(2016-04-14) Gossip
Summary: Oliver and Felicia catch up on the gossip between Derek and Anna
Date: 2016-04-15
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Oliver tends to always be one of the first in the Cafeteria for lunch for some reason. Even though he doesn't have to eat a lot of food for fuel for his power (that he is aware of), he seems to just enjoy eating. That, and chatting up those who work to make the food helps when one has specific dietary requests. Today, he's managed to get a stir fry with tofu on his tray as well as a bowl of fresh fruit and a bag of potato chips. It might not be the most cohesive of lunches, but he seems pleased with it as he makes his choice of tables today.

Oh and there is Felicia, sitting at a table already, popping the tab on her Monster drink, she never leaves the dorm without them. The teen must have just settled there because her food is still untouched. "Hey Oliver." she calls out as she spies him looking for a place to plant himself "Over here." she beckons him over, pushing the chair across from her out with a foot,

There's a big grin when he sees and hears Felicia call him over and he beelines it directly to the chair she so kindly pushed out for him. "Hi! So…I don't think Derek and Anna are dating anymore!" He just blurts it right out even as the tray is set on the table and he plops himself down in the chair. "How do you drink that stuff every day? Aren't you just bouncing in class?"

"Of course they aren't." Felicia tells him immediately after his own exclamation "They totally broke up." she glances at the drink and gives a shrug "I like it, and I guess? It keeps me from falling asleep in math class at least." and then she is back to Derek and Anna "At least I hope she kicked him to the curb. I told her over the weekend that Derek was gettin' friendly with Delilah over lunch. But you know what else…?" she leans over the table but waits for it…

"She was wearing his sweatsuit!" Oliver exclaims when Felicia mentions Delilah and Derek. He then looks around to see who else might have heard before he leans back in, "What? I hope she kicked him too…hard. What a jerky thing to do! I mean…maybe they weren't official, but still! If I thought that she might even sort of say yes, I'd consider asking her out myself, but…" he gives a wave of his hand, "That's something else entirely. What else?!"

"Delilah was?" of course it was Delilah, but it never hurts to double check. Felicia lets the ramifications of that settle into her brain and she finally lets out a "Huh." if she is surprised or shocked it does't show all that much "I was told that during last weekends campout the Derek and Delilah were all over each other. Pretty sure "berry picking" was involved." she pokes at her pasta with a fork as she cants her head at Oliver "What makes you think she would say no?"

Oliver nods, "Delilah was! I wouldn't have known except she said it right there!" He starts in on his own food and takes a bite before continuing, "Yeah, I heard that there was another campout and there was music involved and I wasn't even told about it. Was it a private campout? I mean, I would have gone for the music and the mashmallows…" he just would have come back to school.

There's another bite before he looks at his food and shrugs, "Well, she's older than me, and she probably thinks I just would just want to see her shift, but…I don't know. I might be interested in someone else and I won't pull a Derek. That's just mean."

Felicia blinks at Oliver "That it was his clothes or…" the girl wants details…clarification "I don't think it was a private one. I didn't go. After coming back sick last time I figured I'd skip out this time."

She hmmms at his explanation "So, she is older. Does it really hurt to ask?" though his mention of maybe being interested in someone else has her ooooing and looking all curious "Someone else? Really? Any who would that be?" a nod "Of course you wouldn't pull a Derek. You're better than that.

"She said right out that it was his clothes. Why doesn't she have her own? I mean…the school gives us clothes…" they're uniforms, but still! Oliver looks up, "At least you heard about it." Is he a little disappointed that he wasn't even invited? Yep. He'll live.

He does look back at his food though and finds something very interesting about the tofu, apparently because he doesn't say anything immediately. "Well, I could be misconstruing things, so nothing's firm until this weekend. I could be totally misreading what I think are clues. I…we'll see." He does look back up then and smile, "Thanks. That's really nice of you to say."

The girl makes a hmmming noise at the question, "She was in a hurry to put something own maybe…and they were the first thing she grabbed." Felicia theorizes, trying to suggest, you know /that/ happened between the pair without actually coming out and saying it. "Yeah. To late to go though." she gives another shrug as she takes a bite of her pasta. Doesn’t bother her.

An eyebrow arches at his sudden interest in his food. "Oh really." Felicia drawls out leaning forward arms crossed on the table's edge as she studies him, "And what is going on this weekend?" she is more interested in that than is gratitude at the compliment.

"If that's what happened, then he's -really- a jerk…" he's worse, but the cafeteria is beginning to fill up and he doesn't want to get them in trouble. Oliver opens up his bag of chips and watches Felicia for a moment before he pretends to be oblivious to the question. It only lasts a moment though because he can't help the color starting in his cheeks.

"Well, I have to go to work…" even though he knows full well that's what she's asking. "And I might be meeting someone for pizza…"

"Totally a jerk." Felicia has no doubt it happened. "Anna was going to meet him yesterday to officially call it quits…I hope at least." she keeps her voice low, no need to be overheard or anything, "I haven't had a chance to talk to her about it yet. I was really tempted to sneak into her purse and go, but if I missed my detention…well that would mean more detentions." she she doesn't want that.

The blush has her grinning but she doesn't tease him about it "Oh so you got a job? That's cool. Does this other person know you are meeting them for pizza?"

"I hope she did. When I talked to him he seemed to think it was all over, so maybe they did." Oliver pauses, the fork halfway to his mouth, "Why did you get a detention?" He's only had a couple so far, but they were so worth it so it must be a good story!

"Oh, I've had a job. Most weekends I'm working at the MugShot. Have to be able to have spending money, you know? And yes, of course they know. I asked and they said 'yes'."

Felicia nods at the breaking up thing, but says no more of it to answer the question about detention "Broke curfew." she is surprised he didn't know that "Sunday night, there was a thing…with part of the team." she doesn't go into much more detail than that. Especially since she is more interested in Oliver's date.

"Yeah. Been thinking about doing that job thing myself, but I need to get better grades before the school will sign the slip for it." she signals for him to continue but then speaks up "Well, who is it..you can't tell me this much and not tell me who it is."

Oliver ohhhhhhs about the curfew. "If it was for your team, I would think you'd get excused unless it was just a party or something." Not that Metis does that…although maybe they should? Hmm. Back to the stir fry for a moment, "I didn't really think about the slip. I mean, if I don't have a job then I'm sort of screwed for money, so maybe they signed mine out of pity." Not that it makes him happy to think about that.

Womp, there it is. "I…want to tell you, but I'm not sure that I should. I mean, if I'm totally wrong then…it could possibly really upset them."

"Not for an unsanctioned mission…no excuses for that one." Felicia comments. Those are the things that Ares gets up to, parties, camp outs and missions that don't have the approval or supervision of faculty. Must be a really fun team. "Or they just weren't worried about your grades slipping from having a job." she says, sounding all reassuring and encouraging.

She gives a sigh, "They aren't going to be upset. I'm sure they will be flattered that you are interested in them…even if they don't share that interest and only think of you as a friend." she does that shifty eye thing a moment "You know if you told me who it is I could find out if they are interested in you….

"I dunno…my grades are ok, I guess." Thing is, if he doesn't get a scholarship, he's not going to college and he knows it. "Maybe. You have all this energy…how would yours slip?" Oliver glances to the energy drink before finishing off his chips. "An unsanctioned mission, huh? That sounds kind of awesome."

The name thing though, that sobers him a little. "Not…everyone shares my mindset when it comes to this sort of thing. I can be whomever I want…whatever I want, so…I'm interested in who the people are, not really what they look like." He's trying to be subtle. "If…this person…isn't as open about these things as I am, I don't want them to get scared off or…any rumors to go around that aren't wanted." He then adds quickly, "Not that I think you'd start any rumors! I know you wouldn't! But that's why I'm not sure…you know?"

"Since when does being energetic equal getting good grades?" Felicia answers the question with one. Yep that was an evasion of "You would think so yeah, but it totally wasn't. It didn't help, just made things worse…"

"And by look like you mean gender?" Felicia asks just to make sure, since she knows about his genderbending abilities. She does nod in understanding about the not wanting people to get upset or start rumours "Okay, no names, will you at least tell me if they are a boy or a girl and what team they are on?"

Oliver winces as she mentions that the outing just made things worse. "Not worth the detention then. I'm sorry. And I was thinking that you just would get a lot of things done with a lot of energy. So then there's more time for homework and stuff. I stand corrected." His grin returns some before he shrugs again at her next question.

"Yeah. Some people are squeamish about that." There's a look of relief when she agrees that she won't press for a name. "Boy and…uh…your team…" He sort of shrinks in his chair and looks back to his very interesting food.

There is a hand wobble at the not worth it part "It wasn't /not/ worth it I suppose." Felicia chuckles "Maybe if I was a speedster, but that's not in my powerset unfortunatly." and no amount of Monster is going to change that.

"Well that narrows it down quite a bit." Felicia seems to not be squeamish about it and has exhibited no issues with his genderbending…to her it’s awesome "So are you going as a bot or a girl?" yes she has to ask.

Oliver does relax again as no teasing comes…not that he'd expect that from her, but it's been a long road. "If you need help with stuff…not that I know much more, but I'm happy to help figure things out."

When she says that it narrows things down, he wrinkles his nose some and has some more food. "I'm going as a boy. And I don't know if it's really going to be anything. I don't know that much about him and vice versa, but…I dunno. I -think- he's interesting. I could be totally wrong though."

"Thanks. There are a few of us that are going to start up a study group. You could join us if you want." Felicia offers, because then it seems more like everyone is helping each other, than like a lets help the stupid girl with her bad grades.

As they are talking she is of course mentally going through the list of Ares boys…and her face wrinkles into an eww one "Please tell me it isn't Grayson…it's not him is it…anyone but Grayson."

"Yeah? I'll totally join! Is it an Ares only thing though, or would I be allowed?" Oliver works hard at trying to keep his grades up so a study group might help that!

When she mentions one particular Ares in particular, he takes a long drink of his water before asking, in a nonchalant manner (he hopes), "Why? What's wrong with Grayson?"

"I haven't heard that it is Ares only. I can find out, but I'm sure you will be welcome." even if Felicia has to push it. "We haven't talked much about it except deciding to form one.

The girl stares at him, studying the reaction "Oh my gawd. It is Grayson." she faceplams "He is such an ass. And not in the same Derek is. I could understand Vinny, but Grayson." just ewwww.

"Well, now you -have- to tell me! He hasn't been an ass around me," Oliver looks around again before leaning forward and lowering his voice once more, "He's all awkward and fidgety and it's really flattering. I mean…people aren't usually like that around me unless I turn into Captain America or some supermodel. So what's wrong with him? Maybe he's just grumpy because…" well…he's afraid to show interest in someone?

"He threw a snowball at you." to Felicia that is asshattery maybe to Oliver it is flirting, she doesn't know. "I've never seen him that way." not that she really pays much attention to him, considering he didn't make a good first impression with her. She opens her mouth to start to explain and clearly rethinks that. "Ya know what. It doesn't matter. If you like him go for it. Don't let my opinion of him stop you. People are more than what you see at first, maybe you are seeing something I'm not."

"It was just a snowball. He'll get it back to him when he least expects it," but Oliver's mood is a little more sober. "Well, I don't know. I mean, I guess that's what this weekend is about. To see if I do. Or maybe I'm just totally mistaken. Maybe he's creeped out by me." He looks to his food and sighs before looking back, "Maybe? But it's important to know what my friends think of this." Well, friend, singular.

"It's never just a snowball, Oliver." that's teen logic for you, everything has to mean something, either good or bad. "Sure. Sure. Go. Have some pizza. Test it out a bit." Felicia has suddenly switched back to encouraging friend now that her initial shock that it is Grayson is past. She points her fork at Oliver "If he is creeped out by you than that's his loss not yours. There are plenty of boys or girls that would totally be more than happy to go out with you." plenty? Who are these plenty of which she speaks.

Oliver can't help but give a snort at that, "I don't think there are 'plenty', but thanks. I mean, I could probably make it so that there are plenty, but that seems kind of fake, you know?" Because as far as he is concerned, this is his true, base form. "This whole relationship thing sucks." And yet it's awesome.

"Hey, that's my story and I'm sticking to it." Felicia teases him about that part. "If I wanna think there are plenty let me." because maybe that means there are plenty for her too or something "I hear you. Gotta be yourself no matter what right. You deserve that and do does the other person. Honesty and all that stuffs." she laughs then "Totally sucks."

Oliver holds up his hands in defeat, "All right. You win!" He works on his own food for a little bit before he offers simply, "Thanks." Not everyone would say that, and certainly not many their own age. "So. Now you have to tell me who -you're- interested in! It's only fair, you know."

Felicia sagenods "Of course I win. Was there ever any doubt I would." yes she is that cocky..or confident one of the two. Taking a sip of her drink she furrows her brow slighly at him "What makes you think I'm interested in somebody?

Oliver shrugs again, "I dunno…maybe the fact that we've been talking about it? Maybe…well, it's part of what happens, right? Put a bunch of teenagers together and it happens?" So they say. "And I never doubted you'd win. I mean, you -are- pretty awesome!"

"Well I have only been here a month." give or take a few days "I've been to busy adjusting and settling in to really gave it much thought." Felicia looks around the cafeteria as if someone in here would suddenly jump up and yell pick me, pick me. "Maybe I just need to get to know more people better." she hasn't meet everyone yet.

"Always a good plan," Oliver points out, "Or you can do what I do and just…fly by the seat of your pants and hope that you're misguided reading of people isn't misguided. I'll let you know what the success rate is on Monday." He quickly finishes up his stir fry and grabs his fruit for a snack later. "Well. -I- like you a lot." So there. "Let me know about that study group thing, ok?" And with that, he's picked up his bookbag and starts back off to the afternoon's class.

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