(2016-04-13) Earlybirds
Summary: Hannah and Lisa meet and talk a little bit early in the morning.
Date: IC Date (2016-04-13)
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It is early in the morning. Lisa, of course, was awake and had made her way to the gym comfortably before breakfast. She liked getting out of her room as soon as she could manage to. She didn't have a problem with the room (it was reasonably nice, honestly), but being stuck in the same place for six or seven hours wasn't always ideal to someone who didn't need to sleep. A change of location always did her good. So one of the newer freshmen had made her way to the gym for a morning workout. It was pretty empty at this time. Maybe some of the usual earlybirds were sore from the last gym class or something. She was just finishing a bit of warming up at the weights. She had her iPod with her, but she hadn't put the earbuds in yet.

Hannah is one of the earlybirds, but Hannah is just new this week, so probably hasn't been seen much in the gym so far. She is wearing the school training outfit, but she has yet to pick a team to join so there are no colors on her outfit. The teen is standing on a large mat facing a tall, burly and in a track suit and sporting a military style buzzcut, certainly not one of the school instructors. The pair seem to be engaging to some hand-to-hand combat training. The girl seems to be a relative beginner in the technique that involves a lot of punching and kicking as she is having a hard time landing any of her strikes against him. After he lands a blow, knocking the girl back off her feet, he says something to her in a clipped tone and what sounds like Russian perhaps, then moves to help her to her feet. He seems to be please though as he pats her on the shoulder says something else, then waves her away as he begins to gather his gymbag and depart.

Lisa had noticed the newcomer, but hadn't approached. She's done hand to hand combat for years, so while she was warming up she was assessing Hannah's skill level. It was clear she was a beginner, from what Lisa could tell. Of course, the trainer had far more experience, so Lisa didn't expect to see Hannah land many punches. Lisa didn't understand a word of what was said though. She knew Spanish, not Russian, though she could guess the language.

Regardless, it was clear that the girl was finished with her sparring for the morning. Lisa finished her stretching and started a light job around the gym, which took her over towards Hannah. She gave the girl a nod. "Morning," she greeted the other tall girl casually. "Join me on a job to cool down, or do you have more training to do this morning?" she asked. It was still well before breakfast, so Lisa figured there was a reasonable chance of that.

Nodding to her instructor Hannah moves to grab her towel which she pats her face with and then her bottle of fancy bottle water. "Good morning." she returns the greeting, perhaps a bit cooly, or it could just be the faint Russian accent making it sound that way. She sips her water as she takes in the form of Lisa. The girl is to new to have been listed in the school directory so she is at a loss as to who she is. "I am done with my training for this morning." she answers "What did you have in mind?"

"I'm pretty flexible in what I do. I was going to take a jog around the gym to warm up. You're welcome to join me on that for a cooldown. I saw you practicing while I was stretching. How long have you been training?" Lisa asks. "I'm Lisa, by the way," she adds by way of greeting. Lisa never bothered to memorize the directory, but she knows that the outfit Hannah has on indicates she hasn't chosen a team yet. If Hannah's cool greeting bothers Lisa, she doesn't show it one way or another.

Hannah looks around the gym and then back to Lisa. "I can run." she slips her crosstrainers back onto her feet as she steps off the mat. "Not long. A year or so." she crouches to tie the laces quickly and then just as quickly gets up. "How do you like being in Athena?" her tone does remain cool as she speaks, but it is tinged with curiosity at the question.

"So far, so good," Lisa responds. She'll start off at a light jog, but let Hannah overall set the pace. "Everyone has been friendly and helpful so far. Not a whole lot of excessive drama from what I've seen either. To be fair, I haven't been here that long, but I've been comfortable with the decision," The lack of drama suited Lisa just fine. She could do without a daily dose of drama. "Doing pretty well at the martial arts. I don't think I've seen that man around before though," Lisa adds on.

After making her things are in an out of the way place, Hannah falls into that light jogging pace. It's a cool down, not a race so she feels no need to try to outrun the other girl. Not knowing her abilities she doesn't even know if she could. "Yes. I have seen this friendly helpfulness." it sounds like the concept is foreign to her "He is my personal instructor. I have been training with him since the beginning. Not many people know Systema outside of Russia and my father insisted I keep it up. So Ivan was cleared to teach me here."

"I've only heard a brief mention of Systema. I tried out Sambo for a bit when I was younger. Decided it wasn't for me, but my trainer at the time mentioned Systema. He didn't know it well enough to teach though," Lisa responds. Which is probably more than most people know about Russian martial arts in the United States, but it was something. "What does it emphasize?" Lisa questions as she continues to jog. She's not pushing for any speed records here either, so she's perfectly fine falling into the light jogging pace.

Hannah is quiet as they jog, listening to the girl speak about her own training "You are lucky to have had a trainer that was knowledgeable in other marital art forms. "Freedom of movement and complete control of your mental and physical self in /all/ situations. The Russian girl isn't the best conversationalist, answering questions, but not really asking any beyond the one about Athena. At least so far.

"I'm more grateful he knew he didn't know enough to teach it. I'd rather not get taught something by someone with only part of the required knowledge," Lisa tells Hannah. "Oh, and I'm sorry. What was your name? I don't think you mentioned it." Which may be a cultural thing. Lisa wasn't sure. "Sounds like a good style to learn," Lisa agrees. "If I can ask, what are your abilities?" It was a pretty generic question around this school, honestly, particularly among newcomers like the two of them.

Hannah nods at the logic in that, "That too, yes." she doesn't apologize for not giving her name and it is more a snobby thing than anything cultural "Hannah." she uh-uhs in agreement "Yes, especially when your father is worried constantly about abductions." so is the girl a big thing in Russia or is her dad just paranoid? And the the enevitable question. "Augmenting other people's powers." it seems she finds it all very boring, not even anything flashy.

Well, augmenting powers wasn't flashy. It was quite useful, but unless Hannah put on some sort of light show when she did it, it wasn't what Lisa would term flashy. Lisa doesn't seem bothered by the lack of apology. "Worried about abductions? Why is your father so worried about abductions?" That was certainly unusual, especially with Hannah's power not exactly screaming out that she was a powered person. "That's a useful power. Very useful to support whoever you're working with," Lisa adds.

"He is very wealthy." Hannah replies as if either Lisa should already know, or it wasn't all that big of a deal. "So he worries about desperate people wanting to take me for ransom." though they would probably pay him to take her back "Useful, but ultimately boring. And what is your power?" oh finally, a question.

"Ah," Lisa responds. That made a little more sense then. She doesn't state as such though. "My power is that I don't have a genetic cap on my physical abilities. My body will adapt to allow continuous improvement," she explains. She's still trying to figure out the best way to put it. "So, enhanced strength and agility, stuff like that. Oh, and I don't have to sleep." Which was quite useful for getting homework done. "So nothing, for around here, all that out of the ordinary. Not like the people who can shoot energy bolts or fly or things like that." Useful, and interesting to her, but not particularly strange in these parts.

"That is interesting." Hannah tells Lisa, but not with very much conviction, mostly because it is the polite thing to say. She probably thinks its as interesting as her own ability. "I guess that would make you quite adaptable to many situations though. And very good an martial arts." the not sleeping though honestly does intrique her "If you do not sleep how do you retain memories? Sleep is needed to process things that have been learned so they can be remembered."

"I suspect that's part of how my body has adapted on a genetic level. I haven't slept in years, but I don't have any more difficulty in learning or remembering things than anybody else does," Lisa explains. Not being a genetic scientist, she can't offer a specific answer. "I meditate for thirty to sixty minutes most nights. That probably helps, but it isn't the same as sleep. I suppose my brain is wired a little bit differently and builds memories differently than other people's brains." Nothing she can do about that, and as it hasn't caused a problem for her, she isn't concerned about it.

"Meditation is very beneficial for ones well being." Hannah won't argue that point, and since she really doesn't know much on how the brain works she can only take Lisa's word for it "It would have too for you to function properly. I guess if you don't sleep you have plenty of time to learn other things. You don't happen to play chess do you?"

Lisa figures her brain has figured out a way to function. "I'm a decent chess player," Lisa says. "I actually rather like most types of board games. Played a reasonable amount of chess. And yeah, it has helps having an extra eight hours or so in a day available to me," the freshman agrees. It lets her get a good feel for a lot of different things, honestly. It also means her homework is rarely, if ever, late.

"Really?" the cool tone that has been prevalent in Hannah's voice warms some at hearing Lisa can play chess. "I've been asking around, but you are the first person that I have found that knows how to play." this pleases her. Guess she likes to play the game "I can see how that would be useful and quite boring at times too." she pauses thoughtfully "It could make you an ideal roommate though."

"That's surprising. We should get together and play some. Tonight or tomorrow night maybe?" Lisa suggests. "Actually it makes me an awful roommate. Unless you like sleeping with the lights on and someone moving about the room all night. They gave me a private room because of that actually. Wouldn't be fair to my roommate. And it's only boring if I let myself get bored. I try not to let that happen."

They'd finished what Lisa would consider a warmup. "I'm going to get to my weight workout. You're welcome to join me if you want. If not, maybe I'll catch you later tonight?" Lisa suggests.

Hannah nods at the offer "I would love to play." she's sincere, but she isn't smiley or anything about it. "Oh. I guess I didn't think of that aspect of it. I guess you are the lucky one then." what she wouldn't give for a private room. "No thank you. I am going to go shower and get breakfast before the cafeteria gets to noisy. Yes, tonight." she nods and then heads to grab her stuff and face the rest of the day.

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