(2016-04-16) Worlds Apart
Worlds Apart
Summary: Stefanie meets Sierra. They discuss the school, the uniform, and learn about each other.
Date: 2016-04-16
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Stefanie is at the gym, working out. She's got a heavy dose of sunlight in her and she's using it to power her workout. She glows slightly, a white shimmer to her form. She's wearing a sports bra and workout pants as she doesn't need to wear a uniform on the weekend. Her long blonde hair is tied up in a ponytail as she is covered in sweat. She's hitting the weights pretty hard.

Sierra is still getting used to the place. She's kept pretty much to her room and when she has shown up for a class she's been the quiet one in the back. So now she has wandered into the gym to check it out. Sierra was hoping it would be empty and upon seeing the blonde working hard she debates turning around and leaving but she can handle one person. Probably. The brunette is clad in not much more than Stefanie though she has a tight gym top over her sports bra. She makes her way over to the exercise machines while tying her hair back in a ponytail. Her dark eyes glancing over at Stefanie for a moment before concentrating on the exercise bike she then mounts.

Stefanie finishes her reps and then stands, stretching to make sure she doesn't kink up after the exercise. She looks over and sees someone enter and on the bikes. She'd expect most of the students to have flocked onto the ferry for time off at the Cove. She makes her way over to the bikes and offers the girl a smile. "Hey there. I don't think I've seen you around. I'm Stefanie." She says, not offering a hand, trying not to disrupt the girl's concentration. Stef hops up onto the next bike and begins to pedal.

Stefanie is coming over! Sierra looks down at the floor ahead of the bike; staring at it as if it is her will that keeps it from rising into the air. But when the blonde introduces herself then Sierra has to give in. "I am new" she explains in a heavily Mexican accented voice. "Sierra." She looks over at the other girl as Stefanie starts to pedal. "We should have a race" she deadpans before there is the faintest curl of her lips into something that will one day grow up to be a smile. "I thought everyone was onshore. When I saw them all trying to leave so quickly I thought the island was being evacuated."

Stefanie nods and smiles. "Sierra, that's a beautiful name.. and I love that accent." She says, trying to be friendly, but afraid she may be pouring it on too thick. She raises a brow at the mention of a race and smiles. "What's the goal? The first to 5 miles wins?" She asks.. "And then we need to think about a prize." She teases. At the mention of the other students, she smiles and nods. "It's the weekend. We're allowed to go to the shore to have some freedom, as long as we're on our best behavior. No powers and no destroying the town, stuff like that. How are you feeling about the school?"

"I was joking about the race" Sierra replies, looking slightly panicked that Stefanie took it seriously. "They are bolted to the floor, they can't race." Of course the blonde has offered a perfectly valid way they could race with them - Sierra didn't think that joke through. As for flattery about her name and accent - that seems to be ignored for now. "If you have to be on your best behavior then it does not sound like freedom. Why didn't you go? You must have a boyfriend." It is hard to ignore how well developed Stefanie is. The last question just gets a shrug from the Latina. "It is…strange. It is not like the schools I am used to. And the uniform is so itchy."

Stefanie nods and giggles. "I see. It's all good." She shrugs about the shore leave. "Well, you can be yourself. Just don't wreck the place or get in fights, that sort of thing. There's a carnival and a roller rink and some of the kids love to just go camping on the weekends." She blushes at the mention of a boyfriend. "No… no boyfriend. I'm still rather new myself. My roommate, Bev, is awesome… and the rest of my team is cool, but I haven't made a whole bunch of friends outside of that." She smiles. "What about you? Significant other of some kind?" Then she giggles about the uniform. "Absolutely.. Have you seen the new gym outfits? Form-fitting isn't the word to describe them."

"I am not too good with things like that" Sierra shrugs about the temptations of the Cove. "I come from Mexico City…we do not have a lot of space there." She looks upwards through the dome. "Or an ocean." Sierra blushes right back about significant others and quickly shakes her head. "No. I am not one of the pretty girls. No one wants to go out with the girls who are bullied. And that is okay. My Aunt Rosita always used to tell me that boys only wanted one thing and that I should stay away from them." A pause. "She never told me what they wanted." A look of horror goes with talk of gym outfits. "I know. I tried it on and madre de dios…it was not a cameltoe it was all four feet! How are we supposed to wear those in public?"

Stefanie nods and smiles warmly. "Well, welcome to America. I hope we're not as insulting as it seems we are. Please give us a chance." She says, apologizing in advanced for people being jerks. "The ocean is nice, especially in the summertime when it's warm. We'll have to go swimming. We have an indoor pool here." For some reason she's developing a need to protect this girl. Perhaps it's words like 'bullies' and the thought of Sierra being 'not pretty'. Her heart sinks at how the girl must've been treated. She sighs when she hears that. "That's not true. You're super cute, and no one should be bullying you. You'll see. We're all friends here. Hopefully you don't find it too overwhelming." She blushes. "Like me.. I'm probably being a bit much for you right now. I'm sorry." She says, even dimming her glow a bit more. She blushes. "Oh.. I know what they want. Sometimes it can be nice if it's something you like too, but I can understand your Aunt. Sometimes boys are just…. boys. They take what they want without caring about you." She says, almost as if it were from experience. She laughs loudly, wondering how the girl knows about cameltoe. "Maybe I can help you put it on, to see if we can get it to fit right."

Sierra offers a faint smile at the pre-emptive apology. "Maybe they will deport me and make me help build a wall" she teases…though there is not a great deal of humor in her tone. "I met Jacob on my first day. He seems okay" she begrudgingly admits as she continues to pedal. Though the 'super cute' comment just gets a disbelieving stare right back "No one should be bullying anyone…but it happens." A shake of her head. "No, you are being nice. You are not overwhelming…wait…you were glowing on purpose? That is an interesting trick. Sorry…power…not trick." She narrows her eyes at Stefanie. "So what do they want? I do not have a lot of money… I do not think they make the outfits to suit individuals. So I am short and dumpy they give me an extra tight one" Sierra frowns, "But if you want to help me put it on." Another pause. "Are you allowed to? I am Ares. Are you Ares? I do not even know what Ares means."

Stefanie pouts and shakes her head. "Don't say that." She says, appalled at the attitude that people in her country have, almost enough to make her cry (Yay for Soft-Hearted quirk). She nods at meeting people. “I haven't met him yet. There's lots of kids here, and always new people coming in, like you." She smiles. She stops pedaling, just sits on the bike and talks as she begins to towel herself off. "And no… No one should be bullying." She then smiles. "It's… not exactly on purpose. it happens, but I can control it. I absorb sun energy and I can release it right back, light and heat." When Sierra asks about what boys want, she blushes profusely. "I'll.. have to tell you… somewhere else. It has to do with how babies are made.." Her voice lowered to a whisper at that last part. She shakes her head and laughs. "It's not to belittle us. The uniforms are supposed to be functional.. To protect us and allow us to move quickly. I can show you how to put it on and help you try it. I'm in Athena, but that doesn't mean we can't be friends."

Sierra slows down and stops pedaling once Stefanie starts toweling herself off. But then she hopes off the bike to do some cool down stretches. "There are that many of us who need training? Are you…umm…this might sound rude…do your parents pay for you to come here? You do not have to tell me. It is not my business." Sierra slowly does the splits as she talks. "Babies? Oh…you mean sex? I wonder why my aunt would not tell me that?" A shrug at that mystery. "I have never seen my aunt with a man though. She has a friend, Maria, and she says she doesn't need anyone else. So if they are happy." A blush and a giggle at Stefanie. "Do they not have sex education classes here so you have to whisper? This sounds as bad as my school in Mexico…it was run by the church. I did not go much. You are Athena" she repeats to remember it better before smiling faintly. "I hope we can be friends too, Stefanie." Not being one who has had many friends in the past, this statement causes both Sierra to blush and to avoid the blonde's eyes. "Will you be going home for summer?"

Stefanie smiles. "All of us need training. That's why we're here." She gets off the bike and follows suit with the stretching. She stops at the question, standing. "No.. I… was made to come here. I… can talk about that another time." She says, a bit crestfallen. She wonders if Sierra will still want to be around her after learning about why she's here. She blushes and nods. "I just didn't know.. I mean, if she didn't tell you…" She shrugs and smiles. "Happiness is all that counts. Doesn't matter if it's a boy or a girl or a close friend." She thinks. "We have sex ed here, I just wanted to be discrete." She shrugs. "It's not exactly something I talk about out in public." She doesn't understand the blush, but used to not being looked in the eyes. "Summer? Not sure. I don't quite know if I'll be allowed…" She says, going back to the reason why she's here. "What about you?"

"Have I said something I should not have?" Sierra asks warily when it is obvious Stefanie does not want to talk about why she is here. "I apologize. Forget I ever asked it." She tries to offer a warm smile but can't be sure it worked. "My aunt is a crazy woman…sweet…but crazy. And, si, happiness is what matters. I hope, maybe, one day I might know what it is like to be that kind of happy." She considers her own words, frowning slightly, before her smile returns and she nods. "I shall be discrete then…and we will not talk about sex in public." To the question of summer it is quite a firm shake of her head. "No, I will not be going home. Too far and I have so much catching up to do that I will be studying hard. I am…what is the word…sophomore? But because I did not go to school much in Mexico I need to work over summer." She lets out sudden laugh. "I have not talked to someone so much for years."

Stefanie waves it off. "It's alright. I just.. well.. most people think differently of me when they hear of why I'm here. I was ordered to come here, by Court. I'll tell you more at some other time. I just don't feel comfortable about it here." She says, standing and stretching her arms behind her back, arching her back up in a yoga pose she's seen before. "I hope to be happy too. I'm happy here, so that's a start." She nods. "I understand. I'm old enough to be a junior, but since I need so much training to control my power, I was kept as a sophomore. So I might be staying too. At least we'll have someone to talk to." She says, releasing the pose and standing straight. She blushes. "I'm sorry if I talk too much. I won't ever force you too, but when you're comfortable, you can always talk to me." She says, looking around. "I should probably head for the showers."

Sierra watches Stefanie's stretches and does her best to copy them - she was a hacker at home, not known for their exercise regimes. She also does her best not to stare at the blonde's curves…she would feel incredibly jealous for a start. Sierra is a late bloomer. "Sure, we can talk about it later. I have had trouble with the law too. And if I have to talk to anyone over summer then I hope it will be you" she smiles before nodding to the blonde's withdrawal. "Enjoy your shower. I might work out a little more since I just got here." It has nothing to do with the thought of a communal shower area with non-family.

Stefanie nods. "Ok.. I'd hug you but I'm all sweaty and stinky." She says, taking her towel and wrapping it behind her neck. "Hope to see you again soon, Sierra." She turns and heads for the locker room.

Sierra watches Stefanie disappear into the showers…at least she knows where they are now…and hits the weights. Unfortunately they hit back even harder and soon the Latina is exhausted and heading for the lockers herself. She peers nervously inside before discerning where the actual showers are. At least they're not unisex. "Stefanie?" she calls out…though not very loudly. "It is Sierra…don't panic."

Stefanie sings as she's in the shower. They are separated into individual stalls. Her voice is soft and carries nicely. The song is non-descript. When she hears Sierra, she giggles. "I'm not panicking, hon. Are you ok? Do you need something?" She shuts off the water and pokes her head out of the stall, hair wet and straight behind her. "Are you hurt?"

"I am a superhero, I cannot be hurt by weights" Sierra smirks, before rolling her right shoulder and trying to hide her wince. "I was just going to wash in a shower" she explains, holding up her towel and then glancing around at all the lockers. "Umm…where do I put my clothes?" She reaches back to undo her ponytail and shake her long dark hair free.

Stefanie smiles and wraps a towel around herself as she steps out of the stall. She makes little wet footprints on the tile as she does so. She walks over to the locker area. "Just grab one of these for now. No need to lock it. No one's going to steal your stuff." She points to a locker with things in it. "I'm using this one. You can grab the one next to it if you feel safer." She smiles, stepping back. "Ok?"

Sierra doesn't look directly at the wet blonde as she pads her way over and quickly turns her attention to the offered locker. "I think if someone did steal my clothes then we would have supervillains here…and someone with very bad taste. Okay, I shall use this locker." Then she is just standing there, sucking nervously on her lower lip, fidgeting with the hem of her top. "Umm…is there somewhere private I can take my clothes off?" she asks softly…bashfully.

Stefanie blushes. "This is it, hon.. it's ok. I'll head back in the shower and I won't peek, honest." She resists the urge to swat the girl on her behind. She makes her way over to the shower, pulling the towel off and hanging it. She stands in the nude before stepping back into the shower. She turns the water back on.

"Thank you" Sierra smiles meekly at Stefanie's offer of no peeking. Though the Latina is then blushing furiously as she gets an eyeful…two eyefuls…of the curvaceous blonde. That image seared into her memory now…which is not a bad thing. The Latina shakes her head to clear her mind before quickly stripping her clothes off, grabbing a towel and then running for a shower cubicle. The door slamming behind her she is so quickly inside and the water is soon flowing. She also picked the shower next to Stefanie.

Stefanie giggles slightly. "It's alright. I mean, I understand being modest, but you have nothing to be ashamed of. I'm sure you have a great body." She says, being encouraging. "I respect your feelings, though. I understand." She adds shampoo to her hair again whiles she runs the soap along her body. "If you need anything, let me know."

"I do not have a great body" Sierra assures the other girl beyond the cubicle wall. "And I am sorry for being so shy but this is not something I am used to." And she can't get Stefanie's nakedness out of her mind. Now /that/ was a great body. The Latina turns down the hot water to make the shower a little colder. "You are washing again? Oh, I do not need anything…oh…soap?"

Stefanie smiles. "Nothing to be sorry for. It's ok to be shy. I just don't want you thinking badly of yourself. Girls are told that they're not beautiful if they don't look a certain way and that's bull." She reaches over the side of the stall, handing over a bottle of shampoo and a bar of soap. "Here you go! I'm gonna rinse off real quick and then I'll get dressed. I'll let you know when I leave so you can be comfortable getting out."

"You are very kind" Sierra notes as she takes the shampoo and soap, her fingertips faintly touching the other girls…though they way she quickly pulls back from the contact may suggest it was accidental. Or too much of a 'charge'. "It was nice to talk with you, Stefanie. Maybe we can train together if we are allowed."

Stefanie takes some time to rinse off. Shortly after, she shuts off the water and steps out of the shower, grabbing her towel. "I'm sure we'll train together, have classes together, hang out. you'll grow sick of me soon enough." She jokes. She walks over to the lockers and pulls out clean clothes to change into, including underclothes. She dresses as quickly as she can while still making sure not to be haphazard. She pulls on her sneakers and walks back over. "Ok, Sierra. I'm heading out now. Swing by my room in Athena if you want to talk. Take care." She says before making her way to the door out of the locker room.

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