(2016-04-13) Tempus Fugit Fund
Tempus Fugit Fund
Summary: Early morning in the Ares dorm
Date: 2016.04.2016
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Ares Dorm

Lower than the rest of the ocean floor, the hub of Ares is sunking into the ground itself here. Windows overhead reveal the ocean remains upthere, but windows on the side show the natural rock of the ocean floor as well. The room curves, with circular cushioned couches offering views of the windows or the central HDTV at the center of the half-circle room. Along the longer outer wall, there are sporadic gas fires burning, providing the ideal of warmth to the room.

Having at last picked a team - and, to be frank, while it may not have been the obvious choice it felt like the right choice - Fred's dorm was assigned. Alas, Fred the Dead was without roommate for now. Considering he's busy hammering crooked iron nails into the door frame at even intervals? That may be for the best. He steps back for a moment, holding out a thumb - all flesh now, just the pale guy with curly black hair - then goes back to hitting that cold iron nail just a touch deeper. Leaving the thick, well beaten head poking up. Do we need to mention the salt line peeking out from under his bed? Probably not.

Yawning as she comes out of the room she shares with Anna, Felicia looks around just a tad grumpily "What's with all the pounding?" she asks tiredly as she sees the answer to her own question "Couldn't that wait until after classes and not at o'gawd o'clock in the morning?" it really isn't /that/ early, a number of the Ares team are probably awake, just not out of thier rooms just yet. She seems to have just woken up herself, her normally wild curly hair is even wilder and she wears long fuzzy polka dotted PJs under a hoodie. A hand slips into a pocket and a Monster energy drink is pulled out which she pops open after resizing it and takes a long drink.

"Carpe diem."

Comes Fred's response to the question about whether it could wait, glancing over his shoulder at Felicia. He does take a break from the pounding, though, if for no other reason than to place his hand on the door frame and start measuring for the next one. Another old, gnarly iron nail pulled from his pocket and bounced thoughtfully in the palm of his head. "Cold iron. Fairies hate the stuff, good for keeping them out of your room. And away from your teeth. Figured now'd be as good a time as ever to get my room secured. I mean, not that I'm worried about shades of fey slipping into this place and eating the bones of my room-mates, but better safe than sorry." The hammer is lightly tossed, spinning, and he tries to catch it by the handle.

He misses, and jumps back as it clunks to the floor. Drat.

"How's Dax doing?"

"Seizing it a bit latter…or with at least some warning would have been nice." Felicia strolls over sipping her drink and eyes his workmanship "I don't beleive in fairies…of course that doesn't mean they don't beleive in me…but still." of course she didn't beleive in magic until a few weeks ago and then she was sneezing glitter. "Sure. Sure." smile and nod "I'd probably break their teeth if they made a meal of me." she looks at a nail that is in crooked and still sticking out. That won't do. She grabs the head and yanks it out "Not good. The fight that nearly broke out here last night certainly didn't help." she straightens the nail by running it between her fingers then pushes it back into the wood with her thumb, "Speaking of…" she looks back at Fred "I'm starting a Tempus Fugit Fund for him." she thought the name was catchy considering his powers and codename, Tempo and all. Another can comes from her pocket, this one looking like a donation type "He keeps massaging his wrist, like he misses something there. And mentioned last night about needing a watch. Two plus two and all." she rattles the can, it has some change in it already "I'm going to put the money in his commissary account."

"Tempus fugit?" Grins the pale boy. "Sed fugit interea, fugit inreparabile tempus. But time is lost, which never will renew. Good choice. Ad interim maybe better." Before the question can be asked, Fred taps the side of his head. "Inheritance. Got all sorts of weird stuff… I mean, besides pulling my skin off." He watches the cold iron nail being neatly straightened and pushed in, before laughing.

"See, I'd -kill- to have a power like that. Uh, don't push it all the way in - gotta let it poison the air. I mean, not against -us-." A shrug. "As for fairies, well.. I mean, my family's been in the business of tossing spooks back across Styx for a while. We've got a reputation. Sooo better safe than sorry, yeah? I mean, my old RV had the incantae worked into the rust and salt in every cabinet, so there was no worry there.."

He jaunts into his room, carefully stepping over the ring of salt about his immaculately clean bed to stick a hand under the pillow. And pull out a few crumpled bills. "Alas, poor donut. I never knew ye. Fight last night..?"

A pause. "Also, sorry about.. being pretty much useless yesterday. I don't know what the witch did to my head, but everything got scrambled up and I couldn't do a thing about the lava man."

"Huh." Felicia says at the latin being spouted at her then she nods "And he lost two years, so doubly fitting." for her two, but she won't get into that. This isn't about her. "Lucky you, right?" she smirks about his so called inheritance. "At least you know where yours came from. Mine was out of the blue. And my younger brother is trying all these stupid and dangerous stunts to see if he has powers now." she gives a shake of her head.

She watches him head into his room and then come back with money for her, which she takes and adds to the can, before slipping it back into her pocket "Yeah, it was stupid. We were all tired and Grayson came up all grumpy and complainy about Dax." she waves a hand "I'm pretty sure I am on Grayson's shit list now." not that she is worried about it. That sorta thing happens. Next week it will be someone else.

Felicia waves off the apology "We were all pretty much useless on Sunday. Hard to fight back when you don't know who or what you are fighting…and then the surprise and mind games on top of it. It's almost like they were waiting for us..or maybe Dax?" it's confusing to the girl to say the least.

"Yeah, I can see where that would suck. … I mean, if I had a little brother or something. But, you know, my parents were pretty scary when they boned up. At least, my dad is." A pause. "Okay, that came out wrong. But you get the idea. So I was never really worried. I mean, it's like wasps, right? They're scary and they can hurt you bad, but as long as you know what you're doing then you'll usually not get stung. Just don't kick the nest without gasoline on hand or at night. Because they don't fly at night. Wasps, that is." He stops rambling for a moment, then points. "Still, you got super strength and stuff out of it. I mean, you can clap your hands and shatter ears, right? Or, like, hit the ground and make the earth shake? Or is .. see, I'm not sure how that works. But I wish I had it." A flash of white teeth - far too clean for an Ares! - before he huhs.

"Well, Grayson's a fff-udge making moron if it can't get that Dax needed some space. I mean, I haven't met -him- yet, but first impressions and all."

Finally: "Probably for Dax. I mean, why would they hang out in a broken down building all day unless they were waiting or had some alarm in place?" A pause. "Okay, -I'd- hang around a broken down building full of gloom and doom, but for entirely different reasons. Also, if you want, we can still go back with an offering and I'll see if I can't tempt some locals into spilling beans. Nothing promised.." A shrug. "I'm not that great at -doing- bibbidy bobbities. Just stopping them."

Felicia does snigger at the wording, but she does nod. She knew what he meant. "Wasps? Uhm sure." she knows squat about wasps but will take his word for it. And /not/ kicking a wasps nest sounds like pretty sound advice, even though the stinging creatures would be eneffectual against her. "I've never tried the hand clapping thing. But a few weeks okay, during Dax rescue actually, I did finally get to try the ground pounding thing." hey now being an Ares doesn't necessarily imply poor oral hygeine…that's just being a teenager and to lazy or tired to brush thier teeth.

"Bad days all around probably. Poor timing..and blaring Family Feud…none of it helped." she does give a thoughtful nod "I don't like how that bodes. That they were waiting for him. I'm just wondering what caused the explosions in the first place." she looks at Fred in a curious manner "You did know it blew up right. A few of us went with Badger and Stonewall to watch the 'bus'" air quotes around bus, it was actually a water to air vessel "As soon as we got thier Boom. We got Dax out just in time really. None of those other people were there, though we saw a man and woman get in a car and drive away, and when we finally got Dax out Stonewall and Badger were fighting some big thing.

"You know you'll have to show me, right? I mean, the ground pound thing." Fred the Dead grins, eyes lighting up briefly. "Seriously. Training ground, after school. I mean, if we're not off to track down the villain. You -have- to show me."

And then he shakes his head. "Nope! I didn't know anything. I didn't know it blew up, didn't know what was inside, and didn't know what I was getting into. All I knew was that on my first day at school, some really cool guys made me feel welcome when I signed into detention on accident. Like a dumbaaah.. uh.. dumb butt." A side ways grin.

"So, that seemed worth crawling into a falling building for and facing off against magma man." He then hms, and taps his lip. "Maybe there's a less spooky way to get what we want. Which street did they go down? Maybe there's a CCV in a parking lot or something that saw them go. Maybe we can catch a face, or some logo or license plate. It at least give us a good direction. I -might- be able to run it through a few things. I'm not great, but I'm pretty good with techy stuff." A shrug. "Long nights."

It's just after O'mygawd O'clock in the morning. And while students are surely awake only two have managed to leave thier rooms. Fred to pound nails into his door frame, which caused a lot of noise, and Felicia to pound Fred for causing such a rucus so early…well not really…she did complain profusely about it though. The pair as standing in his doorway, pretty much chatting. The girl in her polka dotted pjs and fuzzy robe with mandatory Monster energy drink in her hand.

"Sure. I can show you after class…" Felicia corrects herself "Well after detention and before dinner." a weeks worth of detentions…but at least they are with her team mates. She chuckles at Fred censoring himself "You can say ass…really. I'm not a delicate flower that is going to shrivel up at a curse word." she was certainly dropping them during thier encounter with Unit 23. F-Bomb included. "And I am serious about the not delicate part. You can hit me with that hammer and the hammer would break before I would." sure it would sting, but no damage to her.

"Totally worth it." well sorta, it would have been more so if they didn't leave with more questions than they went in with but still "I don't know. Worth a try I guess."

"Oh. It's, uh.. I mean, it's not about upsetting you." Begins Fred the Dead, stooping down to pick up the offending hammer. His door-frame having an evenly placed halo of thick, gnarly iron nails poking out from it. Save for the upper frame, which will probably take a stool or something to get right. He rolls the hammer back and forth in his hand, clearing his throat. "It's, uh. Me. I don't like cussing. I mean, I know it's lame or whatever, and I don't mind you guys doing it. I'm, uh.. I'm just not comfortable with it." A weak smile. "Yet? Trust me, I've got no worries about hurting you. I mean, -Felicia- - you just bent a cold iron nail straight with your fingers like I'd snap a piece of uncooked spaghetti. At my best I just drop weight and get scratchy fingers. And a killer smile, I guess." A laugh, before he begins eyeing the top of the frame again.

"Its better than nothing, if we're going to help Dax. I mean, better than any of the spooky stuff. Electronics don't get all emotional or try to live in your closet, you know?"

Daxton comes stumbling out of his room, looking more tired than rested. The speedster's eyes are red and his short hair is mussed. He wears a pair of generic sport's team sleepy pants(Oh thank you thrift store!) and a wife beater that shows off his rather nasty bruised shoulder. He doesn't seem to be too aware of his attire (Hell, they're lucky he's not in yesterday's clothes). The rubbing of his eyes makes him look younger than his body build indicates. He didn't hear anything said in the hall, to focused on something else. "Why don't we have a damn coffee maker in the dorm?"

"Is it that words have power thing?" Felicia asks him both bluntly and without all that much thought. Maybe she heard that somewhere, or read it. Who knows, but she does watch and read a lot of fantasy/sci-fi stuff, maybe she picked it up there "It's not lame, it's just you. Don't apologize for being yourself.

"Yeah, maybe. I couldn't ever look creepy though, so we're even."

At the grumbling from Dax when he enters Felicia turns her head to look at him. No comment about the clothes thing. "Man you look rough." about the only issue the girl has is major bed-head, which is really not much different than how she usually looks anyway. The curse of curly hair. "No idea." she answers as a hand slips into her pocket and another can of Monster is pulled out "Here. I have plenty." she probably has a years supply shrunk down in her room somewhere.

"What? Oh, no. It's a greek thing. Uh, my parents cuss like sailors, so I.. don't?" A soft laugh. "It's just one of those things. They'll hit you upside the head with a spoon if you repeat anything they said." And then a faint shrug, and a gesture. "I dunno. Right now, with the medusa look going on..?"

He's grinning as he gestures to her super bedhead, even as he not-so-subtly takes a step sideways towards Dax. Better to have something between him and a Not Morning person. And then he lifts a hand towards Dax. Fred, of course, is fully dressed for the morning; Primly pressed pants and his colors on. Because apparently Fred is a dork who gets up early to clean his stuff and then hammers nails in the door and salt around his bed.

What a wonderful teammate.

"Besides, it's only creepy once. Hey, Dax - How's your, uh.. shoulder..?"

Daxton seems to also be not a morning person. Well, at least this morning he's not. He blinks, ignoring whatever Fred is playing at and takes the energy drink from Felicia, "Thanks." Yes, speedsters and caffeine. What has she done? He grunts a greeting back at Fred as he pops the tab on the drink, "hey…It's ok, I've had worse." Has he? He frowns slightly, knowing that's true but not sure what. Either way he nods and lifts the drink to guzzle it. "You warding something?"

"I see." Felicia drawls even though she totally doesn't. She has quite a unique view on parents but she won't get into that either "I learned to swear from doctors and nurses. They don't hit you with spoons when you repeat things back at them, especially when the spoon just bends." she gives a smirk

Felicia, the great caffeine enabler. Though she isn't giving him anything he couldn't get in the cafeteria or commissary anyway. "He's trying to keep fairies from eating him." she stage whispers to Dax as she leans in, though Fred is given a playful wink.

"Nah. Just basic precautions, you know? Cold iron in the air, salt around the bed, and dream catcher nailed to the wall." A glance inside the room he has to himself. For now. "Eventually dream catchers nailed to the wall. It's like I told Fel - I'm not worried about a storm of spooks getting into -here-, of all places. But better safe than sorry." A faint shrug. "Maybe I'll scrawl something into the floors later, but I've got a busy day." A pause, and he looks back in his room.

"Oh. Crap. Remedials in fifteen." And then he gives Felicia the -eye-. "Hey, I like my teeth where they are - right in my head. Every fairy I've ever come across has been worse than a cranky scorpion. Only some have wings and an attitude problem. At least scorpions don't try to make it personal."

"Either way, I gotta go. So, after detention, we looking for cameras along the road or something else?"

Daxton's finally blinking like he's waking up and his blue eyes trail the mess that Fred's made of his door. "Do dream catchers really work?" He thought hat was just an arts and crafts thing. An eyebrow raises, unsure if the teen is series about fairies. He chugs the rest of his drink and then glances over to Fel, unsure what Fred means, "You mean…go back? We can't till the weekend." They're being watched pretty heavily currently.

Felicia once more smiles and nods. She is starting to believe in the magic stuff, but a month isn't quite enough time to remove 16 years of not believing..or whatever in her case. "What is it with you and bugs?" wasps and now scorpions? "No, ground smashing after detention, remember." she reminds Fred and nods her head at Dax "It has to wait, we are to close to the radar right now. Harder to sneak out.

Do dreamcatchers work? That elicits a shrug from Fred. "Depends on how they're made, I guess. I've heard weirder things - like a girl who can toss cars, a boy who can outrun the wind or someone who can pull out their skeleton. Every story starts somewhere, yeah? Maybe Derek and Onida can tell you if it works for certain - It'd be from his sort of culture. Or I .. guess I could ask mom. I mean, it's just another tool in the toolbox to me." A faint grin, and Fred ducks his chin under. Before blinking, and tapping his pockets. Glasses found, lifted, and popped onto the bridge of his nose. Then bumps them up with a knuckle.

"Well, I don't have detention yet. Maybe I can sneak a boat or something to the mainland?"

And finally to Felicia. "I lived in an RV. Preeetty much raised there. And usually we were out in the middle of no where, sooo I guess all my metaphors became bug related?" A faint shrug. "Anyways. Catch you guys later.." Finger-snap, gun point. Someone take this poor man's copy of Richmond High away from him before he hurts himself. And he's off and walking.

Daxton's head tilts and the frown is now a confused one. "Wait…you want to use one, but you don't know if it works? Tools are used because they work, not just.." Well, he stops and shakes his head, not getting it. The empty can is lifted in a goodbye motion, "Yeah, later." Fel gets his attention now, "Think we'll be okay to look this weekend, or is the whole thing bust?"

"Better safe than sorry?" Felicia queries about using the dreamcatcher whether it works or not. Ugh Derek…she'd rather not ask him anything. Yes she is still a little sore about how he treated Anna. She'll get over it, eventually. "Huh." she says as Fred goes into some detail about his former living conditions "Later Fred." she lifts a hand to wave him goodbye. "We should be fine. I'll shrink us all down again and we can stowaway on the ferry." if it comes down to it. She moves to the sofa and drops herself onto it, the sofa of course protests and apparently she has stuffs in her robe pockets because there is a bit of rattling around heard from them.

Daxton doesn't think that makes sense. Why would you use a hammer if you weren't sure if it worked? But it's not his bag, so whatever. He follows her, giving her a weird look at the rattling. "You ok?" He waits till she's settled before sitting as well, not letting his right shoulder brush against the piece of furniture.

It's morning time…the time that school aged teenagers dread. Especially when they are woken up by Fred pounding nails into his door frame. But that particular teenager is gone and now it's just Dax and Felicia bogarting the sofa, both still in there sleepwear and with some serious bed head going on.

Giving a yawn and a stretch as she gets comfy with her precious Monster drink she gives the teen boy a look "Shouldn't I be asking you that question?" she retorts in her usual goodnatured manner "I'm cool." she sips her drink and looks around for the remote, finding it between the cushions "You doing any better." the TV is turned on, but she turns the sound way down, before finding cartoons.

Daxton's in sleepy pants and a wife beater. It might be a nice sight, if it wasn't for the giant bruise across his shoulder from where he slammed into the wall Sunday night at top speed. The energy can in his hand is crushed, he slammed it earlier. "No. You shouldn't." That's helpful. "I'm FUBARed no matter what, so whatever." And it sounds like his sleep wasn't that kind either. The crushed aluminium is tossed into the nearest wastebasket. It makes it in, but it's not a clean shot. "Sorry about last night. I don't know what Grayson's issue is with me." Or if it's even actually with Daxton. Could just be an issue. The teens face is rubbed, like he's still trying to wake up.

Annaliesa had slept really well, dead to the world, as it were, as soon as she had showered and her head had hit her pillow. The pounding had woken her, but she had thrown in ear buds and drifted back to sleep. Now, she could no longer ignore the inevitable and she was awake, walking out of the dorm wearing fuzzy pajama bottoms and a tank top, her feet bare. Normal, people feet. Seeing the other two there, she wears first a look of concern for Daxton. "Hey," she greets gently. "Are you okay?" Tossing a look to Felicia, she smiles, "Sorry if I snored last night, I was so out."

Felicia begs to differ…well not verbally or anything, but just the expression she gives him until he is all apologies "You have nothing to be sorry for. Whatever his issue he is get over it eventually, and if he doesn't screw him." she gives a one shouldered shrug. She doesn't know either and isn't going to try to guess.

Anna's arrival has her grinning at her roomie "Morning Anna." a glance is given to Dax at Anna repeating her own question. He is going to be so sick of hearing that soon "It's all white noise Anna, no worries. Come pull up a peice of the sofa."

Daxton forces a smile at Anna, "Oh…I'm peachy. You?" A deep breath is taken and his eyes slide away to glance at the TV. "I think the detenion is causing more damage than what actually happened." No, not really, but that's easier to talk about. Now that his hands are both empty he starts fidgeting with his right wrist again. "Do you guys know, is it just a study hall, or are we going to be doing anything?"

Annaliesa moves over to the sofa and collapses down on it, flashing a smile between the two that comes far more naturally than the one offered to her from Daxton. "I'm good, supposed to meet with Derek last hour to see what's been going on, get his take on things." She doesn't elaborate on the responses from Daxton, but it doesn't stop the concerned look from being tossed his way. "I don't know," about study hall or anything. "I have to get ready for classes soon, unfortunately.

"Yeah detentions are hardly good for.." Felicia pauses a moment "whats it called? Morale?" yep that's the world "I think it is with Enigma again so who knows. Just hope it isn't a gym detention where we have to clean the mats." cause ewww gross. And speaking of gross she pulls a face at the mention of Derek "His take on things? Please don't tell me you are going to buy into anything of the crap he tries to sell you. He's already shown what kinda guy he is. You deserve better than that."

Daxton's jaw tightens and he glances out the window. He has opinions he should keep to himself. His nose crinkles, "I have catch up to do….homework detention wouldn't be a bad way." And then Felicia says it for him, so he looks back between the two girls, wait to see what Anna says.

Annaliesa rolls her eyes, "Detentions. Well at least it brought all the skeletons from our closet." Ba-da-bing. She grins, "I mean Fred." She's not funny, she knows it, but she grins anyway. "I guess detention isn't so bad, as long as it's not something that will be so boring." When Derek is mentioned, she leans back on the couch and looks uncertain. "I just wanted to see if there was a reason or what happened or something. He asked me to meet him at the Mug Shot, last hour. I figure I can hear what he has to say at least. I mean, he's already made his decisions, right?" She looks to Daxton, "If you need help in homework, I bet Felicia and I can pitch in to help."

"So you are risking even more detentions by leaving school during the week, to meet up with Derek who clearly is thinking with the brain between his legs and not the one between his ears." Felicia gives a sigh "Yeah, the decision to try to score with every girl he can. Time to make yours." as she talks she drapes a supportive arm over Anna's shoulder, but doesn't lean or anything…she doesn't wanna crush her roomie "Tell her I'm right Dax." she glances to Dax, the only guy in the room. Lucky him.

Daxton fidgets more with his wrist before looking up, "You should bring someone with you. Even if they just sit on the other side of the shop." Paranoid much? After Sunday he's going to be for some time. He nods, and Felicia's right anyway. Although he clears his throat and looks slightly embarrassed. Not all dudes are like that. Well, not all the time, anyway. Just be careful." He doesn't know what else to say(The poor speedster actually has a slight blush forming), so he switches back to homework. "Rosa said she'd read over any of my papers to double check them, but yeah…I always need help…" he's still a year behind. Thank goodness speed reading is part of his abilities!

"Last time." This week at least. Annaliesa smiles when Felicia's arm comes around her. "Yeah you told me what was up, I figured I'd ask him. I won't say where I heard it, but last night, I could already tell something was different. He didn't act like he used to." She nods to Daxton, "I will be careful and I won't stay long. Thank you both for being concerned about me, I'm glad I have you both." She gives Daxton a very deliberate look, "Just like you have me and Felicia too. Anytime you need us to even talk or anything."

While she does note the blushing, Felicia kindly says nothing about it, but at least it is better than the morose and confused Dax they have been gifted with since his arrival. She does nod in agreement to Anna not going alone and covers a yawn…or pretends to at least, she is actually mouthing 'I'm on it." to Dax. There will probably be some shrinking and hiding in Anna's purse in her near future. "But don't come to be for homework, unless you want to fail. If so then I am totally your girl!" she gives a wink to Dax "Otherwise stick with Rosa, she's smart."

Damn it, don't turn this around on him! Dax sigh, chewing on the inside of his cheek. "I know." He's staring at his naked wrist currently, so to not accidentally make eye contact with either girl. "I keep having….feelings. Like, flashes of memory….I don't think they wanted to hurt me." No names are said, it's pretty clear he's talking about Unit 23. A deep breath and he nods to Fel, catching the mouthed words and the warning of homework. "Maybe we can just have a study group or something." Then it's not just people helping him.

Annaliesa would be skipping the last two hours of class, but she doesn't actually mention that. She grins at Felicia, "I'm not that book smart, especially if it comes to math. It's not something I have even the remotest interest in." She gives another concerned look to Daxton, "I don't know. I think that one wanted to hurt anyone except you. You're a part of something big, I think, and they're very careful and I guess strong, since there are other supers involved." There's a nod about study group and she stands, "I should get ready for class." Grumble, grumble.

"Like bad feelings? Or confused feelings…or just a big jumble of "Oh my gawd what is happening why am I feeling like this…kind of feelings." As she says the last part Felicia uses both hands to shake her fists. It sounds like she can relate, at least a little to that bit of it. It's part and parcel to being an amnesiac "Totally didn't want to hurt you. Wanted you back in a bad way it looked to me." she nods at what Anna says "And didn't care who the hurt to do that either." she is in agreement with most of what Anna says "Big and fucked up it looks like to me." she shrugs and says no more about that, not wanting to throw judgments around and such, at least not in any Dax's direction. "But study group…good plan. I could use one of those so I'm not stuck being in class with this year’s sophomores next year." she then pouts at Anna "Don't remind me." and collapses back on the sofa, narrowly missing beaning Dax in the head with an arm…narrowly missing on purpose of course.

Ugh. Math. But it's easier to focus on than Unit 23. At least math has answers. "Confused, but…familiar?" That's probably not good. He twists his wrist and then runs his hand over his shirt hair, which feels long to him. "I…I think it would have been different if no one else was there…they wouldn't have attacked." Is he justifying what they did? or just talking, confused. The teen frowns, that anxious feeling forming in his chest again. If there's judgment against them, and he used to be part of them…it is kinda like math. His eyes narrow, it may have looked narrow, but he vibrates where he's sitting, ready to zip to the side if needed.

Felicia nods at that "Confused and familiar." she gets that in a manner of speaking "You're probably right. No one is debating that one. They only attacked because we were there..we also would have never seen you again if you had went in alone. We were screwed no matter what he did." she's pretty confident about both points. Which would have made the whole rescue in the first place pointless. Sitting up she crushes her Monster can in between her palms and slips it into her robe pocket. She eyes him briefly, "Maybe you should fake being sick today, try to get more rest. No one would blame ya."

Daxton frowns, tilting his head to look at her, "…Why do you say that?" It's not registered that they could have just made him go back with them. "They just want to talk to me." He sighs, looking away. he thought about it, but… "No. I'd rather think about homework than all this crap." He was going to bring up the note, but he's not thinking Felicia's gonna be willing to let him go, if she thinks he'd not come back.

"Because they attacked us. Messed with our minds. If they were going to ask you back all nice and polite they would have just showed themselves from the start and done so." Felicia explains as best as she can "Dontcha think?" that's how she sees it at least, makes sense to her. She stares at the TV a moment watching the silent cartoon figures get up to some antics "Your call. Should I draw your eyes on your eyelids so when you fall asleep in class in looks like you are awake?" cause that totally works in cartoons.

Daxton rubs his wrist again, his expression is clearly unsure. Finally he'll just say, "I don't know." That's a safe answer, right? He snorts, looking to the tv as well, "Sure. Remember to grab a blue sharpie then."

"Blue?" Felicia questions breifly and then scrutinizes Dax as if she has never seen him before in her life "Oh, blue eyes, got it. I'll probably need an extra fine red one while I'm at it." she sagenods at him "Or in the alternative I can just sit behind you and kick your chair when you start to doze off. You pick." she sorta smirks. Isn't she just so helpful.

Daxton loosk back at her and cocks an eyebrow, he's not super aware of his looks (Good or bad), but eh knows his eyes are fairly bright. The red marker comment though has his sticking out his tongue. "i might stay awake if you threaten that." He doesn't need a bruised butt onto of his shoulder.

She's probably just worried about other things besides the color of his eyes, or Felicia is just a strange duck. Of course she sticks her tongue right back at him "Might? Duly noted." she pulls another drink from her pocket. How many does she keep in there? "Want another one?" he probably needs it more than she does. She actually slept and all that.

Daxton hesitates and then nods, "Who needs to keep still anyway." He leans forward to take the can, "Thanks." He's going to be bouncing off the walls, maybe literally. Hopefully they'll have some kind of gym practice he can burn some of this off at. And then maybe crash during detention. "I'll hook you up with some to replace these when I get a job." Which will hopefully be soon. The grocery store and pizza joint seemed interested.

"Certainly not us." though Felicia probably won't be visably vibrating like he possibly could from all the stuff. Of course with the way she drinks it her body is probably used to the effects by now "There usually is." she bounces up from the couch. At least getting up no one gets airborne. "Sleeping, the best way to handle detention. If I'm not there it is because I snuck off to keep taps on Anna." she waves it off "I have Monster's stashed all over. There are some taped under Enigma's desk even. Getting decent time for me." not that she isn't now, she isn't the excessive skin showing type "I'll see you at breakfast." and then she is bounding to her room, to get ready for her day.

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