(2016-04-15) Not Quite Working Out
Not Quite Working Out
Summary: Well Dax is, the rest are mostly just socializing, or making sideways glances at each other
Date: 2016-04-15
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A massive dome overhead is completely revealing of the ocean above it. This is a full size gym, with basketball hoops along the walls ready for play. Ropes hanging from a section of that dome ceiling ready to be climbed are tied off to not impede on gym floor activity. Exercise equipment and weights are off to the far end. At anytime the floor can be sectioned off for multiple team games to be played if needed. There are locker rooms for girls and boys to one side and opposite this are wooden bleachers that can be pulled out if needed for spectators. Opposite the bleachers there is a rock climbing wall, that goes right up to the dome itself overhead.

<FS3> Felicia rolls Climbing: Good Success.

It's afternoon, classes aren't over yet, but at the moment it is free period for the junior class at Coral Springs. What this means is different for everyone, some go outside to goof off, weather permitting, others take the time to do productive things, like study or boring stuff like that. This school has something others don't though, a rock climbing wall, so today that is what Felicia is doing with her free period. She won't be seen though unless one were to look up, where she clings to the dome, upside down. Fingers gripping handholds, one foot braced against a foothold while the other is testing a foothold for stability. Of course she is breaking all the rules by not having either safety gear on or even a spotter, just her Ares training suit and climbing shoes.

Daxton's in a corner doing sit ups. He usually does his workout in his room, feeling weird for having the urge to do push ups and sit ups, but last night the teen actually got sleep. Not a ton, but much more than usual. The bruise on his shoulder is starting to turn yellow, the edges peeking out from the sleeve of his t-shirt. So this Friday afternoon finds Dax near the end of his workout, sweating and panting. As he does those twisty sit ups, the glint of a very not new, but new to him watch can be seen on his right wrist.

Annaliesa doesn't usually go to the gym in her free time, but it's still too cold out for recreation for her and school work held very little appeal to her. Truth is, she is a little restless and had come searching out her teammates. She's not exactly sure where to find them, but after deducing there was going to be no extra time in classrooms (unless it were detention) and not going to Paragon Island yet, she finds Daxton in the gym, not yet having looked up enough to see Felicia. Sure saved the girl a proper scolding for not using safety gear! It's coming though! She's wearing her own training suit because it was much better than the other uniform, and she approaches. "Hi Daxton, how are you today?"

Derek would rather go fly a … himself. Yet, he's actually been doing this thing called thinking of late, so his uncharacteristically not himself for once. Still, the gym, who comes to the gym, on school grounds. In he walks, and its like a team meeting, an unscheduled team meeting. The kind Ares has outside of assigned team training of course. He does see the climber and grins, she could probably fall through the floor. If it was a regular gym at least, this floor can probably take it, safety of the school and all. Then Daxton and Annaliesa, a sigh comes to him. There was hints of a smile, it fades, but he comes in. His team uniform half on, or pants on, regular band t-shirt, old school it say Ramones. And that was training gear enough. "Hey, looks like I got the memo too." No memo, just commenting they are all here it seems.

Felicia is of course aware of those below here. She can hear and voices carry. She hasn't said much, climbing takes concentration, especially when you are fighting gravity. Hearing new voices she glances down and does call out a greeting "Hola amigos." her foot is then planted on the foothold and now it's time for grabbing another handhold…and the stretching for it that involves.

Daxton slows, but doesn't stop the sit ups. Piercing blue eyes glance to Anna and then behind her seeing Derek enter. She gets a nods and a breathless, "Hey Anna…I'm okay….You?" A few more sit ups and he stops, laying flat on the ground breathing heavy. Which gives him a perfect view of Felicia. Who he's not sure how he feel about just yet. So a short wave but no call back is given.

Ares gets all the drama. Hearing Felicia, she tilts her head back and just gapes at her. "What are you doing?" Apparently Annaliesa hasn't got it through her head how very durable her roommate is, and she frets, very visibly. "That's so dangerous!" Of course she'd never done a whole lot of heights, her play ground was underwater. She looks back to Daxton rather incredulously, "You let her do that?" As if he had a say in it. But the question had been asked and she gives him a crooked smile that bordered on some undefined emotion, and nods. "I'm doing okay." Course then there's Derek and she looks back as he approaches. *SIGH* Why did he have to look so handsome? She catches herself staring before tearing her gaze away, "Hi Derek." Yep, much safer greeting when not looking at him.

Derek is like Felicia, always in a good mood. Unlike her, he's had reason to upset folks in the area, and he knows it. "Hola, when you get to the top, can you go on the ceiling?" Who knows, could she sink and if there was lines between glass up there on the ceiling, could she scale the ceiling too? He had to ask, more like challenge. It’s called out as he moves closer to Annaliesa and Daxton. The boy doing situps, and being stoic, gets a nod from Derek of course, but he seems pretty quiet for now. This does leave Liesa and he sees her look, turning to her. Smile goes, serious, he can be serious. "Hey Liesa, good to see you." Then a slow blink, true, good to see her. But not to dwell there, he asks in general, "So, we gonna find Fred so he can talk to ghosts or something?" For a direction to go, and helping here keeps the team together at least, and you know, doing trouble together by still looking for answers.

The climbing teen is probably too far up to pick up every word being said between the three below, but she can hear Anna's chiding well enough, "I'm making cookies! What does it look like?" she calls back down as she braces herself against the rocky surface "And that's kinda the point. If it wasn't dangerous, it wouldn't be worth doing!" yes that is totally Felicia. Living dangerously, to the maximum and no holds barred. She eyes Anna and Derek, not able to hear their exchange "Be right down!" and with that she just lets go.

<FS3> Felicia rolls Reaction: Success.

Daxton blinks, surprised at the question. "Me? You think she'd listen to me?" He glances up, only then realizing Fel's not wearing the safety stuff. He smirks, "Want me to get her?" That'll really give Anna a heart attack! But then it looks like Felicia's onto the heart attack by letting go. Yum….cookies. Derek gets a slight frown, but Dax doesn't say anything. He's starting to wish he'd not involved them all. The Unit 23 thing is getting very complex.

As Derek looks at her then loses the smile, Annaliesa drops her own and walks over to have a seat, because she had less a chance at falling as she looked up at Felicia to make sure the girl was going to be okay. "I haven't seen Fred today yet," she responds to Derek at least, sitting on the floor and looking up. "Well I want white chocolate Macadamia nut cookies while you're there. If you're taking orders." She grins, amused, "I don't think you should go get her, nope." Too many up there already. She watches, concerned but managing not to scold her again. That is until she lets go. Then Annaliesa just screams, poor Daxton and Derek who are so close.

"For you, I am," returns Derek, to Annaliesa, watching her go sit down while the climbing continues. Taking orders he means, and he does make a note of white chocolate macadamia nut, which is good, but she likes it too it seems. His eyes finally move off Liesa after the sitting down and looking to Felicia as well. "Sure, you should try," to get her he does side comment to Daxton thought, still looking up as Felicia lets go, and the scream from Liesa resounds. Derek holds up a hand, palm back towards Annaliesa, as if they were about to have a collision in a car, and she was the passenger, defensive, protective like he could shield her from something. Not that anything is happening, "She has it …" He says, though ready with a slide, if Felicia looks like she doesn't at any point, otherwise, he stands there.

Daxton shoots Derek a WTF look. What is he doing?!? They're going to have to have another talk. Dax was still laying on the ground, comfortable till the scream, but that triggers his flight/fight response and he's up and standing before Derek can shield Anna from falling Fel. "Damn it!" Hard to say who that's directed at, but he seems to think Felicia's ok falling.

Gravity works! And Felicia is falling, no one down below is in danger of her landing on them, she wasn't even close to directly above them, so she has no idea what the screaming is about. This must be a normal way of getting down for her, as she falls she does a twist and than the floor rocks and there is a loud thud as she lands on a crouch, fingers catching herself on the floor. It's a quick bounce up lifting her arms, "And she sticks the landing. The crowd goes wild!"

Hearing Derek, Annaliesa looks in his direction, confusion on her features with questions she doesn't even begin to voice. But yeah that was before the falling Felicia and as the arm comes out to protect her, the scream stops, but the screaming was cause she thought Felicia was going to be hurt! As she lands, Annaliesa closes her eyes, but as Felicia talks, she opens her eyes again, shooting her an accusing look. "You scared me!" There's a look to Daxton, then Derek. Why had she been the only one worried? "So, Derek can fly, you can fall, Daxton can run and I can swim. Aren't we quite a group."

There is the landing, stuck! The crowd going wild, Derek blinks. Screaming good, Daxton done giving deadeye looks, good. Blink, then a slow clap, she wanted a wild crowd, he helps out. Wait a second, he pauses. "There was a slight falter there, have to deduct some points, then you touched the floor with your hands." What, maybe he's seen gymnastics before on TV, one or twice. He's a growing boy, its full of cute girls. And Liesa is talking about quite the group, "Yeah, exactly." A grin, the difference seem to be what he likes the most. "You know, we didn't do hot in Arena this year. I bet next year we can rock it!" Cause of all those differences. There is a pause, a grin to Liesa, grinning still at the eclectic observation made, but the look from Daxton reminds him too soon. He doesn't rattle on.

Daxton just shakes his head and pulls his arm top his chest, stretching. "Let's just get through this year first before we worry about Arena ball." Or whatever it's called. Dax actually means that too, he's not sure if he'll even be here next year, the way things are going.

There is a bit of a sheepish grin that comes to Felicia's face at the tone that Anna both gives her in look and voice "Everyone can fall Anna, I just don't have to worry about that sudden stop at the end." she glances down at the floor and looks relieved that it isn't hurt "Just the ground does. Thankfully this one is reinforced…unlike the last one." she begins to head over to the group "I was banned from that rock gym." of course she was. She is also oblivious to the tension that has developed…or maybe she is ignoring it "Who asked you Derek?" she asks him in a bland tone. Yeah she isn't happy with that particular teen boy, though when the Arena game is mentioned her tune changes "I know right. I'm totally going to try out for the team next year. Bet we can sweep the floor with the other teams." a chuckle at Dax, his new wrist accessory is eyed briefly if not curiously. but she says nothing of it. "What's left of it at least." the year, there is only a few months left.

"I can't believe you just did that." Annaliesa tells Felicia, still a touch of disbelief in her voice. "Yeah, but you Buzz Lightyear'd it. That was falling with style." She grins, "I wonder if I should call you Buzz now." She leans back on her hands, looking between the others, the more solemn demeanor of Daxton earns him a look of concern. "What are you going to do this summer, Daxton? Are you going to hang around the school? My parents just moved to Shady Cove for the duration of mine and Vinny's schooling, so I will be around here if you don't have anywhere else to go. Maybe hang out with Vinny at my place?" She's worried for her friend. The whole talk of Arena Fetch gets a curious look, "I think it would be fun, but I'm not entirely sure I could bring anything good to the team."

A nod, from Derek, he wasn't asked. Fair enough, he can be the direction they send negative vibes too. He knows it even. Perking up at next year, "Yep, almost hear, I'm planning ahead, so it looks like I have school spirit, and Arena Fetch is just fun!" For sir Stick in the Mud Daxton. He curbs that talk though, doesn't want to push too many of the other boys buttons at the moment, not too close to the drama instigated for this week. Liesa picks up those questions which is good, and gets Derek to look at her again, which Daxton might not like, but he can't help it. He does answer there, "A mermaid, with some control of water? There is usually water that comes into play, you can swim … you can use the water to slow down the other team, you'd be awesome on defense with just that alone!"

Daxton takes deep breath, now stretching out the other arm before nodding, "Yeah…I was going to see about summer classes. Otherwise I'll see if I can rent a room or something somewhere." That sounds vague. He thinks and then nods, "Maybe you can bring your own water in?" He doesn't know the rules.

"Yeah…no." Felicia says flatly to the whole Buzz nickname. She is not answering to that…ever. She joins Anna on the floor, doing some stretches of her own while she is down there. The girl is remarkably flexible for a brick. "Don't you have to get emancipated to be able to that on your own?" she seems to recall that when she debated doing that herself during her recovery "Summer classes could be an option, if not here maybe at one of the junior colleges. Water…arena fetch, she looks at Anna thoughtfully "The human body is mostly water…do something with that."

"That sounds good," Annaliesa tells Derek with a thoughtful expression. "I do want to play the game next year. Senior year after all, it'll be the last time we're all together, unless we all do some after school unit together." It's something to think about at least. As Felicia sits beside her, she grins, "I feel lazy, you're exercising circles around me. Daxton was doing situps when I got here." She laughs about the Buzz thing. "I wouldn't call you that anyway, you're like Super Girl, much better than a fake alien." At the others suggestions, she contemplates it, "I'm sure we could all come up with something together." Though that same look of concern she had for Daxton is given to Felicia, "What are you doing this summer?"

"I think if you have no where to go, you can camp in your room here," offers Derek, in general, "But renting would give you more freedom." A nod, then a look to Liesa, a grin, "Yeah, it should be good. Finally get to see you swim too." And as a mermaid, cause, well. Reasons. All in the grin. "I meant to do something too." Says Derek, finally starting to stretch out a little with the incident of falling behind and the others looking serious. "We should make a team after school. We'd make this stuff look good." He has a black t-shirt over his team's white spandex pants, and is confident doing it, no matter how much it could potentially clash. "I'm gonna see about spending weeks out camping somewhere." Forget no one asked him at all about his summer, he just throws right in. Stretching to touch his toes.

Oh…no blood bending. That's a level of bad Anna shouldn't get into. Dax can't help but wince at Anna's use of the word Unit. That's definitely not what he needs. The army brat rubs the back of his neck, "I'll need to look and see what the rules are here." For Summer school, that is. Anna gets another look, "Working out, ontop of using your powers ….it's gives it a balance. You should."

Felicia shrugs at Anna "No clue. I came here straight from rehab so haven't lived with my family in…two years?" good enough guess "Kinda weird, living with people who know you but you hardly have any clue about." its enough to make the peppy girl give a thoughtful frown. Then there is the eww face at the thought of living here in the dorms during the summer "That would be kinda creepy if you ask me. By yourself, the sounds of all that water around you and the creaking of the place." yeah, thanks but no thanks. "I've always been into physical activity. I guess I was really big into dancing as well as rock climbing before. I still seem to knack for both. They were my preferred rehab activities, and I still have the moves…muscle memory or something." she nods to what Dax is saying "I should totally teach you to dance Anna."

Annaliesa knows zero about blood bending, it's simply never crossed her mind really. She does notice the wince but she doesn't really realize what she had said to cause it. "I usually do all my workouts by swimming. Everywhere, all the time." She watches Derek take to exercise also, or stretch anyway. "I won't get in the water until it's warm enough though. The cold is debilitating to me." She gives Felicia a considering look, "We could talk to my parents about you staying there for the summer. If you wanted. That way you can hang around here, maybe we could get jobs together or something. And then you could teach me how to dance." She seems eager for it at least! As for Derek's plans, she looks at him, "Yeah," she says, "I remember talking about it some. Before. Your plans for the summer, I mean."

Derek gives a grin about girls teaching each other to dance, and too soon for comment too, cause Daxton may scowl his way again. Grumpy, emotional kid there, who's Derek to talk to about things like that. Yet, good advice even if stoic most of the time too. "Can't bring water in, but plenty on the field." No comment on using another's body water, except slowing them down that way. His grin says he isn't against taking that sort of control of another. No worse than say a punch to the face by a brick, or a psychic mentally tripping someone into fire. They could all hurt each other in some way, why was that one too different. "All could rent a place. I still need to go see my folks briefly at least." That looked shared with Liesa, and those plans. "Its changed a little, but we should all get jobs, I was just saying that to Daxton." No, not really, they talked about jobs, but not about everyone hanging out over the summer. "AstroPark would rock. I could drive the Tilt-a-Whirl, make it go faster." He probably imagines others on it not enjoying it so much, chuckles at the idea of being in control.

Daxton has a fleeting thought about swimming, but he'll test it out later when it warmer. Warning bells go off in his head, but at leafs it's normal teen drama ones. Seeing the conversation going south quickly, Dax latches onto the dance part. "That would be cool. You should do that. But start now. Don't wait for summer." Why wait? Derek gets a small eyebrow lift, they never talked about hanging out and getting a room together. Although something clicks again with the teen and he looks back at Anna, "You should be carrying around water all the time. If you need it in a fight, you shouldn't depend on some just happening to be there." Maybe that's a little bit of his military training coming out.

Yeah Felicia doesn't know what the wince is about either but then swimming is mentioned "Swimming is fine an all…something I can't do really," at all actually, but it only works certain muscle groups…you gotta work 'em all not just certain ones." at the offer she "Huhs." then chuckles "You keep making those offers your parents are going to have a houseful teenagers and nothing to do with them." stretching her legs out in front of her she points her toes "That'd be fun. Great idea though Dax…start now, it would totally help on the field too." field? Does she mean in the arena or somewhere else?" she looks to Anna "Is it any liquid or just specifically water?

"I will just use what is there then," Annaliesa reassures to Derek and Daxton. Catching the look from Derek, she tips her head down a little and starts stretching, not exactly sure how to react to it. "All having jobs would be fun, summer money, maybe some adventure or another. More exploring at the compound where we found Dax." At the mention of the tilt-a-whirl, she lifts her eyes and looks at Derek again, but she says nothing, thankfully distracted by Daxton. "I could. I'm going to practice pulling the moisture from the air. Grayson can do it, so I know it can be done, I want to learn that so I don't have to carry it around with me." She gives Felicia a grin. "Well, no one has accepted yet! And if we go to Costa Rica, then you could come and meet my abuela, she is a mermaid like me and my mom. I'm not sure if we're going and if we do it's only for a week. It would be fun if we could all go, road trip, Dax could run, Derek could fly, Fred could go with Derek, cause I'm sure he weighs about nothing as a skeleton." There's a rueful smile. "Only water. And I can talk to sea life, but hey, I'm not sure I could command them. I'm not like Triton or anything."

"What, like carry a water bottle or something all the time," Derek ponders, taking some of the bait by Daxton to veer the conversation somewhere safe in the current company. He's half following, and looking at those looks from Annaliesa, or when she looks away just a little. But perks up to Felicia, "Core, gotta hit the core?" And his hands point to his abs, under his shirt, but they are there somewhere. A pause to watch her stretch toes, no comment on house full of teens, cause he plans to be outside more often than not at least. And more ponderance of water abilities, that helps him look over towards Liesa again. "Fred and me, I can't go with someone else?" Not that Fred is bad or anything, just saying. "You should of came camp…." Begins Derek, following talking to animals, as if something there would of been great to have her around with that ability, but he trails off. Looks to the floor himself. "Yeah, I need to work on my core." Where are the weights, his eyes wander the room.

Derek's core isn't the only thing he needs to work on. Dax gives the other boy the tiniest bit of a head shake, again a fleeting WTF look is given. Back to safer topics. "Yeah, like a water bottle or something." He didn't mean like a back pack filled with water. Although that could be kinda cool. Anna gets a small , supportive smile. "Maybe ask if it could be part of your uniform? I'm going to ask about special shoes." His are already worn. His nose wrinkles though, "Besides being a douche, what else can Grayson do?" Just in case he has to deck him. Dax's list of who needs a punch to the face is growing steadily. He doesn't know if he could run to Costa Rica, but doesn't want to be a complete party pooper, so he doesn't mention that.

All this talk of water has Felicia getting thirsty so her hand goes into the hidden pocket of her uniform to pull out a few Monsters "I can carry a bottle for you Anna." it's not like she doesn't have a pocket full of beverages anyway, what's one more. Offering the cans out "Talk to sea creatures like Aquaman?" she tries not to giggle at that…/really/ tries. Her forward wrinkles at Derek "Abs are highly over rated. Now a nice bicep..that gives a…" she glances around and suddenly focuses on the drink in her hand "Nevermind…" and then Daxton is talking about uniforms. Oh that works "I made sure to get extra pockets in my uniform." ugh Grayson, her expression indicates that she is in agreement with Dax about him "Apparently he has a date this weekend and doesn’t know it." Grayson does, not anyone here.

"I could manage a water bottle, even freeze it and use that as a torpedo to throw at someone," Annaliesa grins, completely teasing about the torpedo bit. "Oh, you don't have to take Fred, I was only suggesting. It could just be us four." There's a half smile as she looks to Derek. Until the mention of the camping thing and the smile fades as she goes back to her stretching. As she catches the look from Daxton, it's a grateful one she gives back. "I never thought about that, making it part of the uniform. It's a good idea." Her eyes drop to his shoes when he mentions them, but the surprise is real when he speaks bad of Grayson. "Grayson has a date? He's never been bad to me." For some reason her eyes flicker over Derek at that. As an answer is given from Felicia, she nods to her, "Shrink it down or something? That would be perfect!" Such a good idea. Reaching for the energy drink, she smiles. "Thanks," she pops the top to take a sip. "Yeah, for sure, talk to sea creatures. I wish I could make them listen. Dolphins are the closest thing I can think of that would likely listen."

Catching the glimpse of that look, Derek checks his lips that were grinning just a little. Good thing Daxton can deflect. When she looks at him, even as her smile fades, his eyes may be soft towards Liesa. Not that he has a good apology face maybe, but just maybe it could be seen there. It stays there after Grayson talk, but half a grin, "Why, what's Grayson up to? He's not a douche to me, but I'm never in the room that much." For his roommate. But the idea of water, "Yeah, she can shrink reserves, you can start with one. Freeze it and hurl it. Its water can you throw it with like your abilities, make it go super fast?" That actually sounds cool to him, throwing the battle via the water. Or anything frozen in it, like bombs if that was needed in the field, or sleep gas that could come out when it thaws for sneaking. Not that he thinks of sleeping much. "You should practice that more too, talking to them, maybe you could learn how to get them to listen more? That would be handy I think."

Oh, caffeine. Yes please. That's a one point off of being annoyed with Felicia. He'll nod in thanks, taking the drink. He slept, doesn't mean he's all caught up. It's half guzzled before he stops to ask Anna, "Do they have stuff to say? Like, can you hold conversations with them, or is it all…eating and stuff?" Dax's shoes are worn, not quite bald yet, but the grooves are wearing out. He considers giving Felicia a flex, but he thinks she might just punch him. And while he'd most likely dodge that, the small chance she'd connect keeps him from doing so. He reiterates, "Grayson's a d-bag. He tried to throw down in the Dorm hub. It was dumb." The speedster has been relatively still while talking, but now he folds his arms and starts to rock from one foot to the other.

As the talk of water and how it can be used offensivly is tossed around, Felicia takes a drink from the can before setting aside to lean forward and grab her feet. She doesn't add anymore to that "Dunno." she does answer that question about Grayson though "Just know that he is meeting someone for pizza this weekend, and it is supposedly a date." no telling who she got this information from. "But he has been in front of you Anna. Remember the snowball at Oliver? That was total asshattery right there." she pulls a Fred and snaps and points at Dax "What he said…the d-bag thing." though she really didn't help in that case.

If there is an apologetic look from Derek, Annaliesa doesn't really interpret it since she hadn't really been expecting anything like that and she simply lifts the can and takes a drink of the Monster. "I think they would be more effective as little ice bottles," she can't imagine trying to launch them at anyone. "I don't know if I could make them go super fast, but maybe, since it was water." Looking at Daxton, she grins, "They do, they have a lot to say. I have heard about shipwrecks and about swimmers being in trouble from the tides and all." The reminder of the snowball and when Grayson had tossed it at Oliver brings a slight frown. "Oh yeah. I forgot about him doing that. I thought he was just joking around."

Daxton raises an eyebrow, "That's…kinda cool." Aquaman, sure, but cool. He thinks about the water bullets (Let's not kid ourselves). "You can freeze water?" He has an idea, but isn't sure if it would work. He chugs the rest of the Monster. "A date? Is that why he was being so bitchy about the detentions?" He's not heard the snowball incident.

Felicia looks at Anna a bit, "I wonder if you would be able to communicate with a person in a sea creature form? You and Oliver should try that out." she frowns a bit "Jokes are funny. That wasn't funny." or at least she didn't think it was funny at the time, or now even. She nods at Anna as she excuses herself to go change and then "Huhs. Could be. That would explain the attitude."

Daxton nods, watches Derek wander off to do some gym stuff. Maybe he was getting tired of the glares. Dax sighs softly, still rocking from foot to foot. "Yeah, maybe." He then turns and watches Anna scoot before looking back at Fel. He's not gonna bring up the watch thing here, so instead, "If she can freeze water, I bet I could run up it. Like throwing spears against a wall type of thing." Make him a ice staircase !

Felicia shrugs, just because Grayson has an excuse doesn't make his behaviour any better. Looking up at Dax from her position on the floor she "Maybe. But won't that be all slippery and stuff. Or does friction not come into play when you are going at high rates of speed?" she glances at his shoes "Or maybe you can get special shoes!"

Daxton starts stretching out his arms again, and then twisting to stretch his stomach and back. He had already done a full work out by the time the others had shown up. "Some. Depends on the speed I'm going, and what it is I'm stepping on….I'd honestly just have to try it." he glances down at his shoes and nods, "Yup. That's what I meant when I said I was gonna ask." Unless she means like toe shoes? Gross, no!

"Trust the laws of physics to muck that up for you." Felicia shakes a fist "Newton can bite it." she watches him, mostly cause she is done with the floor stretches and she is talking to him "Oh yeah, with retractable spikes on them." she holds up a foot and shows that she was little cleaty spikes on the bottom on her shoes "I probably shouldn't be walking around with these on." she glances at the floor, but she doubts if her landing did any damage than her just walking won't either.

Daxton's eyebrows raise at the spikes, "That's kinda cool. Yeah." Cleated shoes. He could do some real damage. Or go real fast, that's what he meant. He reaches up to rub his neck, the energy drink not doing much to keep him awake. "Any plans for the weekend?"

"You can get shoes that have removable ones. That's what there are. But retractable would be better." she bends a knee to briefly look at the bottom of her shoes "It's not like you can call time out," she makes the sign "in the middle of a game just to put them in or something "I was thinking of maybe spying on Grayson's date between whatever we plan to deal with that other thing." because she is noisy like that.

Daxton nods, agreeing. retractable is better. He chuckles about Spying, although that teen forces a different belief about Felicia. "I can't even imagine who would want to date him." He glances around the room, but doesn't say anything about 'the other thing'. He knows what she meant. "Maybe you'll get some pizza out of it."

"Yeah, I can't either. I swear if he just said yes to be an ass…" Felicia probably knows who is mysterious person is that is going on the date and seems a bit protective on top of it. Spy and bodyguard, two things that she can probably do well "I like pizza. I'll be sure to bring a few back for everyone too."

Daxton blinks, realizing Fel's a little more worried about this date than she probably should be. He slowly shakes his head, not gonna get involved, Grayson doesn't like him to begin with. Getting involved is never a good choice. He's already somehow referring between Anna and Derek. That makes him rub his face, glancing towards the direction the two went, "Is she ok? He said he'd back off, but that clearly didn't stick."

Felicia follows his look in the direction of the girl's locker room. Thankfully she knows exactly what Dax is talking about and doesn't take that as pervy or anything "Sorta. She's hurt. Anna really liked Derek, a lot. I think he was her first boyfriend or potential boyfriend…crush?" she's not sure what to label what that was "She'll be fine. I just isn't easy have to live across the wall from him and see him all the time."

Daxton makes a yikes face. Double whammy. He nods, "Yeah, that sucks. i'll try to keep him away when I can. At least till she heals some. Or you guys eat a gallon of ice cream or whatever." It's what girls do when they break up, right?

"Majorly." Felicia has been starting at the locker room, probably wondering what is taking Anna so long. After a few moments she looks back up at Dax "That'd be great…so would ice cream…haven't done that yet. Will have to hit the commissary after dinner, grab a few pints for us to nom on before bed, while we watch chick flicks and cry." she is not at all serious, at least not about the chick flicks and crying…she'll use any excuse to eat ice cream.

Daxton forces a small smile, that sure sounds great. For girls. He'd rather punch things, but to each their won, right? "I think that would do Anna a lot of good. She seems the ice cream-movie-cry type." He doesn't mean that badly. He glances at the door, getting a weird feeling, the look to the girls locker room makes him think maybe she's trying to get out of the convo. "Okay…well…I should go shower." He's kinda sweaty.

"That makes one of us." Felicia says, she probably isn't in the punch things camp, but she certainly isn't a cryer either..and prefers cartoons and scifi/fantasy movies…no chick flicks for her. "Yeah, you stink." she is teasing, her nose doesn't work that well. "I'll go see what's taking Anna so long.." and make sure she isn't crying or something.

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