(2016-04-11) Backlash
Summary: Dax is not okay, and the spat between Grayson and Felicia doesn't help
Date: 2016-04-11
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Ares Dorm Hub
Lower than the rest of the ocean floor, the hub of Ares is sunking into the ground itself here. Windows overhead reveal the ocean remains upthere, but windows on the side show the natural rock of the ocean floor as well. The room curves, with circular cushioned couches offering views of the windows or the central HDTV at the center of the half-circle room. Along the longer outer wall, there are sporadic gas fires burning, providing the ideal of warmth to the room.

Classes are over, dinner has been had and now it's free time. Daxton is curled up as much as his bulk will let him on a couch in the Ares dorm and is silently staring out a window. He's only spoken when absolutely necessary and has outright ignored anyone asking about the curfew brake so far. Currently he's got something in his hand that he keeps tightening his fist around and then releasing. he seems to be favouring his right shoulder some, which is only adding fuel to the rumour that there was a fight.

And Felicia isn't talking either..though she is pretty amused at the rumours going around about what actually happened. She may have even started one or two, but not the most popular one because that is just silly. Coming out of the room she shares with Anna with her fuzzy, polka dotted PJs on she glances around to find Dax exactly where he was when she went to shower and get ready more comfortable. "You mind if I turn the tv on?" she doesn't expect much of a response, but at least it is the polite thing to do, asking that is.

Rosa has no idea what happened — just that there is clearly a problem among her teammates. Rosa is, for an Ares, quiet, studious, not much of a rebel when she's not a giant frog. Still, she's committed to the team. She's been doing all the things one would expect of her today — studying, homework, team practice and so on. But now, now that it's evening and she has no other commitments, she makes her way out to the lounge. Her eyes take in the others, first Daxton, then Felicia, and then back to Daxton. She moves to settle herself on the floor against the arm of the couch he's condensed upon, though she casts a fleeting smile in Felicia's direction. She does not ask what happened — that seems silly. The more important question in her mind is simple. "You okay?" she murmurs, voice pitched low.

Grayson walks into the room and he pauses. He looks around a bit, and then he sighs. He shakes his head, folding his arms over his chest. "So, what? We fuck up curfew for everyone and then sit around and mope about it?" He rolls his eyes and then walks over to the television, turning it on. He flips the channel until he finds Family Feud, and then moves to a couch, flopping down.

Daxton gets a shrug of Dax's shoulders, and then a wince from the motion. His voice is soft, tinged with the a gruffness that's not normally there, "I don't care." If it gets too annoying he can just go to his room. His eyes drop from Felicia to Rosa and he considers lying or not answering her, but he'd rather not do that to a friend. "I'll live." That's truthful (He hopes). But it seems before Felicia has a chance, in comes Grayson. Dax's jaw clenches, in fact his whole body does, but he doesn't move from the couch.

The teen isn't sure which she finds more annoying Rosa's Captain Obvious question or Grayson acting like an asshat. Well one issue at a time. Felicia moves so she isn't in Dax's line of sight, but still in Rosa's and gives a shake of her head and mouths "He's totally not." at her. Though that much is clearly obvious. As Grayson goes ahead and turns on the TV anyway she moves back to sit on the floor, but facing the sofa instead of the TV "We are totally going to mope about it. We are going to mope so hard." she then goes boneless, collapsing on the floor and throwing an arm over her face in a woe is me gesture. To be a pain to Grayson, not to make fun of Dax or anything.

Rosa glances at Grayson as he comes in, and then once more at Felicia — a faint twist of her lips suggests the statement 'Well, that answers that question.' Her attention returns to Daxton quickly enough and she reaches over to pat his arm lightly. A suggestion of support, more than anything. "If you need anything," she says quietly, "let me know, alright?" She can tell he's angry, and is inwardly worried about this — but she'll say nothing, do nothing for the moment. A slight nod to Felicia — she may not know the details, but she knows that much — and can't quite suppress a smile at Felicia's act.

Grayson sighs at Felicia's exaggeration, and he simply responds by turning the volume up some using the controller. He doesn't look at the others, but announces, "If whatever kind of polyamorous thingamawhat you all are up to makes me miss work this weekend, there'll be hell to pay."

The tv show gets a quick glance and frown. It's possibly the most annoying show Grayson could have picked. The frown stays as Rosa starts her act. Hopefully there isn't a school play she can butcher. He watches her till Rosa speaks and he manages a brief moment of eye contact with her before he nods, "I'm ok." No, he's not, but it's what you say, right? He takes a deep breath and tries to shove away the need to punch something that Grayson brought out, "Thanks though." It's only briefly gone though as Grayson opens his mouth again. "Shut the fuck up, Grayson." Rosa, who's leaning again the couch can feel Dax starting to vibrate.

"You drank the kool-aid Grayson." Felicia says after her arm drops as she gives a nod to Rosa and the other girl's supportive bit. She pretty much said and did the same, as did the others that were there probably. Felicia knows that sorta thing can't be forced though "And here I thought you were capable of thinking for yourself instead of believing the crazy of the masses." she tsks at him.

Yep. Rosa can feel those vibrations, and her mind is working overtime to come up with ways to keep anybody from getting hurt. For the moment, the best idea she's got is simply to move to the front of the couch, so at the very least Daxton will have to go around her to get at Grayson. The room isn't big enough for her other idea. "It's not worth it, Dax," she murmurs, looking up and back at him. "It really isn't."

Grayson shakes his head, "It ain't Kool Aid. It's just what they're sayin' is all." He shrugs, and glances back at Daxton. "Really? You're the one rocking the boat."

Daxton's hand clenches harder on whatever is in his fist. Felicia would recognize the chain from his dog tags. He starts to slowly unfurl his legs, but then there's a Rosa there. "Move." If Grayson keeps talking he doesn't want to hurt her. Blue eyes don't seem to have a problem with glaring up at the other Ares guy, usually he's not too keen on making eye contact, but it seems being angry helps. "You have no fucking idea what you're talking about Grayson, so shut up."

There is a glance between Grayson and Daxton and then Felicia gives a slight nod to Rosa. Telling her its okay to move? Who knows, but after the rescue and yesterday's charlie foxtrot the teen is starting to feel like a mother hen to all the little Ares chicks "Grayson could you dial down the attitude a bit." she asks him, with almost a pleading tone, but not quite "A lot of shit hit the fan and well none of his deserve it okay." she moves to sit up "Daxton sit, don't let him get you even more upset." though she gestures to one of the other comfy chairs "And ease up," she points to his hand "You're going to have permanent imprints on your palm ya keep that up.

"No," Rosa says calmly. "You don't want to hurt me. I don't want you to do something that makes things worse. I don't know what happened. I don't care what happened. I care about my friends, and keeping you from getting yourself in more trouble. So I'm going to stay right here and you are going to go through me if you must." Rosa has more than a touch of mother hen in herself. She glances back at Felicia and shrugs slightly. What happens happens.

Grayson tilts his head a bit. "Seriously?" He rolls his eyes, and just turns back to the Family Feud. "Hundred people surveyed, and you're all fucking loony."

Damn it. Dax's eye drop down to Rosa and narrow. he doesn't like being boxed in, even if it's 'for his own good'. Especially then. After a small lip curl, Dax does let go, the tags themselves falling with a metallic clinking sound as the bounce off each other. he's still got a hold of the chain and it quickly goes over his head and tucked into his shirt. No comment to Grayson just yet.

There is a debate going on in Felicia's head as Rosa shrugs at her. Get up and physically move the stubborn girl herself or just let it go since there doesn't seem to be a fight brewing just yet. She supposes Dax could just hop over the girl, not like she is huge at the moment or anything. "Totally looney…the looniest even." you won't get any argument from the teen on that one.

Rosa gives Dax an apologetic look. It's less that she was boxing him in, really, and more that she wanted him to have to take that extra fraction of a second to think about things. "Grayson, I have not seen anything that suggests the rest of us are in trouble. You are not going to miss work. Please, give it a rest." She'll take 'loony'. Daxton could trample her with ease when she's in this form. She just trusts him not to.

Grayson scowls a little at Rosa. "Dude. Our whole team is under watch because of whatever you idiots were out doing. Maybe you should think before you just run off and do whatever you want, eh?" He shakes his head, looking back at the television. "You should know better, Rosa. Keep the greenies in line next time."

Indeed, Daxton could easily hop over or trample the freshman. Instead of responding to the look from Rosa he sighs, rubbing his face. He's been having a panic attack since last night. "If you're so worried about it, then stop picking a fucking fight, Grayson." He shifts on the couch, again wincing as his shoulder brushes again the back of the furniture. He should have probably iced it when they got back, but he wasn't thinking clearly.

"Yeah Grayson. The worst I've ever seen you do is throw snowballs at unsuspecting underclassman. That's hardly going to put /you/ on anyone's radar." how did this suddenly become give Grayson a hard time hour…oh wait, that's right. Leaning over she stage whispers to Rosa "Good luck with that one." then gives the girl a wink.

"I was not there," Rosa replies. "And if you are going to go off and do something that gets you in trouble, it is entirely possible that you'd have been caught anyway. Forewarned is fore-armed, Grayson. Now you KNOW they are watching, so you will be wise enough not to do something that prevents you from leaving campus this weekend." She looks like she's about to say something else when Felicia stage whispers, and the freshman is left blinking at the older girl in confusion.

Grayson pushes up to his feet. "Really? Snowballs?" He glowers at Felicia. "You have no idea what I'm capable of, so don't fucking push me!" He looks over at Rosa, "You better tell your greenie friend to shut it down or I'll do it myself." He glances at Daxton, "Who's picking the fight now, Greenie?"

A small vibration is all the warning Rosa gets before Dax has vaulted over her and placed himself between Felicia and Grayson. "Oh for fuck's sake." This is strangely directed at Felicia. "Knock it off. You can't tell me to not get more upset and then pull this shit." His eyes are hard to read, but his right hand is twitching like something is bothering it. He glances to Grayson, "Grow the fuck up." A head shake and his face twists in frustration, "Damn it. Maybe I am with the wrong team." This isn't right. That feeling in the pit of his stomach like this is all his fault(it kinda is) grows and the speedster starts backing away, towards the door leading out of the from.

Grayson getting to his feet, towering over her and yelling at her in threatening fashion just has Felicia giving him her patented "Huh." she is neither surprised, shocked or impressed by his manner or the attitude he gives her. Unfazed. Pretty typical for her really. She hasn't moved, and while she has been a bit annoyed this whole time she isn't upset like the two guys are.

She lifts a hand, surrender(?) and nods to Dax "You're right. You just had your world turned sideways and we are acting like a bunch of asshats." well maybe Rosa wasn't. "Consider it knocked off."

Rosa is awfully calm, in general, for an Ares. For all that, in her head, she's calculating whether or not she could successfully turn into the frog without bringing the ocean tumbling in on all of them. "You are not with the wrong team, Dax," she says, rising at last. "We are fiery. We are passionate. We leap without thinking and we take the law into our own giant, green, webbed hands when it needs to be taken, twisted, made to bend for the sake of what is right. Whatever happened, what I see here is that you are Ares to the core." She does not move toward him — he's ready to flee, and she can see that. "We are also more likely to get into fights than any of the others — amongst ourselves or with anybody else. They know this, and they put us together here, grating against each other, ready to explode. Really, can they blame us when we do?"

This from Rosa, who doesn't get into fights. Doesn't get detention. And yet feels that she belongs here as much as anybody. Weird little frog girl.

Grayson just looks from one to the other until he's glared at all three of them. Finally, he just rolls hi eyes and tosses the television controller at Daxton. "Whatever," he grumbles, and then heads off toward the stairs.

Daxton eyes Fel briefly before nodding. He can let it go, if the rest will. Rosa though. He frowns again, but it's a much sadder, less angry frown. "You got no idea, Rosa. It's not that sim-" Good thing he's a speedster, the remote is caught immediately, with faster than human reflexes. His eyes narrow as he considered chucking it at the back of Grayson's retreating head, but then they would eb down controller. And possibly up detentions. He glares instead, reaching to rub his right wrist like it's bothering him.

Felicia has totally let it go. If she was Elsa she would totally be singing that song and letting everyone know that the cold doesn't bother her anyway. Grayson doesn't get a second look and the remote catching doesn't get a blink either. Rosa speech on the other hand pretty much says it all. "Now, it isn't that simple." she says, scooting over to manually turn the tv off..if she can find the off button…where the hell is the off button! Does it even have one? "But it doesn't have to be that complicated either."

"Nothing is simple, Daxton. If you are unhappy with us, there are other teams that would accept you. But we do too." Her eyes go to his hand. "You really ought to put some ice on that. On the right side, Felicia — the button closest to the top."

Daxton doesn't move closer to the door, instead the speedster turns to looks at Felicia with a tired gaze. The remote is tossed onto the couch where it bounces a few time. "It's not going to be less complicated because I want it to be, Felicia." Rosa helpful words actually gets snort of out him and he rubs his face again. 'Yeah…another Team…" Oh, the irony. His head tilts and he blinks, looking down at her, "Ice? No…my shoulder's already bruised, ice won't help." He's not even aware he's been fidgeting with his wrist.

Oh the precious button "Thanks." Felicia says as she shuts the TV off and with it the two families screaming good answer, good answer, when it really, really isn't. "Everything looks less complicated when you have people around who have your back and help you out." at least that's how it works for her. His own milage may vary. Either way she isn't going to argue the point with him. A glance is given to Rosa "I think he may be about all teamed out about now."

"Any which way," says Rosa, nodding. "Point being, we're here for you, Dax. Those of us who are not Grayson, anyway." She shrugs, smiles slightly, and returns to settle into one of the couches by the windows.

Daxton stands there, watching both girls. It's like he's unsure where to go. Finally though he nods softly. "I'm just tired." in every sense of the word. The speedster slowly starts making his way back to the original couch and flops down on it. He manages to not smack his shoulder this time, so that's a silver lining. "I just don't want to get anyone else hurt…" People around him might help him, but it's not turned out to be very good for any of the Ares that stay near him. He let's his head lean against the back of the couch and his eyes slip closed.

A nod is given to Rosa and what she said "Exactly." Felicia keeps her mouth shut about Grayson "Anyone else hurt?" she looks down at herself and then tilts her head at Daxton "Who got hurt? And I don't think that scratch on Derek's head counts." she tells him "We all know that Derek is going to be using that to get all flirty with anything that moves and has boobs." she may have to smack him if he tries that with her though. And she doesn't say it to be mean, it's just how Derek is, just the facts there.

Really, Rosa suspects Grayson is having a bad day today more than anything — for all that Daxton's appears to be going worse. "That does seem to be Derek's MO," Rosa remarks mildly, quietly amused. She's seen him in action for months, after all. She considers going to her room to get Daxton a blanket, but suspects that's not what he needs so much just now. "Get some sleep, Dax," she adds softly. "You deserve it."

Daxton grimaces again, and changes the topic some. Hopefully it'll stay changed, "Does Annaliesa know?" About Derek. Probably the flirting thing. His hand moves against to touch his wrist, it's the worst feeling in the world, missing something that should be there. His tongue dart out and he licks his lips before casually responding, "If I sleep, then the nightmares start up. Dozing is better." He can wake himself up before it gets too bad. That's what he keeps telling himself, anyway. He is at least retrying to regulate his berthing to a calm state.

"Yeah Derek has no shame when it comes to that." Felicia hasn't been here all that long but that she has noticed "Know what?" she questions "That Derek is a player and flirts with…well any girl within a 20 feet radius of him?" just to make sure they are on the same page. "Yeah. I told her this weekend. It upset her, but I think she was glad to find out."

"He was all over Delilah at the camp-out the other night," Rosa observes. Then she reconsiders. "Well, he was flirting with her a lot, at least. And she was clearly interested in him." She reaches up, freeing her hair from its ponytail and then retying it, more tightly than before.

Daxton lays his hand flat on his chest, his fingers start drumming steady near his heart. A tempo, if one were to think about it. Ouch. Luckily, Dax's too tired to think. He makes an agreeing noise to what they both say. He saw it too. "Good. I'm glad she knows. Better to know."

Felicia is not surprised, not surprised at all "Yeah, he was all over Anna at the camping trip before that. And they were all hand holding at lunch last week and even shared their food." she gives a shake of her head at such behavior "Had to tell her, it's part of the girl code." yeah there is a girl code just like there is a bro code, and it is way complicated.

Rosa nods in agreement. She has never quite comprehended girl code herself — but that comes of being the geeky little thing she is. Far easier to understand the nature of Ares. "I have an exam in the morning," she says apologetically as she starts to rise. "I need to get some studying in before I go to bed. If you need anything, though, just knock on my door." It's not like she has a roommate to be bothered by the knocking currently.

It is possibly not clear to whom the statement is addressed. For once she doesn't clarify. "Good night," she says, wandering toward her room.

Codes codes. So many codes. A vibration runs through Dax, or is it a shiver? There's no way to tell with the speedster. His eyes crack open and he watches the tiny girl leave, that short frown again creeping back onto his face. "…night."

An eyebrow arches a bit at Rosa's short monolog before she leaves "G'night." she offers to the younger girl as her eyes move between Dax and her. "Weird." or maybe she is imagining things. That sorta thing can happen "You need anything Dax? Water? Snack? Get of hell free card?" well that last one she can't really do, but the first two are possible.

He closes his eyes again and shifts, finally stopping the drumming to rub his bruised shoulder, "I don't think you have a card that can help me. But thanks." He glances at her and offers a weak smile, he knows she's trying and he does appreciated it, "Just remind me to not have any more parties, yeah?"

"Wish I did." Felicia lays back to the floor, her eyes going to the waterscape outside the window, not that she can see much of it. It's dark an all "No parties. Check. At least not ones that don't involve, music, dancing and lots of pizza. Or riding like its Nascar in a remote control car." cause they still gotta do that. Last she checked Harold was still working in the track.

Daxton's not willing to rise it, he just repeats, "No parties." His voice is picking up that tired tone, the sleepy eye rubbing, would be cute if he hadn't just said he'd been having nightmares tone. His hand goes back to drumming, much slower now, on his chest. "I need a watch…"

Felicia will neither disagree or agree to the no parties thing. At the moment she really can't blame with for the opinion. She gets to her feet, noticing that he is starting to drift. "Check the commissary. They may have one. It will have the school crest on it, but it's a watch. Try to get some rest. I think I'll do the same. Night." and if there are watches he may just find he has enough store credit to get one…cause that's how Team Ares rolls.

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