(2016-04-10) Bombs, Burgers and Buddies
Bombs, Burgers and Buddies
Summary: Felicia drops a bomb on Annaliesa, they share burgers, talk about size and Diego joins up.
Date: 2016.04.10
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Burger Barn

It's one of the older establishments in the town and far enough from the beach area to cater mostly to the locals since the tourists don't all get back in this area so often. The counter where orders are taken is wooden and the drinks are serve yourself kind lined along the end of the counter with napkins, ketchup, salt, straws and lids and other fixings. The floor is hardwood and has seen years of wear. Good greasy burgers and all the sides are found here, this isn't a health food establishment by any stretch of the imagination.

Tables are covered in a bright yellow tablecloth to sort of offer the room a cheerful look, but it doesn't detract from the overall age of the furnishings. There are a few booths lined along one wall and the decor sports such things as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Elvis, James Dean, and Coca Cola products, which are proudly served in the establishment. A jukebox is tucked into an area between two booths.

Oh the weekend…it's almost over so today is pretty much every students last ditch effort for some fun before Monday arrives heralding another week of classes and training sessions. This means the burger place is packed as both local teens and those from CSHS take a break from the fun to have the lunch. Standing in line are the two teens from Ares, waiting their turn to put in their order, "So what's the deal with you and Derek?" Felicia asks with a mix of curiosity and concern "Are you guys exclusive or what?"

The last day of the weekend and Annaliesa is taking full advantage. Her parents had given her the weekly allowance she gets when she had met up with them and she'd been out gallivanting and freely spending it on herself and others. Today isn't any different and amid the hustle and bustle of the activity at the burger barn, she leans in to hear better what Felicia is saying.

There's a blush that follows the question, "I don't know. I mean he's never really asked me to date him, but he asked me out for this weekend and no he's no where to be found. I'm sure something just came up."

Felicia hmmmms at the first bit of what Anna tells her about the relationship. But at the 'something just came up' it takes an effort to not guffaw and the other girls naivete…so much effort that some of it comes out actually "Yeah, I'm pretty sure her name is Delilah." she does hold up a hand "Though I could be wrong." her tone suggests she doubts it though. "If you want him, you need to lock him down before someone else does…just sayin."

Annaliesa may be a bit unworldly, but she gets the insinuation, especially after following that sound. There's a bit of a narrow eyed look, speculation. "You mean he's already dating someone? Like.. for real?" Whoa, sucker punch, compliments of Derek. "I mean we've joked about it and all, make believe significant others, since we met before I even started school there. But I always thought it was a joke." It's a lot to think about, but she doesn't mope off crying. "Well if he's already dating someone I'm pretty sure he's already locked down." The words are sad, but she puts on a cheerful smile the closer they get to ordering. "I will ask him though." Surely it was a misunderstanding!

"No, no, no. I'm not saying that he is or isn't. I'm just saying he certainly was flirting with a girl at dinner the other night, and she was holding his hand… and he certainly didn't pull his hand away." Felicia gives a shrug, deciding against telling the girl the rest, "Hell for all I know he could flirt with everyone." though he has never flirted with her, but usually Anna has always been there, except at dinner the other day "Totally ask him. I just thought you should know. I would if the situation was reversed." she glances at the menu board, though it is mostly incomprehensible to her, unless there are pictures "Whatcha getting to eat?

Annaliesa doesn't look at the menu board, her lip is tucked between her teeth and she's clearly fretting over the new information. Holding hands sounded like more than something innocent to her and there's a sudden uncertain look on her face. "I'm glad you told me. Last week he was supposed to meet me at the Pizza place with my parents, but he never showed. During detention he asked me out for this weekend too and he didn't show." That said, she focuses on the menu board finally. "I think I want the avocado burger, it looks really good. And fries. What sounds good to you?"

"Another girl or not blowing you off, even if it is just to sleep in or play video games with his bros, is not cool." Felicia glances at the girl "Really? Blew of the meeting of the parents. That's just lameass." her attention for a moment is drawn to an order that is called out for pickup some BBQ burger with bacon and fried onion strings on it "That does." she points to the burger in question as the teen who ordered it picks it up an heads to the table. "with fries and the biggest chocolate milkshake they have." if you going to eat unhealthy may as well go big.

"You're right. I'm not good at this whole dating thing. I guess I had completely different ideas about it than it's meant to be. Maybe he wasn't as serious as I was, because I really, really like him. Like.. a lot." There's an exhale that sort of blows her hair from her face and Annaliesa tries to make things less uncomfortable for Felicia, "Thanks for letting me know. I'm not walking around being an idiot at least now." Tucking a hand in her back pocket, she brings out some money as the burger is pointed out. "Ah man, that does look good. Remind me next time to get that one." She nods with a lopsided smile. "I think a chocolate shake would be perfect and I'm buying."

"That's why I am wary of the whole thing." Felicia lifts a hand "Expectations." she drawls out as she moves the hand left to right in a grand gesture. "They are rarely the same." she gives a nod at the thanks "Hey chicks before dicks right." a smirk pulls at her lips as she says it. "Will do." she steps up to the counter "You don't have too, but I'm not going to argue if you are insisting and stuff." she puts in her order for what she wants and steps aside so Anna can do the same.

"I guess you're right, expectations. As much as I like him, I'm not going to be that girl." Annaliesa crinkles her nose, doing her best not to drag down the moment, but there's sadness in her eyes she's trying so hard to hide. Felicia helps though, she laughs at the mention of the whole chicks before dicks thing, leaning in, "I can't believe you said that!" But she's greatly amused all the same. Once the order is placed, both of them, she pays for it and takes the number. "So, want to go sit near the jukebox and play man bashing songs?" She's totally joking.

"Gotta have some R-E-S-P-E-C-T for yourself." Felicia is really going back in time for that one, in her support for Anna, but that's what friends are for right. She joins in the laughter "What? You've never heard that one before? Guys have bros before hoes…which is degrading as hell if you ask me. So may as well turn the tables, eh." she glances over to the table near the jukebox and gives a nod "And if they don't have any in there we can listen to some on my phone." joking or not she is so willing. She bounds over to only empty table over there.

Annaliesa is grateful for Felicia's support, the joking comebacks are ridiculously hilarious to her. "I think it's degrading, but then again so is trying to be with two people at once." If indeed that was true. Something had Derek too busy for her unless their paths crossed somehow, he no longer came seeking her out, so it was so easy to believe. Bounding over towards the table like Felicia, she slides in as if stealing a base, the seat of her jeans gliding across the bench. "Your phone is better, it's free. What sort of music do you have on there?"

"Well now you know so you can do something about it. Either move on or make him step up. Your choice." she giggles as Anna slides into the seat while she just slides in normally across from the teen "All sorts." she removes the phone from her pocket, it expands to full size as she unwraps the earbuds from around it "Mostly oontz, oontz music." techno dance music most likely "but I have Pandora and Milk so we can listen to pretty much any type we want too. She hands over one of the earbuds to Anna as she puts the other in her ear.

"I'll never settle for being second best." Annaliesa shakes her head, she was a strong person when it came to that, and there was a determined look in her eyes. The music distracts her though and she reaches for the ear bud, sliding it into place as she looks down at the phone. "I love that shrinking thing you do. I wonder if it would work on my boobs." The words are followed by a giggle. "I love all music." There's a look of irony on her features and she leans in and whispers with amusement. "The siren lost her man."

Felicia glances up from her phone and loading some appropriate music for them to listen too "And don't be someone's second choice either. You're better than that." another chuckle but then boobs are mentioned which draws the teens eyes to them "Why? Your boobs are great." she says with sincerity and no shame at all "And no it wouldn't work. I can shrink all of you, but not just your boobs. Sorry." she hmmms "Not really, more his loss than the siren's really." or was that supposed to be code for something?

"I won't be." Annaliesa says with conviction. When Felicia looks down to her chest, she follows suit and looks down with a grin. "You think so?" Course she does that age old fluff thing with them, hands beneath, doing a little lift thing to boobs that didn't need lifted. A giggle escapes as she whispers, "Look alive girls." Amused by the whole thing, she grins as she looks up again. "I was going to say you'd make it amazing in the medical industry, surgery-less plastic surgery." The whole siren thing, she nods, agreeing. It's then the food and the milkshakes arrive and she leans back, reaching for some of the napkins before putting one on her lap, all proper like. "So hungry."

"I do." Felicia sage nods to Anna "I would never pull your chain about that. A laugh at Anna's antics and she glances around spotting some nearby teen boys eye Anna and her boob pep talk "Eyes front soldiers!" she admonishes them, using a line from some movie she has watched. Of course they are embarrassed at being caught leering and quickly focus on their food. Her nose wrinkles. "I'm not to keen on the idea of plastic surgery. I'm a firm believer in the 'there is no wrong way to have a body' way of thinking…oh food!" she thanks the waitress and dives in, picking up a fry and dredging it through her chocolate shake before nomming it.

Annaliesa hadn't noticed the nearby teen boys, having up until just now considered herself off the market. When Felicia chastises them, Anna laughs outright, slouching a little to hide her boobs from the eyes of the would be gawkers. "Oops." A nod of agreement is given, "Me too. I would never have anything surgically done to my body. I guess that I was given what I am meant to have," she brow waggles playfully, but now she's the one gawking when Felicia dips the fry in the shake. "Is it good like that?"

"See..they are perfect." Felicia uses the gawking to prove her point. "Yeah. I've had enough surgeries in the last two years to last the lifetimes of four people. I'm not going to willing put myself through that again to appease some weird notion of beauty." she clearly finds the idea absurd "Exactly." she looks from her fries and shake to the gawking Anna "What? The shake dipped fries? Would I be eating it that way if it wasn't?" another fry is dredged and eaten before she tackles the BBQy bacony goodness that is her burger.

Annaliesa hadn't know about the surgeries and there's sympathy in her eyes, "What sort of surgeries? What all happened?" There's a glance down to her own fries and the shake and she gives it a shot, the salt mixing with the sweet in a perfect combination. The guys at the other table forgotten as she concentrates on the food and taste of everything. "Oh that is good, and I don't know," she flashes a smile. "You could just be trying to gross me out. I have a brother that does that." Her burger is cut into four pieces before she lifts one wedge. "Want to try some of this kind?" Sliding her basket nearer in case she wanted to take a wedge of the avocado burger.

"After the car accident my body was pretty much a mangled wreck. It took multiple surgeries over the course of a year to get everything in working order and back where it was supposed to be." Felicia watches Anna cut her burger, a bit confused until she is offered a quarter. Oh sharing! She's on board and cuts hers up as well to exchange a quarter of hers for a quarter of Anna's "I have brothers. I know how it is. If I was going to gross you out I would have ordered the fish sandwich." she gives a wink.

"How did the car accident happen?" Other than it being an accident anyway, Annaliesa has a duh moment. "I mean what happened to cause it?" She unerringly looks to the left side of the girls face, "Is that how you got that?" Her tone holds a wealth of concern, but she doesn't want to drag down the other girls mood, enjoying the playfulness from her. The mention of the fish sandwich does it though, she giggles, "Mermaid soup." Accepting the quarter, she takes a bite, clearly relishing the flavor. "Oh yeah this is amazing.." the crunch of the fried onions, the tang of the barbecue. "We should come here once a week and try everything. One at a time of course."

"Drunk driver." Felicia says around a bite of the piece of avocado deliciousness. It's pretty much explanation enough. There is a nod in answer "Yeah." she wipes her fingers on her napkin and then traces a line from her hair line and back over her head "It stops about there." she prods her head behind her left ear and slightly up. "I have them all over." which is probably why she is always in long sleeves and wears uniform slacks instead of the skirt. "I don't think they serve soup here…chili maybe in the winter…" she fakes all serious but her eyes are laughing "It is. I think I won the burger choosing today." as she takes another bite she nods in agreement "Make it a weekend tradition. I'm down with that.

Annaliesa winces and there's a flash of anger in her eyes, but it's not her place and so she tries to tamp it down. Instead, she follows the line of the scar that Felicia traces and shakes her head, dismayed at the thought of what the other girl had gone through. "Maybe the scars will fade in time some," she offers supportively. Her attention is given over to the food and she nods with a mouth full of barbecue sandwich, agreeing to the winner. "I saw Daxton last night at Mug Shot." The coffee shop in town. "He was filling out tons of applications."

Felicia shrugs "Maybe." or maybe she will be less self-conscious about them. One of the two. "The Mug Shot? He mentioned something last weekend about getting a job. Hope that works out for him." she glances at the phone and taps the forward button to skip whatever song started to play "We any closer to figuring a way to get to upstate Vermont and checking out where we pulled him from?"

It's lunchtime on the last day of the weekend and as can be expected the burger place is full of teens taking a break from fun times to eat. Anna and Felicia are among them, sitting at a table near the jukebox, gnoshing on burgers, fries and milkshakes.

"He had a whole ton of applications with him, so maybe he's applying in a lot of places." Annaliesa reaches for the milkshake and takes a drink of the thick, creamy concoction. At the mention of Vermont, she smiles, "We can do it without Derek if you want. Or I'm grown up enough to know we likely need him and his abilities for it. We could go one night after school this week. What about tomorrow? We need to get there and the sooner the better. Derek can carry you."

While the other two are here and talking, Diego is here to enjoy a bit of food. Resting his hand on each of his picks of the day before turning to find a spot to sit. Spotting the two girls and raising a brow. "You all going on a trip?" He

"That's the way to do it. Throw enough around something is bound to stick." Felicia ponders a moment as she dredges a fry in her shake "Wonder if there is anything we can do to help with that." that will require more thought. There is laughter at Anna's comment "Why is everyone convinced that I can be picked up?" she gestures to herself "I may look like a size two but trust me I weigh over five hundred pounds." thankfully most of the furniture at school is designed to handle that sort of thing. When Deigo comes up and asks the question she blinks a moment then shakes her head "No, not at all, why?" all innocent like, nothing to see here.

"I've never really had a job before." Annaliesa muses about it, though it's a brief thought. Mostly, she grins at Felicia though. "You don't look like you weigh so much. I mean couldn't you shrink yourself then fit in a shirt pocket or something?" There's shock in her eyes, they widen. "Five. Hundred. Pounds." Her voice is quiet, it has to be. "Do you really?" She is really skeptical about it! Hearing Diego, she flashes him a smile. "Ah, Hi Diego. Found something good to eat?" Her own is an avocado burger and Felicia has a barbecue one with fried onions.

Diego raises a brow at Felicia before nodding, "All right. I was just curious." He offers before smiling about his own food. "Milkshake, egg and bacon burger, and fries." He offers and smiles. "I'll make sure that it won't go to waste." Talking to the food as much as them. "Can I join you?" He asks as he stands next to their table.

"I haven't either…not a terrible idea really. Think we should get jobs too?" Felicia wouldn't mind having more money than what her parents send her. She blinks at Anna and then smacks herself in the forehead "I totally could." why didn't she think of that…she usually the problem solver and here Anna is showing her up "That would totally work. Shrink down, put me in a pocket or better yet the side pocket of a backpack and I'm good to go." there is a nod as she scooches over to make room "Yeah sure." she pushes her food aside as well, giving him room on the table too.

Annaliesa hasn't gotten over the poundage thing. "Are you really five hundred pounds?" Because she doesn't look like it! "I don't know about working, maybe, but my parents moved here to Shady Cove so they could be close to me and Vinny until school is over and they give us money every weekend." It's really an ideal situation. She grins as the idea of shrinking her down catches on. "It'll work great. We'll be set to go then. Wait, maybe you could just shrink us all down then too and we'd all ride together. You're great for trips! We could go everywhere in someone's luggage." As Diego asks, she nods, but she doesn't move over since Felicia did. She does eye the burger though. "Swap you a quarter of mine for one of yours." She's all about trying them all. Her own burger is cut into fours, but minus two quarters, so half is still there, and she finishes off a quarter of Felicia's. "This is the best place, Diego. We're coming every weekend."

Diego grins and nods, "You should. I remember freshman year, I ran around working for other students, so that I could do fun things with friends." He admits and seems amused about that. Scooting into a seat next to Felicia. Grinning about Felicia's weight. "I might not be well versed in all this, but. I've been told that you don't talk about a girl's weight." He offers a bit playfully. Something Anna says has Diego snapping his fingers. "Ah, right. I met him the other day. Fun guy." He offers and beams. Tilting his head as he looks to Felicia. "If you shrink down enough, can you talk to bacteria?" He asks. Because that isn't a weird question at all. Grinning and nodding to Anna. "Sure." Cutting up his own, in a similar fashion. Letting her take a piece.

Since her mouth is full Felicia just nods at the idea "I'd be totally great for trips." she admits as she gets down enough to finally speak "But yeah, I'm hefty, but tiny. The doctor guy at school thinks it may be from some density manipulation ability that is stuck. Kinda like sometimes I get stuck when I shrink. They are like give it time, if that is the issue it should fix itself." she shrugs, nothing she can do about it really. "Every weekend." she stresses. "Well yeah,/you/ can't talk about a girls weight…but since we are girls," she gestures beween Anna and herself, "we totally can."

Annaliesa does pluck up one of the quarters of the burger and slides it into her own basket before lifting a fry and dipping it into the egg yolk that oozed out of the burger. She pops it into her mouth as she listens. She nods about the fun guy thing from Diego. As Felicia talks about the density, she looks uncertain, but she nods about it, accepting it as delivered, at face value. "Well I hope it does get better." She grins, "It's better than what we were talking about before you got here, Diego." She cuts a look towards the group of guys finishing their food and heading out, the ones that toss a look in return to the two girls and now one guy.

Diego grins and nods. "I'd be happy to join in the trips." He offers before another nod and he smiles. "Sounds like an annoyance, hopefully it get better." He offers about the issue. At Felicia's last words, he laughs, "Ah, I see. Then I won't, and leave all that talk to you two." Raising a brow, glancing at the group of leaving guys. Then back to the girls. "Now you got me curious." He offers and grins.

If Felicia had enough of her burger left she would share but her's is pretty much eaten. She does push her basket of fries over though and she focuses on demolishing her shake "It is what it is. It's the norm for me so whatevs…no biggie." she that aspect isn't. She catches the look that the leaving boys give and she waggles her fingers at them while giving a saucy wink. "And you will stay curious." she tells Deigo, those are beans that won't be spilled by her.

Annaliesa is too busy concentrating on the burger she's got in front of her, all the rest of the different pieces, the fries mostly used to clean up the different sauces inside, but largely left untouched except for that. She slides them over to Diego also, apparently guy equaled leftover man. Her own shake is sipped and she doesn't do anything to satisfy that curiosity either. "I think most trips we meant were those team trips the school sends us on."

Diego nods a bit at Felicia's words. Even if he's not getting a slice of a burger, he will offer a piece of his to her. As for the fries, focusing on his own first. "I suppose that is understandable. Still, one can hope that things get better still." He offers and grins. Giving a wave to the boys as well. Though he does notice the wink Felicia offers, "It feels like you played them." He offers, furrowing his brows. "Everyone here really likes messing with people." He offers with a small chuckle. He supposes he has to finish the fries. Wouldn't be fair to the potatoes otherwise. So eat them he does. "Ah, I see. Those are quite fun. It's been awhile for me though." He admits and continues to eat. A bright smile offered to them.

Felicia nods "Isn't there one coming up next month? The weekend one to Six Flags?" or maybe someone was just hoping that was the case, she can't recall. She heard it somewhere though. "Played them?" she shakes her head "No playing here." but she still doesn't say what it was. Then her phone rings, which probably sounds really loud in Anna's ears if she is still wearing the one earbud "Oh it's Lydia." and it says that on the screen, though next to the name is mom in parenthesis. Picking up the phone she speaks into "Hi Lydia." she calls her mom by her first name? "Gotta take this." she tells the other two and just disappears…or rather shrinks down, and hops off the bench and onto the floor, where she really disappears under the table.

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