(2016-04-13) Soaring
Summary: Derek and Oliver discuss topics the other doesn't like, Delilah shows up as Oliver is run off, some soaring is had
Date: (2016-04-13)
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School's out … for the day at least. Derek comes out of the elevator tube in the middle of the hub, the doors swish open and out he steps. Fresh from classes. But lo, what is this. He wears a simply dark blue jacket, unzipped, over a white tee shirt and some jeans, chuck taylors popping out the bottom. Maybe he had a field trip, that didn't require book bag or books either. It seems to have involved a trip to Mug Shot, cause the styrofoam cup he holds says Mug Shot right on it. The best, only, place for coffee in town, its easy to recognize the logo even without reading it. Not warm, no steam or anything, but he like ice in his coffees. One hand put into a pcoket of his jacket, he takes a drink and orients himself, like he could just cut for his dorm room over there.

It's been a week already and it's only Wednesday. Oliver also makes his way to the Dorm Hub after class dressed in his more 'formal' uniform and carrying his books in a messenger bag. There's a pause when he sees Derek out of uniform…and with a tell-tale coffee-cup in his hand. "Wow, Senioritis really has you in its grips, doesn't it?" He says it with a smile, of course. Not that he's going to tattle or anything.

"Absolutely," grins Derek, open about his love of being in school. Oddly, he enjoys training with his team, doing the fun things. But the school work, he could do without. "It was entirely too sunny today to just sit in a classroom." And the fun thing about a school this size, there really is no good excuse when one does skip, he's pulling a detention somewhere out of this. If not already on a schedule. There is a bandage to his face, some rumors proving true probably. "Its an addiction I've had since day one. I remember fondly sitting in kindergarten and watching the sun outside. I've been waiting to graduate ever since." He spins a tale of woe is him, in prison his whole life. Grinning while he tales it, "How about you, can't wait to get the tie off?"

"I wouldn't know," Oliver points out teasingly, "I was -in classes all day-!" He fake-harumphs before his grin returns. "Why doesn't that surprise me about you? But…I was almost afraid that you were talking about the coffee as your addiction from kindergarten. That would have been a little scary," yet maybe also not terribly surprising.

His grin wavers some when asked about graduating and he gives a shrug, "Eh, I'm not really rushing it. It's a good deal here and if it means I have to deal with some classes for a while, I think I can manage." Essentially free food and shelter…it's more than what he's going to get when he graduates and turns 18.

Half a chuckle as the other boy teases back, "See, there you go, all the more reason I should have went. To keep everyone else informed of the great day out there." Well, great for spring, its in the 50s, warm in the sun. Cool in the shade, but warmth is there, summer is on the way. "That one, the coffee it came later," and a smirk, maybe 2nd grade. Or he's teasing by smirking. Who knows when he really started, probably high school like most kids in high school. "The rooms are nice, the food is nice. I'll give you that. Its good here, I just have a taste for more freedom I guess. You gonna stay at the school over summer?"

This conversation is growing less comfortable for Oliver, but he tries to keep it on the positive and get the subject moving in a different direction. "Except now it's getting darker and we're still stuck inside! You, sir, are evil!" His eyes glance at the coffee cup before he answers the question, "Oh, probably. I can work more at the MugShot and save up for next year and stuff…" before he does try to actively change the subject. "You know, they're coming out with all these new drinks moving into Spring and all…let me know if you want to try any of them."

He could go on all day too, about shirking school or about getting out and being away from it all. Derek is good for that, all day good for it. Good thing the other makes the effort to change the topic. "Yeah, not a bad idea, I'm thinking of spending time this summer here too." As if he could actually look around and do this thing they call work. He needs to, he knows he needs a job eventually no matter what, but still. Then that offer is made and he grins with a nod, "Hell yeah, I'll try some. Do I get like sneak peaks, a taste before they hit the shelves … or get brewed in the machine things." Cause fresh coffee to drink isn't sold off the shelf that is.

Phew! The subject change was mostly accepted. Oliver relaxes a little, "Sure! If we're not too busy when I'm there and all, I can make you some of the new drinks as a sneak peek. They have all the new syrups and toppings and stuff…I don't know that the coffee bases themselves will be changing." Hey, they brew the stuff to order, like any proper coffee shop!

Shifting his bookbag to the other shoulder, he then asks, "Is it warm enough for Anna to go swimming yet? I really, really want to try that mermaid thing before summer. Think you could maybe…help me with that?"

"Oh yeah," the flavors all sound good, that Derek understands. As for the grounds and where they come from or how they roast them before brewing the coffee, that is mostly Greek to Derek. But he nods as if it makes sense. "I'll try to swing by over the weekend, hit you up then." He'll probably find a way to repay even, its a favor, he can be good like that. Then the next topic, to which Derek shrugs. "Maybe, don't know. She never showed me, I'll probably never see it until team training." He takes a drink of his coffee with the indifference he tries to exude, "That boat has sailed. You could probably ask her."

"Sounds good! You know my hours there, right?" Oliver doesn't doubt that Derek will show up right when he's working and right when there's a lull. The grin fades some when Anna's shifting is mentioned and that he should ask her himself, "What happened? Did you two break up?" Because that would be the scandal of the school year!

He and Derek are in the Ocean Floor Hub after classes have ended for the day. Derek is out of uniform and sipping at a coffee from the MugShot and Oliver is still in his school uniform complete with bookbag over one shoulder.

"Yeah, or about," on the subject of times. Derek figures if he walks near enough, he'll notice when Oliver is on shift to fudge not knowing the times the other boy works at the Mug Shot. He like being near town, and if he's there, he'll get a few coffees probably. Fate will make it work out, or for Derek, blind happenstance. A shrug to the return question from Oliver. "Yeah, something like that. Better that way. I mean, never official, but yeah." And speaking of topic changes, Derek feels it could be a good time. "Seen that Daxton around? Wondering how he's holding up after the weekend." Or he could go to his dorm and see if he's there somewhere but hey, subject change, all is fair.

Out of the Metis dorm comes a dark haired sophomore, she's wearing sweats that were either bought for her or loaned to her, and a hoodie, the school uniform for the day is removed. When she sees the others, she walks over, her hands in the pockets of the hoodie as she approaches. "Hi," she greets the both of them, giving them both a once over and a friendly smile.

Oliver ohs quietly, "I'm sorry. I really am." They were so obnoxiously adorable together. He pickes up when Derek changes the subject, "I haven't seen him…but I heard you went into MedBay. Everything ok? I mean…I don't even know what happened, just what you hear in the cafeteria and all that." Now, if Derek would like to share what happened, he's happy to listen.

As Delilah steps out of the Metis dorms, he offers her a grin, "Hey there. Starchild!" He grins even wider, "Glad to have you on the -best- team!" His own uniform is that of Team Metis.

"It was something, just Daxton wants some answers, we tried to help." About as much as Derek offers over. No comments on MedBay, though he does have that bandaged cut on his head. "We all made it back, but I think more questions for Daxton. He doesn't just open up, we'll see if Felicia gets more from him." A slight grin, then off again, more Ares trouble making, or adventures that is. And there is another, "Hey Lila." Says the boy with grin showing slightly impish. "How's school going, it all making sense?" Because of the Starchild thing. "Was hoping to see you today. And sure, the best team, for enjoying staying in school on nice sunny days."

A starchild, Delilah seems to warm to the given name from Oliver. Seeing his colors, it now made more sense to her than it had when she had first arrived. "We're the best team," she agrees, holding out a hand for a high five, but then turning it to a fist for a fist bump, something she had seen done more often than not. "It's been interesting here all week, school is different, I don't know how I like it. There was a camp out this past weekend." Of course Derek had been there.

Oliver returns the fist-bump and even does the exploding sound as he pulls his hand back. "Some of us like not having detention from skipping class." It's not the best burn but it was the one that came quickest to his mind. So there! "Besides, I'm sure we'll be doing things outside once it, you know, actually gets -warm-. Not this deceptively cold sunlight!" Still not the best of comebacks.

He turns back to Delilah, "There was another one? Or the one from a couple of weeks ago where everyone caught the Glitter Flu?"

Mirth in his features at the dapping going on there, Derek doesn't quite roll his eyes, but he's amused with good nature that she initiates the activity between the teammates there. "I'm thinking I want another one, less people." Eyes more deliberately towards Delilah at that thought. "It was another one, no glitter flu this time around. Though there was a whale or something. Daxton and Rosa went out to check on it. They never said what it was." A suspicious eyebrow raised, as if curious what they really did if not investigate odd noises during the night. "I might have to borrow your teammate then, go out and do stuff while its deceiptively cold. See if it can be warmed up for you." The oustide that is.

The explodey thing amused Delilah and she looks down at his hand, then her own before she opens it like an explosion, minus the sounds. "Oh, I don't know I wouldn't mind not going to class. The classes can be really boring sometimes. Everything is too uniform, too scheduled, too strict." She may not be so used to rules. "I wonder if I have to go to school here or if it's optional." The question is more musing as she considers it. "There was another camp out. Music and dancing. It was interesting, lots of people went." Hearing the insinuations from Derek, or more seeing the look on his face, she grins. "I don't think it's deceptively cold. I think it's cold though."

"And I wasn't invited camping?" Oliver huffs a little although…he made it known that he really doesn't enjoy the activity. "I mean, someone could have at least -told- me about it…" maybe he would have visited and then gone back. "A Whale? Aww, man…I would have liked to have seen a whale." Then maybe he could try to turn into one. "Ok, music and dancing and I wasn't invited?" Now there's an actual question in there.

It's his turn to lift an eyebrow when Derek mentions borrowing Delilah. "Hey, she's not mine…you're going to ask her if she wants to be borrowed." He then offers, "Yeah, you kind of do have to go to class here or you get in trouble, like Derek will be. Also, if you don't graduate, you're limited in what sort of jobs you can work and you really don't want to get stuck working in something that's minimum wage because you can't support yourself. Doing the Superhero thing doesn't pay a lot." He's actually thought about this stuff.

"The fun thing of cold is figuring out how to warm up," says Derek as he meets that look from Delilah. Okay, maybe lots more fun to do in cold, warming up just a bonus in some situations of course. Then half a look over to Oliver, "I put the word out to a couple of people, I never know who all is going to get the word." Word of mouth seems to be his style. Invite a couple, see how big things get maybe. "I'm going to hope she just wants to get out of the school for a little bit, and take her company away from your dorms is what I mean." On borrowing and who's asking who. Then Oliver goes into logistics of school, why it could be needed, something about minimum wage and Derek seems to be loosing interest. "Assuming, you stay on Earth that is." He grins, maybe he listened, he puts in his two cents on that topic

"Jobs." The word is mentioned as if it's something either new or terrible. "I will be back home before then and I won't have to be working jobs. I really don't feel like a hero, super or otherwise. I just don't know what I am, but I'm not a superhero." The pay thing though.. "I suppose I do need money though. I can't keep wearing Derek's things," she grins and lifts the hoodie a little, slipping her other hand back into the pocket. "I have thought about having someone use your computers here and searching things about me to see if there's anything I can learn about how to get back. I fell from the sky, so if I fly back up there, do I go home?" It's something she has thought about as well and had mentioned to Derek in the process. The mention of cold and warming up brings a look to Derek. "You are one of my mates, I could warm you." Awkward to anyone who isn't her, but not deliberately. "Where away from school are we going?"

Oliver just looks between the two, his eyes widening as Delilah just adds more fuel to the fire, so to speak. "Ok…" he actually takes a step back towards the dorms, "I can see I probably need to make like a tree and leave…" because he does -not- want to be the elephant in the room, figuratively or literally. "Uhm. Yeah. I don't think that just flying back up will do that…you'll probably die from lack of oxygen before you get to where you need to go, but…I mean…that's just science talking." Right. He was going to leave. "Uhm. Yeah. So…coffee, whenever." He then tries to make a dash back to his dorm hall before he gets caught in any more awkwardness!

No comments on how Delilah feels about hero or otherwise. But a slight shrug, "I don't know, you look good in my things." As if to help with the awkward. "We can go look for a book or something about stars. If its up from here, its a long way home. And we can try flying up there." Says Derek on that topic, turning to the retreating Oliver, "Yeah, coffee is on. Can't wait to see what you all have that's new for the season." No return on the leaf'ing like a tree either. Cause, warming up was brought up. "Come on, lets go fly somewhere and see where the wind take us?" To Delilah, helping give more distance to oliver, so he doesn't have to dash.

Delilah looks down at her clothes, well Derek's clothes, and shrugs just a little. "They are comfortable, as far as clothes go." A look is thrown to Oliver. "I don't need Oxygen alone to breathe." Or however she could word it, "So I can fly up there to check if home is somewhere." The coffee thing isn't anything to her by any stretch of the imagination, "I will have food, Derek can have coffee." So, she looks towards the exit. "Off to get a book then?"

Cut …

When they get out, to fly a little away from the school, Derek is in no hurry. Not zipping to get near town to land, then walk for the book store. He soars rather with Delilah, enjoying being out and flying. The bonus of wings, or power of flight, no need for a ferry to go places. "I can go up with you, I don't think I can breath up there, but its a great open space up there. Just to see if you recognize anything, I can fly as high as I can breath." As they get to taking flight, then he turns over, a barrel roll, to fly under her and face up towards her. "Mmmm, been looking forward to seeing you all day." Whenever it was they figured out leaving to look for books and fly that is.

Delilah flies with him, knowing she knows how to do this, somehow, the air currents used to her advantage. "You shouldn't go if you can't breathe. It's not safe." Still, when he does the barrel roll, she laughs, looking down. When he is down there, she flies higher and higher and higher, the town becoming invisible in the cloud cover. "We don't have the same classes." Cause of the year difference in school. "We don't have the same team. So we have after school and lunch. It's good."

"Yeah, after school and lunch," he agrees, following her rise into the clouds as the town disappears below. Derek keeps up, his face lighting up more, because flying, and sharing it with her. "Its good … enough to miss you, better to see you when we see each other." A shrugs, a look around the moisture in the air, "So, there is that, you were missed." He zips ahead a little, then sees if she catches up, "I'll go as far as I can breathe, you can go further?" If she catches up, he'll fly closer to her, so they nearly touch, but not enough to mess with the way she's flying, he doesn't want to disturb that.

"Don't miss me," Delilah tells him with a grin. "Just have fun until we are together again, it works best that way." When he zips up ahead, she stiffens her body and zoooms upwards, a bullet shot straight upwards until she catches him again. "Will you be waiting for me to get back or are you going to go get the book?" She twirls around in a circle, spiraling upwards.

"And if you're more fun than what I'm doing, come see if you're around," ponders Derek on this idea of relationship from her perspective. She bullets ahead this time, he puts a hand forwad and rockets after her, boosted by his energy, that orange blubbly sort of field around him. Wings straight even as he goes up. Then she's circling and spiraling, "I'll wait here, you fly up, have a look around, then we can go to the store together." He tries to catch her, to hold her, one hand each at the front of her shoulders, grabbing the material of his hoodie to pull her close for a kiss, strong, wanting, then letting her go for a look.


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