(2016-04-13) Sierra - Day One
Sierra - Day One
Summary: Sierra's first day and her first encounter with another student
Date: 2016-04-13
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Sierra is seated on one of the couches and staring out at the undersea world. But rather than looking transfixed or excited by the view she looks bored and uncomfortable. She scratches at the school uniform she has been issued…and made to change into before she was allowed to leave reception…before reaching down to unzip the duffel bag at her feet. Extracting a phone from within she checks for reception…another frown. "I thought this was the future" she mumbles with a Mexican accented voice. The phone is tossed back in the bag.

Jacob has been parked at another seat for a while, alternately leafing through a textbook and jotting down some notes. Just the right balance of background hubbub to stave off boredom a little longer… but only a little. Blinking, he looks around as Sierra pipes up, setting the books aside for the moment. "Yeah, I wondered about that too. I think it's on purpose, they want us to focus on classes while we're down here. Or at least have to think, do we care enough to haul up to top level?"

Sierra looks over at the young man that dare interrupt her sulk. Her dark eyes checking him out for a moment before she leans down and zips up her bag. "Being underwater is also not good to skip class" Her English is passable but accented and no doubt she'll miss a few things. She looks upwards at the promise of phone reception before sighing and pursing her lips. "I think they have forgotten me. I am supposed to go to a…dorm? We live here, yes?"

Oof, language barrier. Jacob knows a lot less Spanish than she knows English, so no help to be had there. "Dorms are that way," he says, pointing toward the stairs leading further down toward the ocean floor. "Did you get signed up for one of the teams yet?"

Sierra looks over in the direction of the dorms. "They are even more under the water? Is that safe?" Then she looks back towards reception. "I do not think they have room for me yet. Told me to wait." A sly smile of amusement. "I think they have to see who they want to punish and give me as roommate." A nod to Jacob's last question. "Ares. Is that good?"

Jacob smirks, shaking his head. "Hey, you've got a sense of humor, that's only a punishment if you're boring. How many boring people you think are at /this/ school?" At the mention of Ares, he waggles a hand in the air. "Oh, they're all good, or they can be. They must figure you're a good fit. And it should be safe, not like the water pressure is going to suddenly go up tomorrow." Unless maybe a supervillain attacks, but then that's a danger anywhere in the world.

"I think there could be a lot of boring people here" Sierra smiles. "There are certainly a lot of /white/ people. I think I know why it took so long for them to accept me." She scratches again at her clothes, pushing the hem of her skirt up more than two inches from her knee to get at an itch. "Why are we wearing a uniform? I thought I had got away from the nuns. A good fit? I do not think I was ever a good fit. You are not an Ares?"

"Hmm? Well, most, but there are some others too. You'll see them before long." Jacob shakes his head. "No, I'm with Athena. I think you'll do okay. And the uniform—" A shrug. "I hear a lot of private schools do it. I think it's just, the adults want to have one less thing to think about."

"Poor adults" Sierra teases. "Having to think of so many things at once. So what makes a person Athena and a person Ares? They just asked me a lot of questions and then told me which team I am in. Do we…umm…compete? That is the word?" She shrugs her own question off. "It does not matter. I do not think I will ever pass if this has real classes too. I am not good with…let me get exact what the social worker said…structured learning." She smiles over a Jacob…a warm smile at least. "So what do you do? Why are you here?"

Jacob shrugs. "I don't know, really. Metis is a little different, they focus more on long-term ideas, but the others all seem pretty similar. Yeah, we'll be competing at some point." As for that last question, he pantomimes raising his arms above his head. "Pick up big heavy things, mostly. What about you?"

"A strongman?" Sierra nods in understanding before considering what she actually is. "I am a…witch? That might be easiest way to say. I can control fire but it is all…mystical? That is the word." She sighs and glances down at herself. "I share my body with a spirit." Sierra doubts the deeper explanations are helping.

Well, they're not /that/ deep, but then Jacob doesn't care that much about such things anyway. Who cares that one person's 'mystical' and another is a genetic mutant and a third was hit by an alien transmogrification ray? They can all /do stuff/, and that's the interesting part. "Fire, huh? I can think of at least one time when that would be really useful."

"If you say 'at a barbeque' then I will burn your eyebrows off" Sierra deadpans…and seems to mean it. "So what do people do for fun here? Are we allowed to have parties? Can we leave here? This places looks like…a prison." That makes her frown before she looks over at him with her big dark eyes. "Are there bullies here? Who should I avoid?"

Jacob grins again, regardless, and shakes his head. "I was thinking if we were going up against a bomber, actually. You said you can control fire, can you push it away from things? And yeah, it's open on weekends." Another shrug. "Bullies? Haven't heard about any. Rumor is /someone/ was being a heartbreaker but I've just been staying out of it."

"A heartbreaker? That must be a boy?" Sierra laughs and shakes her head. "I do not have to worry about that. No one has ever been interested in me like that. But we are still so young, si?" She does consider the bomber question with more interest however. "I can shape it" she offers, "Maybe that would be the same thing? Though I would want to stop the bomber before the bomb explodes." She tilts her head as she studies him more closely. "Have you been against a bomber? Do the students here do 'real' things?"

"Oh yeah, of course we'd /want/ to. But, you know, in case we didn't pull it off…" Jacob shrugs. "Sometimes, yeah. I'm pretty new myself, just been getting used to classes and everything. But I've heard some stories. I mean, the games are cool and all, but eventually we need to get some real training too, right?"

"Then it would not be training…it would be experience" Sierra shrugs before realising she's been rather rude; though that is not unusual. "I am Sierra Jiminez. From Mexico City. How long have you been here? Are…are the classes hard? I am good with computers but…I did not go to school much at home."

Okay, she's got a point there. The boy leans forward and offers a hand. "Jacob Foster. From Boston." Not that he has that much of an accent. "Hmm, the classes are /work/, but just ask around and I'll bet someone will be up for studying with you, or whatever."

Sierra stares at the hand for a long moment before reaching out to shake it. "Boston? So you are rich? That is how you pay to come here?" Her wry smile shows she is only teasing. "I do not like to ask for help" she frowns, pushing her skirt back down towards her knees. "I do not like to be called stupid."

That gets a snort out of Jacob. "I don't /even/ want to think about who's paying for what." And he doesn't really have to, because hey, not an adult yet! Just how much folding money he's got for weekend trips to the city. "Hey. Seriously. Anybody calls you stupid, they're being stupid, okay? Maybe your old school was crap, that's not your fault. You probably just need to catch up some."

"You are nice to say but I think I need to catch up a lot" Sierra sighs, her hands nervously clasped upon her lap. "My old school was not as impressive as this" she laughs, looking out again at the underwater spectacle. "The only time we had water like this was when it was leaking. Are you in my classes, Jacob?"

"Well, which ones are you in? Might be in some of them." Picking up a backpack that he'd set down earlier, Jacob fishes out a slightly battered copy of his schedule. "So are you staying for the summer? That could help a lot."

"That was actually a pretty stupid question" Sierra laughs. "I told you I was not smart. I do not know my classes yet. I am…umm…sophomore? I think that means I am in second year?" She nods about summer…though doesn't look happy about it. "It is a long way for me to go home for the summer so I will be here. Studying to catch up I think." Sierra peers over at the schedule. "Maybe you can show me your classes and I will try to be in them?"

Jacob shrugs. "Oh yeah, they might take longer to figure it out because of your old school. So, maybe, yeah." There might not /actually/ be a lot of choice involved, but what good would it do to point that out now?

Sierra nods to Jacob's wisdom. "Maybe they will make me do lots of study over summer and decide after that?" The thought of an organised school is bad enough but to suffer it through summer as well! She glances around and frowns. "I should go" she sighs, "See if they really have forgotten me. It was nice to meet you, Jacob. I am sure we will meet again since we cannot get off the island."

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