(2016-04-10) Investigations - Part Two
Investigations - Part 2
Summary: Part 2 of Finding out about Daxton's missing two years!
Date: 2016-04-10
Related: Rescue Mission & Investigations
NPCs: Pulse, Inferno, Afterthought
Scene Runner: Derek

When last we left our adventurous heroes …

Dead Fred had pulled Derek away from Inferno before he was scorched. The questioning hanging, as if from the gallows, could Derek take this guy. Derek only focused on the magma man for the moment. With a shield up, Fred may notice the magma strike it and it wavers while the magma drips off it, for the now at least. "Sure, I can take him," said with the gusto of false bravado. Or real bravado, but evidence enough to show he might not stand toe to toe with Inferno. Fred also is realizing not everything is at it seems in this odd hallway.

Elsewhere, on the long stairs down, Annaliesa has hussled to catch up with Felicia and Daxton. Felicia has just stopped going forward, as Afterthought entered their thoughts. Ideas of fear sent out like waves, she rethought for a moment the tactic to just follow the random voice. Daxton is lured by the voice that knows him, familiar with him. He recalls that familiarity and assuming they are following, he presses forward. Annaliesa pushes back with her mind against the assault from Afterthought, this helps. The dread felt by Felecia lifts a little and the shadows waver, a light at the end of the tunnel. Half a second even, there is a glimpse, it is not stairs, it is the medical room they found the stairs in.

"Crap, crap, crap."

Comes the SkeleTeen's hollow voice as empty skull sockets turn back towards Derek's shield. Which wavers on impact with the blast. Things aren't going so well! It's getting hot in here! Someone's turned up the heat! And so forth, and so on, in fire related punnery that a panicked mind can come up with. So Magma Man is real, but the world is not. If this were a djinn playing games, he'd-

Fred pauses. And then smacks himself in the forehead with a boney palm, with a loud clack. "Just hold him off a bit longer!" He shouts to Derek, even as he's jammed his boney fingers into his swimtrunks - and pulls out a CELLPHONE! It slips and juggles for a moment, as he hasn't got flesh to hold it steady, before he manages to flip it open (Yes - it IS that old) and rapidly flip to the camera. A dim light comes on, and Fred gives a quick shout of joy as his eye sockets stare at the tiny screen. And he swings it around in the dark, trying to adjust for the slight delay. If it's a -brain attack-, then maybe the phone screen will show him what's really going on! Like that lousy game, Shutter in the Dark or some such.

Daxton's making assumptions, a lot of them, and they're probably mostly wrong. But that's what you do when you're a traumatized 15 year old. He keeps moving forward, not zipping in, but he's definitely not being as cautious as he should be. "…please. Just..Tell me what's happened?" He's rubbing his wrist where said watch is missing. "Who are you?" His posture has completely changed though, no more slouching, his shoulders are held back and he's at full height.

As the dread lifts coherent thought is once more able to filter into Felicia's mind. There is still that creepy feeling going on, but she can handle that for the moment. The beam of her flashlight moves around until it falls of Dax's back. Reaching behind her she makes a grab for Anna's arm and quickly closes the distant between them and their teammate. "No one nice." she mutters, her own answer to the question "Especially if they are playing these kinda mind games." mutter, mutter, mutter.

Anna is there behind Felicia, having rushed around to get as close to the others as possible. She's working on keeping that barrier in place that separates her mind from that crazy chaotic place it had been, but when she catches sight of the end of the stairs ahead, she points, her flashlight lost somewhere a bit ago. "We have to get out of here, this is crazy."

So the phone does the trick it seems for Fred. While using that to surveil the environment, will notice they're really just outside the server room. The hallway is just the hallway right there. The dungeon looks nice to the eye. Derek is there, Shield up. He does another two handed, underhand spiral of his energy bolt, a static orange bubbling blast towards Inferno. It hits him and bits of magma fly off, the sluggish gloop of hit liquid steams a little then takes a part of the wall to hurl at Derek. His shield is taking a beating, "Ugh, on that more time, we're about out!" Cause the building broke the shield, bits got through and Derek now has a nice clean cut. "Keep going back down the hall." Cause he has no idea what's going on.

The other three, its a struggle, Annaliesa wants to go back up the stairs, which are fading there to show more of the medical room they started in, Daxton is moving forwad. Felicia has the strength to pull Annaliesa, and if no fighting back, its easy to move to where Daxton is. The pull of Annaliesa along the way, pulls the fabric of reality with her struggle against the psychic onslaught. They are merely in the doorway of the medical room they entered, Daxton is just outside the room. Anneliesa looking back, simply sees a girl there, with long black hair. She wears army fatigues, modern camo style and all, but fatigues the same. On her shoulder is a badge with '23' on it. There is a girl facing Daxton in the main room of the medical facility. "How soon you forget, you kept the Tempo, I was the Pulse. They're not going to let you rest, are you sure you're on the right team?" Asked of Daxton.

At least one good thing about being a skeleton is that you don't have to worry about grinning; Because you're already doing it. "Hall, no. Just keep hold of me!" Shouts Fred to Derek, as the shield finally falls. And he grabs hard of Derek's shoulder, intending to drag the boy back -out-. To his eyesockets - and likely Derek's as well - it would appear Fred just decided to turn off No_Clipping and walk right through the walls. But the skull is turned down, watching the grainy results bouncing on his phone screen as he tries pull Derek after him.

Time to get the -others-.

"Brains are being screwed loose!" He shouts, huffing. "Illusions, dude! Like the Nightmare on Elm Street, NES!"

He's heading for the others. If there's someone in that hallway, they're about to get a lap full of boner boy.

Daxton stops when he sees her. No clear memories surface, but lots of mixed , confusing emotions do. His breathing is hard, almost like he's ran there, "…Pulse.." He rolls it off his tongue, like he's testing it. A small shake of the head, but is it to her question or just this entire situation. "I…I can't remember…" Blue eyes land on the patch, and his hand that was worrying his wrist suddenly goes up to touch where the 23 should be on himself. "Did…did everyone get away?" Away from what even?!?!

"Huh." Felicia says as the darkness fades into the room they were originally in. Her eyes narrow as the girl and the other teen appears before them with the darkness fades "How about you just answer the questions instead of asking." she suggests "Since you are the one that seems to have all the answers.

There were stairs there, Annaliesa had seen them, but now there was nothing and they are in the medical room? Frantically, she looks around and sees the light shining from her flashlight she had lost there in the hallway… This was so strange, so frightening, and.. "We have to get to the others to make sure they are okay." There may be a slight bit of panic in her voice. "Derek is somewhere!" Fred too, don't forget. The girl, the one with the number? Yeah, unimportant.

Derek does as requested, finding something hard and grabbing a bone. What happens in the dark creepy institute stays in the dark creepy institute. "Nightmare on Elm Street was real," he says, not serious. "Onida, can you help?" Says Derek, and the man passes into Derek, but no dice. Derek has no affinity with the mystical or psychic, Inferno is still there in the dungeon hallway. Only folks seeing the real are Bone Daddy, and the group around the water wizard, Annaliesa. "Faster," says Derek, about getting away as Inferno glows like he might throw more magma bolts at the duo.

"Sweetheart, this ain't about you," says Pulse to Felicia, and then, similar to Daxton, she is a blur of speed. "We need to talk Tempo, away from your friends." The voice zips past them to join up with Afterthought, who is spreading out darkness again. Not an illusion for whatever they're planning to do. "Unit 23, tactical advance to the rear," says Tempo. Inferno hurls more magma, at random and starts to quicksand into the walls and floor.

Derek, closer to Fred, can be seen to have a gash on his head from when his shield burst and the brick burst through.

"Argue later! Running now!"

Shouts Fred the Dead as he leads Derek back up the hallway; And up ahead, his phone records it all. Two military types facing off against what he can vaguely hear are his friends declarations. And one of them is spreading VILE DARKNESS.

From the grim depths of the hallway comes a shriek specter of doom, backlit by the hellish glow of Inferno. Light flickers and strobes through its ribcage as it tears across the broken ground for Afterthought. Jaw opened wide and boney fingers outstretched to drag the poor soul down as it screams out a litany to end the world!

Nah, it's just Fred trying to tackle the evil witch. Also panicing because there's a lava guy just behind them. SKULLOMANIA. So spooky. Although it does mean he finally lets go of Derek while he makes a flying body leap. He might not be able to do much, but sure as heck Team Ares can.

Daxton follows, again moving on instinct. He's finally tapping into his powers, it's almost like he's been holding back for some reason, but the fear they're leaving without Dax getting any answers. And there's a twinge of fear of them leaving him…it's very confusing. Either way, the fear is there and he's vibrating, stepping between the spacing in time and rushing towards the two girls so he doesn't lose track of them in the dark tendrils Afterthought is admitting. It's hard to say what his intent is when Fred is suddenly trying to tackle his (ex) teammate, but he's advancing at full speed to get there. Hopefully before anyone gets hurt. "No! Stop!" Stop tackling? Or running?

"It's about my team, that's fucking close enough." Felicia responds, not willing to take lip from the strange girl that is part of the group that messed up Dax's brain and is playing mindgames with them. When Pulse mentions talking alone, a frown comes to the teens face. It really isn't suited there. Like she going to let that happen. Felicia still has a hold of Anna and it's just a quick grab of Daxton's jacket, and she is shrinking both herself and Anna as Dax himself blurs into motion. This is awkward, gripping the jacket in one hand while the smaller Anna dangles from the other. Not wanting to accidently drop her friend she begins to swing her, aiming the girl toward the pocket of Dax's jacket and swinging her into it.

Annaliesa was all for staying with Daxton and Felicia, so even as the others finally start approaching them, Anna was there beside Felicia and then both are *poof* gone. As far as anyone else can see at least. As Annaliesa holds on to Felicia's hand, her eyes are round with shock and she realizes what's going on. She swings, swings, swings, then latches onto the edge of his pocket, one hand to Felicia, the other on the fabric, hanging on between the two. Either she's going to have to let go of Felicia or the pocket, "I have to let go to climb in." Then that would leave her to her own strength though, but she's willing to give it a shot.

There is Derek standing in the hall, which he still thinks is a dungeon tunnel, near the nurses station. Inferno melting into the wall and floor, literally, becoming liquid and seeping away. WHich he simply takes as winning, despite the blood on the side of his face, "Yeah!! Take that beastie." Oneida steps back from Derek, "You are not seeing correctly, Derek, this is the first room." Where they entered.

Meanwhile, a lot goes on nearer Afterthought. Fred lets loose with mojo of some sort, or at least his own version of chaos to disrupt, which is to throw himself at the guy, or girl. But Daxton tries to stop, while Felicia and Annaliesa latch on. What Daxton gets is a wave of Afterthought, confusion sending his mind back a few moments, to speaking to Pulse instead of stopping Fred, it hits him. Fred may feel some of that, thinking he needs to pull Derek from Inferno, instead of stopping afterthought. Annaliesa and Felicia are near enough Anneliesa the are unaffected by the psychic impulse for the now. Afterthought does this by moving as a shade, with Pulse in his company. They try to spread that confusion to escape the room, much as Inferno is slipping through the cracks to do the same.

<FS3> Annaliesa rolls Reaction: Success.

Fred's boney fingers are outstretched. He's ready; He's willing! But does he have what it takes to grab the gold and save the day?

NO! Buzzer sounds!

"Hall, no! Just hold on to m-" Clunk. His boney frame crashes into the ground where Derek's shoulder was a moment ago, and he goes rolling. Lost in the confusion of a few moments ago suddenly being now, and now colliding with a few moments ago, and then gravity. Because gravity sucks. Clink, clank, clunk.

Daxton's unfortunately going top speed, and that doesn't stop easy. The teen's end game, which isn't what it was a few moments ago is now gone and he has to slam into the nearest wall to stop himself. Lucky for the girls he hits it was his shoulder, not plowing face first and crushing them. The Speedster grunts in pain and confusion, he's finding it hard to focus. Just because he's stopped running doesn't mean he's not still vibrating at crazy speeds. It's probably quite an experience to be in his pocket. A weak, "…no…" escapes him before his legs start to give out and he sinks to the floor in the dusty room.

<FS3> Annaliesa rolls Reaction Vs 6: Failure.

<FS3> Felicia rolls Climbing: Success.

You would think jackets would be easier to climb than cliffs or rockwalls. Well they aren't. There are no footholds at all and they move around on you…especially when they are occupied by energetic boy flesh. Despite all this Felicia manages to climb hand over hand across Dax's side. That is until the wall slamming bit. "Gah!" she lets out, not that she can really be heard "Frack me!" she mutters, thankfully she managed to hang on. Finally she makes it to the pocket she swung Anna into. If they survive this whole situation this is going to be a method of climbing she is definitely going to practice. And then falling….

Annaliesa gets the hold and lets go of Felicia to hook a foot on the edge and pull herself in. Once she is wedged into the pocket, she peers out and reaches for Felicia to help pull her in, though Felicia is undoubtedly stronger by far. "I should have stayed in Costa Rica, blissfully unaware of everything, in the water." The words are murmured quietly more to herself than anyone else.

Blissfully unaware, Derek turns around, to finally see the room. As he originator of the illusions leaves the area, his mind finally free. Despite the cut he took, which will need attention, he's in good spirits. "Did you see that thing." Inferno. "Whew, close call, literally hot footed." A slight grin, then a pause, Fred is a pile of bones, Daxton is sinking to knees and no sign of the girls. "Ugh, we didn't win that one …. where is everyone." He looks around, "Liesa?!" There is concern there, despite what all he may or may not have done. "Liesa?!" Single focused, oh, wait there was someone else, "Felicia?" Then he moves closer to Daxton, "You okay, where are the others?"

It takes a moment for Fred the Dead to collect himself. Bones clinking and clanking as they quickly slide back together, joints turning about in the right direction as he pushes himself back up to his boney knee. He's still smiling, but one gets the impression he really wishes he wasn't. His skull turns about, surveying the area, before he sits down on his tail bone and puts carpals against forehead. Clink.

"Dude. That sucked. What happened?" He asks, before looking to Daxter. "Hey… you okay?"

And finally to Derek, shrugging his shoulders. "I dunno. I mean, I figured out it was an illusion, and I dragged you away from McFlamming Lips. Then I was going to tackle the witch causing it all so you guys could go to town, and then .. I.." A pause. ".. dragged… you away from McFlamming Lips.. again..?"

To his knees and then his hand is out balancing himself so he does't fall further. Daxton does not look well at all. His entire body is vibrating, but it's not steady, at one speed. It's more like it's richotting off of some invisible force, from side to side. "They left…" They as in Unit 23, not the girls. He shakes his head, he can't even lie about being ok to Fred. Derek's words make him frown though and he tries to turn his head to where he was, before he darted after Pulse. They were right behind him? His breathing has never evened out, but there's a panicked intake, "No…they were here!" He lost his old team, and now two of his new one? He starts to scamper up on unsteady legs.

Is this boy ever still? Dax's vibrating can certainly be felt in his pocket. It's a good thing Felicia has a strong stomach, she'd hate to get motion sick and hurl in the pocket of his hoodie. Not that, that wouldn't make a great story later. "Thanks Anna." she offers the other girl at being helped into the pocket. "Not sure if this was the right thing to do but if they try to take him at least he has backup." she hasn't been able to pay attention to what was going on "Wanna peek out and see what's going on?" of course that's when she hears the booming voices of the boys "Or let them know where we are." she waits for Anna so they can stick their heads out of the pocket together.

Anna sticks her head out of the pocket with Felicia, hearing the voices of the guys, she looks towards anything she can see with all the vibrating going on and turns a little green. "No, it makes sense, I wouldn't want him captured again without backup. Well not captured at all, I mean. We need to find anything we can, we're no closer to getting answers now than we were before we got here. We've just been being duped." She can't make enough noise to get the guys attention, but she jumps up and down in the pocket while holding the edge and peeking out to try and get Dax's attention.

And he's not checking any guys pockets any time soon, there has been enough grabbing for the day in Derek's mind. No sight of the girls just yet, "No …. they left us? Why? To chase that guy down?" He moves for the hole quickly to peak out himself, seeing what the girls would be doing out there. Though he turns around to look back. "Flaming lips? I thought we agreed, what happens at grab camp stays at grab camp?" Beat, "Or did we?" Maybe he thought he commented in his mind about who was holding who to Fred. He's mind wasn't reversed at all. Though the clarity may come, the after thoughts will wash away and the bits in-between catch up to recall the details more clearly. Stepping back to Daxton, "Come on, lets get you out of here, get some fresh air." Cause the boy seems worse than when they brought him here. Maybe camping and looking for clues wasn't a good idea. Nah.


States Fred, hesitantly. And then he turns that skullish grin towards Derek. "No, we're totally copasetic. But come -on-. Super villains! We just saw a man made of lava -and you took it on-." His high briefly disappears as he pulls himself back to his boney feet, taking a moment to brush down the swim trunks wrapped about his hip bone. And then pausing, head crooked. And then tilts that skull, before pointing a boney finger.

"Hey, Dax? You, uh… got pocket chicks." A pause. "I mean, women. Pocket women." And, finally, he's up tall again. "So. … What now? Spooky time or ..?"

Daxton frowns, "I don't….I don't know." He doesn't, the last few seconds(And for him that's an eternity) are weird, like a repeat. And that's strangely familiar too, somehow. The teen is also not looking at his pocket, instead he's reaching to brace himself against the wall, his legs not wanting to be too steady. The speedster is vibrating though, cause the wall to crack where it was weakened and more dust and plaster enter the air. "No. We need to find them. If-" What? Pocket chicks? The statement form the skeleton is so odd that it makes Dax stop mid-sentence and look down. And sure enough, there's the girls. In his pocket. Huh. "Thank fucking god." His free hand reaches to help them out.

<FS3> Felicia rolls Reaction: Failure.

Felicia waves from the pocket and seems to say something but only Anna would be able to make it out. She will have too add bullhorn to the useful items she keeps stashed on her person. With the hand being offered shaking like it is she has a hard time crawling onto it and it is nearly impossible for her to keep her balance on. There is some stumbling and staggering and over the edge the mini 5 inch tall girl goes, falling and falling and falling. It's a long fall when you are that tiny.

<FS3> Annaliesa rolls Reaction: Success.

Annaliesa doesn't quite have the sea legs. Or maybe she's used to the currents so the vibrations, while they affect her, they don't topple her. She sees Felicia falling over the edge and reaches out a hand. Too late. She stands, stumbling a little, but starts jumping and pointing in an attempt to get help, her tiny little voice too small to alert anyone, but it they were already looking chances are they saw it happen. "Catch her!" It's still yelled.

Attention all back to Daxton, from Girls in Pockets to Catch her. Its a tiny voice, but then he's looking too. Derek turns and points to give a bit of a hard energy catch into a slide to the ground at least. Something useful for now. And riddle solved, the others left, Ares is all right here right now. Then Daxton is causing some wall damage too. Once Felicia is safe, he'll put a hard energy sheet between wall and Daxton, to plough him just a little away from it. "What now … I say we get out and regroup. Maybe Daxton knows something now? Figure out who these jokers were." Before the building does topple on them. His eyes go up to the ceiling, like before he can keep a little off, but if it all comes down, his energy isn't strong like that just yet.


Bone hands had started to stretch out, but Derek's got things covered. Fred turns that skull towards Daxter again, bone fingers scritch-scritching at his boney dome before he shrugs. Shoulder blades glide up and down with the motion. "We're kind of at square one, Dax. I mean, unless they come looking for you again. I can -still- try the spooky side; It's a long shot, and we probably won't get anything worthwhile. But, uh.. " Fred glances out the darkened hole.

".. Actually, now'd be a pretty good time. Otherwise, someone else got any ideas?"

Damn it. Luckily the speedster is a speedster and his other hand leaves the wall and shoots out to catch the falling girl. But it seems that Derek's energy shield is there before Dax's hand. He must be pretty shaken to move that slow. He kneels down and wills himself to at least slow his vibrations down enough to get Anna out of his pocket so they can get to normal size. And not do that in his pocket. That might be awkward. The teen looks up at the two boys, "They're not….They were like me…i don't remember anything else, but they were my team.." And if they're bad guys, what does that make Dax? The two girls get a glance and he mumbles a very soft sorry before he stands again, looking out towards the exit. Unit 23 must be long gone now…right? "I'll be back."and then there's a dust trail where the teen was.

<FS3> Felicia rolls Size Change: Good Success.

Falling and then sliding! Either way is fun for Felicia. She wasn't worried, at this size the floor would probably take more damage from the floor than she would. Though she is quite light, so more like no damage to either of them really. As the ride ends she begins to quickly grow and is back to her full 5'7" in seconds. "Dammit!" she exclaims as Dax runs off "We came out to soon." she tells Anna as she unshrinks the other girl.

Annaliesa manages to get out with the help of Daxton, but as soon as she's out and down, the boy takes off in a rush of speed that leaves her teetering. She does manage to catch herself quite easily and she turns just as she's being rehydrated and she grows to her regular height. Looking slightly tousled from the pocket, she looks in the direction that Daxton had gone before she looks to Felicia, making sure she was alright, then Fred seemed fine.. then Derek. Her eyes round. "Oh no Derek, you're hurt!" She frowns, nothing for the cut on his head. "You're bleeding."

"Yeah, I suppose you could try it," says Derek, to Fred not knowing what all the spook thing entails. Could be detaching his skull to look for magical evidence for all he knows, or glowing eyes to see through walls. But he thinks they should check on Daxton too. "Maybe quickly, so we can look for him too." About to suggest a split up even, when Liesa notices his face, and he turns to her. "Nah, its nothing," said to play it off, but watches her as if … it doesn't bother him, but he doesn't mind some girl trying to say its serious. And all that happened, it was Annaliesa after all. "I'll be all right. You okay?"

"Yeah, it's not a quick thing. I mean, it's pretty much like walking down the street saying 'have you seen this dog'?"

States Fred, shoulders lowering. ".. Only with super villains, I guess?" He then watches Anna go check on the scratch Derek picked up, before turning that grin towards Felicia. "Oh, no, I'm fine. Not a scratch on me. Thanks for asking." There's a hollow chuckle, before he turns back towards the hole.

"So… I don't think I can keep up with that. Also, awesome power. Ideas besides the spooks? I guess maybe you could fly after him..?" A glance aside to Derek.

Daxton doesn't return, but the dust from where he ran is starting to settle.

"Anna he's fine." Felicia tells the other girl "There's no bones showing or anything…well except Fred's." she gestures out the hole Dax disapperaed through "Focus people." hurt or not they can't stand around talking, they are Ares, its all about the action "Come on!" she is already hurrying up and out the tunnel, following the light at the end of it.

Annaliesa doesn't look convinced when Derek tries to play it off, but as the others join in and she remembers the urgency of the moment and reluctantly lets it go. "Yeah," she finally agrees, "I'm just a little shaken," she tosses a wry smile, "I'm going to help look for Daxton," she rushes after Felicia, wanting to remain with her and see if they could find Daxton. "Should I look around for things, clues, anything, while we look? Or find him and get out?" The question is asked of Felicia, but she looks back to make sure Fred and Derek were coming.

"Good, don't need to see you hurt," says the boy to the mermaid. "You do that, I'll look for spooks." Then he turns to Fred, slowly after watching Liesa run after Felicia. He won't hide that he's looking at that. Slowly he says to the other boy, "Try the spooks, but lets see if there are some outide. The building took more damage again." Derek says to Fred, a nod to come along. As he moves for the hole as well to get out of the building.

Daxton's standing outside the building, about 50 yards from the hole they all came out of. He's still, which is probably not a good sign. The teen is staring off in a random direction, not really focusing on anything.

"Hey, I resemble that remark."

States Fred the Dead to Felicia, before she runs off. And then he shrugs at Derek. "Probably for the best anyways. I'm all thumbs today." He demonstrates this by pulling his thumb off, the little digit wiggling like a miniature bone worm before he lets it reconnect with a 'click'. And then he's jogging after the others - and pauses just outside.

"Oh. Well, he didn't get far." He begins. ".. Grab him so he doesn't get further without us to back him up?"

As Felicia leaves the dark tunnel and steps out she squints a bit, letting her eyes adjust to the difference in light. She glances at Anna and then to Fred "Only if we need to." she will if she has too, but he's been through enough and doesn't need her manhandling him. Walking up to him and bringing Anna with her, because you know they are girls and girls never go anywhere alone. "Sorry Dax." she tells him "I don't think that could have gone any worse than if we planed it. That was just fucked right up."

Annaliesa follows Felicia because she's being taken, for one, and for the other, they were approaching Daxton, and that's who they wanted to find in the first place. Everyone was out, relatively safe, she looks between Daxton, then to Fred and Derek, if the latter came. "Maybe we should just go home for now. We could always come back. This place is either still in habited or being watched." Stepping back just a bit, she smiles at her friend. "Want to shrink me again?" So she could fit in Derek's backpack.

Derek gets out and manages to get his face wiped finally. He could use a stitch, which would be cool, or some school nurse would butterfly bandage it and rob him of that glory. Modern medicines. "Or just move away from here to camp out and assess what all that was about." He stays back, eyes curiously to Daxton, as if he might have some answers, but Liesa gets a hint of a grin when she turns back to look at him. "Either way, let me know where I'm flying, we'll get there eventually."

Daxton's eyes have a very far away, freaked out look and he nods, although even that's only a little bit. He looks like he might be ill. He's in no real condition to make any kind of decisions. He swallows and then tells them, "She backtracked…I don't know which way they went…" His hand finally moves to touch his wrist, the watches absence is now bothering him. Not that he had a watch before.

Fred takes a moment to duck back inside - now that no one's disappearing in a cloud of dust - to grab his green poncho. And pull it back over his skeletal form, because it'd be a bad thing. He then walks back out, placing a hand around his spine. "Oof. I'm hungry, actually. Can we go eat and come back later tonight? .. I mean, I've gotta grab my skin first, because my stomach's in there, but. Yeah. If we do camp out, I can spend a little time canvasing the area, see if any of the locals know anything..?"

"We will probably be seeing them again anyway." Felicia tells Dax, as she looks around at the others "No matter where we go we should get out of here. I'd rather not face those two again without a plan." she puts a hand on Anna and the other on Dax's shoulder. "How can you be hungry…" she starts to ask Fred but then stops "Never mind, I don't wanna know. Grab hold. We can discuss what's next over pizza." she holds out an elbow to Fred and when he touches her, she shrinks them all down and Derek puts them in his pack and flies off, first pizza and then school, before they all get detention….again.

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