(2016-04-13) Never Settlle
Never Settle
Summary: Brief meeting at the Mug Shot during last hour of class.
Date: 2016.04.13
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Mug Shot Coffee Shop
The barista is generally busy with orders, but most times still manages a wave of welcome. A large sign serves as the menu and orders are taken just beneath it. It's as lovely inside as it is on the outside. Rounded, wooden beams support the upper floor. The walls are packed with all sorts of travel memorabilia, most likely all collected by the owner. Tourists seem to be some of the more catered to clientele here, the drinks and atmosphere with the added food as a bonus.. Several small tables dot the area with a few larger ones thrown in for bigger groups.

There was that need to talk going around. Derek knew it, Annaliesa may have pointed it out they should talk. Some note passing and some planning and instead of last period, they find a way to get to Shady Cover to meet up at the mugshot. Derek went in, picked up a iced coffee, must milk and ice, like a latte, more milk, less sugar. He turned about, looking for a place to sit, or if Annaliesa was there before him, he'll move to join her table. He'd changed over, found time to get out of uniform and throw on a white tee and a light jacket, it was in the 50s today, a nice spring day. Not overcast, which was good, it was warm in teh sunlight, cool in the shadows. Under the tee and jacket, blue jeans and old chuck taylors, worn in.

When a girl was going to be broken up with, which Annaliesa was almost sure was about to happen, she wanted to look her best. So the hour before last hours, she had skipped, went to her dorm room she shares with Felicia, and gotten prettied up in a skirt that showed her legs, a cute shirt, even some heels. She looked all dolled up. Even her hair was prettied up and scented with that shampoo he had seemed to like before. There's no coat on her, which is a big, big deal given the temperature, and her aversion to the cold. The outfit looked better without one. She comes in shortly after him, pausing at the counter to order the same thing she had ever ordered here. Only this time she has to pay for it herself. Once she does, she turns towards Derek and walks over, a brave smile on her features, but a slightly guarded one.

Derek sat down, took a sip of his cold coffee, watched the floor to wait. When she has turned with her own drink and is on the approach, he lets his eyes find her feet and snake up her body. She was dolled up and it worked on him. She probably had a few eyes on her, and he wasn't thinking about those, just looking at her. Finding a hint of a grin at the corner of his mouth, appreciation of the girl she is, he nods when she is near. "You look good," he says, casually, "Really, really good Liesa." He can't deny that at least. "Thanks for coming out here, I figured we'd be more free to talk away from school." He rises a litttle, as if he would stand and give her a hug even, very tempting too with her looking like that, but he lifts a hand instead. Offering her a seat by way of gesture.

Seeing his expression made the efforts worth it and as he stands like he was going to give her a hug, she anticipates it.. then he gestures towards the seat and she exhales as she finds the seat, helping herself to it by pulling it out and slipping into it. She places her drink down on the table and this time doesn't look up to meet his eyes. Was she going about it all wrong? "Thank you, Derek." Taking another breath, she finally dares to look up at him. The decision comes easy, she didn't want to hurt him. "I understand," she tells him finally. "I mean, kind of. I'm not really good at this kind of thing, I've never been in a relationship or anything like this. Whatever I did, I'm sorry, and I won't make it hard on you."

His eyes stay on here, even before she looks up, Derek helps himself to a quiet drink while she adjusts and goes through internal thoughts there. Then he sits still, giving her more of that moment to herself. Both hands fold in front of him and he bends his head down, to get her eyes, to meet with hers when she looks up. "What you did? Made me want you? Don't have to be sorry about that Liesa." He says with a smile. "I guess I couldn't help myself. I wanted you." A shrug even, "I still want you. But I want more." He purses his lips in thought, "Others." Then a pause, he ponders how it felt when he heard that said to him. "I'm just not settling … being greedy maybe?"

When Annaliesa meets his eyes, she sees the smile, and is beginning to respond.. until he mentions wanting more. More? What more? He answers the question before she can even ask it. "Others," she echoes, lowering her eyes to look at the drink on the table, but she doesn't focus on it, she doesn't do much of anything as she contemplates that. "Settling?" This time she does look back up but she looks like he had completely surprised her. "I didn't realize you would be settling if you were with me, I.." she doesn't know what to say. "I.." she closes her mouth again. What could she say to that? "I won't stand in your way." And so she won't. She rises, leaving her drink on the table and without another word, she heads for the door. Nope, they're not friends after that.

"You're not settling, I was," Derek returns, and pauses, he was what. Playing the field. Even for a jerk like him that sounds pretty jerky to even say. "You're a good kid, Liesa, I'm just … not." He offers, floundering at the words. He still liked her, he would defend her even. If this was another jerk, he'd step up to the plate to punch the kids face as well. But its him. They're still on the same team, maybe he could work on the friend part somehow, but now he's just the jerk. No reason to cut a wound any deeper either, he knows it stung, it would sting him. It probably will at some point. He lets the words ride, to let her have space.

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