(2016-04-16) First Date
First Date
Summary: Two Coral Springs students meet up for what turns out to be a first date.
Date: 2016-04-16
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Lighthouse Pizza Shady Cove

Arousing the senses, the aroma of fresh baked pizza is strong and the popular music that plays from a jukebox in the corner adds to the ambiance. Checked white and red tablecloths cover all of the tables and lining each of the walls are black covered booths. On each table there is a selection of crushed red pepper, Parmesan cheese, napkins, salt and pepper.
The floor is carpeted in muted tones, a dark green with varied other colors woven throughout. There is a counter for ordering to go orders and waitresses walk around in jeans and a t-shirt, the latter in blue with Lighthouse Pizza in white writing. The kitchen is behind the counter and a long, rectangular opening for the cooks to pass the food through. Furthest from the kitchen and entrance are the doors for the game room with many, many games and marked bathrooms for each gender off there.


Grayson is sitting at a table near the back of the room. He's wearing a pair of tattered blue jeans and a white Vneck T-shirt that's just tight enough to show his chest and shoulders are great shape. There's a khaki satchel on the bench beside him in the booth, and he has his leather bound moleskin open on the table in front of him. He's scribbling in it, little doodles of guitars and lightning bolts drawn with very average skill. He's tapping his foot nervously, his hiking boot making a soft ticking sound with each drop.

Oliver was also working that day and basically ran over to the pizza place so that he could get there at the agreed-upon time. As he tries to stay away from wearing cotton, he's come outfitted in a pair of silk harem pants and polyblend shirt. It's not athletic-wear and it's not a school uniform, but it's something that he could both work in and go out in. Blue-green eyes look around at the restaurant before he catches sight of the other teen seated at the back. "I'm so sorry," he offers as he slips into the seat across from the other, "If I'm late. I tried to get out as soon as I could, but the guy on the next shift was running late…" he still smells of coffee.

Grayson closes the book nearly before he looks up to see Oliver. He smiles, that wide mouthed, closed lip smile that shows no teeth and plenty of dimple. "Hey, no, it's, um… You know, it's cool." He glances at the pants Oliver's wearing, and he tilts his head just a little, "Well those are… comfy." He chuckles, and then takes a moment to shove the notebook into his satchel. If Oliver's observant, he might notice there's clothes in the satchel. "You were working?" he asks, curiously.

Oliver also looks down at the pants he's wearing, "I don't think I'm allowed to wear workout shorts to work in and I don't wear jeans, so…" he looks back up at the other. "They -are- comfy, actually. And yeah, I work over at MugShot, so if you ever want a cappuccino…" his voice trails off in a nervois sort of chuckle. He does notice the satchel, "Going somewhere?"

Grayson smirks, "sit," and he gestures to the booth bench across from him. "Why don't you wear jeans?" He makes a little concerned face, "Oh, man, are you totally judging me for mine?" He nods, but notes, "I've never had coffee. I like the smell, though." He sniffs, glancing at his satchel, "Going? Oh… Um… Heh, no, I just… I had to change. I was working too."

Oliver takes the offered seat and clasps his hand on the table before him, "Thanks and no…I'm not judging. I mean, I -like- wearing jeans, just…" he glances around before he leans closer and lowers his voice to whisper, "Wearing cotton won't let me shift." He brings his voice back to normal, conversational level, "You did? Where do you work?"

Grayson furrows his brow a little, "Really? That's… strange. I mean…" His head cocks to the side, "What's the difference? Like… don't you have to… um… take… off your clothes… first? Either way?" He licks his lip, and then glances around, "Heh. I wait tables."

A moment later, a young lady steps up to the table with a notepad and looks at Grayson. "When MY shift's over, the last thing I want to eat is pizza, Gray." She lifts her brow and looks at Oliver. "Just because he works here doesn't mean you don't have to tip me," she notes, dryly.

Oliver blinks, "No…" Oliver answers. "They just sort of…shift with me. Except cotton. It doesn't let me shift at all. Weird, right?" Not that he really has an explanation for it either. He'd go on, but they're interrupted by the server and he looks between her and the woman, "Wait…you work -here-??" He actually facepalms, "I would have totally suggested somewhere else if I knew! I'm sorry! We can go?"

Grayson looks up at the girl and seems rather annoyed. "We'll tip. How about you just get us a couple of ice waters, huh?" The girl rolls her eyes and walks away.
Grayson looks back at Oliver, "Sorry. No, it's…" He sighs, "It's okay. I like pizza. And um…" He looks at the table, "The discount I get makes it cheap, so…" He shrugs a little and trails off. There's a few moments of awkward silence, so he then taps his fingers on the table a little to fill it.

There's a nod of understanding, "Well, next time…if there is one, we can go to the coffee shop. There's more than coffee there, so…I mean, I don't drink it much either. I don't need to be wired anymore than I naturally am." Oliver smiles then as if trying to reassure the other. He looks at the fingers tapping on the table before he continues to lean in some, "So….uhm. Tell me something I don't know about Grayson."

Grayson stops the tapping, and he opens his mouth to respond. He looks across at Oliver, and he just sits there a moment. "Um." He slowly swallows, "Really?" He raises his brow a little. "About… me." He licks his lips, thinking. "…okay…" His brow furrows a bit, "Ummmm… I was adopted?" He asks it, almost like he's asking for approval.

"You were?" Dark brows go up before he looks down at the table himself, "I never got that far." He also looks a little embarassed as he admits, "Foster kid here. Rather…'Ward of the State'." Oliver shrugs and waits to see what the response might be to that.

Grayson nods, "Yeah. My adopted mom, she was an accounted. Dad was a neurosurgeon. They were…" He shrugs, "Well, I was lucky." He pushes a forced smile onto his face. "So, where do the clothes go?"

"Yeah," Oliver agrees with his luck. He starts to ask another question but stops himself as Grayson changes the subject. "I…never really thought about it." He looks around a moment before he changes into another teen about the same age…but wearing different clothes. "You tell me?" He then quickly changes back before the server returns with their water.

Grayson's jaw drops open a little. "…wow…" He just stares at Oliver.

The waitress returns with their waters and she asks, "What are you having?"

"Uh…" Slowly Grayson looks at the waitress. "I guess like, a large pizza with… um… extra cheese and…" He looks at Oliver, "Pepperoni?"

"You haven't seen that before?" Oliver asks but then the server is back. When asked what sort of pizza they're having and the subject of pepperoni comes up, he scratches at his temple briefly before saying, "Uhm. I'm vegan. So…uhm…maybe half extra cheese and pepperoni and half…no cheese and veggies? Is that ok?"

The girl looks directly at Grayson. "You need to raise your standards." She rolls her eyes, and walks away.
Grayson just sighs, rubbing the bridge of his nose. "Ugh." He collects himself, and then looks at Oliver. "So… no cheese?" With dead seriousness, he asks, "How do you live without cheese?"

Oliver frowns at the server's back, "What was that about? Seriously? If she keeps acting like that, I sure as heck won't be tipping her. Rude." He then looks back and smiles a little sheepishly, "Yeah. No cheese or eggs or milk. I mean, it's hard to avoid in bread and pasta and I'm thinking about maybe bringing it back if they're humanely milked and kept and all. But…I can't eat animals when I can turn into them, you know?"

"She hates her job," Grayson dismisses. "I knew you could do animals… I just… I didn't know you could be… other… you know." He shrugs, "…people." He takes a drink of his water, "So is, uh…" He sits the glass down. "Is this… really you?" He picks up the glass again, taking a second nervous drink.

"Well, I'd probably hate it too if I never got tips. So it's cyclical. I bet she'd get more tips and would get happier if she tried pretending to be cheerful and friendly for a day. Maybe that'll be my 'tip' to her." Oliver glances over his shoulder at the server before he looks back to Grayson. He also then takes a drink from his glass and sets it down, "Yeah, this is me." There's a focus on his drink as he offers, "I mean, I can sort of look like anyone…" if someone wanted it. "But this is me."

Grayson slowly nods his head, "Oh, okay…" He seems a little relieved at that. "Waiting sucks," he answers about the girl. "So do um… Do the clothes stay real?" he asks. "Like, if you change to another person in different clothes… Do you take those clothes off and wash them?" He shakes his head a little, "I'm… I'm trying to get it…"

"I guess it does," Oliver notes, "I don't mind it at the coffee shop, but I bet it's a little different." He blinks at the next questions, "Well…I usually don't stay in a form that long…except for that one year. But I had the clothes that I needed…so I just changed clothes like normal. I guess if it got to the point where I needed to have specific clothes for an extended amount of time, I'd have to get those clothes." He can't help but smile some, "You seem awfully interested in my clothes…"

Grayson opens his mouth, then closes it. "No!" He shakes his head, "I mean, your clothes are fine. Leave them on." His cheeks flush, "That's… That's not what I meant, I just meant…" He puts his elbows on the table, rattling the silverware when he does, and lays his forehead in his palms. "Fuck."

Oliver isn't going to laugh…he isn't going to laugh…nope, he takes a long swig of water. "I don't tend to take my clothes off in random places like pizza restaurants. So you're safe." There's a pause as he debates reaching out to try and reassure, by touch, but for now he just asks, "Do you want me to take another form? Would that make you more comfortable?"

Grayson looks up rather quickly, "What? No! No, you're perfect, I just—" And now he's mortified. He drops his hands back into his hands. "Look, I'm sorry. I didn't… I thought this was something it's not. I'm an idiot." He sighs again, and looks at Oliver between his fingers. "If you'd like to go… I won't stop you."

Wait a minute…was he right about reading their previous interactions? Oliver is quiet a moment before he leans forward again, "I didn't want to get up upset if you…" There's another pause before he just takes the risk and offers, quietly, "I was sort of hoping this was a date." He kind of holds his breath as if expecting some sort of outburst…or lashing out.

Grayson slowly lowers his hands. "Wait… You…" He smirks just a little. "You were… hoping?" He lays his arms down on the table, and he leans forward just a little. "But I was… That's what I thought it was and then…" He looks off into the restaurant for a moment. "So…" He looks back at Oliver. "So it is then?"

"I wasn't sure if I was reading things right which is why I mentioned the pizza anyhow…" because two guys can go out for pizza and no one would think anything of it. "Just in case. But…I'm glad I was right." Maybe his hand inches a little closer on the table. "I guess it -is- a date. If you're ok with it."

Grayson smiles, "I… Yeah. Yeah, I am, of course!" He shrugs a little, "I thought I just… you know… misread or…" He rolls his eyes, "I'm an idiot. I… Sorry." He nods his head, "Yes. I um… heh… I kind of threw that snowball at you…" His cheeks flush again, but he stays looking right at Oliver. "…to kind of… get to talk to you…" He grins, "Sorry."

Oliver returns the smile, "I'm glad we didn't misread each other then!" The mention of the snowball gets a laugh, "Well, it worked, didn't it? The way you stammered and looked all flustered around me…I was sort of hoping." Well, this just makes Oliver all happy and warm inside, the surly server forgotten.

Grayson folds his arms over his chest, "Flustered? I wasn't…" He scoffs, "I don't stammer." He looks out into the restaurant again. "Shut up." He huffs. It's kind of funny.

"But it was so cute!" Oliver insists, sitting back as well. He's still smiling though as he watches Grayson look flustered again. "It's ok. I mean…I like it."

The girl arrives with their pizza, putting it on the table along with a couple of plates. She looks at the two of them, and instead of saying anything, she just makes a sound. "Hrm." Her brow lifts some, perhaps some judgement passing through her, and then she walks away.

Grayson watches her walk away, and then looks back at Oliver, noting flatly, "I am NOT cute." He pulls his plate over in front of him. "I just…" He thinks a moment, and then offers, "I don't have many friends. People don't really like me much, so…" He shrugs, "I just kind of figured the odds were against me, ya know? Like, being gay's hard enough. Tack on freaky mutant whack powers…?" He sighs, "Things just feel really different now." He grabs a slice of the cheese side of the pizza. "I could do mushrooms without the meat. We're never gonna agree on the no cheese, though," he notes of the cheese-less side of that pie.

Oliver merely looks at the server with a blank expression as if daring her to say anything. When she leaves, he also takes his plate and starts in on his own side of the pizza. "Do you try to hide it? I mean, that's got to be hard." As if maybe hinting that might be a reason for a kid to come off as prickly. "Different now -now- or different because of the school?" He looks at his own pizza and makes yummy sounds before chuckling at the other, "If it's organic, free range, humanely harvested cheese, maybe I'll think about it."

Grayson takes a rather huge bite of his slice, revealing the little gap between his front teeth as he does so. He chews a bit loudly. "Mmm." He works on it, and then finally swallows. "Yeah I try to hide it. I mean, people think we're weird. Hell, I used to think people like us were weird until I realized I was this way." He grabs just a pepperoni off the top and shoves it into his mouth. "Shooting water out of your hands or turning into animals…? It's not exactly normal. I'll totally be a secret identity guy when we get outta here, no doubt."

Oliver works on his pizza as he listens but there's a slight frown at something that's said, "So…you and me…do you want to hide this? No one at school thinks that your powers are weird. They're awesome. So are mine. And I was sort of hoping to go to college when I got out of here, if I can make enough money. Maybe do something with Law Enforcement." The CIA would love him.

Grayson tilts his head a bit. "Oh." He leans forward, "Dude. I… Are you in the closet? I'm not, so it didn't even occur to me…" He nods, "I'm sorry, Ollie. I totally didn't realize you were. I mean, it's cool." He smiles a little, "If you don't want it out, we can totally keep it on the DL for now."

Oliver does laugh then but he tries to stop it with a bite of pizza. "Me? Dude, I'm a shapeshifter." As if that explains things. "I can become anyone." So he's probably not hiding anything then. Of course, that begs some other questions, but now is probably not the time for them. "Ok, so what other misconceptions about things should we clear up?"

"Wait. So you're not." Grayson looks a little confused. "I mean, in the closet, or whatever." He slowly nods. "Oh. Well… I don't know." He bites his lip, thinking for a few seconds. "I like you." He slowly smiles. "So, there. So it's clear, I guess." He shoves more pizza in his mouth. "Just don't let it go to your head," he says through a full mouth as he chews.

"Nope. Never have been. I spent a year as a girl when I was younger…had a boyfriend then. If you can call it that at age ten." Oliver finishes off his piece of pizza and takes another, "Just to bring things into the light, I've also had a girlfriend. But I like you too. I want my friends to like you." So that's out there now.

Grayson pauses his chewing. "…a girl." He slowly finishes. He swallows. "That's…" His lips purse, "I'm trying to decide if it's weird or gross," he finally admits with a grin. "Like, parts and all?" he asks, hesitantly. "No wonder you were never adopted," he says with a laugh.

"Full girl…with everything that comes with it. I mean, how else will I know not to be freaked out and what it feels like when I shift if I don't experiment with things like that? It's just what I am." He looks at his current piece of pizza as if wondering if he should say more…if it might destroy whatever is beginning. The comment about not being adopted actually gets a brief hurt look to his eyes before he works on the pizza, "They didn't know. I was only there for that year before they gave me back."

"Hey," Grayson says, noticing the look at the last. "It was a joke." He looks at the pizza, then back at Oliver. "Sorry." He takes a drink of his water to let that moment die. "I guess that makes sense. See what stuff feels like to see if it's right or whatever." He eats another bite of pizza. "Was he cute?" he finally asks, perhaps trying to lighten the topic.

Oliver doesn't dwell on the comment…they're still feeling each other out at this point. "Well, it all feels 'right', I guess…but if I ever need to be a girl for a while, I sort of need to know what it feels like. It didn't feel too different, actually. Not at ten. A little more sensitive, maybe. It's a little different being a girl now, but it's just…it's still me up here," he taps his head. "No matter what I look like." The question though does get a grin, "He was…in a sort of nerdy way. He was really nice."

Grayson nods, "I can't imagine you not being with someone hot," he offers plainly before shoving more pizza in his mouth. "wow. Okay, I didn't mean to sound… I didn't mean me," he says, quickly backpedaling to not sound egotistical. "I just meant… Well…" He shrugs. "My first boyfriend was kind of plain. I mean, he was in great shape…" He adds, "…great." Smirking, he finishes his thought, "But he had this super thick blonde hair." He picks up his drink and finishes the last of the water in it. He glances around and then holds his hand over the glass. The air seems to almost vibrate around his hand, but moreso, the area around him immediately smells like fresh rain. The moving air shifts and undulates until it shines and then simply pours into the glass as water, filling it back up. Just as quickly, the smell starts to dissipate and he lifts the glass back to his mouth, taking a drink like nothing happened. "He used to put it in this totally stupid man bun whenever we went climbing." He laughs, "It was so stupid looking. Man it was hot."

"Thank you," Oliver starts, "But…I dunno. Maybe when you can look like whatever you want, you realize that it's not always about the looks. It's about what's behind it all. The person beneath. I mean, sure, everyone notices what someone looks like and you're really adorable and I, of course, noticed that. But I know you're more than that." There's an encouraging smile then before he watches the little water show. "Don't want her coming by to refill the water, huh?"

Grayson grins, "Are you kidding? She's the worst." He laughs, "She makes me wrap the silverware. It's like torture." He watches Oliver for a few seconds, "What do you do? For fun? And um… What kind of coffee should I try, Mr. Barista?"

Oliver looks back over at the server, "Ugh. That sounds horribly boring." He looks back to Grayson, "Well, I play the guitar, I hang out with friends…watch television. The usual things, I guess. What about you?" When asked about the coffee he gives a shrug, "Well, if you like sweet drinks, a mocha or a cappuccino or some of the specialty drinks. I'd probably start there."

Grayson immediately leans forward, "Wait. You play guitar?" He smiles, "Dude. So do I!" He laughs, "We need to play!" He remains leaning forward. "That's pretty much what I do. I write poetry, too, so I guess that counts?" He sniffs, "But, I dunno. I don't um… I don't really have friends." Shrugging, he takes another drink of water. "You're the popular one."

"Really?" Oliver straightens some before leaning forward as well, "We really should play! Do you play acoustic or electric? I play accoustic and try to sing some along with it." He then glances to the bag and the moleskine book, "So that's what's in that book! Maybe one day you'll have to read some of your poems for me." His smile turns a little gentle then, "Well, we'll get you some friends. It's not that hard…and you'll have me to help you."

Grayson nods, "I'd like that. I play acoustic mostly. I sing a little, but nothing all that." He rolls his eyes about the moleskine. "It's not that good. I just dabble." He shakes his head, "It's cool," he notes about the friends. "I don't… I don't really like…" He fidgets for the right word, and settles on the most ridiculous one. "…people."

Two acoustic guitars. That could work. "That's a plan then," Oliver offers before he shrugs about the poetry. "I'm not expecting Keats here. Art is art." Blue-green eyes remain on Grayson for a long moment before he asks simply, "Why not? You like me and I'm a person, right?"

Grayson rolls his head, "Yeah, but… I mean…" He rolls his eyes, then, too. "It's just… The less people I'm close to, the less people… I can… You know…" He sighs, "…disappoint. Or… endanger. Or… whatever…" He shakes his head, "Anyway, how's the pizza? The crust here is great ya know?" Subject change is what's for dessert, apparently.

"At the school, we're hard to hurt. I know -I'm- pretty tough," Oliver points out. "And most of us are pretty open-minded. I think that if you tried it, you'd be surprised that you really wouldn't be disappointing or endangering anyone. I'm happy to help, because I don't like the idea of you being so alone like that." He will, however, accept the change of subject, "The pizza is really good, even without the cheese! I do like the crust."

Grayson shrugs, "I like it," though it's hard to tell if he means the pizza or being alone. "So um… You've been like, a lot of stuff." He studies Oliver a moment, "What's your favorite thing you've ever been?"

Except Oliver's a bit of a social butterfly so that could make things a little tricky. He works on another piece of pizza before he shrugs again, "Well, I guess my favorite is being me. But it's fun being a bird and being able to fly. Or a dolphin and swim in the water. Or just walk down the street as someone else. It's kind of interesting to see how people look at you when you look like someone else."

Grayson smirks, "Can I tell you something?" He leans forward, and says kind of quietly, "I can breath underwater." He smiles fully, and leans back. "It's actually pretty awesome!" With a little laugh, he nods, "I bet flying is incredible. I love heights. Back home, I used to rock climb all the time."

Oliver leans forward as Grayson does, "Yeah? Awesome? We could go swimming together…although I'd be a dolphin. Unless you can convince Annaliesa to let me see her as a mermaid to see if I can turn into one." He grins some more, "Flying is amazing. It's just incredible…and I don't mind heights, but I'm not outdoorsy. Sorry, Rock Climbing is all your's."

Grayson laughs, "Well, that's fine. But you're missing out." They continue to banter for a bit more, and then when the girl brings the check, Grayson gets his wallet out. He pulls out cash, all singles, and he uses nearly all of it to pay for the pizza. "I had a good time, Ollie." He smiles, and then grabs his bag, rising to go.

"Mmm, I don't think so," Oliver chuckles and happily banters with the other as they finish the pizza. He tries to pull out his own wallet, but then offers, "Next date is on me." He knows what it's like to be stretched for cash. He also stands as Grayson does and moves closer, "I had a good time too. Are you going back to school? We could walk together…"

Grayson grins, "I am." He stares at Oliver kind of stupidly for a little too long, and then nods, "Yeah. I'd um… I'd like that." And he leads the other boy off.

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