(2016-04-09) Mug Shot Saturday
Mug Shot Saturday
Summary: Mug Shot meeting of Daxton and Annaliesa, accidentally cross paths, and Jared shows up.
Date: 2016.04.09
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Mug Shot Coffee Shop
The barista is generally busy with orders, but most times still manages a wave of welcome. A large sign serves as the menu and orders are taken just beneath it. It's as lovely inside as it is on the outside. Rounded, wooden beams support the upper floor. The walls are packed with all sorts of travel memorabilia, most likely all collected by the owner. Tourists seem to be some of the more catered to clientele here, the drinks and atmosphere with the added food as a bonus.. Several small tables dot the area with a few larger ones thrown in for bigger groups.

Saturday's were amazing and Annaliesa always took advantage of them as much as she could. Dressed in anything except school clothes and uniforms, she looks comfortable. Jeans, a thick coat, boots with the jeans tucked into them. She's warm and she's standing all indecisive at the counter, hands in the pockets of her coat.

Daxton's already sitting at a table, head down and looking over some papers that are speed out. there's a pen in his hand and he's tapping it lightly on the edge of the table. The teen is dressed in jeans and along sleeved t-shirt, with a knitted beanie on his head.There's a half finished coffee with it reach and his coat hangs off his chair.

So many choices, so many options, each sounding good. So, in order to find something she liked, she goes with the only thing she had ordered here before. "Caramel mocha latte." Because it was familiar and Annaliesa pays for it before turning towards the restaurant. Seeing Daxton's familiar face, she walks over and offers a smile. "Mind some company?"

Daxton looks hop fem the table he's at, work applications are spread out all over it. "Oh…hey Annaliesa….sure. Let me .." And he starts pulling them into a pile. "Sorry…I'm kinda a mess today." Today? The speedster isn't being very fast, despite the caffeine he's ingested. Although his foot does start tapping immediately. His team mate does get a flash iof a smile before Dax drops his eyes, "Having a good weekend?"

"I don't know." Annaliesa tells him honestly. "Derek sort of asked me out for the weekend then never said where." She slides into the seat across from him careful with her lidded cup, not wanting to make a mess of his papers. "Are you trying to get a job?"

Having made his way to the cafe as well, but not really sure what to do, is Jared. Not really having money at the moment. Having ended up here by mistake after all. Trying to learn the places. Sighing to himself. Seeing the two older kids nearby. Taking a glance at them before he moves to sit down nearby.

Daxton wrinkles his nose, there's a whole lot of mess he doesn't want to be involved in, but…Anna has been kind to him. "Well…That's crappy of him." There's a sigh and he nod, rubbing the back of his neck. "Yeah…I don't really have anywhere to get money from now…" Well, none that he's willing to take. "I mean, basic school stuff is covered, but…I'd like to be able to eat out every once in a while…or buy clothes." The speedster shrugs, "I don't know. Maybe I'm being dumb." He takes very long sip of his coffee, it's not going to last him very long.

Annaliesa gives Daxton a friendly smile, "Yeah, guess he's got a reason there was a lot going on this weekend, so it's okay." She lifts her cup and takes a sip before motioning towards the counter. "Would you like a drink or something to eat? Maybe we could go to the pizza place and I'll get us something to share?" Money would go further there of course. "I'm kinda hungry." She notices the other person that looks around their age. Or so. "Hi," she greets with a friendly smile.

Jared does listen in, though not saying much. Not until he notices someone greeting him, causing him to blink. Looking over and nodding. Forcing a tiny smile on his lips, "Hi." His accent sounding slightly middle eastern mixed with british. Not really sure what else to say, ending up just sitting quiet and watching them for a moment. "Students?" He finally asks.

Daxton frowns again, he saw Derek last night and the reason was definitely something he doesn't want to get involved in. "Well….you should talk to him about it. It's not cool." The speedster is a proud sort, straightening slightly and glancing to the job apps. "I could pay you back, when I get a job." He may be proud, but he's also a teen boy, and bottomless pit. Anna greeting the new guy has him look over and nodding a greeting as well. "Hey." Another nod, "Yeah." Dax's so not helpful.

Definitely kids their age are students so the response is a nod and a cheerful smile. "Students, yes." And Annaliesa sounds nothing like she's native to the area. Or even the country. Looking back to Daxton, she shakes her head, "How about you return he favor once you got a job?" The words are offered with a friendly look, she just likes hanging out with friends, so it's a good excuse. With a shrug, she takes her coffee in hand. "It's alright. I'm sure he's got reasons." There's a brief flash of uncertainty. She looks back to Jared. "I'm Annaliesa, this is Daxton."

Jared nods to Daxton's words. Not minding. Raising a brow at their talk. It feels so mundane. He's not really used to it. Nor is he used to the cheerful smile. "Jared." He offers, trying to offer a smile to them. "Sorry. New here." He explains. His hair currently short, but growing. Glancing around the place before looking back to the two.

It doesn't take very long for Dax to nod, pulling the papers into a grabable pile for carrying. He leaves the Derek talk for later, not that he should be the one to do it, but if no one else is going to he might. Instead he slams the rest of his coffee. "Definitly. We can get a pizza, or hit someplace different, if you'd like." It's a date! (But not!) Jared gets another look and nod. it's not that Dax is unfriendly, he's just….unfriendly to those he doesn't know. Sorta. Sometimes. His mind is busy with the work applications and now the idea of food.

Annaliesa is friendly enough for both of them. "It's nice meeting you Jared. We were just about to go for some pizza and a pitcher of soda." Because food is important to growing teens like that. She doesn't quite finish off her coffee, but with food on her mind, she chances her mind about wanting it, so she approaches the trash can with the disposable cup. "There's pizza," she tells Daxton as he mentions some other places also. "Or there's the Chinese place. Do you have any preferences?"

Jared nods to them, "Same." He offers, about it being nice to meet. His stomach does growl, but he won't ask to join. Rising from his seat. Not minding the unfriendly-esque vibe from Daxton. Probably giving off a similar one. "I should probably go." He tells them, offering a bow. Not wanting to interfere.

Daxton shakes his head, "I've ate at the chinese place. It was good. Haven't tried the pizza yet. Is there a burger and fries place nearby?" He's been craving a greasy burger since he woke up on the gurnie, to be honest. And a shake! "I can finish up these apps later." Most are for restaurants, although one is for the thrift store. The bow catches Dax off guard and he raises an eyebrow, "Okay…later dude."

Annaliesa nods about the Chinese place. "My parents took me there when I first came to town, before I started at the school." She cuts a look to Jared, not specifying which school. "But burgers do sound good. Want to go there?" If she hears Jared's stomach, she doesn't address it directly, but she offers, "Want to join us? My treat this time, but you owe me one." Assuming if he lived in the town their paths would cross again eventually.

Jared blinks at Anna offers to pay, this time. "Don't know if I'll have any money. Still trying to reach my father." He explains. A small shrug. "Though I suppose I can owe you one." He finally decides on. "Coral Springs?" He asks then. Just to confirm that it's the same school. He's currently in school uniform anyhow. So they could probably tell.

Daxton nods, yes, yes he does! "Sure. That sounds good. I haven't' had a milkshake in forever." Well, 3 years. Blue eyes flicker from Anna to Jared and he nods again, confirming the school. Par tot him has this urge to keep it secret, but he's not sure why. A sudden funny thought crosses his mind and he smirks, "Are thou like…the mafia of eating out, Annaliesa? Are we all gonna owe you by the time school is out?"

"Coral Springs," Annaliesa offers to Jared, confirming it. "And surely you will have some money at some point." She walks to the door with Daxton, leaving it to Jared if he follows, but she does look after him briefly, before looking back at Daxton with a playful smile. "Oh yeah, certainly. If you don't pay up, I'll send you to sleep with the mermaids." Wait, she didn't mean it like it sounded! "I mean.." a blush rises in her cheeks and she scuffes a toe of her boot. "You know, like sleep with the fishes.."

Daxton's a teenage dude, and his mind is always in the gutter. He smirks again and actually lets out a small laugh. "Well then….You might never get paid back." Cause hey, mermaids. He follows, eyeing the scuff and blush, "I get it." He lets her lead, giving her something to focus on besides the verbal slip.

Jared blinks at the two weird ones. Not quite following about mermaids. Though he does notice that she blushes and blinks. Scratching his head but he will move to join them. "Sounds scary." He offers about her being mafia. Following along easily enough. As they exit he has somehow found a guy that he spins with his finger.

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