(2016-04-16) Daxton is Missing
Daxton is Missing
Summary: Felicia and Annaliesa wake to a note from Daxton.
Date: 2016.04.16
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Annaliesa and Felicia Dorm
A basic dorm room, with two beds, and a big bubble window looking out into the ocean.

It's Saturday morning so the need to get up early and get to classes isn't there. Yay, sleeping in. Sadly that isn't something Felicia is all that good at anymore. Either from her time spent living hospital hours…or maybe all that Monster she drinks, she tries though, if only to keep from awaking up her roommate. Even now she is sipping one while turning a peice of paper over in her hands.

Yawn. Annaliesa wakes up slowly, stretching, making all those soft little sounds as she slowly comes to consciousness. Another big stretch, another yawn that's covered with the back of her hand. Finally, she sits up, pushing her blankets off herself so she can swing her fuzzy pajama clad legs over the side of the bed. When she notices Felicia there, already awake, she doesn't seem too terribly surprised. "Morning," she murmurs in a voice thick with sleepiness as she still tries to wake. Another yawn, but this one is stifled. "I love weekends."

Felicia has a hard time reading stuff at the best of times, add messy scrawl and it's impossible for her. "Morning." she greets cheerfully. She moves towards where Anna sits, shrinking down a good four inches to sit down beside her "Yeah weekends are great, blah, blah, blah…" she says with amusement as she bounces a bit, handing the note over "I guess this was shoved under our door."

A hand written folded note is found underneath Anna and Fel's door Sat afternoon. It simple reads in messy, quick hand writing.
"I promise I'll be back.

Watching as Felicia approaches, Annaliesa scoots down just a little, making room for her roommate. She grins at the comment, but reaches over as the paper is held out and takes it in hand. "Shoved under the door?" Glancing towards the door before getting back to the paper, she rakes her gaze over it and the smile fades immediately. "It's from Daxton." Her voice holds all sorts of alarm. "It says, 'I promise I'll be back.'" The paper is handed back even as she's rising. "We have to find him. Do you think he went.. back there?" The last part, "To that house?" It comes out a little high pitched.

Her eyes are locked on Anna as the paper is taken "Yep. It wasn't there when we went to bed. It was there when I woke up." she seems a bit impatient as she waits to be told what it says. "Huh." her usual monotome blanket noise to anything that may be surprising to others…"Wait. What?" she says as she takes the paper and looks at it. "Hells bells what is he thinking?" she bounces up off the bed after Anna "Damn straight we have to go after him." the note is fisted in her hand "Where else would he have gone? The idiot." she is already heading to the closet to grab clothes to change into.

Annaliesa looks panicked at the realization and she hurries to her own closet, tugging out a hoodie that she throws on over her tank top. Her shoes are on next and she realizes then that she's still wearing her fuzzy pajama bottoms. "Oh well," she leaves them on and throws back her hair into a pony tail before tugging on a baseball hat that was likely Vinny's. "How can we get there? Should we find Derek?"

Felicia pretty much just grabs a hoodie too and slips a pair of sneakers onto her feet. She has to shrink them down a bit since she dropped a few inches, but they work "Do we have too?" Felicia asks with a bit of whine in her voice. She still isn't happy with him and is pretty much snubbing him for the time being. "And Fred too." she begins to shove her hoodie pockets with necessities "We need a plan this time though. We can't go in like we did before."

"I agree," Annaliesa tells her as she watches her shrink down the shoes. "Oh man," she has a totally girl moment. "You could buy any clothes anywhere and shrink them or enlarge them to fit." Depending on if they were cute toddler dresses even. She shakes out of it though and frowns. "He's one of the team at least," she says of Derek, but she fidgets a little. "So, do you have any good ideas for what we can do once there? There are guardians I guess, and people of his Unit. People who make him feel.. I don't know what he feels, but he's uncomfortable as well as what seems to be loyal to them, or like he owes them something. Or maybe I'm misreading."

"Well not enlarge..not yet. Totally shrink though." Felicia's power only goes the one way, though she can reverse what she has shrunk, but that isn't the same as enlarging it. And why would she want to wear some enlarged toddler dress? "He's just one big pile of confusion." she says as she gets back on topic as well "I don't think he knows what he is feeling most of the time. It's pretty typical in amnesiac cases. I was in therapy for months because of it. The school should have done that first thing." she gives a sigh "Fine we find Derek and Fred, or try too. We can get there faster with Derek flying than in my RC car." that was her plan, shrink down and drive..once they took the ferry to the mainland. It would take hours….but they would get there.

"Hm, well maybe we could practice or something, maybe you could learn it. That would be interesting, a clothing designer with shrink or enlarge to fit. Gives new meaning to One size fits all." Annaliesa will always talk about clothes. At first she thinks Felicia is talking about Derek, then she blushes as she realizes it was Daxton she was talking about with the confusion. "I agree, we should make sure he gets into something for it." She ponders the whole RC car. "We would have to have a lot of batteries for the car, but it's doable. I prefer to fly though, if possible."

Well that could probably describe most boys, except the amnesiac part, that's all Dax in this context "Yeah like he is going to agree to that. We would have to drag him and then sit on him to make him stay." she hmmms at the battery thing "Batteries aren't an issue…speed is." she then snaps "We need a few bottles of water." more than a few really.

"I have some bottles of water that I got from my parents house yesterday after we talked about things. They're under the bed." More like a case. "Want to shrink some down and I will put them in my backpack?" She walks to the closet to get the backpack so she can wear it. "Or I can load the backpack and you can shrink the whole backpack down." Annaliesa nods about the getting Daxton to agree. "Maybe if the school ordered it or something, but I'm not ratting him out."

Under the bed. Check! Felicia reaches under the bed to pull out the water shrinking it down and dividing it between the backpack, and her pockets. The ones that go in the backpack are left unshrunk. No good to Anna that way. "Okay. You get Fred. I'll get Derek…and anyone else that is ready and willing to back us up. And then we come up with a plan."

Annaliesa watches her shrinking them and grins, "Such a very good skill you have." Impressed all over again. She gives Felicia a grateful look when she says she would go get Derek. "I'll get Fred," she echoes, heading off, backpack on, "We can get out of here."

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