(2016-04-10) Investigations
Summary: Team Ares go to find clues to Daxton's missing past.
Date: 2016.04.11
Related: Rescue Mission
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Scene Runner: Derek

The weekend is here, Dereak was all doing something else apparently, someone here knows where he was. No words though, everyone is so in for adventure time. Some talk about getting there, discussion on approach and such, then Felicia does her thing and they all fit snug into his backpack. He's throwing down a hoodie, school one, usually he'd come along in his old school's hoodie, but he's been without that lately for some reason (*cough*). Wings out, he flies to the destination, they're their late enough in the day that its not too busy, early enough they have some sun light. He will hover enough to watch traffic coming and going, because he doesn't have stealth technology like the schools super cool equipment. Then he dives down to the back yard of that once former glorious house now half destroyed as it may be. As he touches down, before his wings stop beating, "We've reached our destination, do not get out of your seats until the plane has come to a stop, thank you for choosing Air Derek. You're luggage will be tossed unceremoniously to the lawn, fend for yourselves."

Which he swings his backpack down a little like he could toss it, but slowly opens it up for everyone to get out. "Missed you all, sorry to the gym socks in there, I didn't want to stop by my room." No, everything was clean in there. He is careful with them, letting them get out safely.

Having left the squishy bits of himself safe back in Coral Springs, Fred the Dead came to Team Ares as - a skeleton! No muscle, no gore, no skin, no ligaments - just clean, off-white bone. Not even a cool witchfire or something in the eyesockets, or a pulsating brain or something. For all intensive purposes, Fred had become The Science Anatomy Skeleton What Walks. Add in the plastic green poncho with swimtrunks (For pockets!), and he could be a cheap halloween decoration. Bones click and clatter at the rough flying, but eventually he rolls on out when the backpack's open. He takes a moment to tug the ponchos hood a little further forward, turning empty skull towards Derek. His voice is hollow but it's still just Fred.

"Hey, no worries. I left my nose in my room."

He's already grinning because, y'know, skeleton - but if he wasn't, he'd probably grin. "So.. What're we doing again?"

Daxton's been super quiet the whole trip. He's wearing almost exactly what they found him in, his army pants and green shirt, but a grey sweatshirt is on as well. The whole trip he's been fumbling with something in his hand until they get there and he only then slips on his dog tags. He zip as out the bag fast, uncomfortable with the vulnerability of the situation.

Felicia takes a deep breath as the pack opens up, not because of smelly stuffs but it was kinda stuffy in there. After climbing out and jumping to the ground she goes around and makes everyone full size "See that wasn't so bad. Didn't hurt or anything."

Since this if an off the books adventure she is in her civvies and a can of Monster is pulled from her pocket and popped open. "It does look like some type of search was don here." she points out as she takes in the partially collapsed building.

Annaliesa gets out of the pack and looks to the others. "You know," she says in her tiny voice that grows bigger as Felicia unshrinkwraps her, "Never in my life would I have imagined taking a flight across the countryside in a backpack with Iron Girl, Speedy Gonzalas and One-Eyed Willie (Cause Goonies). This has to be the greatest day in my life. Ever." Hitching her backpack up, she tucks her thumbs into the straps as she lools at the others, but her expression softens as it lands on Daxton, "We're here for you," she says quietly, a reassurance there. Derek just gets a curious look, but she doesn't talk to him.

<FS3> Annaliesa rolls Alertness: Success.

<FS3> Daxton rolls Alertness: Success.

<FS3> Felicia rolls Alertness: Good Success.

A pause, a deadpan to Fred, then a chuckle from Fred. "See, I knew you was a keeper. Why is it hard to sleep in a graveyard … all the coffin …." Sure, its like grae school, but he's down with it. He so did it. He moves closer to Felicia, and nods, he has no idea what he's looking at, but she seems to notice it was searched. "Yeah, there was a sword fight." He jumps round a little, "And then they switched hands." Cause everyone has seen that movie. And then more movie references, Derek laughs at what Annaliesa said, but doesn't push it, there might be some air between them. BUt it was funny just the same. "Yeah, here for you, know what you're looking for? Stuff on you, or we trying to see who's behind this."

"Why don't skeletons dance?"

Begins Fred, looking around curiously. Well, his skull's rotating, and one gets the -impression- of curiosity. ".. Because they've got 'no body' to dance with" He retorts to Derek, turning that flash of bare teeth. Again, the -feeling- he could be grinning. Even Anna gets a laugh, although a boney hand 'clacks' against his teeth in an attempt to muffle it. More instinct than practicality. But then things get serious - sunday school serious.

Empty skull sockets turn towards Daxter, and then towards the broken down building again. ".. I guess I can see if there were anyone wandering about with unfinished business..?" He asks, dubiously.

Daxton's starting to get good at ignoring most of Derek's comments(and now Fred's), but the comments from the girls he responds, "I don't think we should split up. Or if we do, in pairs. They could still be watching the place." They. He doesn't even know who They is, but he knows they're no good. Anna gets a soft nod, "I know…thank you." The speedster has started to do the bouncing from one foot to the other that he does when he's been still too long, "I don't think I had anything here, so just info on anything we can find." Maybe they'll luck out and find a file labled with his name. Fred gets a quick glance, no eyeconact on either of their sides, it seems. "If you can without leaving the group, then yeah."

Felicia eyerolls at the jokes between Derek and Fred. Sure she likes to goof of like the rest of them, and rarely takes anything serious, but kindergarten jokes just isn't her thing. "Dax is right. No splitting up." she tells them all "Especially if we get inside." she eyes the building "Who knows how sturdy the place is and I can protect you guys from a cave in if we are spread out." sipping at her drink she studies the ground as she walks toward the building, lifting her head to look down the drive and then around. Pointing out the tire tracks and the occasional boot print she points to a hole in the debris "It looks like they went in through there."

Definitely an air between them, but Annaliesa is big enough to put it aside for the whole of the team. The bony jokes between the two finally get ignored, because she doesn't want it to turn into… bony jokes of the bad kind and Annaliesa latches onto her straps of her pack a little tighter. "I don't mind going in pairs or as a whole group, but mostly there is safety in numbers." An encouraging and supportive smile is given to Daxton, "I will follow your lead." She looks towards the ground as Felicia points it out, "It was like that image on Google Earth. I wonder if they are expecting us? We need to hurry and get in at least. I'm afraid the most unstable areas may have more information, since they may have been too afraid to go to that area."

"Yeah, I vote for together too, that way no one ends up isolated if there is trouble," agrees Derek, with Daxton pointing out they could have someone watching them now. Following to where Felicia pointed, he nods to Annaliesa, "I can give a little support to some of the collapsed areas if someone can tunnel in a little, but not like Felicia I don't think." As a thought, "Or maybe Onida can ghost in?" Phase to other areas they don't have access too. Then again, depends what it looks like inside too. A thought springs to him, "Maybe we could find a computer or something they left behind, see if we can get something off it too?" He doesn't move to be the first in the hole just yet.

"Well, I'm definitely the skinniest right now."

States Fred, with a glance to the others. It's a half hearted joke. "I'll swing in first, and see what it's like in there. I mean, it's not like I can cut my palm on broken glass or anything." And then a snap of boney fingers that evolves into a finger point at Derek. "S'good idea. I might be able to do something with a computer if we get it out? Or find one." And then Derek mentions Odina. "Oo, yeah. Dude, I still want to meet him in the flesh." Pause. "Metaphorically." And finally he shrugs at Dexter. "I'm not really great at doing the hocus pocus, just figuring out how to stop it? So maybe an idea for another time to start shaking down local spooks. I'll, uh.. I'll crawl in. Someone mind holding onto my ankle bone so they can drag me back out if things go bad?" He's already shedding his poncho - neatly folding it, of course - as he moves towards the collapsed building. Swimtrunks tightly tied around hipbones.

Daxton frowns, but nods in thanks to Anna. This is his issue, so he steps forward to take the lead and starts slowly(For him) to head to the building. Anyone looking at him can see he's starting to vibrate. "Wait Fred. No one goes alone." Dax doesn't need any guilt if something happens to a lone person. He bite the inside of his cheek hard enough to draw blood and then he takes a deep breath, "We'll be lucky if they left any devices that haven't been wiped, but yes. Grab anything we can check." And with that he'll head in, but he does glance over his shoulder to ask, "By spooks do you mean ghosts?" Cause, that's a whole other ball of disturbing.

"I think you guys are forgetting something." Felicia points out as Daxton starts to head in. Digging into her pocket yet again she pulls out a baggie in which there are little miniaturized flashlights "You don't wanna go in blind do you?" she passes out the flashlights, which expand to full size as they are handed over. "This is his party," she tells to Fred "He gets to go first." she nods her head to Daxton "I'll go in last." she waves the others ahead of her and then follows.

At the mention of Onida, Annaliesa looks towards Derek, an understanding in her eyes, she had met him before, so she's aware of some of it. Not all, likely. Accepting the flashlight, Annaliesa smiles her thanks, "Always prepared," she waggles it. "Now I need Batman tools or something.And an Iron man suit, and maybe I'll be good for helping out then." Admittedly, she's not much of a super. Woo, she can swim! She looks back to Fred and Daxton, "I'll follow you all."

Taking his flashlight, Derek nods. Grabbing his amulet, he calls the name, "Onida?" Just to be ready and all that. He lets Fred and Daxton figure out who's first, he just gets ready for additinal supports when everyone starts going in. In fact he starts using his energy focus, to hold the flashlight as a third hand so to speak. Then there is Onida, some old man from the first peoples, the New England area for those familiar. "I am here friend." He will say, and will nod politely to Annaliesa, "Thank you for dealing with that issue." The one he'd talked about before.

Once settled for Daxton to go in first, he can see they did tunnel out enough to make it easy to get around down there, as much as they could without collapsing the structure. Its the room in the center, the nurses/medical station near the rooms for 'patients' where he was kept. The collapse still there were the bulking monster had escaped and was fought by Waller and Badger. Then another area dug out to a secure room. Perhaps the server room, information was valuable as Daxton had guessed.

"Kinda? It's really more of a catch all, like 'witches' or 'Them', you know? I mean, restless dead, sure. Poltergeists, check. But then you get the really weird stuff like russian water dancers or roman urn spooks." Begins Fred, conversationally, as he lets Dax take point. "The worse are fairies. No telling what's going to come crawling out of your sink then. Soooo, yeah. Shake down the local spooks, if there are any. Althought it's probably just a bunch of birds who's unfinished business is 'busy doing a mating dance on a powerline' or something stupid." A boney shrug, shoulder blades rising and falling. "But you never know. Maybe we'd get lucky.. Either way, we'd probably want to ask in there where it's dark. Rather than out here. If we're out of options and got no leads. I mean, a death touched this building, right? It's all crashed and decayed in. That sort of symbolism's important when you're screwing around with spooks." And then his skull turns towards Felicia.

"Speaking of - save a mouthful of monster just in case?"

And then he gratefully accepts the flashlight, boney fingers clinking as they wrap around its plastic frame. Nodding his head once to Felicia's instructions. And then flips a boney thumbs-up for Anna. Matched with the smile, it's quite cheerful. If it wasn't a skeleton doing it. "Nah. If you were batman, we'd have to wait until the sky's overcast and rainy. You're a lot better; You can actually walk around and do stuff when it's a pretty sunset outside." A pause. "Iron Man suit would also be cool." He adds, lamely. And then there's a ghost of Onida. "AreYouSeriousThat'sAwesome." He fanboys a bit, trying to pay attention as he moves forward but inevitably looking back at Derek and Co.

"Uh. .. So, who's coming with me to check the tech room?" He asks, swinging his flashlight towards the secure area. Casting caged shadows every which way with his bare ribs.

Daxton stops and takes the flashlight, a quick grimace flashes across his face. His nervousness is making him careless. Deep in some repressed memory he can hear someone yelling at him about this, "Thanks Felicia."He'll then mutter, "My party sucks." He doesn't click the torch on till he gets to the hole they're going to be using as an entrance. "First sign of trouble, we're out…We don't have any back up." And then there's back up. Dax blink, having no idea who Onida is. The speedster doesn't ask, just turns and goes in. His flashlight is shaking as well, so it's a little strobey. He goes quite as they near the 'patients' rooms. He hears Fred, but his mind is too focused on what's ahead, small things are clicking, but not quite memories.

Being in the back Felicia isn't really close enough to partake in the conversation, though she can hear it. Her focus is on the 'ceiling' above them, beaming her flashlight across its surface, though it is doubtful she would recognize a weak spot if she saw it. Unless dust was driting from it or something really obvious. At the appearance of the Native American spirit she just gives her usual "Huh." no surprise, shock or awe at it from the girl. Like she sees that everyday or something.

As the group reaches the cleared out area she looks around, shining her light "You okay Dax?" she glances at the nervous looking teen, his comment though has her giving a grin "Well then after this is over we will have to have a not so sucky one."

Annaliesa will take whatever path in, then further to the collapsed room, that everyone else takes, remaining with the others, flashlight aimed in the darkness surrounding. With no power, it was pitch black down here, scary stuff. Before she had entered though, she nodded to Onida and offers him a warm smile. "I'm glad I could help, I hope you can get to the island now." A grin is given to Fred at the gesture, it was more comical than scary to have a walking, talking skeleton offering a thumbs up. "We should Iron Man it next time then, get a Stark Suit." She's joking, but she is only trying to lighten the mood a little. Especially as she looks back to Daxton. Concern flashes in her features. "Yeah," she agrees easily with Felicia. "A party. At the roller rink or something, sounds good. You in Fred?"

WIth his flashlight held by the orange energy thing, Derek sends it up for overhead light, to illuminte some area. Folks can use indidivual flashlights to pin point what they're looking at as needed. "Yes, it is good now," says Onida to Annaliesa. "Its just over there," points Derek as Fred asks about checking the tech room. As if explaining it to the group, "We can peek in there, you all can see us. You can dig around for what you think might help you too?" Its a perfect plan, or sounds like it. Not too split up to be separate groups, all within shouting distance of course. "Us three, Onida can follow, and find you guys if something weird happens?" He doesn't mind going with the skeleton. As those three turn towards tech room, the other three are free to look around. They notice a small breeze of dust from the area of the rooms, another one of the patient rooms even. As if a wind came in from that room, drawn to the hole for a moment.


Fred the Dead turns, his flashlight briefly flickering over Anna's feet. Before his skull turns back to Daxter, and again to Anna. ".. Yeah. Actually, heck yeah I'm in. I mean, I'll have to find something a little less comfortable to wear.." He gestures down at his boney self, his grin never fading (Because it can't!) "But yeah. I'm in. All the way. Uh. Totes?" He hesitates, uncertain with the term. And then he nods with Derek, laughing softly. "Ghost Boy and SkeleTeen, unite?" He asks. If there was an audience watching, now would be the time you'd get the sad trombone and the groans of despair. And then he turns towards the Tech Room, leading the chaarge! Well, the slow and careful walk, with bones softly clinking against one another. His flashlight sweeping as he peers within..

Daxton doesn't really seem the party type, but maybe after this he'll be a drinker. Yikes. There's a nod, but it's one of those nods where people aren't really agreeing, just indicating they heard the other person. After all his talk of sticking together, and thankfully everyone else's agreeing, Daxton's head tilts as he gets another flash of vejavue. The speedsters jaw works itself and he nods again, his voice sounding a little flat, "Yeah…check out the tech…" Even as he says this he's starting to walk towards one of the patent rooms.

At the agreement from Fred, Annaliesa grins, "It'll be fun. Felicia and I already have a set date to go to the Burger Barn every weekend to try out the burgers. We had fun this past weekend." Anna looks towards Felicia with a smile, but she doesn't try and deter the mission any. Back to business. The tech room! Instead of Fred and Derek and Onida towards it, she glances to Onida with a friendly smile. "I'm glad you can again." And that left Felicia, Daxton and Annaliesa for the explorations elsewhere. Moving to one area, she begins going through things, her flashlight glancing off any documents she can find, and anything of interest is slid into her backpack.

Felicia certainly groans at the pun from Fred "Stick to the kindergarten jokes." she tells him. Other than that nods at the plan Derek is laying down. While they go check out the techy stuff she glances between Anna and Dax, though at the draft her attention is immeidatly drawn in that direction. Catching Anna's gaze she nods toward Daxton and gives her a meaningful look, maybe telling the other girl to follow him. Once the message is hopefully received she goes to investigate the area that the draft is coming from.

At the agreement from Fred, Annaliesa grins, "It'll be fun. Felicia and I already have a set date to go to the Burger Barn every weekend to try out the burgers. We had fun this past weekend." Anna looks towards Felicia with a smile, but she doesn't try and deter the mission any. Back to business. The tech room! Instead of Fred and Derek and Onida towards it, she glances to Onida with a friendly smile. "I'm glad you can again." And that left Felicia, Daxton and Annaliesa for the explorations elsewhere. Moving to one area, she begins going through things, her flashlight glancing off any documents she can find, and anything of interest is slid into her backpack. Catching the look from her friend, she gives a nod and breaks off with Daxton, to follow him, offering a reassuring brush of her fingers to his shoulder. Just an 'I'm here for you' kind of thing.

"Yeah, slipping into something comfortable has a whole new meaning." Says Derek, probably not helping the sticking to kindergarten jokes as asked for by Felicia. "He's only part time help, most of what I do comes from the amulet, he's part of the package is all." He explains about Onida as his group goes for the tech room. Not going into Ghost Boy and SkeleTeen, he does offer, "It suits you though, being a Skeleton, and the puns. Just, would be awesome if you could like flame eyes and look more scary. Walking skeleton is good, if it was a dark room when I first saw it, would have a creep factor to it." He's helping in his own way.

When they get to the tech room, the notice stairs going down on the back side of it. Between rows of server shelves all barren. Shelving left, some wires left to carry info to other computers in the area, not all wireless. But stairs in the back.

Meanwhile, at the patients rooms, they turn in, the room looks like something just blew up inside, all black ruin around the walls. No telling what it was, no telling what other patients where here. In the back of that room, there are some stairs going down as well curiously enough.

Giving a gaunty skull salute for Felicia, and a nod for Anna, Fred continues on his quest for KNOWLEDGE! Or at least to be somewhat useful as he speaks to Derek. "I know, right? My dad does that. Flaming vehicles, witchlights, freezing mist, the whole thing. I mean, when he goes all boney. Like a magical sailor transformation sequence combined with a judas priest album, you know? Kinda sucks that this is it for me." Boney shoulders shrug, and the flash light beam swings back and forth. "Dead end. Hee." He pauses. "But, wait; Stairs. Uh.. Guess we ought to let them know before we go further?" He considers for a moment, then peeks out of the server room.

"Hey! Stairs. I'm, uh.. I'm going to see where it goes. I mean, curiosity can't do much to me right now, right?" And back to the stairs, shining his light down them.

At the touch from Anna, Dax seems to snap out of the daze and he glances over to the mermaid, "I'm ok." He sounds like he's trying to be, anyway. A quick lick of his lips and he enters the room, his flashlight sweeping the area. His heart is hammering, the army brat is fighting off a panic attack. Not that he knows what it is. "I remember needless…" Cause that's not terrifying. He frowns slightly when he sees the stairs, and he then calls out so the people in the other rooms can hear, "There's stairs leading down in here too. Take someone with you!" Bones can be broken.

Felicia hates needles. She knows she hated them before the accident, but isn't sure why, though its clear to her why she would hate them after though. Shining her flashlight down the stairs she glances to Dax and Anna "Into the rabbit hole?" this time she takes point, who knows what they are walking into.

Annaliesa had felt the tremors in him, if one could call them that, and she doesn't at all look convinced that he is okay even in the slightest. "I wouldn't be okay at all, Daxton, you're way stronger than I could ever be." She remains right behind him, not much separating them at all, she's moral support here. The mention of needles brings a wince, "That's over now, we'll all make sure it doesn't happen again." Somehow. There's a look to Felicia, "In for a penny.." she agrees, then heads down with them.

Like Fred needed to be told, he is one curious happy-go-lucky skeleton it would seem. "Okay, he's taking me, not that I have a choice." Calls Derek back towards Daxton, as he moves to follow Fred onwards. A look to see that Onida remains in his company. Quietly behind him, he says to the skeleton, "No … no magical transformation sailor sequences, no anime." He rolls his own eyes, he shouldn't of known what the other boy was talking about, "We tell no one of this." What happens in the tunnels of a creepy medical facility in the dark, stays …

The stairs with Daxton, a name comes up from below as if carried on a warm breeze, "Tempo." On the Fred side, the tunnel levels out and its more like rock hewn cavern dungeon. And a light up ahead. The tunnels do not seem to meet (OOC, unknown by chars which way either stair even goes). "I don't know, this is odd." Says Derek, just as something hits him from behind and sends him stumbling forward into Fred.

Fred the Dead scratches at his boney skull for a moment, with a sound like - well - bone rubbing on bone. At last he reaches into the pockets on his swim trunks, and brings up a small bag of salt. Plucking it open, he juggles the flashlight a moment until he can grasp it with three boney fingers and pinch the bag of salt with thumb and forefinger. It's clumsy, but it lets him drops grains of salt behind him as he starts down the stairwell, the light occasionally bobbing with the motion.

"Got it. Magical transformation stories are a no-go. Sooo I never heard the story; What happened here? Oh, hey, a light.." His hollow voice asks of Derek, in hushed tones. Even for a walking skeleton, there's something spooky here. Although he does aside to Onida.

"Hey, sorry if anyone in my family.. uh.. tried to put you across the veil-" And then Derek is shoved into him. The boney fellow gets knocked forward, landing on his ribs in a clatter of bones as he tries to twist and shine his light -back-. And see what the heck happened!

Daxton's cheeks puff out and he shakes himself. No, this is his party, right. Without thinking about it, he drags a finger against the wall, picking up some of the dust and soot before smudging it across his right cheek. Almost like a small war paint. He zip as past Felicia. "I'm in front." He likes the million pound girl too much to let her take a hit if things go south. He nearly stumbles though when the voice floats up. It's his name, he can feel the familiarity it in his gut. There's no chance that's what the program is called. The teen doesn't say anything, but his breathing increases and he starts down the stairs, not keeping track of the girls behind him.

"Yeah sure." Felicia says with easy acceptance as the teen blurs past her. If letting him be in front and in charge makes him feel better she isn't going to stop him. The name floating up gives her pause and she glances back at Anna briefly, "Easy." she tells Dax as the name makes him have a momentary balance issue. Sensing the urgency she quickens her pace down the stairs, ready to take a hold of Dax's shirt in case he decides to get all zippy on them. Though will she do it to stop him or shrink down and catch a ride?

When she hears the name, Annaliesa also hesitates, looking uncertain. Daxton gets a look, but he is ahead of them now and she's closer to Felicia. As Felicia goes around and gets to Dax, she follows behind, but she doesn't say or do anything. They had all heard the name, she accepts that, but what did it mean? Once down the stairs, if indeed they are down, she heads off to look around a bit in an area nearby the other two.

Onida has moved up ahead, somehow. When Fred turns back after being knocked into, Onida is more on the side of them in that tunnel. And the stairs don't go up as far, but to a dead end now. "Hey now," say Derek himself, his wings come out, and he gets a quick energy shield up just to be ready. Blinking and looking at Fred too, with some confusion. "You two don't belong here." Says a voice to them. And a magma man rises up from the floor. "This is not right." Onida says, in his slow voice, still looking around.

In the other area, the stairs go down, further, but again, flickering lights up ahead. Then a shadow moves over from behind them, like a descending darkness, with hints of chill in the air. As if forbodding, that female voice calls again, luring, or tauinting, "Tempo, you're returned to us …."

Fred's skull spins the other way as something bright, shiney, and burney slinks up through the floor. He then looks back to the staircase - now shorter and with a dead end. And, finally, his flashlight drops a bit more to the floor proper, and the small trail of salt he was leaving behind him. Speaking, idly, as he collects himself and straightens up. "Oh, yeah. Totally get that. Just open up the way, and we'll be out of your.." Skull turns. ".. flaming magma face. Derek, how's that shield of yours?" Asks the skeleton, as he looks back to the other boy. And then once more to the magma monster.

Before throwing the small bag of salt at the fellow's foot. Take that! So salty! Empty skull watching the results with a vivid interest.

Luring or taunting, either way Daxton picks up his pace (or tempo?!?!) and takes the stairs two at a time. If Felicia gets a hold of him, the teen is almost vibrating as much as he was when he was buckled to the bed when last here. The speedster demands, "Who are you?" although his voice doesn't hold any authority, he's clearly freaked out and confused. There's also no hesitation in going down the stairs though.

As long as she can keep up Felicia keeps her hands to herself, "Anna…" she whispers "Get back here." you don't go wandering off when there are unknowns around, what is she thinking. Following Dax into the dark she shines her light around, probably not the best idea but how else is she supposed to know what they are getting themselves into. Letting Dax do the questioning she does murmur a 'like hell' under her breath at what the female voice says about returning. Otherwise she stays behind the teen boy ready and willing to take action should it be necessary.

With the other two ahead of her, Annaliesa hears the voice, but placing it behind her really freaks her out. Her foot catches the edge of a stair and she almost falls down them, catching herself only by holding the railing, which hurts her shoulder but keeps her on her feet. "Why are we going further down?" she asks after her close call, still worried, but now a touch scared.

Or more than a touch…

For magma man, who gets the salt. It falls down, the grains, but is consumed by the magma. While the hunch Fred has might be right, the thing in front of them may be more real than it looks. Derek isn't trying to think about it, with energy he has what look like a club in his hand and he tries to swing at it without thinking, and it swats him away towards the wall. Which he collides with with an umph. "Just Tempo, you two are expednable." It grins, and fires a little bit of magma at the skeleton, "Taste the Inferno." Must be his name, probably on a dog tag.

"You forget so soon?" Calls the female voice. "Come back, come back with me." So says the lady to Daxton. The darkness more than spreads, it speeds up, flying long the ceiling where the trio is, tendrils come out of that now shadow mass to swat at the flashlights, of Felicia and Annaliesa only. Seeming to try and get between Felicia and Daxton it would seem with more form coming down towards her flashlight than Annaliesa's.

<FS3> Felicia rolls Strength: Good Success.

<FS3> Fred rolls Spooky Skeleton+reaction: Good Success.

"Then why'd you even offer-oop!"

Fred ducks - and his skull stays up for the split second it takes a fiery plasm to go winging past where his body would have been. And then it comes back down, neatly joining the neck bone. How does that make sense? Because he's a walking skeleton, it's magic. Boney fingers grab for Derek, to try and drag the boy back from McFlaming Lips.

"C'mon, c'mon, c'mon.." He murmurs as his boney foot taps at the ground behind him as he backs up. Don't want to take those eye sockets off magma man! Where are the -real- stairs?!

Daxton's breathing is getting faster,but the teen stands up straighter as he keeps going down. Dax doesn't seem to notice the shadows, he's too fixated on the voice. She has to have answers. "I don't remember anything! Who are you? What did they do to us?!?" Us, instinctually he knows it's us.

<FS3> Felicia rolls Physical Vs 10: Success.

Her flashlight isn't going anywhere, especially away from Felicia's grip. It is going to take more that a shadowy swat to free it from her grasp "Like hell." she repeats again as she swats back at the shadowy form trying to get between her and Daxton. And a swat from her is not at all like a friendly love tap.

Annaliesa ducks as soon as the shadow goes over her head and knocks her flashlight down to the floor and it falls, skittering down the stairs, down, down, down to wherever the bottom may be. If there's no bottom, it'll just keep falling. She holds the railing tightly, the shadow making it even darker than pitch around her. As it goes over her though and towards the others, she starts hurling herself down towards the other two, trying to close the distance.

Derek had made a swing, it nearly connects, but he gets pulled back. "Whoa, hey, where we going, he's behind us?" Derek will let go of the club and put his hands togheter, slightly twisting them. A bolt zooms out towards magmaman, the hands move sort of like a rugby player throws an official pace in rubgy. Both hands on the 'ball' the top guids and spins it. It hits, sending some magma flying, Inferno grumbles ot start chasing. Throwing more magma, but melting into the wall so to speak, to chase after Skeleton and Flying Boy.

The female voice calls, "Tempo, you really need a watch, its time you came back." The shadow gets one flashlight, but the girl closer to Daxton may be a problem. A male voice calls out, "A tough one? Nothing more than an Afterthought." And the darkness falls towards Felicia and Annaliesa, its a pyshic attack of sworts, meant to make them more afraid, a sense of dread mixed with fear. Daxton is left out of it, and the ground is flatter uphead, opening up to a larger room.

"Salt trail's gone, so there's a way up that's invisible. That, or the whole place rotated."

Explains Fred the Dead, bones clacking. "Just trying to keep you from being the Frying Boy. Think you can take him? I'm a skeleton, and I haven't got an oven mitt." Boney fingers release Derek now, as Fred turns nearly half his attention to the staircase, feeling along the steps and the 'dead end'. Where's that salt trail…?! He can't help fight magma without burning off his hands. Which isn't as much as a horrible thing as one would expect, but it's not going to be pretty.

Daxton knows the girls are behind him, so he's not worried about them, instead he picks up his pace, starting to move faster to get to the voice he only vaguely recognises. A watch, his wrist feels naked without one now. Why is he not wearing one? This is all very….muttled.

<FS3> Felicia rolls Mind Vs 12: Failure.

Behind doesn't necessarily mean safe! Especially when mental attacks are concerned, not that anyone is aware of one being used, except the victims of said attack. Adrenaline rushes, pushing the flight or fight response. The flashlight in Felicia's hand moves rapidly, the beam shining all over the place as she starts to back slowly away, for the moment it looks like flight is going to be the choice.

<FS3> Annaliesa rolls Psychic Vs 12: Success.

It was something Annaliesa could at least defend against, having that ability herself, and as the darkness comes, she fights back, pushing at it, but it may alert the thing to her own super abilities as well, though that's an issue for another time. Right this moment, she tries to push back with her own powers, to try and get it to back off.

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