(2016-04-16) A Team Divided
A Team Divided
Summary: Daxton returns to mixed reactions.
Date: 2016.04.16
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Ares Dorm Hub
Lower than the rest of the ocean floor, the hub of Ares is sunken into the ground itself here. Windows overhead reveal the ocean remains up there, but windows on the side show the natural rock of the ocean floor as well. The room curves, with circular cushioned couches offering views of the windows or the central HDTV at the center of the half-circle room. Along the longer outer wall, there are sporadic gas fires burning, providing the ideal of warmth to the room.

It's past curfew this Sat evening, but not so part curfew that the teachers are rounding anyone up. Especially the Ares, if their even on the island, they consider that close enough. So it's not a shocker to see the door to the Ares dorm open. What is surprising is the fact that it's the resident speedster opening it so slowly. He's dressed in a pair of jeans and his grey hoodie which is zipped up and the hood is pulled up to cover his short hair. He looks exhausted, mentally, not just physically. Blue eyes scan the room as he enters, there's a scent of burning about his person, like maybe he was next to a bonfire. Except there's no bonfire smell, it's just….burny smell. He makes sure to close the door behind him, trying to be quiet.

Pacing. That's what Felicia is doing as she chews worriedly on her thumb. She's still in the fuzzy jammies, hoodie and sneakers that she was wearing when the group found their notes, made a quick plan and high tailed it to go after thier newest team member Dax. Unfortunately they didn't find him and with no way to track him they had no choice but to come back to the school "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" the teen repeats under her breath and not for the first time as she looks around at the rest of the team that has gathered there, hoping that suddenly, somone has an idea. And then the door opens and dark eyes lock on the very person they went to so much trouble to go after "What the hell man?" is the first thing that flies out of her mouth.

Annaliesa is slouched on a couch, still wearing fuzzy pajama pants and a hoodie thrown on over a tanktop. Her backpack is beside the couch slouching as much as its owner. She has her head back against the cushions, grumbling about something because it was better than watching Felicia pacing. Hearing her though, she lifts her head and frowns, "I'm afraid he's hurt." But then the door opens and he walks in. Relief is first, but as always, anger quickly follows. "Daxton!" She exclaims, the anger in her voice. "We're a team!" She sits up straighter, eyeballing him. Noticing the smell, she looks at his shoes to see if they were melty from all the running, but that was the least of her worries. "Where were you? We went to look for you."

While not pacing himself, Vinny can understand the urge of some people to do the pacing. He's also seated on one of the couches, blinking a bit at the scent of burning. "Wait… did you go through a fire, or something? That smell…" He goes quiet, letting the girls do their interrogation now.

Rosa is also on a couch. She wasn't aware of Daxton's disappearance until she returned to her room late in the afternoon and found his note, and then she spent much of the intervening time panicking until the older students returned and she learned they'd been searching for Daxton. And then she started hyperventilating and wound up taking medication to make sure she wouldn't turn into the frog. Because, you know, turning into the frog in here might get people drowned.

She's hugging a pillow to her chest as Daxton returns, and as Felicia and Annaliesa immediately start demanding answers. She, however, just looks at him, her eyes a touch glazed. And then she sets her chin on the pillow, yawns, waits for him to start answering questions.

Daxton's shoes are not melted, the smell seems to be clinging to his clothing. The Speedster's chin go up, almost defiantly, but his gaze is on the ground. He had a feeling this was going to happen. "I was out. I'm back. I told you I would be." In the note. So everything is good, right? Vinny gets a quick glance at his question, although no eye contact is made, "No. Not through." Well, Dax is definitely not being very helpful. His hands get shoved into his hoodie pockets, maybe to give them something to do. Or to try to cover the twitching.

The speedster is /so/ lucky Felicia doesn't have a can on Monster in her hand right now, or else it would be flung across the room at him "What you say and what actually happens are totally different." she says after taking a few deep breaths to keep from yelling at him. A gesture is made to Anna and her questions "We have no reason to trust them. For all we know they could have lured you into a trap and had you strapped to another table just like when we found you."

Annaliesa does give Rosa a quick once over, making sure she was fine, then Vinny at his question. Daxton's response though, earns him a surprised and slightly worried look. "Did you set a fire?" Somehow that seemed worse. "Did you burn something down?" Not that she expects that he did, but she is worried abut what happened when he was gone. She nods to what Felicia says, "She's right."

"Well… he's back…" That said as much to himself as the rest of them, before Vinny looks around the room, then back to Daxton. "What happened?" he asks, after a few moments of pause.

Rosa is perfectly fine. She's calm. She's just got a fair amount of Ativan in her system. No frog time tonight. She sniffs the air, the smoke scent finally reaching her. She squints at Daxton for a moment, thoughtfully. "You smell like the brick oven at Bertucci's," she muses.

Daxton's jaw clenches and anger washes through the teen. he tenses, almost like he;s waiting for something to be thrown, a can of monster or a fist. "They wouldn't do that." His gaze shifts in Fel's general direction, "I trust them, why isn't that enough?" Anna's question only agitate him more, he shifts, the twitching in his hands escalating to his entire body starting to vibrate, "No….that's not. I was near Inferno…he can't help it." being magma and all. "She's not right, they were strapped down too. They wouldn't do that to me." His tongue darts out to wet his lips, "I just….met with them. We just talked. That was it. Rosa gets the first not angry look, as his eyebrow furrow and he looks at her slightly confused. Is she stoned?

"All we know is what we saw." and since the only ones that say anything are Anna and herself the gesture is kept between Felicia and the mermaid. Throwing trust in there, that's a sticky wicket, one that she will let someone with a little more tact than she has deal with…like Anna. "So you are saying that whatever was done to you, was done to them? Then why weren't they there? Why didn't they rescue you?" now she is starting to get confused by this mess.

"You trust them." Annaliesa says flatly. "Does that mean you trust them more than you trust us? You went to them without even letting us know where you were going?" She's still angry, but it stems from concern and so much worry for so long. "And if that's the case, why were they trying to hurt us? Why did they injure Derek? You went to them, knowing what they had done?"

Vinny looks over to Rosa, offering her a brief smile, before he looks back to Daxton. "Sounds like some explanations need to be done," he offers quietly, before he looks to the others. "Let's give him a few moments to explain himself…"

Not stoned. Just very relaxed. Rosa returns Vinny's smile, but her attention is mostly on Daxton. She doesn't say anything more, still hugging her pillow, but waits for him to explain what's going on. She can tell him, when she's less relaxed, that she was worried about him.

Daxton stands straight, which in and of itself is odd for the teen, but a quick wince when he withdraws his hands and folds his arms across his chest. "Yes, it was." Sorta. Kinda. "They were being held at different facilities." Solid reasoning, but also convenient. His head shakes, "No, Anna. It's not that simple. It's not…they have answers.I trust them, and they have answers. If I had brought any of you, they wouldn't have talked." And he's fairly certain that if he had told them where, they wold have just shown up. "They thought you had taken me." Which they kinda did? "Look…I'm not saying they weren't assholes, but…they were just trying to get to me." Both Vinny and Rosa get another glance but he doesn't say anything directly to them just yet.

Felicia listens to the others, to Daxton, the gears in her mind quickly processing what he is saying. A glance is given to her team. "Okay. I can buy that they were whatever it was you were." she doesn't want to come right out and say experiment, to negative in her mind. "And that they were held in other places." and she does really though there is a but, "How do you know that they weren't sent to bring you back and are just pretending? Baldie wasn't willing to give you up." and there it is "Could he just be using them to get you back?" she seems willing to concede that this Unit 23 could be, being coerced to get the Baldie's speedster back.

"What if something had happened? What if they had caught you before and strapped you into another bed and.. whatever they were doing with you there?" Annaliesa realizes the what if's will never be answered, so she collapses back against the couch again and falls silent, just looking between them, fingers laced together tightly as she listens.

Vinny nods a little as he listens, keeping quiet for now as he listens to Daxton. Glancing around at the others, he studies each of them for a few moments, then looks back to his roommate.

"Guys," Rosa pipes up at last, "he's here. They didn't steal him away. Can't we just be glad he hasn't been kidnapped or something?" She sinks her chin deeper into her pillow. "I was worried about you," she tells Daxton. "Maybe just, you know, give a little more detail next time. Please. Or leave a voice mail." She gives half a smile. "Sorry. I got kinda overwrought."

Daxton's arms tighten around himself, unconsciously supporting himself. His head shakes, "Same way i know you weren't sent for the same thing. I just….do." Probably not helpful. "They were trying to terminate Unit 23. The order was given and we were all attacked." He swallows eyes lowering to his feet, "Trek didn't make it. Burden is still missing…" Again, more head shaking, "They weren't there. Unit 23 is looking for them, to stop them. It's…" He sighs, letting his eyes close briefly, "I'm not ever going to be strapped to anything again." He's certain he'll die first, but that's not going to help the convo currently. He did give Rosa more detail. Sorta. "I said I'd be careful….and I don't have a phone." A frown creases his face, "Should I have not let the note?" He thought he was doing the right thing, but now….maybe not.

Felicia rubs at her forehead a look going to Rosa "Of course we are glad we wasn't kidnapped or worse." its the fact that he didn't trust them either that is gnawing at the girl. A look is given to Anna, she was there at the start of this and Felicia is trying to guage her reaction to the story that Dax is telling them. At least Felicia doesn't seem as upset as Anna does, the brick is more hurt.

Her hands are shoved into her pockets, but this time there is no pulling anything out of them, they stay there as Felicia looks back at Dax "That's why the building was blown up. To terminate this Unit 23? That wasn't smart of them." but certainly lucky for Dax.

"Oh but apparently all of Unit 23 wasn't even at that building, from what Dax said." Annaliesa does look a bit incredulous, but the last when he mentions maybe not leaving the note, she looks a little more stoic. No, she's not happy, she's angry, but at the stem of it is likely the same root of it Felicia has. "We can only be there for you when you let us be," she finishes softly, a sad look given to him before she looks to Rosa, "Yeah, he is here. He's safe. Don't think I'm not grateful for that."

"Or perhaps you should have explained the situation before you left," Vinny offers a bit quietly, as he hears Daxton's words. He then goes silent again, just nodding a little at what's being said.

Rosa raises an eyebrow, then points to the phone on the wall. "The note was fine," she says, "but…" She trails off. Her nose wrinkles. She shrugs, arms clutching the pillow all the more tightly. She has something of a different perspective on things, really. He tried.

Daxton takes a deep breath and then shrugs, but stops half way through the shrug, clearly one of his shoulders is bothering him, "I don't know ….they didn't say if the buildings they were at were blown up…." He worked at the pizza joint earlier, he wasn't with Unit 23 the whole day. His teen brain is starting to really take in the looks of hurt/anger from the two girls. "I'm sorry…I had to go. I don't understand what I'm remembering. ….I need them to know what happened. Who did this. " Vinny gets a frown, there's still a bit of fire left in the speedster, "Right, cause they would have let me go alone then?" Dax's lips press together, he doesn't have anyone numbers, he couldn't call! he eyes Rosa, slightly worried at the muted demeanour of the frog girl.

Another bit of convenince there. Them not mentioning how they were nearly terminated, on top of being in different buildings, but Felicia lets it slide. "We might have. That trust thing works both ways." that's probably said a little more hotly then she intended. Giving a huff she pushes her hands deeper into her pockets and begins to stalk off, brushing past Dax to head out of the dorm rooms completely.

Annaliesa just looks at him, then her brother and then Rosa, she doesn't say anything for a long moment, but as she hears Felicia, she finds she agrees on that and sends Daxton a challenging look. Up until she realizes that Felicia was leaving. "You chose your old team over your new one in terms of trust," she says quietly, but she doesn't follow Felicia, she instead turns to head back to her dorm room after pausing by the couch to pick up her backpack. There's a look back to Felicia though, "Burger Barn, tomorrow, our weekly date?"

"I don't know. Maybe…" Vinny replies to Daxton, before he sighs, both as Felicia and then Annaliesa heads off. Leaning back in his seat with a sigh, he mutters something under his breath.

Rosa sets the pillow aside and rises from the couch at last. She takes a few steps toward Daxton, then, finally, moves to his side and puts her arms around him for a moment, leans up to kiss his cheek, then pulls away. "I was worried," she says again. "I'll make sure you have my number in case it happens again." She raises a hand to her mouth, covering a yawns. "'Scuse me," she says apologetically, claiming her pillow as she heads for her room.

His arms tighten around him, he's trying to not fidget. But the vibrations aren't something he can control. "…Felicia…I tried…" He did! Well, in his head he did! Anna's glare is is met with him dropping his eyes to her shoulder. "That's….not what happened!" And then he's dismissed and his face crunches into an angry snarl. "Damn it." The mutter from Vinny is ignored as Dax makes to storm towards the rooms. he has to change and then do laundry. But he's stopped short as Rosa is suddenly hugging him. The teen is clearly surprised. Surprised enough he doesn't react to the kiss besides a lightly flush appearing on his cheeks. He just stands there dumbly watching her walk away.

Felicia isn't sure she would have put it the way Anna did. But she doesn't stop to correct. She's just an extreme personality. Plays hard. Fights hard. Feels hard. She does't do anything by halfsies. Anna's question does have her pausing at the door to glance over her shoulder and throw her roomie an okay sign.

Annaliesa had hesitated to catch the answer and when it was given, she watches Felicia with concern, her brow furrowing. Catching the hug from Rosa to Daxton, she sighs then looks to Vinny. "I'm going home for the night, Vin. Gonna spend the night with mom and dad." That way she would be in town to meet with Felicia tomorrow. "You can come if you want to," she offers to her brother. Another look is given to those left in the room, watching Daxton and Rosa clearing out as well. "May as well come," she tells Vinny.

Vinny nods a little as he hears his sister's words. "Sounds like an excellent idea," he replies. Getting up from his seat, he takes a few moments to look to Daxton, offering him a grin, "See you later," he offers, moving to follow his sister out of the room.

Daxton just stands there, suddenly alone again. Finally he repeats himself, "Damn it." before he makes his way to get changed and sit alone in the laundry room.

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