(2016-04-08) Whistlestop Tour
Whistlestop Tour
Summary: Lisa gets her introduction to the school and meets several others along the way.
Date: 2016-04-08
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Fate works in strange ways. Just a couple days ago Tabitha had been telling Violet about how tempting it had been to start laying claim to more space in her half-empty dorm room. And this morning she noticed that a new nameplate had been put up next to hers, but no new furniture had been moved in yet for another person. When she went up to admin to ask about it before class, she was told that there were still questions about the new student's housing. Not quite knowing how it happened, she also got recruited to meet the new student and give her the nickle tour of the school. When she asked about classes, she was given a waiver for the day which she quite happily and quickly accepted before the faculty could come to their senses.

So how she's here at surface level waiting to meet with the new girl. She's hovering (literally) just outside the main entrance, her feet a foot or so off the ground because sometimes she just wants to feel taller. She's holding a clipboard that she borrowed from the office with a map of the school and a few other informative bits, partly because it might help but also because she thinks it makes her look more official and crap.

New student time! Yeah, Lisa had ended up talking to housing a bit after Tabitha. She'd been told that she would get her own room because of the fact that she doesn't need to sleep. It seemed unfair to either make Lisa sit in a dark room for eight hours a night or for her roommate to have to learn how to sleep in a completely lit and active room. Still, she knew she'd be meeting with one of the other students. Another freshman, Lisa was given to understand. Probably for a tour? Or maybe just the faculty's way of giving her somebody to talk to. Lisa wasn't sure.

Lisa had gotten changed into her school uniform already and came out of the building. She'd been given a name and a basic description. It wasn't too hard to pick Tabitha out. The girl was rather short, even with the hovering. She had a pack slung over her shoulder. Her suitcases, apparently, were being deposited in her room.

Lisa walked over. "Hi there. Tabitha? I'm Lisa. I think you're the one who is supposed to show me around? Or at least keep me from being horribly lost for the time being?" she asked with a smile.

Tabitha lights up with a smile when Lisa approaches and introcduces herself. "Hey there! Yep, I'm Tabitha and I'll be your guide-slash-teammate-slash-maybe-slash-maybe-not-roomie." Yes, she does say 'slash'. "You've obviously already got your uniform sorted out, so we'll skip past the standard private school stuff. Dress code, grounds rules, curfew, and the like. They're all not too hard to figure out. Uniform during classes, stay on campus during the school day, that sort of thing." She hugs the clipboard to her chest and gains a bit more altitude so that she's not having to /still/ look up at the unfairly tall Lisa.

She makes a quick sweeping gesture to take in the surface level that's all around them in a big circle. "This is where all the sit-down classes and lockers are located. Everything's set up around the outside edge of the old fort, with the center being more of a student lounge. Do you want to go up to see the topside offices and caffeteria, or down to see the sub-surface parts like the gym and team dorms?"

"Oh, so you're in Athenian League too?" Lisa asks as the girl rises up to be at eye level with Lisa. "I'm going to have to get used to being around other people with powers. Flying is your power?" she asks. Lisa's ability was much more subdued in appearance. Outwardly, nothing would seem out of place about her, except that she was unfairly tall and likely to grow taller. "Yeah, private school stuff isn't too tough to figure out. Oh, and they said I'd be getting my own room. Part of my set of powers is that I don't sleep. Haven't slept since I was like two or three years old. Doesn't seem fair to keep others awake, you know?"

Lisa thinks about that moment. "Lets do the sub-surface areas," she suggests. It was random, but she figured she'd pick one and go with it. She'd get to see it all eventually. But sub-levels just sounded way more interesting. Probably because they had the word sub in them.

"Yep, I'm an Athenian too." She nods about the housing situation. "Yeah, I've been wondering when or if I'd get a roommate assigned. So when they put your nameplate next to mine, I'll admit to getting a little bit very excited. But neighbors is just as cool, too." She listens to Lisa talk about her not-sleeping bit and smiles, "Yeah, I could see where that might cause issues. And for me, flying is a side-effect of my powers. Something I can do when I'm charged up. This way to the elevators."

She nods towards and then floats over in the direction of the elevators set in the side opposite the main entrance. "Below this level, everything is set in sea domes at least partially under the surface, with most of the school set a good distance undersea. The exception is the training grounds, which is accessed by an undersea tunnel but which is located over on Paragon Island." She gestures in the general direction, "It's about a mile that-a-way. It's where the heavy duty powers and team training take place, plus the arena fetch matches." When the elevator arrives, she keys it in for the ocean hub.

"Well, the door will probably be open most of the time," Lisa responds. She nods to Tabitha's explanation of the side effect of flying. She leaves the question of what charged up meant for the moment. She wasn't sure what the local custom was for asking what someone's powers were.

"Undersea. Hope the glass is solid down there," Lisa jokes, not seriously concerned about there being a problem. She nods regarding Paragon Island, glancing over in that direction. "Arena Fetch? School sport?" she asks. She steps into the elevator once it arrives. "Onwards and…downwards?" she quips.

Tabitha grins at the remark about the glass. "Yep. Only four or five dome collapses each year, so I'm told." Her tone is equally joking. "And yes, arena fetch is the school sport for supers. Kind of like a weird mix of rugby and soccer, but on a field that can be changed with stuff like fire traps, anti-gravity, and the like. The four school teams compete against each other, and I think teams from other places as well sometimes. There's a match tonight. One of the year's finals, lower bracket. The championship is in two weeks."

When the elevator reaches the next level down, she drifts out, "This level is for the gym," she points to the larger dome that can be seen through the windows on one side, completely submerged and very large. "And the med bay. She points the other way to a somewhat smaller dome. "Both are well kitted out to deal with whatever we can throw at them, from laser and saw trap obstacle courses to dealing with magical green measles that cause random power outbursts." She wrinkles up her nose in a scowl about the second bit. "That was no fun. Also, I absorb energy through the aura that's around me. Most folks aren't shy about their powers, so you can ask if you're curious. I just like to give the folks newer than me a bit of time to settle in first." She gives Lisa a quick wink to show that she did notice the other girl's curious look earlier.

The teenager takes in the tour and information about the sport. Fire traps and anti-gravity? Maybe she'd stick to simpler sports herself. She didn't have really flashy powers like that. "Ah. Just curious, though I suppose that's pretty obvious. I'm…well, aside from the not sleeping bit, I don't have inherent genetic limits. Like most people can only get so strong or fast with training before genetics kick in with a ceiling. I don't have that ceiling. So I'm the classic strength and speed type I suppose." It was hard for Lisa to explain still. She didn't have a good term for it yet. It would come in time. "Suppose I'll end up spending a good bit of time here, given my powers. Though magic green measles? That sounds pretty disgusting, actually. Is stuff like that common?"

"Yeah, I'm not sure about trying out for the Athena team next season. Although it does sound like it could be fun, I'm not sure I'd have the time for that and my music." Tabitha nods and listens as Lisa explains her powers. "Sounds pretty cool. No upper limits would be nice, but could be scary too. But yeah, I'm sure you and the gym will become close friends. I've started coming in a few time a week after class to run the obstacle course hazards for flyers. I've only been powered for less than a month so I'm still getting used to it all."

She shrugs at the question of things like the magic measles being common, "I hope not, but I'm pretty new myself. Been here just a couple weeks." She looks around again, then back to Lisa. "Want a closer look around up here, or head on down to the ocean floor where all the student digs are?"

"Yeah. I'll have to catch a match or two and think about it for next season. And we can head down. I'll end up pretty familiar with the details of this level soon enough," Lisa commented. Knowing where things were was more important than peeking into the individual rooms at this point. Plus there was something interesting to her about heading down to the ocean floor. That was pretty deep, and growing up in the mountains, it was quite the opposite of what she was used to. "I don't think it's at the point where it's scary to me yet, but I've had it and hid it for long enough that I guess it's just a part of me now? Just gotten to the level where actual training makes sense. And we didn't know about this place."

Tabitha floats over to the elevators and hits the button. The one they came down on is still there and opens right away. "It was my sensei that knew about this place. He set it up for me to transfer here after my powers were triggered." She hits the button for the ocean floor when they're both on. "For me, it's not so much that I'm scared of my powers but rather what they could do if I don't keep them under control. Right now the most important thing I think I can learn is how to /not/ absorb energy when I don't need to. That way I'm safe to be around."

Lisa steps into the elevator with a nod. "That makes sense. Just as important to know how to not do something as it is to actually do something. I'll probably need to learn how to control my strength. Not accidentally crushing things and stuff like that," Lisa mused. Her powers, in many ways, were tame in comparison to some of the others. But she was okay with that.

"Eeeh, sort of. I mean, 'witches' is kind of a catch-all term. Like 'spooks' and 'spirits', right?" States Fred, with a soft grin. "Like, the 'Wicked Witch' was supposed to represent the dangers of growing up because she was in the west. So the whole thing was metaphorical, age trying to steal the beauty of youth and stuff." A pause. "And I hated that dog. It always gave me the hibbie jibbies, popping up in every scene."

A faint shudder from the pale, dark haired youth. "Oh. Yeah, I guess? I mean, the real problem is that a lot of people have super useful powers. I mean, you throw -lightning bolts-. You -fly-. Come -on-, that's awesome! I .. I mean, when I, uh. When I change, I'm just me. Just, you know. Different, but still me."

Fred the Dead and Keakilani the Unpronouncable are just inside the dorm area, where all the Teams collectively lobby. Keak having just finished putting shoes on, and Fred constantly having to bump his glasses up while juggling books under an arm. Also apparently discusing the Wizard of Oz.

"Metaphorical…" there's another interesting word. "So the story was to mean something more than just a story? Like the Dickens story which was about being nice to others because you may not know how your life touches everyone around you? And that large turkeys are to be eaten on Christmas…" which is apparently what Keakilani took away from 'A Christmas Carol'.

"But Dorothy went home so why would the witch want her? She only wanted to leave. The witch only wanted her shoes…which were silver in the book but red in the movie." So he did see the movie at least!

"I am still me when I fly and when I 'shoot lightning bolts'. Why would I not be me and why would you not be you? I think that if you're here, you can do something special, even if you don't think it is." There's another smile then. See? He's quite positive, for a teenager.

The elevator opens and off step a pair of girls that at first glance seem to be exactly the same height. But one of them isn't stepping off so much as floating, and her feet are nearly two feet off the ground to put herself eye-to-eye with her companion. Tabitha, the floating one, is nodding to something Lisa said on the way down. "Yeah, keeping control is important no matter what your power set. We'll probably be in some of the same training groups on the strength side. That's another one of my charged-up things. They had us rope climbing with a few tons strapped to our legs the last time. But in any case," she makes a sweeping gesture to take in the whole lounge area of the central hub.

"This is home sweet home for the students. With admin living clear at the top floor, that means we've got plenty of freedom down here. Dorms are by team, and we're over there." She points to the red-lined Athena hatch. She notices the pair of boys and gives them a wave and smile. "Hey there. More new faces! I'm Tabitha, Athena freshman and living black hole." She's a cheerful one today, but then she got permission to skip classes to be tour guide so who wouldn't be smiling?

Stepping out of the elevator with Tabitha is Lisa, the taller of the pair. Lisa is dressed in her school uniform, having gotten that ahead of time and changed into it as required by the rules and such. She nods to the girl's explanation of classes and training before she turns to look at the hatch Tabitha indicates. Then Tabitha greets the two boys who are apparently new, or at least new to Tabitha, Lisa figured. "Hey there. Lisa. New transfer," the tall teenager offered in greeting.

Lisa does glance a bit at Tabitha at the statement about black hole. "You, Tabitha, have not had the pleasure of eating dinner with me. That's where you'll learn the true definition of black hole." Her power required fuel. Lots and lots of fuel. That statement seems to remind Lisa that she hasn't eaten in the last ten minutes, so she reaches into her bag and pulls out a candy bar, which she proceeds to eat.

"Yeah. I never had turkey as a kid for christmas; It was pork or lamb." A shrug. "It's a greek family thing. And we'd usually have a fire burning outside until midnight to keep away the kallikantzaroi." What, he can say that but he can't say 'Keakilani'? Some people. "I mean, don't get me wrong; I like turkey."
And then they're moving on. "No, see, it's completely different. I mean, what you do is -super-, you know? You do things no mortal being could do. I mean, all of us do, or we wouldn't be here, but yours is.. you know, it's -useful-. For doing more than standing underwater or being a halloween decoraaa-aa-ey there!"
Fred spins on a heel, lifting a hand - and letting the books tucked beneath crash into the floor. He sighs, nudging his glasses up with a knuckle and leaves them there for a moment. Gotta look cool in front of the younger girls, after all. He tucks his chin in, flashing a weak smile for Lisa and then blinking at Tabitha. "You're floating." He points out.
"Uh, I mean, hey. Yo. I'm, uh.. I'm Fred." A pause. "Just Fred. Uh, good to meet you, Tabitha? And Lisa? This is.. uh.. Kea-ki.. This is Lani." A nod aside. "I'm, uh. I'm a sophomore undecided, I guess? I mean, I've got seven days, so.. hey."

Keakilani thinks for a minute, "I had turkey at…GivingThanks? No. Thanksgiving. I had not had it before. My island doesn't have turkeys but it was very good. I didn't know about Thanksgiving either, but I learned about it! It was familiar." There's a moment of sadness in his expression before he moves closer to offer a pat to the older boy's shoulder, "Your's is useful too. I know." Even though he doesn't know what it is, but he sure seems confident about it.

When the girls arrive he turns, out of the way for the dropping of the books and all. He notes the floating and waves back, "I'm Keakilani, but 'Lani' is good too." Or other nicknames that are yet to be discovered. "Welcome, Lisa! Fred is new too! I am not so new, but it's nice to meet you." Tabitha gets another grin and a wave…he's probably seen her in class or something as they're the same year.

Tabitha winces at the dropped books, then floats forward and starts to pick them up with an extention of her aura before offering the stack back to Fred. "Good to meet you, Fred. And yeah, I'm floating. Keeps me from feeling so tiny all the time." She gives Keakilani a brief intense look, as if she's trying to place him in her mind. Then she does a quick fly-around to see him from behind and nods sharply. "Ah, okay. You're 'thick hair and tattoo sleeve' from lit class. Now I remember!"

She's grinning when she flies back over and resumes her hovering. She's holding a clipboard in her arms but is otherwise in school uniform with her usual thermals on underneath. "Just been giving Lisa the nickle tour so she'll know where everything's at. Such as," she points towards the laundry room. "That is where laundry occasionally gets done. So far it seems a lot like midterms. Usually empty but then everyone remembers to clean their clothes all at once. And it's got one of the best TVs in the dorms, so there's that."

"Good to meet you Fred. Keakilani," Lisa says. Always good to actually say the names so they stick in the mind better. "Remembering to do laundry. That's something I'll have to keep in mind." Nevermind remembering to change clothes. When you don't sleep, it's very easy to forget if you have changed clothes or not. But there was no reason to go blabbering about that. She'd wait for the eventual mistake to happen all on it's own.

"So, this is a common room where all the teams hang out then, right? And there are four of them, if I'm remembering correctly from the talks I got early on." She was still learning all these little details.

"Uh.. thanks."
Fred sheepishly takes the stack, and juggles it for a moment before tucking it back under an arm. Glancing aside to 'Lani' with his lips in a tight line. "Well… if you say so. Maybe you'll change your mind when you see what I can do." A weak laugh at himself, which quickly fades away. And then he refocuses as Tabitha flies about and - ahem - checks Keakilani from the backside.
"Ssooo, living black hole? I'd make a joke about sucking, but right now that looks pretty damn- oop." He pauses, and clears his throat again. ".. pretty -darn- cool. What all can you do?"
And then he grins at Lisa. "So, were you from a different high school, oooor did your parents raise you outside all of this too?" And then he glances to the laundry room too. "Oh. Uh. Did you guys want to borrow my shamble when you wash? I mean, like I said, I know this place is pretty safe but you can never be too certain. Or careful. Unless you're sitting right on top of the washer so no one curses the clothes, I guess."
Aaand back to Lisa. "Yeah. Did you pick a team already? I'm still, uh. Deciding. Also, hi; What brought you to Coral Springs? Oh, Tabitha!" Man, he switches subjects fast. "Have you shown her the training spot yet? I haven't seen it."

Keakilani doesn't seem at all concerned when Tabitha floats about him. "Yes, that's me! I know you because of your hair. It's a very pretty color. Like lava." He also looks towards the laundry room when it's pointed out before offering, "I haven't had trouble in there. There are just machines…although I'm told that if you put too much of the soap in or too many clothes in, it could be bad." Not that he has many clothes to wash, but it's an observation.

He looks between the others as Fred asks his many questions…he didn't realize that people in this school were different from others until he had been here a couple of months so he understands the curiosity.

Tabitha nods to Lisa's question about the teams. "Yes. Athena, Prometheus, Metis, and Ares." She points to each dorm access hatch in turn with their name. "There's no real enforced separation between them except for on arena fetch teams. And sometimes faculty will take members of a team off on training missions."

She grins impishly at Fred's black hole crack, "Yeah, I think of that one sometimes but it's not too far off the mark. I absorb energy with my aura. Then my aura feeds it back into me to trigger my other powers. Strength, armor, flight, healing, and some funky sense stuff. Still learning all that I can do, though. Only been active for twenty-five days."

Lani's compliment of her hair causes the unscarred side of her face to redden in a bit of a blush. "Thanks. And yeah, laundry isn't hard. I sometimes have a quiet laugh at the folks that just toss all of theirs together and then wonder why they end up with strange color combinations or shirts that smell like bleach."

She then nods back to Fred again, "Yep, I was going to show her Paragon Island as the last stop on the tour. Well, actually the caffeteria would be the last stop, since it's around lunch time."

"Yeah. I chose Athena," Lisa responds to Fred's question about if she'd chosen a team yet. It was the one that had spoken to her the most. "Went to the usual school, but it got to the point where hiding my powers was troublesome. One little mistake was all it took. But my family was told about this place and it was suggested I come here instead," Lisa explains. "How is the food around here, anyway? On the scale between rock hard and provides some nutritional value. Or do they actually give good food at this school?" Because all high schools were known for terrible, terrible food. "How about you two? What powers do you have?" she asks.

"Oh, neat. I'm, uh.. I'm thinking Ares..?"
Begins the older boy, shoving a hand into his pocket. "I mean, you know. They seem like a pretty cool lot. And I already met a few of them. But, uh, how's Athena treating you?" And then back to Lani for a moment. "Oh, yeah. That reminds me. Do you, uh.. eat? Otherwise I'll grab my paper bag first, and then we can hit the Island? Seriously, I want to see if you can pull off the whole thunder god thing. Uh, island thunder god .. thing." A sideways grin. "Also, this is technically my first full day, so.. I can always plead I got lost?" Before his attention is back to Lisa. And he shrugs.
"I, uh. I don't eat what I can't see get made. I mean, I'm not a germophobe? But it's just one of those things where you have to make -sure- no one's messing with your stuff, or dripping stuff into it, or hexing it or stuff like that. So usually I, uh.." Ahem. ".. just.. have a cheap gyro or something. I've still got a few flour tortillas left over, and they do fine for pita if you nuke them first." And then we get to the question of powers.
"Me? I. Well, I… I pull my skin.. off. And my muscles and.. the other stuff under the skin. Kinda like the Slithereen, but, uh, I can't swap around. Just take it off and put it right back on. That's about it, really." Fred ducks his chin again, and nudges his glasses up.

"Is 'regular school' so hard then?" Keakilani asks of the others. "And is it very different? I…they don't do what we can do, can they? Is that what makes it so different?" As if he's never been to any other school or really known any other school. "This school seems a lot like Hogwarts…" his only other reference for schools, perhaps?

Fred gets his attention next and he grins, "I eat. I like to eat and I like trying new things." He seems a little baffled when the other explains that he only eats food he watched being made, "Why would someone put something in your food? I would think that the food would be safe here." He looks over to Lisa, "I've enjoyed what I've eaten so far here. I haven't eaten much off of the island, although I was taken to some restaurants before. They were also very good. So many new foods…"

When Fred finally says what he can do, he mostly just looks curious. "That sounds fascinating!" As for what he, himself, can do, he offers, "I just do what I do, I guess." He still can't figure out how to succinctly describe it. "I'm in Prometheus and I like it a lot as well."

"It isn't so much hard as it is different. You have classes and stuff, but no, the big thing is that the students and teachers don't have powers. That makes it pretty significantly different, but I'm guessing there will be similarities to this place." Lisa wasn't sure how this school would function, but she'd find out soon enough.

When Fred reveals his power, she nods. "That's an interesting ability. I bet that'd make it easy to recover from injuries. Even if you don't have a healing ability, it would make it easy for a healer or doctor to just fix up the injured spot." A use for every ability! She just nods to Lani. "Do what you do? Alright." She supposed she'd find out soon enough. "I suppose this place is a little like Hogwarts, except the students have different abilities instead of being wizards. And to my knowledge there isn't a sport involving broomstick flying."

The question about regular school draws, from Fred, a shrug for poor Keakilani. "I have no idea. I was, uh. I mean, my parents were always traveling all over the states chasing things, so I was raised in the RV. Uh, homeschooled. This is pretty much a new thing for me, asking permission to use the restroom and uniforms and stuff like that." A brush along his own boring ensemble. "I mean, this is what I always wear anyways? You gotta have new, clean clothes, because if you start giving them personality then.. uh.. you leave Juju on them, and that can be used against you? So you gotta be careful not to make anything personalized.." A pause. "Unless it's protected." And then he grins at the 'Hogwarts' comment. "Oh yeah. I always thought being able to just wave a magic wand and poof at things would be awesome. I mean, I guess I could eventually learn that, but.. well. You know. I don't think it works that way for someone like me."

"Oh. I guess they wouldn't, but it's just, you know. It's habit. My parents are- well. They handle a lot of bad stuff that can float through walls but can't cross salt circles and stuff like that, so I'm kind of use to looking for the little dangers?" A faint shrug. "You'd be surprised how little mundane things can keep you safe, even in a place like this. Iron nails and salt rocks and tangles of string with an egg in it."

And then to both. "Well, yeah. I mean, my bones heal pretty good. .. Nothing else does, but they do. And it's not so much fascinating as, well. Slow. I mean, I've got to pull it off, and it doesn't like to let go. It's like a really tight pair of pants? And then it itches when I put it back on." And right on cue, Fred begins scratching idly at his cheek.
"So, Lisa? What do you do? I mean, you want to hit the Island as well and show off?"

Keakilani just sort of looks between the others as they discuss powers and Hogwarts and things about salt and egg and something called 'juju' and 'RV'. Some of this conversation has just gone well over his head. "Maybe," he offers to Fred, "It'll get easier the more used to it you get?" He then smiles to Lisa, "I don't have a name for what I do. I just know that I do it. Fred says it's like controlling the weather, but I don't think you can actually -control- the weather. I can't make it a nice day if it's raining." For example. He then looks to the others, "Oh, it's ok if you want to go to the island here. I should eat lunch so I don't fall asleep in my class. Do you find that when you don't eat you just get tired?"

"I think the word you're looking for is manipulate, Keakilani. Or maybe influence the weather. That's pretty cool," Lisa says to the boy.

"Well," Lisa begins when asked about her power. "I don't need to sleep and I don't get fatigued. Haven't slept since I was two or three. So, actually, I don't get tired if I don't eat. I get into a terrible mood though, and I have to eat quite a bit for my power. I apparently have some sort of genetic thing where I don't have genetic limits to what I can do physically. Kind of like when people hit a certain point they can't get significantly stronger or faster because their genetics and body type won't let them? I apparently don't have that. So super strength, speed, agility, and toughness. That type of thing. But I have to actually train to being that strong or fast." No free super strength for her - she has to earn it the old fashioned way.

"So nothing all that flashy really. Not compared to lasers or stuff. Also means I have to eat pretty much all the time, like I said. I kind of burn through calories at a frightening rate."

Lisa glances over at the Athena door before glancing at her watch. "Actually, they said my stuff should be in my room by now. I need to grab a couple things before lunch. Can I take a raincheck on that offer, Fred?" Lisa asks. "Tabitha, thanks for the nickle tour. I'll see you around." And with that, she will depart.

"Only get tired if I eat too much, although that's a relative term since I usually pack away about four meals every mealtime." Tabitha has come back to the group after getting called over by someone from the med bay staff. She seems in a good mood still when she returns to the group, so it must have been good news. She's back just in time to give Lisa a smile and a quick wave, "Yep. Was my pleasure, Lisa. I'll see you 'round." Then she turns to grin at the two boys, "So… still want to go out to Paragon, Fred? I've got the blessing of no classes today, because tour guide."

Fred's hand will clamp firmly upon Keakilani's shoulder, and he flashes a sideways grin at the younger boy. "Dude. That's called 'being hungry'. Even when I'm all boney and stuff, I've still got to put food into me. You know, if I keep my skin off for a long time. Uh, put food into the other me. The part that's all floopy and squi-you know what, it's just weird. But even that part of me still needs food or my… skeleton will.. get hungry and weak. Hm." He considers what he just said, and then shrugs his shoulders. Close enough.
And then Lisa talks about how she can be a strong, fast, or tough as she wants and never has to sleep. Before running off. "See that? That's cool. -That- is a cool power. I mean, yeah, it's not laser beams, but -come on- are you kidding me?" And then Tabitha comes back over. And offers to show off. If Fred could float, one might get the feeling he'd be doing just that.
"Are you serious? Absolutely! I mean, yeah, it's my first full day but, uh.." A grin. "Let's get dangerous!"
Dark Wing Duck. Classic.

Keakilani grins back to Fred, "Well, then, I am hungry! You two go though. Maybe I'll see you there another time. Fred, I'll try to practice making a storm. I'm not sure I can though. I can make it rain, but not storm." Tabitha also gets a smile, "I'll lend you my notes from class if you'd like so you don't miss what happened." Because why would anyone -not- want to go to class? There is so much to learn!

Tabitha grins at Fred's enthusiasm about the island. "Heh. It's not really that dangerous unless we make it that way. There's some animals and such in the forest, but nothing unnatural as far as I've seen. And no bears or anything, either. They're only a thing closer to the mainland." She nods to Kealilani at the offer of notes, "Sounds good. I'm mostly caught up on things from transfering over, but I also couldn't pass up the chance at a long weekend." She waggles her eyebrows as the prospect of extra fun times. "Don't eat all the meatballs, though, alright? They're my favorite."

Skrtch skrtch skrtch. Fred's moved from scratching his cheek to the back of his hand, now, as he returns Lani's grin. And then - because things were going oh too well social wise - he has to snap and make the 'gun finger' at the boy with his free hand. "Cool. See you there, dude. Uh, Lani." So close. It doesn't help that his books wobble, and he has to adjust them back under his arm before turning to the fish. I mean, had he a normal high school, he might realize it's socially awkward to be lead about by a freshman, but - y'know - he doesn't. "So, uh.. how do we get there? The docks, right?"

Tabitha shakes her head after whitholding comment on the moves so awkward even an orphan can see. "Nope, we walk there from here." She nods to the double thick, double hatch that doesn't lead to a dorm or service area. "About a mile down that tunnel and we're there." She gives Lani a backwards wave, then stops to regard Fred once more. "Want to drop your books off somewhere, first? I need to go grab my coat and hat, because it's outside… and cold." She shivvers dramatically, "No point in taking them out there to maybe get messed up by the weather."

"Oh, yeah. Drop my books. Somewhere."
Fred looks down at the books tucked under his arm, mystified for a moment. Then up at the various team dorms. After all, there's no dorm marked 'undecided'. ".. Yeah, that sounds great. I'll, uh.. just down this tunnel, right? I'll meet you on the other side. I mean, you know, cold doesn't bother me so much. I mean, -me- me. I guess it kind of bothers my skin." Another pause. ".. I'll get a coat too."

"You haven't been assigned a dorm yet? Or one of the topside guest rooms? Guess I don't really know where the undecided folks hang their hats." Tabitha was heading over to the Athena hatch but pauses briefly to ponder this. "I knew which team I was joining when I got here, so I guess the topic never came up." But she nods about meeting him out there. "Yeah, I'll wait for you at the end of the tunnel." Which is her favorite part of going out to the island, because it's a whole mile down an underwater tunnel. So much cool stuff to look at on the way.

"I really didn't ask about it, to be honest." States the older sophomore, scratching the back of his neck. And then clearing his throat. "Cool. See you there."
Oh no. No, don't do it, don-yep. There it is. Snap, gun-finger-point. And Fred wanders off -that-a-way-, chewing on his lower lip as he tries to figure something out.

"Then we will do that." Lynzee tells Eryaog. "I am glad we're going to learn more about things like that. You'll be the best teacher." With the rocks and the sticks collected, she looks over at Harold and grins. "That's the best idea, we can make some mud and cover the stick bridge so it'll be dirt when it dries and won't fall into the cracks."

"Exactly, you have water right?" She did mention that, otherwise the ocean isn't too terribly far away either. They are off the training grounds, but visible in a clearing there. They seem to be gathering sticks or making something with mud, or plan to be soon enough anyways. He starts building said bridge of mud for the track they're developing. Enjoying the moment it seems, lost in that thought even. "I really want to make some more ostacles, I think I should go to my room and get some more things. This weekend we can go to a thrift store to see what we find I think." He and his beast there with Lynzee. Eryaog nods, "Things and little cars, I will help Harold go find these things." Waiting for Lynzee's thoughts on this plan before they head for the tunnels of course.

"I have water in the backpack." Lynzee had left it with the car and she doesn't really seem concerned with that right now. Instead, she crouches down and watches Harold building that mud bridge he had mentioned. "Yeah," she agrees. "Just like that." Looking over at him though, she bobs her head in agreement, "We can go to the store, but only if you got money. I don't got any." As the other two start to talk about going back for more, she nods again. "Okay good. We'll have a lot of things ready by the time Felicia is back."

And from the depths of those tunnels comes a rattling bones! Yes, a SKELETON! I mean, beyond the fact it's walking about, there's nothing terribly special about it. No gore or mad cackling. The bones are relatively clean and white, and it appears to have pulled a pair of swimming trucks dangling tight about the hip-bone. Really tight, because there's no hip there beyond the bond. It also appears to have a suspiciously thick square package tucked under an arm.
"Tabitha?" It calls, voice all hollow and echoey. Empty sockets are turned this way and that as the skull rotates atop the neck-bone, empty of all vestiage brain or anything else. As if the anatomy skeleton in the science room decided to go for a stroll.

Coming out of the tunnel when Harold is coming in is Tabitha. She's dressed in her usual outdoors garb of worn jeans and flannel shirt with thermals underneath, thick winter coat, and her knit watch cap on. She flies out the end of the tunnel, right past the skeleton which she thinks is just someone's prank (she wasn't around when Fred explained his powers to Lisa and Lani), and waves to Harold and Eryaog as they're heading inside. "Hey there, you two. Hope tag went well yesterday!" And then she's out and hovering just outside the tunnel, scanning around to see if anyone else is around.

"We didn't get to play tag." Lynzee offers after Harold and Eryaog have left. She looks a little bemused, "I was a cheetah." Which could be mistaken in sound, as if she were cheater or something. As an afterthought, she grins. "Hi Tabitha." All happy like. Then there's the skeleton. And it's talking, making her giggle. "Did you see that? Did you do that? Can you do it again?" Making it talk she means. "It's walking. It's WALKING!"

"Hey! Tabitha!"
The jaw opens slightly with each word as the skeletal figure lifts a boney arm and waves, finger bones clacking dully against each other. It adjusts the square package pressed up against its ribs, taking a moment to rotate it to bring the large knot to the front. Better to grip on. Bare bone arches leave strange tracks in the dirt as it jogs over, impervious to the faint chill in the air! Because, you know, bones. Closer look might show the package to be basically his clothes, rolling around something thick. And square? The other hand adjusting the swimming trunks slightly. "So! Training grounds, huh? That's pretty cool. I, uh.. thought there'd be, you know. Stuff swinging around or waiting to be blown up or stuff. I guess it makes sense that it's a flat island.."
The bare skull rotates towards Lynzene, now. Nothing but empty sockets and the dim view of the inside of the skull through them. "Oh. Hey. Uh, friend of Tabitha's? Cool." Boney finger snap gun-point! Because that's what all the cool kids do.
Someone seriously needs to take away his copy of Hair.

Tabitha is waving at Lynzee and listening to her talk about being a cheetah when the other girl's remarks about the skeleton cause her to pause. "Wait, that's not me doing that…" And then the skeleton calls her name and she shoots straight up dozen feet in shock! She's staring at the skeleton as it rambles on about the training grounds, which her brain doesn't quite wrap itself around until the finger guns. This is just so corny that it gets her brain started up again and her heart to stop pounding quite so hard.

"Wait… Fred?" She drifts back down to nearer the ground and stares at Fred the Skeleton, then the package he's holding, then the swim trunks, then back to Fred. "Okay… that's…" She's got nothing, here.

Lynzee can just giggle. She should likely be afraid or something but she can't be at all. The giggles just won't stop especially when Tabitha goes airborne. Oh boy. Everything was so funny when a walking talking skeleton arrived on the scene. And she called it Fred? "I'm Lynzee. Lynzee Winfield." A new last name is added to her intro she is always giving. To everyone. Always. "I wish I could stay, but I'm gonna get some food before the dinner is over. Then I'm going to go to the ferry and the mainland." She grins at Tabitha. "Maybe we could meet at the Astro Park tonight? Want to take him?"

Fred the Dead turns his skull upwards when Tabitha shoots straight up, and one can almost feel the confusion radiating off of him. Despite the fact he's got no factial expressions. No skin or muscle or.. ligaments. Just bones. "Yeah? Oh. OH CRAP, you weren't there when we were explaining our powers. Oh. Uh.." He weakly spreads out a boney arm. ".. I can take off my skin? Ta daaa.. .. Sorry. This, well. This is about it."
Lame. "Sorry again. I guess I kind of got wrapped up in seeing you do your thing, I forgot. Also, it was cold, and I couldn't find my jacket or.. uh, really find anywhere to put my books so.." A pat on the square package. "Multiple birds, one stone. Well, one -me-. I mean, the rest of me. All nice and cozy. As a book bag. Sort of. I mean, tying the arms and legs together to make the rucksack was weird, but it was better than letting the wind get to the pages, you know? Plus cold doesn't really bother me like this, and the rest of me should be nice and warm. For when I put me back on. The rest of me." A weak, sad little laugh in his hollow voice as he tries to make light of the situation. And hitches his swimtrunks up his hip-bone again.
And then to Lyzene, who at least seems to be taking things good. "Oh. Oh, yeah, sure. I mean, food. I mean, not that you need my permission or.. " Boney fingers clap over boney teeth. And a slow, hollow sigh. "Hi. I'm Fred Kh-.. I'm Fred Kharon. Good to meet you. Sorry you have to go? I think I heard something about a Cheetah?"

Tabitha has managed to calm herself after the initial shock of Fred being, well… Fred. She's been working on finding a new normal since coming here, and this just threw off her calibrations is all. She lands nearer to Fred, resisting the urge to poke or anything else. "Weird, but pretty cool at the same time." She grins at his description of the island. "Well, it's not just the training field. It's a big island with a bit of forest and lots of beach and sea rocks, of course. Lots of places for us to cut loose when we're training or the teams are practicing." Lynzee gets a nod and a quick wave, "Like I told Keakilani, don't eat all the meatballs. Save some for me."

Tabitha has managed to calm herself after the initial shock of Fred being, well… Fred. She's been working on finding a new normal since coming here, and this just threw off her calibrations is all. She lands nearer to Fred, resisting the urge to poke or anything else. "Weird, but pretty cool at the same time." She grins at his description of the island. "Well, it's not just the training field. It's a big island with a bit of forest and lots of beach and sea rocks, of course. Lots of places for us to cut loose when we're training or the teams are practicing." Lynzee gets a nod and a quick wave, "That sounds like a plan. We can get the rest of those huge stuffed animals we missed last time! Oh, and like I told Keakilani, don't eat all the meatballs. Save some for me."

"Eh. Mostly just weird. I mean, no super strength or flight or, well. Laser beams. Even my dad gets cool stuff when he's like this, but I guess I'm too young. It'd be really hard to stab me?" Fred wiggles a boney finger through his own eye socket. "I always win the three stooges eye poke. And I can do this?" That same finger is run down the arches of his ribs, making the expected sound. Just duller, because it turns out you don't get a bright chime out of calcium structures. "Otherwise, it's just.. me." A boney shouldered shrug, and one gets to even see the shoulder blades float up and down beside his spine. Behind his ribs.
The skeletal figure walks to the benches to put his 'package' down, making sure one particular portion is facing up before walking back. And clacking hands together in what was probably supposed to be a clap. "Okay. I'm ready. Show me something awesome." He's already grinning, because skeleton, but if he wasn't he'd probably be doing so now.

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