in the '80s. They were very popular."

"If by work out but mean get my dancing groove on, then yes, I was totally going to do that." As she has been talking and standing listening she has already started on the usual stretching a trained dancer does before starting thier routines.

It's still early morning, and a trio of girls have gathered in the gym, quite by coincidence and are chatting a bit. All three look like they have some here for the sole purpose of either working out or dancing, if their outfits are the sole judge. Sierra and Felicia both have a Flashdance thing going on. Sierra even has the legwarmers.

"Totally normal for the weekend." Felicia assures Sierra "Everyone usually goes to town on the first ferry out and don't come back until curfew." and in most Ares' case, sometimes after curfew. They are a rulebreaking bunch, those Ares'.

Stefanie nods. "It was quiet here yesterday. Sometimes I enjoy it. I'm still a little nervous about going to the mainland. I… want to make sure I don't do something to embarass the school." She swallows, wearing a sports bra and shorts. Her blonde hair is tied up in a ponytail. She looks over to Felicia. "Do you have a preferred style? I just try to blend moves together that will look good, but then they also have to be regulation, at least for cheer."

"Oh, I see, they did workout videos for Youtube" Sierra nods sagely to Felicia. "I like to dance" she sighs softly before suddenly looking very alarmed. "Oh no! I have a meeting with the guidance counsellor to talk about my classes. I am so sorry but I must run." Not only does she look apologetic to the others she looks pained…as if she was apologising for running over their beloved pets. "I will see you soon, Stefanie. Felicia…I will see you with Ares, si?" Then she is running from the gym past the arriving Annaliesa, who also gets an apologetic smile. At least Sierra keeps her feet on the ground with her urgent withdrawal.

Speaking of dancing and lessons. Annaliesa had come seeking out Felicia. Wearing a pair of sweat pants and a hoodie over whatever workout clothing she has on, she at least looks warm. A gym bag is slung over her shoulder and she pads over in her pink, white and black athletic shoes. As she overhears some of the talking, but she doesn't make out the words though, so she announces her presences as she approaches it case it was a private conversation. "Good morning," she calls out to those present, closing the distance and dropping her bag nearby Felicia. Her lips tilt up into a crooked smile. "Had some friends tell me I needed to work out more and since I plan on tackling the Behemoth Burger at the Burger Barn later, I figured a little preemptive workout might be good." As Sierra rushes past and out, she gives a bemused smile. "I think she's faster than Daxton."

Felicia hmmms at Stefanie "I'm pretty sure if anyone is going to embarrass the school it will have an Ares person all over it." she's an Ares, she can say that. And since they tend to be reckless and action oriented it is probably true as well "Besides, I doubt you would be the first or last." As Sierra makes with the leaving excuses she waves "See ya Sierra." and then Anna is coming toward her. She didn't expect to see her roomie so soon, but she isn't the least surprised by it. A grin lights her face "In fact Stef, if it makes you feel better Anna and I are going into town today. We can totally do something embarrassing to get the school talking." she drapes an arm around the shorter Ares girl "Totally take the pressure off you." and she would probably do that too, that's just the type of person she is." then Daxton is mentioned "Probably smarter too." she grumbles, she doesn't really mean it, but she is still sore about that whole situation. But Stef asked a question about dancing, and she loves to talk about dancing so she answers "Oh my, there are so many styles to choose from and I have tried quite a lot…" she ponders "I guess if I /had/ to choose my favorite it would be a toss up between hip hop and ballroom." yeah she said ballroom, she's weird that way.

Stefanie smiles and just shakes her head as Sierra runs out. "She's so cute." She giggles. She looks to Anna, perturbed that anyone would critique the girl on her workout or body image. She nods, friendly, and smiles. "Hello. I'm Stefanie." She knows she hasn't met Anna before. She smiles and shakes her head to Felicia. "Thanks, but I don't want anyone getting in trouble, especially on my behalf." She doesn't know who Daxton is or what the word has been said about Ares. At the mention of Ballroom Dancing, Stef lights up. Literally, her glow gets a little brighter. "I get that. I mean, the Pasa Doble is a hot dance, could you imagine making it better with some Hip Hop moves?"

Annaliesa grins as the arm is draped around her, "Oh sure, we'll go into town and get into trouble even if it's getting back after curfew." Her expression says she's completely teasing though, she doesn't deliberately look for trouble.. most of the time it just happens. Her own features brighten at the mention of dance. "I can dance some, but Felicia said she would teach me the kinds I don't know. Dancing in Costa Rica is a whole lot different. "I mostly do Merengue, Salsa and Cumbia and some folkloric dance. It's really popular there." She smiles at Stef, "I'm Annaliesa, it's really nice meeting you." She grins. "You're gorgeous." Not that she swung that way, but Stef was the kind of pretty even girls noticed.

<FS3> Felicia rolls Dancing: Great Success.

A faux pout comes to Felicia's mouth "You're no fun. Guess I will have to get in to trouble just for the sake of trouble." will she, won't she, who knows. At the reaction from Stef, her smile brightens and an up palm kinda gesture is made at the girl "I know right! Both are hot and sexy and can be done to a variety of music styles. I've experimented before, but it's hard to find someone that is good at both techniques." Hearing the styles that Anna is skilled at the arm around the girls shoulders drops to her waist and her roomie is pulled into a one armed embrace. "Dance with me chica." she says giving Anna a sensual look as the back of her other hand caresses down her face, over her shoulder and down her arm to clasp it and lift it up. The teen girl shrinks a few inches so she is nearly eye to eye with Anna. So it's less awkward. Felicia then takes Anna for a spin around, a few tango steps forward and back with some hip-hop hip action and then she is twisting the shorter girl out and then spinning her back in, one arm wrapping around the girl's waist as she is twisted back in the other trailing sensually down Anna's side to rest on her hip. Holding that pose for a moment she then immediately shifts gears, going all normal Felicia and no longer steamy dancer as she lets her roomie go and lets out a laugh.

Stefanie nods, listening to Anna as she mentions the different dance styles. "Oh! You're from Costa Rica? Sierra's from Mexico!" She thinks, finding commonalities with her new friend, so that she knows who to get her to open up and talk with. At the compliment, she blushes profusely and brings down her glow a bit. "Um.. Thank you." She says, wanting to return the compliment, but she doesn't want it to sound like she's hitting on her. When it comes to relationships, Stef's a person-sexual. "You're pretty hot yourself." She says, mentally facepalming at the epic fail. She smiles and watches as Felicia dances with Anna. "Oh… my…" She says, channeling her inner George Takei. "That's… hot.." She smirks, blushing.

<FS3> Annaliesa rolls Dancing: Success.

Annaliesa plays the part of Baby in this dance. She manages it quite well, even managing not to grin too hard when Felicia shrinks down to match the heights. When she is twirled back, she does a dip before twirling back towards her and remaining there, swaying gently before Felicia lets go. As soon as Felicia laughs, Annaliesa does the same, "I didn't know you were so good at dancing!" Annaliesa held her own, but Felicia had shone completely. "Is she?" Anna asks of Sierra, her eyes looking towards where the other girl had disappeared. There's a grin at the compliments, "Thank you," she offers. "The dancing though, that was all my roomie here."

There is some smirking at the blushing and the compliments flying back and forth. She gives Anna a light hipbump, very light, she doesn't want to send to girl flying across the room. That would be bad. "You latinas don't have a monopoly on hot and sensuous ya know." she waves off the comment about her dancing "I'm have a good leg day." whatever that is supposed to mean "You keep up though, that's the thing." she looks to Stef "Have you done ballroom then?" she asks since Stef seems to know something about it and then lightbulb flashes and she kinda bounces as she gives a clap of hands in excitement, "We should totally start a dance club!"

Stefanie nods to Anna. "Yeah, she has an accent and everything." As if that proves authentication. "She's really shy, and I guess she used to be bullied a lot back home. I'm trying to prove to her that everyone here is super cool but it's taking some time." She smiles, then speaks about the two. "You're both really good." She says, then answers Felicia. "I didn't get a lot of formal training. I just watched a few videos, just to see if we could incorporate some moves into our cheer routines. I used to love blending styles together and totally throwing people off." She blinks and smiles, nodding. "That sounds great. We'll have to propose it to staff and see what they say. I can't see why not. I mean, it's not an exclusive thing and it helps build up morale. It also helps us stay in shape, so.." She shrugs.

"Oh but we have the sizzling good looks," Annaliesa rolls her eyes, she's not as confident about that as she sounds when she says it, and the teasing in her expression proves it. She tucks her hands in her sweats pockets, looking down at Felicia's legs with an impish smile. "Oh but you always have a good leg day." A playful wink accompanies the teasing. The more she hears about Sierra, the more similar they seem to be. Annaliesa also has an accent, but she's not so shy. "Sounds like she had it bad. I was home schooled before here. Maybe she could dance with us?" Totally picking up on the dance club. "Maybe we don't have to ask if we do it in our off time, after hours, weekends, maybe at a teen club on the mainland now and then?" If there is one.

The mention of bullying has Felicia frowning "There will be none of that bullying bullshit on my watch." especially of her teammates, she is vehement about that one "I'll get Ares on that too. Help bring her out of her shell." a shy Ares…who would have thought that was possible. Not Felicia certainly, but she really hasn't been her /that/ long. "Apparently I started dance classes as a toddler and up until the accident. Once I could walk again, it was made part of my rehab." she taps her temple "The brain my forget but the muscles don't."

She looks offended at Anna a moment (not really, but she tries hard, if she isn't really feeling it she can't fake it, though she did the steamy, sensuality quite well…things that make you go…hmmm.) "Are you saying I'm ugly?" but then her legs are mentioned by someone other than herself and she shifts, using her feet to pull the hem of her long yoga pants down a bit. Nothing like scarred legs to make a girl self-conscious, and then there are the occasional aches and pains from the injuries. Her moods are flashes though and she swings back to cheerful within a few heart beats…if she was ever really not in the first place, when the girls latch onto the dance club the excitement at the idea returns two-fold and she is bouncing on the balls of her feet. "Well if we want to get funds for music, costumes and props we would have to get it sanctioned by the school. If we want to just call it an hobby and meet up when everyone is available…well that's great too." she is down for either.

Stefanie doesn't get into the discussion on how everyone looks. She's already opened her mouth too widely on that today. "I think Sierra'd love that. I'm not sure if that's what she came down here for, but I'm sure we could encourage her." She then thinks. "Well, I'd like to make sure that we're above-board and sanctioned to do this. We could get credit on our transcript or something for it too. I don't want staff to think we're sneaking off or something. Are there clubs on the mainland? I've only been to the fun park and the roller rink."

She nods to Felicia. "As far as I've seen, there's no bullying here. Everyone's been so awesome. I just feel bad that she had ot go through that. I hope we can make up for it now." She nods about Felicia dancing. "You're really good. You could even show us some new things." She notices the girl covering up. Stef tries to hide her figure the same way, on most days. "Yeah, I think we can do this."

"We won't let anyone bully anyone." Because Felicia is the brick of the team and she can defend anyone! Annaliesa gives her room mate a smile, but follows with a shake of her head, "Nope, I'm not saying that at all," she grins, "You know you're not and I love your confidence. It makes you even prettier." She does notice the movement with the feet and the pants and she gets it, putting an arm around Felicia for a quick hug and a smile. She doesn't mention anything, just a silent show of support. Looking at Stefanie, then Felicia, she grins, "Sanctioned it is then. I'm sure there's something to do on the mainland, with all the teenagers around here and surely in the public school there, I bet there is a lot of things for them to do in the town. Either way, count me in!"

"I could go with more credit. About the only classes that I'm not getting a C in is super interests and PE." Felicia isn't the best of students, she tries and gets help and mods but she really doesn't have much interest in any of it. "We will probably have to get a faculty person to sponsor us." she ponders a bit "Not sure who that should be or do they assign that?" she's not sure how that works.

Felicia certainly isn't one for excessive displays of flesh. She doesn't even wear the uniform skirt, sticking to the slacks instead and it's always long sleeve shirts for her. Yeah, confident as long as she is covered up with a layer of flesh concealing clothes. She hasn't upsized herself since she shrunk down to dance, so Anna doesn't have a reach to hug her and an arm is put around her to give a light squeeze back. She has no issues with personal space and is usually invading others, nor problems with PDA's. "Yeah, I'm hot and I know it. Oliver made that crystal clear." he did what now!? Not humble either "We should check into that when we have our burger date, Anna." she nods to Stef "If there is a place in town Anna and I will find out today.

Stefanie nods. "We could ask around and see if any of them are interested, or we can just bring it to the Headmaster and they can find out if anyone wants to." She shrugs, seeing as that seems to be it on that subject. She smiles. "Well, you *are* hot, but you don't have to take it from me. Especially if this Oliver fellow seems to be rather sweet on you." She then nods to Felicia, walking over to her music device and picks it up. "Awesome. Maybe I'll dress up and head down there later tonight, before curfew." She smiles. "Have a great time."

"Yeah, I'm not so good at math." Or science, or any of the other classes. Annaliesa does try though, she studies when she can find the time and puts in a genuine effort and so far is a strictly B student. "We could find out by presenting it, I guess, and see if there's a staff member that is interested in sponsoring us. That's probably the only way to get it sanctioned by the school." Not that she is sure of it or anything. She gives Felicia a look about the Oliver thing, filing that away for another time. "Sure, we can look around the town and see what all there is." A nod to Stefanie, "We'll all have fun dancing together." Tilting her head, she grins. "Or you could join us for burgers, if you were interested?"

Felicia licks a finger, touches her butt and makes a sizzling noise before giving a laugh "Nice of you to notice." she gives a wink at Stefanie. But then she is shaking her head "Oh no, Oliver isn't sweet on me." she pauses a moment "I mean he did say he liked me a lot…but that was after he told me that he had a date this past weekend with someone and called me a good friend…so…" she gives a shrug…boys are weird. "What I meant was that he is a shapeshifter, he shifted into me. Quite different than looking in a mirror." she sagenods. "You should totally come. We have burgers and shakes while we listen to guy bashing songs." well that's what they did last time.

Stefanie cringes to Felicia. "Friend-zoned. That sucks. Sorry. But at least he can recognize how awesome you are and you know he's not trying to BS you to get into your yoga pants." Then she hears about his ability. "Well, he could be trying to get into your pants, only because he'd be able to fit in them…" She shakes her head, still wrapping her mind around some of the more exotic abilities she's seen. "We'll see. Perhaps I'll meet you there. I don't want to step in on your date." She'd heard it called a date.

"Date," Annaliesa grins. "I mean that it's a weekly thing with us. Last week Diego joined. We had a good time each sampling the others burgers and we decided to make it a regular thing. You should totally come." She looks down at her sweatsuit. "Speaking of, all the cute people go there, so I am going to go change and get ready." A grin is given between the two. "As for Oliver, I think it would be fun to be someone else." She hefts her gym bag. "We can talk more about the dance thing over burgers and all. Maybe make something to submit to the administration."

There is a shrug "We were just friends anyway, so no big deal." at least Felicia is pretty sure that was the case, and is doubly sure now. It doesn't bother her either way. Felicia does crack up though about the literally getting into her pants thing "I get into Anna's when she isn't around." she winks to her roomy. That's the beauty of having a shorter roommate when you can shrink…more clothes. "Hey if they can't appreciate you looking like that, than they are worth it." she snaps at Anna, giving the girl a quick hug "I'll be there in a bit. I have to get my stuff." she gestures to the locker room, "It's not /that/ kinda date." she may have acted like it was, but that was blown when Anna mentioned Diego joining. She then gives Stef a wave "Catch ya later." she then goes to get her stuff and heads out with Anna.

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