(2016-04-11) Commissary in the AM
Commissary in the AM
Summary: Oliver meets the newest student, Hannah.
Date: 2016-04-11
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With uniforms and school emblem clothing linging the glass walls looking out, a lot of the room is full of books needed for the classes here at Coral Springs. The wall near the register has supplies such as pens and pencils and erasers. Though there are a few more items than a normal school commissary, including snacks and drinks ranging from soda to energy to teas and water. This is built up as a one-stop shop for all school needs and school spirit.

Do the new students ever stop coming? It seems like every week there is a new one. This week is no exception to the rule. Look there is one now even. The tall girl is wandering around the commissary this early morning before classes start. She seems to be missing out on breakfast being served in the cafeteria just across the hub…or not missing out on it if her slight sneer is any indication. Or maybe she always looks like that. The girl certainly stands out, mostly for her lack of color in complexion and hair…as well as the fact that her uniform doesn't have any house colors decorating it. So new she is undecided.

Oliver has just finished breakfast, but despite that, he is hungry again. No doubt it has to do with the fact that he's a teenager…or maybe there weren't enough vegan options for him this morning. It happens. They run out of Soy or Almond or Coconut milk and he's out of luck with his cereal options. Even as he makes his way towards his class, he does meander by the school store…maybe he has enough change or credit to get a snack!

Blue-green eyes rest on the pale girl for a moment before he offers a smile and steps a little closer, "Hi there! You look a little lost. If you wanted to get breakfast, the Cafeteria is right through here…although they're out of non-dairy milk right now."

The girl picks up a handful of pencils, tapping them against her leg briefly as she looks to the teen greeting her with such politeness and is that cheeriness on a Monday morning. Hannah's lip curls ever so slightly as the pale blue eyes study the male in front of her.

"Oliver Blythe, sophomore. Team Metis." her tone is a bit cool, or maybe its just the slight Russian accent that makes it sound that way. Her glance moves from him to the cafeteria "Thank you, but I know exactly where I am…and where the cafeteria is as well." she informs him the tone never changing "The map provided in my welcome package was surprisingly helpful." is that a little condescension in her voice now?

Oliver tilts his head as his name is given and his grin widens, "Well, you know me, but I don't know you! Cool accent, where are you from?" He glances back over towards the Cafeteria before he looks back to the girl. Maybe he didn't hear the tone or maybe he's just ignoring it. "It's a little loud and noisy now. If you get there early, it's not so bad…and then you get your choice of what's being served. Guess I should follow my own advice, huh?"

His name at least and the more obvious things. The girl sighs. Hannah expected the question. She always gets it even though the answer is mostly obvious "Moscow…" she answers her voice less cool and more stoic in nature "Are all mealtimes here a study of chaos and noise?" yeah she isn't like the idea of that "If so I may have to find elsewhere to partake in dining." wow someone speaks English a bit to properly. Though it is her second language which in a lot of cases means she speaks it better than native english speakers..grammatically at least. "Perhaps you should." she gives a nod "You would certainly get there before the non-dairy milk ran out."

"That's cool. I've never been. Never been out of the US, actually…I'm sad to say, but one day…" Oliver still has that friendly grin. When asked about the chaos and noise, he looks back yet again at the Cafeteria, "Yeah, it's pretty much always like this. I mean, it could be a lot worse…we don't have that many students here. At some schools that I went to, it was a madhouse every day."

There's a shrug as she agrees that he should follow his advice. "Well, that's what the Commissary is for!" Sure enough, he picks up some fruit and a miniature box of cereal that he will apparently eat dry. "When did you get here? I mean, I think I'd remember seeing you around. And what was your name again?"

Hannah is hardly surprised by that bit of information about the boy "And why would you?" she asks, more rhetorically than because she actually wants to know. Her glance follows his and she gives a bit of a scowl "I wouldn't know. The school I went to was," there is a beat "well a bit more," really a lot more "dignity and decorum were expected from its students."

"I suppose it is." she will admit that much as her pale eyes follow him in getting snacks "This weekend. And I am Hannah Petrov."

"Well, because I know that there are some amazing things in the world and I'd like to see them with my own two eyes," Oliver points out. He does end up putting some of the snacks back when it turns out he doesn't have enough credit for what he wanted to buy. "And there are a lot of people and animals that I'd like to see other than on television or movies or Youtube videos. Research, I guess." There's another bright grin before he turns back to the girl, "Nice to meet you, Hannah Petrov. Undecided, huh?"

The girl eyes him once more, "And you have the means in which to accomplish this?" Hannah asks him with cool curiosity. A snigger is bitten back as the boy falls short of fundage and she doesn't offer to cover the excess either. "The zoo is Moscow is quite lovely, if it is animals you are wanting to look at." She glances down at her unmarked, expensive looking uniform, and it's lack of house colors "Is that a serious question?"

"One day I will," Oliver answers easily. "Or I'll just figure out a way to fly around the world or something. Swim and fly. Might be easier that way unless I'm going over the Bering Strait or island hopping. That might be more fun," the latter, of course. He actually quiets to think about that for a moment before he looks back to the girl, "Does it?" He also looks down at her uniform, "Should it not be? I mean, I guess you just got here and all, but you're not the first who didn't immediately feel like they fit into one team or another."

A pale eyebrow lifts at him "By fly you do not mean in an airplane." its a statement, not a question "Swimming. Flying. Are you implying that you are a shapeshifter of some sort?" and that is a question. "I merely mean you were stating an fact that was obvious due to my not having colors on my uniform." she makes a thoughtful noise. "Choosing a team is not something to take lightly. These are people that become for second family. If I am going to be spending the rest of my high school career with them I want to make sure I can at least tolerate them.

"Oh, I'm not implying. I am!" Oliver grins and takes a bite of the apple he just bought. He then ponders as he chews, "I don't know about them becoming a 'second family' but I guess you have to trust them. Maybe if you don't even like all of them, but you know they have your back." He shrugs then. "I picked the one that felt like I'd be the most useful. That we'd have a similar outlook when it came to obtaining goals." There's another bite of his apple, "So you know I'm a shifter. What do you do?"

Hannah nods as Oliver confirms her hypothesis "Do you just do animals or people too?" there is that cool curiosity, almost like he is some strange creature that she has never seen before and doesn't want to get to close, or something similar to that. "That's how is was explained to me in my orientation. That part was a bit…of putting."

The question about herself has her smoothing her skirt with her free hand "Amplification or power boosting so to speak. I can make a person's abilities stronger and better for short periods of time."

"Oh, I definitely do people." In fact, there's a blur of his features and Hannah's doppleganger is standing across from her. The voice is even the same but there is no accent…he's going to need to study that. "I don't bite, you know…even when I have shark teeth." Well, mostly. The doppleganger look remains for another few moments before there is another shift and he's back to the way he was upon arrival to the school store. "Why was it off-putting? And your powers sound amazing! Oh, man…if you joined Metis, we could totally experiment with that…"

Well we warned her at least before he became her, so there is no surprise or shock, just another lip curl, clearly Hannah doesn't approve "Don't do that." she tells him. Did it just get cold in here. "My powers are amazing." someone is a bit full of themselves. The question is pretty much ignored, maybe that's personal, or to insulting for someone she just meet. "Metis…the freethinkers, the clever and intelligent." she then begins to list the names of all the students in Metis, though not the most recent arrivals, as they wouldn’t be in the student directory yet. "Powers are not toys to be played with. They are tools.

Oliver doesn't apologize. He looks at the other girl for a long moment, "Everyone's powers are amazing. But yeah, yours could be really useful and helpful." As she lists off the students in Metis, Oliver also points out, "We're the stealthy ones. The ones that could fade in and out of a crowd…you might never know we're there…" him, especially. There's a knowing smirk there before he tilts his head again, "How else are we supposed to learn how to use them and what we can do if we don't play? That's sort of why we're here, isn't it?"

"Was there ever any doubt." of course her powers are amazing and useful Hannah's tone seems to suggest to Oliver. She listens to his own description of Metis, though she certainly doesn't look to be the blending type, though she certainly seems smart…or just has a really great memory "It's called training. It's not the same thing at all." clearly someone has lead a bit of a sheltered life in that aspect.

Oliver doesn't say anything immediately. Instead, he finishes off his apple and watches the girl. "Sure, you could look at it that way, but then when do you leave time to have fun and be a kid? We don't have much time left for that so we should really enjoy it while we can…" spoken by someone who hasn't really been a 'kid' for a while. "The playing -is- training. There's no rule that says training has to be boring and hard, is there? If there is, I never read it and it certainly doesn't stand here."

From the way Hannah talks and has acted so far, it seems that she might not have had much of a childhood either…or it was just so different than the one a kid would have in America. "Training should be hard. It is the only way to excel and get better." she doesn't say anything about the boring part, though doesn't concede that it should be fun either.

"Challenging," Oliver corrects. "It should be challenging, but it should also be fun. Otherwise, why bother?" He then starts to move, walking around her as if to look at her from all angles. "You don't have fun a lot, do you? Maybe that's the problem."

"To improve. To be better than you were when you started." duh, it's in the tone of Hannah's accented voice. Her back stiffens at the question and she turns a circle with him, pale eyes piercing him "I have fun." she sniffs "My idea of fun though is obviously different than yours and certainly for sophisticated."

"Why can't you do that and still have fun?" Oliver asks, finally stopping around the same place he started from. "I'm not sure you do. I mean, maybe you call it 'fun' but I bet it's not really fun. Sophistication has nothing to do with it. Fun is fun is fun…whether it's flying through the air, playing an instrument, going to a mall, or reading." He grins again, "Don't worry…we'll get you having fun here. Real fun. Not 'sophisticated fun', whatever that is."

"If it is fun to me does it really matter if it is fun to someone else?" Hannah questions him right back. "I play chess, I do ballet and ice skate. I find all those activities fun, when done outside of lessons." sophisticated fun at least the chess and the ballet "And I play the violin since you brought that up too. Though I find that more tedious than fun." a hand goes to smooth her skirt again "That is the least of my worries Blythe."

"Bayley plays the violin as well," Oliver points out. "And good…I'm glad to hear that you find some things fun. It makes me think you're not some sort of robot." He still can't help but smile — he may be serious about having fun, but it's all good-natured. "I was worried that you just didn't know how. I'm glad to know that's not true."

Her last statement though, has him asking, "What -are- your worries?" But then he lifts his hands, "Wait…I bet you won't tell me. Which is ok." He lowers them back to his side, "I've been here almost two years and know a bit about the place. Just know that if you have a question or anything, you can ask it. I won't think it's stupid or silly or anything." It's actually said in earnest. "I guess it -is- a little like you said…a second family. But I see it more as the school is rather than just limiting it to my team."

Of course she wouldn't. Hannah barely knows the male, she might not even tell someone she did know. Personal much. "Your offer is generous." its takes a moment for her to come up with a word she is comfortable with. "If I have questions I will ask." though will it be him or someone else. "I see. So you are not one of those team comes first sorts?" she does remember the pencils in her hand and pays for them.

"I'm serious about answering questions," Oliver repeats as he waits for her to pay for the pencils. He then has to think about her question. "Teams are important, but they're just a means to an end. They're just groupings of students. I think our support of each other, no matter what the team, should come first. We're all in this together…we're all going through this stuff, some of us are new to it, some of us have had these powers all our lives. But if we don't support each other, then who do we have?" Dark eyebrows lift at that before he takes a step backwards and down one of the hall towards the Hub, "See you in class, Hannah! Maybe I'll have to learn how to play chess now!"

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