(2016-04-15) Hallway Meetings
Hallway Meetings
Summary: When you're new, you meet a lot of new people. Lisa and Oliver meet.
Date: 2016-04-15
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It's Friday, and classes are done. That means that Lisa has survived her first week at this place. The new student has dropped her study materials off in her dorm and has just come from the hallway leading to the Athenian League's area. She hadn't bothered to change out of school uniform yet, having just ditched her bag for the moment. She wasn't quite sure what she was going to do, but the tall girl needed to get out and stretch her legs before curfew kicked back in. Maybe she'd head topside for a bit? She had a small blue bag that she was carrying, but there wasn't really anything visible sticking out of it at the moment. She paused at one of the sofa's and sat down briefly, her shoelace having come undone, pausing her in her quest for wandering somewhere.

Friday, and less than 20 hours before Oliver has to head to the mainland for his weekend job…and socializing. He's already changed out of the school uniform into his more 'casual' look of nylon athletic gear. He may not be into sports teams, but it's that or go formal…which is less comfortable. So sporty it is, for now.

Stepping out of the Metis Dorm hub he pauses upon seeing the girl on the sofa, "You're new." Way to state the obvious.

"Yep. Hi, I'm Lisa," the girl says, straightening up now that her shoe was tied. She was about the same height as Oliver. If the obvious statement was too obvious, she didn't let it show. "Just finishing up my first week or so here," Lisa adds by way of explanation. "You on your way to the gym? I thought you had to wear the gym uniform for going there," the teenager said. Though she could be wrong about that. It was just convienent, especially since she didn't know everybody yet. Wearing something which indicated her team meant it was one less question to answer about being new. It was useful.

"Oliver," is offered as he steps a little closer, "Welcome then. Hope you're finding everything ok and getting used to the place and all. It can be weird going from a public school setting to a boarding school…unless you're used to boarding schools. Some kids are." At the question he then looks down at himself, "Oh. No, I'm not going to the gym…I tend not to go there unless I absolutely have to. I just don't wear cotton." Which limits his casual clothing options.

"Team Athena, huh?" he notes her uniform that she's still wearing. "How do you like it so far?"

"So far, so good. Everyone has been pretty friendly so far," Lisa says. "And thanks. It's not that tough getting used to the school. There are classes, and that's pretty normal. And the homework, which is normal. And the random superpowers, which isn't completely normal, but everyone has them, so everything is relative, right?" Lisa says. She raises her eyebrow slightly at the cotton thing. "Don't wear cotton? How come, if I can ask? Too warm?" That seemed to be a strange thing not to wear to her. But that could be due to it being so common.

Oliver chuckles, "Yeah, you sort of get used to the whole powers thing, but it's neat seeing the different ones as people come in." He moves to lean against a nearby windowed wall, "It's weird, you get out on the mainland and sometimes you almost forget that not everyone has powers. So, new to your's? That why you came in late in the year?" Everyone has their backstories!

As for the cotton thing, he shrugs, "It prevents me from using my powers so sure, if I don't want to use it, then I can wear it. But I like having the options…rather than taking the time to strip to my skivvies."

"Nah, I've had mine for years. Just got hard to hide them a little bit," Lisa says. "Superstrength, speed, that sort of thing. Accidentally crush a few things, not have facilities to improve, and that sort of thing. Then we were told about this place and I ended up here," Lisa explains. So, she was just late to the party, that was all.

"Cotton blocks your powers, huh? What's your ability?" Lisa questions. Because she couldn't imagine cotton being someone's bane for most powers. Mostly because it was so common.

Oliver does look a little impressed when she mentions her abilities. "Cool…very cool. Remind me not to piss you off," and he flashes a grin then. As for his abilities, there's a pause before he answers rather than shows. That usually ends up happening anyhow. "I'm a shapeshifter. And yeah, it sort of keeps me stuck in whatever form I'm currently in…" which could be good or bad, depending. There's another grin, "Don't use that against me, now!"

"Ahh, shapeshifting. That's an interesting power. Way more versatile than mine. It's pretty useful, I imagine. Is it hard to hold somebody's form? Or do you do shapeshifting into objects instead?" Lisa asks. Her power, which useful, was kind of vanilla too. She knew it. She was fine with it though. "So I suppose you aren't terribly big into jeans then. Does wearing cotton anywhere on your body prevent you from shapeshifting at all? Or is it more of a localized thing?"

"People and animals…I don't think I can turn into something that isn't living and able to move around." No trees then. "I haven't tried bugs, but they might be out too." Oliver wrinkles his nose and considers that as something to try. "Right now, it's only -real- animals, too…ones that I've seen. So no dragons." Big grin there, "Yet."

"Oh, I love wearing jeans! I wish I could, more often, but then I'm just stuck…and what if something happens where I have to shift? Then I'm screwed, right?" At her question he thinks a moment, "Well, it's mostly all over, but if I have a cotton band on my wrist, I might be able to shift most of me. I…don't know. I should find out, huh?" Hey, she's giving him training ideas!

"So, can you bench press cars and all that? Faster than the speed of sound? I mean, that's really cool. Where are you from? Around here?"

"Bug would be dangerous. I mean, what if you gained a bug's lifespan? Become an ancient bug that dies due to old age almost immediately. Doesn't seem like a great plan," Lisa says with a grin. "Or to a flyswatter. But mythical creatures, those would be pretty cool if you could pull it off eventually." Who wouldn't like to be a dragon?

"Yeah, I've got that sort of thing. Though I'm definitely not the strongest. I can handle around six tons, which for the superhuman weights is pretty low from the numbers I've seen thrown around the gym. But yeah, I break the sound barrier. Two thousand and five hundred miles per hour, and the speed of sound is seven hundred-something. That's one I have to pay the most attention to outside of here. Walking along and it's kind of easy to speedwalk faster than people can see," Lisa tells Oliver with a grin. "My power is technically unlimited genetic potential. You know how people have genetic caps on their physical abilities? I apparently don't. So my body keeps adapting to training. Also, I don't have to sleep, probably as a result of it. Haven't actually slept since I was like three or so." Which probably made her a horrible baby. "I'm from Colorado actually. You?"

"I don't know that I'd gain a bug's lifespan…but that's something to look into. I don't know that I can shift that much mass though…I mean, I can become a bird, but I usually go for the larger birds. I haven't tried anything like a chickadee or a hummingbird, because…" because they're not as cool as eagles or falcons. Oliver still grins, "I know, right? Or a dinosaur. Or something cool like that. Maybe one day…I'm still trying to figure out if I can become a mermaid if I see one."

He then gives a low whistle as Lisa talks about her limits. "Wow. That's…wow. Although it sucks that you don't sleep. Sleeping's awesome…but I bet you get a lot done. Or you're really bored." Hmm. That could be rough.

There's a moment as he thinks, "Nope…never been to Colorado. I'm from all over, really. No real place in particular."

"Yeah. I suppose trips to the zoo are rather educational for you," Lisa says. "Do you gain other people's powers when you shapeshift?" she asks. Because that'd be a useful trick too. "But yeah, if you have to keep all your mass, that probably rules out a bug," Lisa agrees. Which is probably for the best. Who actually wants to have a bug's life anyway, despite what certain movies would have you believe?

"I haven't slept in over a decade. I don't exactly miss it, because I hardly remember it. Lets me get a lot done though, yeah. Never had a late assignment because of it." Which honestly makes schoolwork relatively easy. "I leave things that aren't as social in nature for doing around two in the morning when most people are asleep."

"From all over? Military family, or just moved around a lot?" Lisa asks as a follow-up. "Colorado is great if you like the outdoors. Mountains and hiking and all the stuff the commercials tell you about, if you manage to get out of the city. I'm from Denver specifically, so I actually spent most of my time in the city."

"Zoos are awesome, yeah. I've seen a lot of animals, but I'd love to go to places where they have animals that we don't get to see in the States. Or…go to more zoos." He mostly went on school field trips when he was younger. "I don't have to keep all my mass, but a bug…I dunno. I'll have to work on it and hope I don't end up like something out of The Fly." Oliver lifts a hand to run through his hair, "I don't get people's powers. Just how they look and voice. That would be really cool if I -did- get their powers though, huh?"

There's a shake of his head then, "But then you don't get wacky dreams after eating nachos before bed. And come on, those are the BEST dreams! Of course, you don't get the dreams where you show up to class naked, but…well…I don't have those dreams much anymore anyhow." Since he could just shift into something and run away…wearing cotton would mean he wasn't naked!

"I'm not a huge outdoors person unless I'm flying. Or an animal. It's pretty and all that, and I like the sun, but…no hiking and camping for me, thanks." The first question has him hesitating some before he just gives a sigh and answers, "Foster System. I jumped families a lot."

"Well, I wouldn't be surprised if you got that chance here. Already, just by watching through the glass, you've probably picked up on all sorts of aquatic animals like whales and sharks I bet," Lisa says. Though if he could turn into a whale, well, that's the whole mass question again. Lisa was just as glad to not think about it. "That'd be useful, yeah, but you'd also have to figure out how to control their powers, and that could be tricky if it was something finicky to handle. Like creating fire or stuff like that," Lisa suggests.

"I think I'll pass on the whole crazy dream thing," Lisa adds. "Besides, I'm not sure how I'd cope with having to change my schedule around to lose six to eight hours a day. I'd have to cut so much out and get a lot better at time management," she admits. She gets a little more serious at the mention of the foster system though. "Ah. Sorry to hear that. Sounds rough." Her tone is sympathetic, but she doesn't linger on it, unless Oliver opts to. The guy seems to have adapted well out of the system. "So, what were your plans for tonight anyway? I'm still figuring out this place," she says.

Oliver gives a snort, "Oh. I've seen a lot of sea life already. Aquariums and all that. Dolphins are particularly fun…no whales yet though. That's another I'd like to try." But his grin returns, "Yeah, I have enough with my own powers, thanks. Unless I'm wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Then I'm just screwed."

"But…sleep…" Oliver taunts some before he shrugs, "Hey. You do you. I just…some days it's awesome to just doze in bed." Something he doesn't get to do very often.

A dark eyebrow arches when she asks what he's doing, "Well, I was probably going to get started on some homework so I don't get stuck with it all on Sunday night, but I could be persuaded otherwise. What were you thinking? Did you want a tour or something? Like…not an official tour, but the real 'This is what this is really like' tour?"

"Not all aquariums have whales though. Hope you get to see and try one then," Lisa says. "Seems to me like it makes sense to minimize the cotton in your wardrobe then," she agrees. Which is kind of unfortunately. When she's not in her school uniform, jeans and a t-shirt is what she lives in.

She nods about the sleep. "Fair enough," she tells him. "Oh, I just didn't want to be keeping you from something important is all," Lisa explains. It's easy to do that when you're new and talking to someone. "I've gotten the official tour, yeah. Tabitha gave me that one when I arrived." She shrugs a little. "Figured I'd walk around and try to find the interesting places around here when classes aren't in session." There had to be a few interesting hangouts, right?

"The ones that I've been to don't have them. Someone said they saw one off the island here, so maybe I'll have to go swimming sometime and see if I can find it." Oliver gives a snap and a grin, "When I can become that mermaid, maybe!" This really needs to happen now! Looking down at his outfit he shrugs, "Yeah. So I'm stuck with this. Better than having to be all formal all the time, which is my other option."

When she mentions wanting to see interesting places, he offers, "Well, if you got the tour, you probably know most of the school. On the mainland though, there are some cool places. There's the coffee shop…there's more than just coffee, of course, and a roller skating rink which is really retro, but kind of cool. Pizza…I think there's an arcade…it's small. Like, not like a city or anything, but it's cute."

"I think becoming a bird or something first and flying over the sea looking for a whale might be quicker," Lisa suggests with a smile. "Right, I did get to the roller rink with some of the girls. I'll have to go check out some of those other places. Though speaking of clothes…". She looks down at herself. "I should probably change out of uniform. Thanks for the chat Oliver. Talk with you later!" And she'll make her way back to her dorm to change for the weekend.

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