(2016-04-09) All Athena Ladies! (plus one)
All Athena Ladies! (plus one)
Summary: A large Athena crew heads into town for an afternoon of skating.
Date: 2016-04-09
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It's a little past two in the afternoon as the Athenas, new and old, arrive at 'That's How We Roll', Shady Cove's roller rink. It's a rare town that actually supports a roller rink these days. For her part, Bev's a little amazed. She's not sure the entire city of LA has an operating roller rink. But she's right in front of the group, practically bouncing in the spring sunlight. She jerks the door open, and Fifth Harmony music blasts from the rink. "Okay, folks!" she announces as she leads the way inside. "Skates are on me!

The room is big enough to be a gymnasium, the floor oval with walls standing high enough for the teenagers to see over, though kids would have trouble doing so. And the walls are padded, to make sure that people stumbling into them don't get hurt badly. Up above disco balls reflect and refract colorful lights all over the room, which is otherwise dimmed except at the register, where Bev has taken up a position to rent the skates, and over by the snack bar. The place looks like something out of the seventies — but clean, neat, and with far newer skates.

Well, maybe if you truck out to the Valley… but that could be an hour or two's drive, depending where you start from. Everything here is so much closer, you can actually just walk to a lot of places. Off to one side of the group, Jacob takes a look around and blinks. "Wow, you /weren't/ kidding," he calls over to Bev. "How long has this place been here, do you know?"

Stefanie follows with the group, staying close to Bev. She'd been humming a bit of a song along the way, stuck in her head. She's not in school today, so she's going to flew a bit of her weekend freedom. She's wearing a pair of low-rise jeans and a white crop-top. She lets her pinky link with Bev's briefly before letting it go. "See, we still get some exercise and we don't have to plat that blasted version of Dodgeball." She growls at the thought of some of the more brutal gym activities from the school. She looks at the skates and let's the clerk know what size she is, though she tries to keep it quiet.

Roller rinks existed where Lisa lived. Denver still had a couple. It wasn't as popular as it was twenty or thirty years ago, but it was still around. Enough so that the tall girl at least knew how to skate, even if it wasn't exactly an everyday activity for her. She had been walking along with the group, a new member of the team. "It's a small town. I'm going to guess it's been here for at least forty or fifty years. Places like this never close up. They just get renamed. Probably wasn't 'That's How We Roll' ten or fiteeen years ago. That's relatively modern slang." The freshman shrugs a little as she steps inside, taking in the scenario. "Yep. Disco balls. Was around in the seventies for sure," she adds.

"Thanks Bev," Lisa adds at the other girl's offer to buy skates. She's been here a day or so. That was probably long enough for everyone to at least learn her name. "I don't think I've heard about this dodgeball variant. Remind me to ask you back at school." Sounds…different. She also heads up to the counter and gives her shoe size in order to get some skates.

It's proving to be a busy and active weekend. Tour guide to newbs on Friday, immediately followed by overnighting on one of the big campouts, and almost immediately after coming back from that coming along for what she was told would be a 'great time out'. And it's turned out to be basically an Athena team outing. She's decided to go out a bit less orphan chic and more fun, with worn red leggings under pristine black denim shorts, a black torn up tank top over a semi-sheer white lacy long-sleeve with the right sleeve cut off, and a headband woven through her hair with a red gauzy half-veil that covers the left side of her face.

All stage presence, no burn scars visible. She didn't wear her usual boots, because skates. She grins to Bev as she offers to pay and gets in line to get her kid-size skates, opting for blades over the normal type. Stef gets a grin when she mentions the dodgeball from school. "Next time just zap the ball. It's in the rules!"

"The disco balls are the best clue," Bev agrees. "Unless we wanna ask the manager!" She points at the manager. The woman is at least in her 70s and keeps telling kids to 'slow down, slow down' as they pass her. Kids aren't listening, and the manager isn't bothering to chase them down. She's seated on a tall stool by one entrance to the rink floor, and looks vaguely like a frog.

Bev does not comment on this fact.

The skates are rented without much trouble — Bev insists that she needs a particular European size and it takes a few minutes to figure out the American equivalent — but soon everybody has skates, and they can move on to the benches and cubbies to put them on and store their own shoes. Bev's managed to get a pair of pale green skates that she feels are a perfect match for her skirt and blouse combo. "I haven't done this in ages," she notes.

Jacob looks over to Stefanie and shrugs. "I don't know, I'm actually kind of looking forward to trying it at least once. I need to go through those rules— I figure every oddball thing in there means somebody did something awesome, right?" Like zap the ball, for instance. He does his best to stay off Frog Face's radar and just grabs the first pair of skates in his size, a garish red and blue compared to the gray and faded denim of his street clothes. Speaking of clothes, he eyes Tabitha's outfit a bit more closely while he double checks the laces on one side. "Is that a movie outfit? It kind of looks like a movie outfit."

Stefanie grins as she has her skates on, ready to hit the floor. She nods to Lisa. "I promise I'll let you know everything I've come across since arriving here. I'm still fairly new myself." She smiles, looking to Bev. "Bev's been my savior. I have the best roommate." She grins to Jacob. "We're allowed to be creative. It's what they're checking us for.. However, I don't want to burn the ball up. That may have a totally different and more dangerous effect." She says as she rolls on ahead and makes her way onto the floor.

Lisa nods to Stefanie. "Got it," she says. Her skates are rather on the large side and are a white and faded pink color set. It goes about as well with her jeans and t-shirt look as one might expect, which is that they don't go with anything people would actually wear. But one has to make sure nobody has any desire to steal the skates, right? "It's been awhile for me too. At least a few years. Sometime in middle school, I expect." There were always those class outings that students would go on. She laces up the skates, making sure they're tight, before she stands up again.

Tabitha is tickled because they had some roller blades in her size that were white with red wheels and brake pad, almost a perfect fit with the rest of her stage gear. She slips her skates on, getting a bit fidgety with the fit as a way to calm her nerves. As a final touch to her outfit she pulls a lace and chain choker from her coat pocket and puts it on, clipping the bottom of her half-veil to it so it won't slide around. This is followed by sudded bracelets on her bare right arm and fingerless red lace gloves.

Jacob gets a grin and a shake of her head. "Nope, this is all me! My bandmate, Trini designed it for whenever we managed to get a gig." She chuckles about the dodgeball, "For some reason the balls just never seem to reach me. Damned if I can figure out why." She manages to maintain her innocent expression and tone while saying this. Somehow.

Bev smiles at Stef, but notes, "You would have been fine without me, Stef. And I'm lucky to have you as a roommate." She rises from her bench, fumbles once, but catches her balance before she hits the floor. She's well charged, and her glow even shows a little in the low light of the rink — a faint yellow sheen that appears when she rolls through shadows. "I think I last went in third grade," she muses as she heads for the entrance to the floor. "My mom pulled me out of school after she found out I was wearing somebody else's shoes." She hits the floor and starts rolling along the wall, getting used to the skates.

Jacob straightens up to his feet again and takes a couple of experimental steps, making sure the wheels aren't super slippery or anything. It's been years since he last went skating, too. "That's cool," he replies to Tabitha. "Is she here too, or was this a band back home?"

Stefanie makes her way around the rink once before coming up behind Bev and poking her lightly in the side, giggling. "I can't remember when my sister and I did this last." She says, slowing to make sure that Bev was steady on her feet. She makes sure not to set off her power. No need for a light show in the darkened building, and no need to go feeding Tabitha either. She looks back to the other squadmates as she glides around the curve.

"She pulled you out of school for wearing someone else's shoes at a skate outing?" Lisa asks. That seemed strange to her, but there was a difference between growing up in the mountains and as a star. "Most of our outings were hiking and camping trips though, honestly. Colorado has a lot of free options for that, so the schools like to take advantage." She skates along near Bev, on the other side of her. She isn't having a whole lot of trouble, though she's keeping her speed fairly slow. She hasn't gone skating since she got her powers and the last thing she needs is to accidentally start skating way too fast.

"No, none of the band is at the school. They're not far, though. Home is less than two hundred miles up the coast." Tabitha isn't worried about getting accidentally overcharged tonight. She bled off a lot of spare juice flying to and from the campout, and she's got her aura neatly tucked away so there's only a slight amber sheen to her skin that can easily be mistaken for faint glitter makeup.

She finds her feet and takes a couple of slow runs along the floor outside the rink, then joins the rest of the team on the main floor after they've made a few rounds. She smiles at Bev and Stef while skating around the group a couple times, then settling into place a bit ahead of the glow sisters. "You two are a good match, I think." She does a couple easy spins in place, then resumes straight skating behind the group. "Skating was a big pasttime back home. There were some mountain roads that got closed during the winter and early spring, and whenever they were clear there were races down the mountain."

The longer Bev skates, the more stable she becomes. She's got a full charge, which makes her stronger, more athletic, more dextrous. Soon she's keeping pace with Lisa easily, smoothly rolling along. "My mother is a very strange woman," Bev says to the other girl. "I love her, but she moved to LA to become a star and feels she settled for marriage." She shrugs.

"We still need to jam," Bev points out to Tabitha. "I mean, I think our musical styles are pretty different, but I bet we can make it work." She speeds up a moment, circles the group, and then falls back into place.

Jacob has the easy road compared to some of the others; he just has to not turn on his extra speed, which he plans to save for only the most drastic situations anyway. Soon enough, he matches pace with the others and then catches up a bit, sticking to nice simple forward motion. "Sounds like it, yeah," he murmurs, eyeing Bev for a moment. "I mean, if she thought she stole yours, that would be different, I guess. But still a little weird."

Stefanie blushes as Tabitha mentions about the Glow Sisters being a good match. She smirks and sends Bev a knowing, conspiratorial look. She's about to say something when her phone buzzes, sending off a tone. She looks surprised as she answers it. "M..Mom?" She sends an apologetic finger to the group as she rolls off of the floor and over to the side.

There's a nod at Tabitha's statement about the couple, then another nod from Lisa at Stefanie when she goes off to take her phone call. She continues skating along, starting to get a bit more into the groove of things now. "Actual skating races? Inline skates?" Lisa asks Tabitha, taking note of the girl's choice of footwear. That wasn't something that was super common, she had found. Lisa didn't think those types of competitions even existed anymore.

Tabitha nods to Bev with a smile, "Absolutely. We'll have to do that sometime soon." She glides easily out of the way for Stefanie to be able to go take her call. She can't help but call out a quick, "Hi, Mom!" in the direction of Stef's phone as she passes. "I'm sure we can find something we both like. Metal might be home to me, but my music goes all over the place. Right, Jake" She grins at him since he was one of the folks who got to hear her play at the campout.

Lisa gets a nod, "Yep. That road was home to pretty much any kind of race that didn't have a motor attached. The older kids that raced their cars all prefered the shore roads." She shrugs this off, "More curves or something. But I loved going down that mountain road. Pure adrenaline!"

"Well, she got it into her head that I was going to get HIV or something from borrowed shoes — we're talking rink skates, you know? Lots of people wear them." Bec shakes her head, a wry smile on her lips. "Dad had to tell her that he was taking me to an audition in order to get me vaccinated." Thankfully, dad handled most of her medical stuff when he realized what a nutcase his wife was. She nods to Stefanie as her roommate heads off for her phone call, raises her hand in a wave.

"Not that I dislike metal," she says. "But I think it's a lot of fun to take music in one style and work it up in another. Do some Bieber as metal, or Metallica as jazz." By now her glow is a touch brighter, and she's clearly enjoying herself as she turns and starts skating backwards.

"Right, Tab," Jacob calls back in turn, deciding on the fly to imitate the short name thing. He slows down a bit to make sure Stefanie has a clear path to get back off the oval. "Bieber slowed down eight hundred percent is pretty amazing, but that might be pushing it too far for a live gig. And please no country? A little bit of country goes a long way…"

Bev gets a nod and a smile from Lisa. "Well, good thing you didn't get HIV from a pair of shoes. I was worried for a minute there." Yeah, Lisa's mom sounded a bit strange in certain ways.

Jacob's complaints about country music get a look. "Please. Country isn't that bad Jacob. Just have to hear good country, which is more of the older stuff, I'll admit." Lisa shrugs a little. "Not too many types of music types that bother me though. There's good stuff in most every style."

Tabitha makes gagging noises, and her visible eye is narrowed accusingly at Bev and then Jacob, "Name not the Canadian Hellbeast! I will never understand why that infected blister upon music didn't get trampled to death in a mall somewhere, or how he managed to lubricate his way to a record deal. But it's been proven that Metallica songs do well in a more classical tone. Dunno about jazz, though." She takes some time to do a few backwards loops around the other three Athenians, cheating a bit by 'flying' with her wheels on the ground to keep up her speed.

She gives Lisa a nod of agreement when she defends country music. "There's a lot of good country music, but I can't write country for the life of me. I've tried. My 'working man' type songs always end up sounding like Billy Joel."

"We're not talking about a -gig-," Bev says to Jacob. "Just a jam session. Since we're both musical. And I've -met- Bieber," she adds. "he's… okay, he was okay. Until he realized that every teenaged girl and her mother was in love with him. For the record, I was only ten at the time." Not a teenager. Not subject to Bieber's weird appeal.

"It's worth trying," she continues. "Metal as jazz, R&B as country — I heard a great country cover of 'I Tried'. It's all about taking it apart and putting it back together new and interesting. Not necessarily better, but interesting."

"Have they tested /him/ for superpowers?" Jacob quips. "It would explain so much, it really would. Oh, you've heard the Grey Album, right? Not that it has anything to do with country—" He's not the musical expert that Tabitha and Bev evidently are, but he at least knows a few bits and pieces to throw into the conversation, his rolling pace steadying out as it fades into unconscious instinctive motions.

"Well, you both sound like you can write music a whole lot better than I can. Or perform it, for that matter. Not anything I've ever been good at. Tried the trumpet in band. That didn't go over so well," Lisa comments. The poor, poor people who were near her. She falls quiet for the moment, however, retreating into thought as she skates with the group.

Tabitha does not pursue the subject of B-who-shall-not-be-named. Instead she focuses on the more pleasant sides of music. Like cross-genre covers. When Bev goes further into that subject she ducks her head a bit, a blush visible on the un-veiled side of her face. "I, ah… might have already done something like that. I can give you the link if you want, it's on my band's soundcloud." She nods to Jacob's question about the Grey Album, "Yeah, that mix album that Danger Mouse did? It's good sound."

She starts to skate backwards to maintain eye contact while she talks to the rest of the crew. Her all-around senses are the key for how she manages to not run into anyone without turning her head. Lisa's comment gets a one-shoulder shrug. "Music is my thing. I'm good enough at school that I'm pretty sure I'll graduate, I enjoy active stuff like this, and I do alright on some other things. But music… that's life's blood."

Lisa is about to say something else when her phone buzzes. She pulls it out and glances at it. "Sorry, gotta take this." She skates off to the side to go take that phone call. She'll, of course, likely return to the school with the group later, whenever they all head home.

Bev is less a musical expert than a singer, but she's willing to take it as written that she is generally amazing at everything. She'd never say she wasn't. All the same, she nods to Jacob, grinning. "Danger Mouse is kind of a genius. And mash-ups are awesome if done well." She smiles at Tabitha's explanation. "I'm more a general entertainment maven, but music is the backbone of so much entertainment."

Jacob looks to the others and grins. "Yeah, there's a bunch of them out there, I've only heard of a couple though. So you guys need a roadie for this gig?" he adds, grinning. "I can lift an amp rack without breaking a sweat."

Tabitha laughs a bit at Jacob's roadie comment. "Sure. You can help carry some instruments from my dorm room out to the common room. Think you can handle the fourty-foot haul? The amps are on wheels if that helps." She quick skates past him, giving him a hip bump as she goes by. She nods to Bev's comment right after. "That's so true. The right music can make or break a scene. If I get into the college I want, I'm thinking of doing musical scores as a minor."

"You know," says Bev, "if we actually pull this together…" She crouches, going into a spin for a few moments, before pulling out of it, zipping in a circle — yeah, she's showing off by now. "If we pull this together, I think it's gonna be the first concert under the sea. That wasn't on 'Jabberjaw'."

Jabberjaw? That sounds vaguely familiar, somehow. Jacob might remember it if she actually saw it. "/Forty/ feet?" he calls right back to Tabitha, teasing a little once again. "I don't know about that, I might wind up throwing my back out."

Tabitha sighs and shakes her head at Bev's comment after clapping at the spins. "Sorry, that honor was taken by Katie Melua in '06. Did a concert on the North Sea floor in an oil rig. We'll just have to find somewhere deeper. Maybe Annaliesa can help with that." She has no idea at all who or what a Jabberjaw is, but doesn't reveal her ignorance in public. Then she wrinkles her nose at Jacob's comeback. "Well if you're going to throw it out, will you get a new one to replace it?"

Okay, by this point the running joke is turning into sort of an improv thing. "Not on my roadie wages I can't," Jacob retorts. "You give me a raise and then we'll talk, deal?"

Tabitha is willing to run with the joke as far as her brain can come up with comebacks. She snorts in disdain, waving off Jacob's demands with the airy ego of a rock star. "We'll talk raise when you stop taking snack breaks in the middle of set-up! I swear, the next time I slip on one of your candy bar wrappers on stage…"

Jacob goes so far as to reach over and catch the bar running along the side of the rink, now, so he can turn and mock-glare at Tab. "/My/— oh, come on, that was Bobby's and you know it! You should have seen him the other day, it's a wonder the stage wasn't covered with his Cheetos finger marks." He's doing his best to hold back a grin, but increasingly slipping at it.

"Oh, now it's Cheetos dust, is it? You know that stuff holds fingerprints, don't you?" Tabitha skates back and forth around Jacob, enjoying the banter. She's also noticing how being in her stage garb is affecting haivng an effect on how easy she is in public. She'll have to give Trini a huge hug the next time she can visit home. She was /so/ right about the design, especially the veil. "We'll see if it's Bobby or not, don't think that we won't." She can feel the giggles coming on but manages to crack only the barest smile before getting control again.

Fingerprints? Oh, man. Jacob holds his hands up in the air, palms out toward Tabitha in a classic 'don't tase me bro' sort of pose, and his skates might even slip a little if the small of his back wasn't already braced against the edge. "I can explain, I swear. Just, just hear me out, okay?" Now he starts pulling himself toward the opening so he can escape to the outside floor. Or just offer to head off and treat her to soft drinks at the snack bar.

Caught up in the fun of the moment, Tabitha is more than willing to follow along as Jacob back off out of the oval. She 'stalks' behind him, moving forward on one skate with her arms crossed. Her other foot is 'tapping' on the front wheel as she moves, and she keeps a stern look on her face but it keeps slipping as she fights off laughter. "Oh, this had better be an explanation on par with the great works of history, mister!" Then she can't hold it any longer. She breaks down in laughter and slides up to skate at Jacob's side.

Jacob is still hanging out near the edge of the open area leading out of the oval, scooting back out of the way a little as Tabitha approaches. Okay, he was going to ask her about something back at the campsite, but he got interrupted, and he doesn't want that to /keep/ happening so he just spits it out. "Hey, after you fire me, you want to go see a movie or something? You know, later."

Tabitha is just getting her laughter under control when at first it sounds like Jacob is trying to keep the banter going despite her breakdown. Then her mind catches up to all of what he said and the laughter dies. In its place is a bit of open mouthed surprise and a blush that covers the visible part of her face and a good bit of her neck as well. She tries to find her words a few times, then just swallows and nods. "Yeah… we could do that."

Oh, boy.

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