(2016-04-14) Simple Needs
Simple Needs
Summary: Dax and Tabs reconnect over french fries and secondhand watches.
Date: 2016-04-14
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Despite his best efforts, Daxton was not able to corner Felicia about this horrible, horribly embarrassing charity that she's started up in his name. So here the speedster sits, pouting into his third cup of coffee. His leg is moving faster than the naked eye can follow, but that could just be his fidgeting, not the caffeine. Maybe. Either way the remains of dinner sit in front of him and he's either staring out the window or glowering down at a text book laid out on the table in front of him. He's got detention in an hour, so reading isn't high on his priority. At least that's almost over, just one more after today.

Tabitha has been inordinately busy so far this week. On top of classes, powers training, and her normal daily practices apparently the Maine Department of Social Services has determined in their vast wisdom that now is the time for some additional 'assesments and reviews'. So basically she's being stretched thin right now. And to make matters worse in her mind, there are all these damned insane rumors floating around about the Ares team. You'd think that in a school this small there wouldn't be more variations on a rumor than there are people in the building… but there it is.

So while she'd normally be the kind to let brooding speedsters brood, when she spots Daxton sitting at his table she takes her two loaded trays of food, as well as a thick packet of forms and documents with many official state acronyms on the letterhead and sets them and herself across the table from him. "So, how's the coffee?" Not that she ever drinks the stuff. But it's an opener at least.

Daxton's eyes flicker from the window and he shrugs, favouring his right shoulder, "It's ok. Dump enough sugar into it and any coffee is tolerable." His eyebrows cringe together and he tilts his head, "What's with all the paper work?" That doesn't look like homework. He sits up a little straighter, but that doesn't hide the tired behind his eyes. "Everyhting ok?"

Tabitha shrugs while she gets her food arranged. She's got all the normal food groups represented, so it's a balanced meal… if she were five or six people. "Eh, it's homework of a sort. Every year I've got to fill this stuff out. Part and parcel of being a ward of the state in Maine, but it's way early this year. Not supposed to get it until August." She shrugs it off, mostly anyway. There's still a ghost of doubt and worry whenever she looks at the stack.

After a couple bites of salad she looks over at Daxton and tries to catch his gaze. "So what's the real story from last weekend? Because I'll believe that aliens built the Great Pyramid before I'll believe that it's any kind of orgy-related nonsense." Yes, that's one of the rumors.

Daxton's never actually seen the tiny girl eat, this is impressive. He grimaces in empathy, "That sucks…Anything I can help with?" He reaches for his coffee again and makes the mistake of taking a long sip when she asks about the weekend. There's no eye contact, but it's because he then inhales the coffee, leaning over to cough as it goes down the wrong pipe. The back of his hand is used to cover his mouth until he gets it under control. "Shit. No. Who said an orgy?!?" This is getting worse and worse. He just heard that they were fighting over the girls or something. His paper cup is set down and he leans both elbow on the table so he can rub his face. His leg has not stopped bouncing. A quick glance around, making sure there's no teachers near, "We were out past curfew, so that's what's up with the detentions."

Tabitha lets Daxton get himself under control again, befor gesturing with her fork. "Yes, that much is consistent in most of the stories going around. But I've been here barely a month and I know that curfew skips are almost an Ares entry requirement they're so common." She takes a few more bites between sentences, the food vanishing at a steady rate out of keeping with her waifish stature. "But this time y'all came back with wounded. That is /not/ normal."

She eats a bit more then glances over at the paperwork. "Not really anything to help with. It's just a pain in the ass more than anything. I mean, I know I'm not going to get dumped out on the street or anything. I'm just… ask any orphan. Paperwork never brings anything good. At best it just means things stay as they were."

Daxton's jaw works, "Derek just had a scratch. It wasn't that bad." He's now suddenly glad he didn't go into the infirmary for his shoulder. He fidgets with his right wrist briefly, eyeing the disappearing food. Watching her eat is making him hungry again. He is a 15 year old boy. "Okay, well…I can speed read through them, if you need anyone to look them over." He can do that, at least. And it won't take any time. "You'd think that would all be digital at this point." look at him, trying to keep the topic off of him.

Tabitha rolls her eyes at Daxton's evasions, but doesn't push the matter right away. "If that's the way you want to play it." More eating, and a bit of drinking. Milk, it does a body good… at least in theory. "Just hope you realize that until something more interesting comes along the rumor mill will just keep running with this unless a more official story comes 'round." She shrugs at his offer to read through the forms. "Eh… I've read them all so many times I think I even know the typos by heart. But if you're curious, go ahead." She sees him eyeing her food and gestures to her fries and fruit. "Snag some of you want."

Daxton's definitely not going to be giving any kind of official story. Instead he just nods, rubbing his wrist again before reaching for the fries. "No. I mean, I'm not particularly curious, just wanted to help." If there's ketchup, the fry is dipped. Fries are only made to bring ketchup to your mouth. It's their purpose. He glances around while chewing. Seeing no teachers or anyone else particularly paying attention to them he will offer, "We went looking for clues to what happened to me."

A grateful smile is sent Daxton's way at the mention of wanting to help. "It's appreciated." And of course there is ketchup. It's just there for her egg pie instead of the fries, but no reason to object to multiple uses. She stays quiet and eating while he does his paranoid look 'round then leans in a bit to listen to his explanation of things. And then there's a look of understanding before a quick nod. "That… that I can understand perfectly. If I had even one lead about where I'm from… well, it would be difficult for me to uphold Athenian adherence to the rules." She gives Daxton a visual once-over, then asks, "So I'm guessing that things either went poorly? Nothing solid? Either that or you didn't find anything good."

Daxton reaches for another fry. This is hard enough, fries help. He mumbles, "Nothin' good." His eyes are either roaming around the room, or on her food tray, no eye contact is given. He orates his right wrist again before offering, "Let's just say I'm probably not ideal Coral Springs material." He slings back the remainder of his coffee. Who needs sleep. Maybe Felicia has another Monster drink she can give him.

Tabitha doesn't press the eye contact issue. Just lets the fries to their thing while she devours her meatballs (they're her favorite). She does give his wrist a look, trying to see if it's injured or anything. Her eating is paused at his 'nothing good' admition. "Yeah… that has to suck. But try not to cling too tight to being 'not ideal' for this place. You deserve to be here same as any of us." She looks from his empty coffee to his leg and then back. "How much of that have you had, anyway?"

Nothing seems wrong with the speedster's wrist, besides him fussing with it. he doesn't grimace like it hurts or anything when he botches it. He snorts, a rather normal teen sounding noise from the regularly quiet boy. "Deserve ain't got nothing to do with it." He reaches for another fry but stops at the question, finally lifting his eyes, "What? Coffee? I don't know…3?" at dinner. He'll admit another thing, his voice dropping again, "I'm not sleeping well. Nightmares." Better to not sleep, it seems.

Tabitha nods slowly at his admission of not sleeping well. "Just going off guesswork and insinuation, but it seems to match the whole 'nothing good' side of things." She leaves some of her meatballs for later (have to savor them over time) and shifts her culinary attentions onto her side dishes. Honestly, she should not be so tiny eating food of this kind. "None of that sounds good. Can't blame you for having sleep issues." She shrugs and slides the plate of fries closer to Daxton. "Want to tell me why you're working your wrist over so much? Or is that a 'you'd rather not' kind of subject?"

Daxton finally grabs that fry and dips it, "Wasn't sleeping well before, but it's worse now." See, he's not evasive about everything! He chews watching her switch foods, and again, is impressed. "I was just reminded I should be wearing a watch. It's bugging me I don't have one. Nothing important." Or is it? Daxton isn't sure. He feel almost naked without one now. If she's offering, he's not going to not eat. Leaning forward to reach the ketchup easier, the speedster's leg slows in it's bouncing. it doesn't stop, but it slows.

"A watch?" Tabitha seems to be mildly surprised at the fairly simple answer, even if it does seem to have less simple reasons. "Hells, I can help you there. I've got a few down in my room. I'm sure one of them should satisfy proper male requirements for appearance. You can borrow it until you can get one of your own." There's no hesitation from her on the subject. It's a simple matter of she's got something someone needs, so she offers it. Share everything. No debts.

Daxton blinks. "You have guy watches?" Just laying around? It's not that he wouldn't appreciate it, but that's kinda odd. "Uh…yeah. If you wouldn't mind." Oh, Felicia's gonna be pissed. Good. Dax's head tilts slightly and he studies the freshman briefly, "Thanks. I'll get it back to you as soon as I can. I filled out some job apps last weekend. i'm hoping one of them can use me."

Tabitha offers Daxton a lopsided smirk at his surprise. "Not everyone carries that electronic swiss army knife known as a cellphone. Well, I do, but it's just a small prepaid from the orphanage's stock." She shrugs as she finishes off a plate of hash browns. "And I don't mind at all. I have, you need. It's that simple." She nods about the job prospects and getting it back later. "No hurry. My watches aren't anything special, strictly thrift store specials, but they're sturdy."

Daxton doesn't either. "That's also on my list. Phone." Currently he has none. "Sturdy is good, I move pretty fast. I don't want it flying apart." Leaving a trail of springs and gears for everyone to follow. He finally offers her a small, quick smile back.

Tabitha's smile widens when she sees Daxton's quick smile. "There it is." She's actually almost finished with her many servings of food, wonder of wonders. "But yeah, we can swing by my room after the food is gone if you want." She scoops one of her remaining meatballs over next to whatever fries might be left. "I agree. Sturdy is good. The longer something lasts, the less you've got to spend fixing or replacing."

The smile fades into a confused look, "Huh?" He's a master poet with words. But there's food to distract him and he nods again, "Yeah. I just need to make it to detention on time. I'd rather not have weekend ones added on." Fries and he looks up, trying to gauge if the meatball is for him, or if she's just condensing her plate down.

Tabitha nods towards the meatball and fries. "Eat. Have something other than caffine and starch. It'll get you through detention with less risk of napping." She shrugs about getting there on time. "Won't take long. Just a jaunt down the elevator, a few minutes to find the watches, then back up. Easy." She's stacking her empty plates onto one tray and all that's left for her to finish is her dessert, an almost dainty piece of apple cobbler which she savors more slowly than anything else besides her meatballs.

Daxton shrugs and then winces at his shoulder. Stupid shoulder. "I've done ok. Haven't fallen asleep in class yet." yet. But he doesn't argue the food and inhales the rest pretty quickly. Anotehr quick flash of a smile, "I'm not worried about me being slow…" Did he just tease her? he notes the dessert. Always good to know what girls like.

Tabitha smirks over her dessert. "Hey, I'm only slow on my feet. And even then, only when compared to some nuttballs I could name" The cobbler is eaten a bite at a time instead of a mouthful. If she had put this much focus into the rest of her food, she'd finish each meal just in time for the next one. "It's good to not fall asleep in class. I've heard that teachers can get a bit sticky over that sort of thing." She finishes the last bite and lets out a long breath before patting her (almost nonexistant) tummy. "That was good." She scoops up her paperwork in her arms and takes up all her trash and dishes in the grip of her aura, delivering them to their proper disposal places without moving from her chair. Then she grins at Daxton, "I'm tempted to say 'I'll race you', but I'm not that crazy."

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