(2016-04-14) Double D
Double D
Summary: Derek and Daxton catch up
Date: (2014-04-14)
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There were classes, somewhere today, before, or later. Here on the ocean floor, Derek is in a state that simply says, he didn't care about them. Well, more he had to, he wears a school blazer, unbuttoned. His uniform tie is Ares color, but its really loose around the neck. A few more tugs and it will be undone. A shirt corner is nearly haning loose as well. No books either, ugh, heaven forbid. One hand thrust into pants pocket He's looking towards nearest windows, as if towards the sun upthere, freedom. Outside the school. Its calling his name, the ocean represents a whole other year of school, pressing down on him. Okay, its not that heavy, he's not down or anything, just lulling about, thinking of other places it would seem.

Daxton's the opposite. While he looks exhausted, eyes red and posture withdrawn, his school uniform is crisp. Like a uniform should be. The speedster has a few books in hand and is leaving the Ares down area. He's finding it easier to study away from his Team, who interrupt him every 5 minutes to ask if he's ok. No monster cans today, but he drank about a pot of coffee on his own. This no sleep thing is starting to wreck havoc on him. Derek gets a glance, and then a head nod.

The nod caught, Derek returns it the same. "Ugh, school right?" He moves away from wool gathering from that ocean out there and moves a little closer, noticing the red eyes. "You still trying to catch up with all this work?" And he could wait for an answer, but its Derek, he is good with assuming it seems. "I think you need a break and some sleep. Or a night out to just relax. School is getting to you and you just got here." Forget all the rest of the things the kid may have going on in his life, Derek is sure school is the culprit to the exhausted look the boy is sporting.

Daxton blinks, brow furrowing. Derek gets an 'Are you serious' look. "I'm not sleeping well." He leaves it at that. Although he does glance down at the books, "I only got about a year left to catch up on." He's down really well, or maybe it's the teachers are hand waving a lot. Either way, he's closer. "Weekedn's almost here. I'll go to town or something." Or go meet up with Unit 23, you know, which ever.

Derek may seem like captin oblivious, but more he's a guy. He doesn't pry unless its a good friend usually. Rather he keeps the topic on the table where it is, without brining more up. "Yeah, I think they're worried about you." The girls at least, but maybe that's stating the obvious. "I'm not good at school, but if you need a hand, just give a shout. You can copy my old stuff if you like. Just, if you're okay getting C average with an occasional B that is." At least he told the other boy, other teams and underclassman don't get that tip when he lets them 'borrow'. "Don't go out alone, take someone with you." Not that he's thinking of Unit 23 so much, just he admitted he's lacking in the sleep department.

Daxton's nose wrinkles in annoyance, or maybe frustration. A soft, "I know," as the teen looks out the window. There's not much he can do about that. "I think we're gonna start up a study group." No need to copy then. Blue eyes dart back, slightly surprised at the last thing from the flying boy. "It's just into town. I'm trying to get a job." that doesn't really address if he's going to be alone or not though.

He's not trying to get in the others business, Derek respects the guys space and all, but he moves a step closer. "Just a job, but you know, the chips on your shoulders." A slight pursing of his lips, any frustration ignored for the moment in the other boy. "I mean, weird medical facility, those people that tried to kill us last time." Cause he was lost fighting Inferno, he didn't get the exchange with Pulse. "Who knows, some random crazy could show up or something. The other teams might think we're slakers, or just don't belong, but we look out for each other. Its just an Ares thing." Then a grin, "And after you get that job, we'll see about doing something fun, bungee jumping, cliff jumping, rent canoes, stand up in them and pugel fight or something. Forget about school for a bit, just have some fun. Too much in the world, we're kids, lets act like some.

That's…not helping, Dax's now very much annoyed gaze focuses on Derek. He keeps his voice low as well, "They're not going to hurt me." Why does everyone have such a hard time accepting that? "And I need a job. So lay off." He's not going to hide on the island for the rest of his life. But then Derek is switching gears and Dax is just confused. He blinks before letting his gaze drop to his right wrist. "…maybe. I'll have to see if I get the job or not." And when he'll be scheduled to work an all. Money makes the world go around, and he's not gonna get a watch or shone without it.

Derek holds up a hand, palm out, "You can get a job. If you don't think they'll hurt you, its your business. They did try to hurt us though. It was only me, but if it was one of the girls or Fred." A shrug, hand still out. Derek is only saying where his loyalty is, up to Daxton on that other group. "Places are always hiring in town, I'd go for AstroPark, you might get free tickets or something." Another shrug, at least he thinks that woud be better than flipping burders or cleaning tables at the pizza place. "Get a job, then we'll do something."

Daxton's scowl stays, "It's…complicated." And that's really all Dax knows on it so far. This is pretty much garenteeing that he's not going to tell Team Ares about the meeting before he goes. Maybe he'll leave a note or something. The window is studied, "I put in apps at a few places. i need to go back and see if they are interested." He has the ones he'd prefer, but at this point, he'll take whatever.

"Sh'yeah," agrees Derek about complicated. Chained to a bed, destroyed buildings, mixed group squabbles. A headache he's glad he doesn't have in his life. "Just, we're on your side buddy." Whatever the boy decides, Derek is only trying to imply he can count on Ares. He's not going for force his way to go to town with him, and if Daxton goes alone, he'll respect that too. Derek does, fly around alone, to down, even skipping classes. He has double detention this week, not just the business of team Ares, but cutting out on another class to talk with Annaliesa earlier on, news of that getting around too already most likely. "I'll be a reference if you like, I'll lie, see we've been friends for years, you're a good worker, but better at managing. They can put you in charge of freshman workers or something, so you don't have to do mop detail."

Unfortunatly that's not what some of the others in Ares are saying. It's all very complicated. For some reason Derek offering to lie for him makes Dax smirk, "Thanks. The apps are already in though. I just put down teachers." He rubs his right wrist a moment before lifting that hand to rub the back of his neck, "I don't even care what it is. I just want to be baking any kind of forward motion, ya know?" He literally has the thrift store clothes he bought (Which his sneakers are starting to look tattered already) and the clothes and dog tags he was wearing when he was found.

A nod, the boy was standoff'ish in a way, but Derek can see where he's coming from. Glad he's relaxed just a little, Derek will watch his words a little, not to put the boy off more. Or, if it gets standoff'ish, he'll give space just the same. "Yeah, teachers work too. I might consider a job for the summer, stick around the school instead of going home." AstroPark sounds like a fun gig the more he thinks about it too. A slight tilt, to find that window Daxton had found, "Yeah, keep moving foward. No need to dwell, stuck gets ya know where." Someone who gets that at least, Derek is in. "Felicia rounding us up yet for some other mission, or we get the full weekend off?" Cause Felicia seems want to help Daxton find answers, and its said lightly, treading, doesn't want to put Daxton off again, but curiousity is there.

Daxton sighs, he's not even thought about summer. Where will he go? "Do they have summer classes here?" Mayeb he can stay? A shrug, and it's obvious the speedster is favouring his right shoulder where he slammed into the wall, "Don't know. Fred said something about talking to ghosts or something…" He doesn't sound like he thinks that's going to pay off.Or be real, even.

"They do have some summer classes for the kids trying to get into colleges," returns Derek, "And kids can stay here too. Some don't have folks, some just can't control what they do sometimes and its safer here I guess." Just to explain of course, if it eases Daxton at all, its coincidental to him explaining. A slight look to the right shoulder, not having been privy to when that happened, but a brow lift. "You okay?" Just a quick question at the notice but followed up iwht a nod. "Oh yeah, I think he wanted to go with Onida even, ask around other guests to see what they know. Never thought of that, sounds weird, but its Fred's thing. Who knows, may turn something up, like where everyone else from that place went to. Like that lightning guy, he's one of your friends too?"

Well, looks like Dax just found his summer home. Sigh. He nods, "Okay…good to know." Blue eyes blink and follows the glance, "Yeah…just bruised from Sunday. Nothing bad." Or so he keeps telling all the girls. He gets a confused face, "Who?" Lighting doesn't seem to fit the people he knows in Unit 23.

"Lightning" says Derek, he was talking (and typing) too fast. "That one that was there when Felicia and Annaliesa found you in the basement. I think you broke his legs or something." Then a grin, about Sunday, "We should be better this weekend then. Fred can do his thing. I think he likes it." Being a skeleton or something, but to clarify, "Using the word spooks. Sort of archaic, like his family lived in some old house for years and he's only watched shows from, I don't know, a long time ago." When spooks was a popular word for ghosts. "And if he doesn't, well, he got to speak to his own I guess."

Oh, that douche. Dax quickly shakes his head, "No…he was with the people who did this to me." Definitly not a friend. Dax is glad he broke his leg, something nags at the back of his mind that that man was not kind to him. Derek gets another shrug, Fred didn't install a lot of hope in Dax wight eh dream catcher comments yesterday.

"Good, so no matter what, if we see him, we can punch the shit out of him?" Cause, that's what boys worry about, being able to open up on someone. Or at least, Derek does it seems. Not privy to dream catcher comments, Derek isn't sure what all Fred can do either, but if letting him talk with spooks makes the boy feel like part of the team, whatever floats his boat so to speak. "How fast can you move," ponders Derek, not understanding Daxton's ability at all, "I mean, could you run to New York City, hold a job there, and return over the weekend if you wanted?"

Daxton's gut reaction is to do more than that, but he nods, "Definitely." The speedster blinks, surprised by the question, "I…uh….I don't know?" He's never tested anything like that since coming here. "I know i can run up walls if I'm going fast enough." Which is pretty damn fast. "I don't know how long I could go for though."

The past, who's friends who's enemies, Derek can see all that and not wanting to touch it. Though for once, the blinking ponderance gets a dumbfounded look from Derek. Okay, maybe he's joking with the slight shocked jaw drop. "Up walls is awesome, but you don't know how fast yet." Considering a moment, Derek rubs the back of his neck, "You know, after you look for a job, we could see? I mean you can probably set something up in the gym." Which is true, but boring, "Or we could just run. Well, I run as fast as any other chump, but I can fly like the wind. Some are faster, but its fast, give you someone to race at least." Cause he knows he'd of tried already to see how fast he can go, how far he can jump, how many walls he can go up already.

Daxton considered this. It's such normal thing he's nodding before his brain can argue, "Sure. That sounds fun. We'll race." Who knows, maybe Derek will new faster. The teen shifts, rocking back and forth on the heels of his feet. He's going to wear out these shoes as well too if he keeps moving like that.

A grin at that, eyes trailing down to see him rocking, but Derek doesn't comment. He's not considering the others financial situation at all, just that the other boy is fidgety. "See, something to do, don't let school get to you." Then again, school could be cake walk after medical facilities. Then a thought crosses his mind, "Mind if I ask you a question, seeing as the girls are all soft to you?" Or wanting to help him, sympathy card maybe, Derek doesn't know, but worth a shot to ask a question.

Daxton wishes it was just school. He he nods, not wanting to get any deeper than that. He stops the rocking to raise an eyebrow, "I don't think anyone is soft on me." At least, if he understands what Derek is hinting at.

"They seem to like you, even if just friends," says Derek, "Felicia rounded us up to help you, and now the commissary fund thing." A shrug, he assumes Daxton knows all about that. "I'm being a douche lately, hurting the wrong people. Just wanted your advice." A pause, "I didn't want to dump Annaliesa, she's a hottie and all, but felt like I'd just hurt her. I don't know, I think I made it all worse." And she's on the same team, more conflict on the subject, cause he sticks up for his team first too. Said slowly, like he'd never admit girl problems, cause he loses cool points or something.

Daxton's questioning look drops into a frown, "What exactly is Felicia doing?" He's only heard a rumour, and that was possibly for Monster drinks, which didn't really make any sense. The frown stays as Derek spills his guts, "Well…don't be a douche. Stop thinking with your dick." He wanted advice, there it is. "Anna's a good person. You're right about that. She doesn't deserve to be a second choice." Dax's jaw tightens slightly, "My advice? Stow it for a few months. Don't flirt or date anyone, let this cool down. You may be able to salvage a passive friendship with Anna then." maybe. Dax's posture has changed though as he talks. From hunched over to straight and slightly defensive. Unconciously he's waiting for Derek to say something really stupid.

"She was taking a collection for the commissary, get you a watch or something, but it was open fund too," returns Derek, noticing the frown. "I kicked in a 10 spot, help a brother out." A brother on his team that is, not to imply more. The boy listens to what Daxton has to say, not noticing the defensive posture so much. "Yeah," said humbly, like stowing it away is the end of the world, but then again, he wouldn't hurt anyone that way either. "Anyone?" He questions about dating, a purse of his lips. "I guess I'm not technically, but yeah. Salvage a friendship." Half a grin, he says something towards stupid, "What's gonna work … team work … Ares." Then he holds up a cupped hand, to palm it to Daxton with a sort of dap-like thanks.

That's completely embarrassing. Dax's lips press together, mortified. "Why is she doing that?" he knows why, but that makes it worse. He's not some charity case! That doesn't help his mood about Derek and his dating problems, "Anyone, unless you don't care. Then do whatever the hell you want. Just know you're being a douche." An eyebrow raises and Dax just shakes his head at the amulet wearing teen. "Just don't hurt her more." There's no fist bump or high five, Dax is annoyed, and it feel good to be annoyed at someone not himself.

"I guess you know, help get you on your feet until you get a job and stuff," says Derek on the Felicia subject, "Then you pay us back by hosting the next camp out or something." The boy goes standoff'ish once more, between both topics. Derek is left hanging, his hand up, which actually gives him more time to think about it. "Nah, I do care. I know I was a shit, and to her of all people. I need to stop doing whatever the hell I want." A sigh, his hand falls back to a pocket, agreeing that its not a celebratory moment in the least, but a nod, respectful even. "Yeah, no more hurting her. A little use of the brain with this." Think before he acts, Derek may be capable of it.

Daxton inwardly groans, great, another Dax party. cause the last one went so well. The speedster just watches Derek, unsure if the other is giving a line or being truthful. that's the problem with players, you never know. Even if you're not their type. He nods though, "Good." Dax didn't particularly want to punch Derek, but he will if it comes to it.

Derek might even give a free one for the way he knows he acted, even if seeming a player, players don't play amongst their own, the games are with the intended sex they're after. Then again, not a game, just not caring so much until this go around. At least the next party would be his own treat if he did pay for it. "So, you gonna find a seat before you wear them shoes out too?" Maybe he did notice the bouncing of the other one earlier and, topic shift, before a fist finds a face.

Daxton looks down and sighs, his poor shoes. "I need a job just to keep me in damn shoes." Shoes can be a safe topic. "I'd get those with life time warrantees, but i think there may be a clause against people with abilities."

"Yes, shoe world is full of haters," agrees Derek on those jerkface, a slight eye roll. But, "Check with faculty, maybe they know something that won't wear down." A pause, then a grin spreads on his face. "Just careful, they might have something, but it looks like clown shoes." Beat. "Yeah, get the job, safet bet." That and still check with the faculty of course.

Fade …

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