(2016-04-08) Pizza for Two
Pizza for Two
Summary: Differing worlds as Derek ponders learning more of Delila's and their customs.
Date: 2016.04.08
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The lighthouse was the draw to Delilah, she had come along the shore, from afar it had looked almost like a flashing star, but it was a light. A man made light. It held no answers for her at all. There were people going inside and back out, it smelled of food, but she avoids it and favors to sit down on the beach, away from the bustle of people and their loud and expensive cars. Seated along the sand, she has her legs crossed at the ankles and leans back on her hands as she looks up at the sky. Wearing a pair of sweat pants and a hoodie compliments of Derek most likely, she looks up to the moon and speaks in a language unfamiliar to most anyone.

Its night, Derek is safer to open up this way. To let his wings out and take flight. To let his amulet do his thing. He may show up, as a shadow on said moon. Not knowing another is looking at it. A crips night, he has on another hoodie. The one he gave her probably an old high school thing too, one that could have more meaning if given to another. But a guy, its just an old thing, that sometimes smells of him if he thought about it. He didn't, just she looked cute in his stuff too. The lighthouse a draw to him, he thinks he's landing silently. He doesn't see anyone on that section of the beach, perhaps she is still enough to not be noticed, or the shadows shroud her. But there he lands, large eagle wings on the beach, like some answer to a prayer even. Then his wings fold away slowly as he looks to head for Lighthouse Pizza, not seeing the other beach occupant for the moment.

Delilah was looking up at the moon doing her talking, but she does notice the winged person and she falls silent, watching as he lands. It's then, as he is approaching the restaurant, that she recognizes him. "It's loud in there," she issues the warning in an off hand manner, but she looks over at him at least. "I saw your wings." She may be hidden in the darkness, but she's not invisible, not this time. It's been overcast too long but the moon still was visible. The stars, not so much. She's pale in the darkness.

It is loud in there, Derek is okay with noise, but the voice grabs his attention. A pause, hands go into the pockets of his own hoodie, this one an old sports team one, yankees. He likes hoodies for the cold, better than a jacket. A grin, the voice familiar. "Did you like them?" His wings, he's cocky enough to enjoy a little compliment, even if fished for slightly in a manner. He definitely crosses for the darkness where she was hidden. A hand comes out to reach for a pocket of his hoodie that she wears, to pull her closer to him. "Good to see you here, I'm not interrupting am I?"

Lila watches him as he approaches, the question of his wings gets a considering look and a nod. "I like them. Can you fly me home?" Because home. When he reaches for the hoodie she wears to pull her closer, she twines her arms about the back of his neck and smiles up at him. "You're not interrupting. I was just talking to Lady Silver." She leans in to nuzzle against his neck.

"I could try," he admits, looking down at her eyes. "Space might be a problem for me, I don't think my shielding protects against breathing in space." Amused, as if fun to try, slightly disappointed because he would love to go to space with her, to fly her home. "We should try?" Leaving it up to her, he wanted to be the one, making the moves, but she really gets him. She leans in, and nuzzles him, no need to ask or try. It was instinctive and natural with her. How little he knew of her, and yet everything seemed to unfold in ways he enjoyed with Lila. "I hope all is well, and she answered you?" He leans his head over, tucking her in there where she nuzzles at his neck. Hand lets go the pocket, sliding to the band of those sweat pants, pulling her closer still.

"We could try." Actually.. Delilah looks contemplative, his arms around her, hand teasing the waistband of the sweats. "If you can't breathe, you shouldn't go at all. I think I may be able to do it on my own, but I am not entirely sure." Even with her arms around him, she looks up towards the sky. "Do you think I should give it a try/"

"If you can go on your own," says Derek to Delilah, "Wait for me to try, I want to see your home." His eyes on her, because its part of her, that and mysteriously exotic all at once. He leans down to kiss her neck then returns slowly. "I think you should, but don't go yet, let me spend some time with you." As he just feels if she could make it up there, she could just leave and never come back. Ideas, what to do, ah ha, "You have to try a pizza first. My treat, come on." Stepping back from their embrace, the one hand lingers at waistband to pull her along suggestively. Food calls, food and her company.

"You don't want me to go." Delilah ponders that a moment, but she is already looking towards the sky before nodding. "I won't leave yet. I should find out why I am here." Feeling the kiss to her neck, there's an awareness in her eyes as she looks back at him, but then he is mentioning food and she drags her gaze from him towards the pizza place. That fake light. "Pizza," she agrees, her hands down as his hand stays around her waist. "Food is good." He wanted to feed her, she wouldn't turn it down.

A shake of his head, "What, you go. No, I want to learn of your world, I want to find your world." A lean in, "I want to discover your world." And that one is full of innuendo of course, more implied, not just innuendo but some total knowing, understanding, control, giving in. Her world is more than that world she came from. That may have had a growl in his lips when he kissed, then he is pulling. Her hands go down, they may not walk like this on her world, arm in arm. He has to show her. Pulling her forward, him to her side, his hand stays there, hitching a thumb in the waistband, fingers falling down the curve of her rear. As if some ownership in her being with him. "It is, I want to return the gesture. You gave me food, its my turn, my treat. Nice and warm, we can be full, then see about this space business." And flying up high in the sky, he can check out his own abilities, a test of them even. He knows he can make hard surfaces, sometimes like an armor around him, but he doesn't know if he can breath in it.

"I could try and show you my world. It's different than this, it's so different." Delilah smiles as he leans in, "I could show you though, if you could get there. I don't even know the way back, but we could try." She walks at his side and when he pulls her closer, she leans into him just a little. Ownership was fine, she was with him, it was natural. "Mates do that," she motions towards the lighthouse. "Get each other food." It was normal at least and she realized he followed the practice also.

"I want to try to get there, to see it with you," he admits, the lure the adventure, but more so, with her. He enjoyed the company of others, he was usually more forward, trying to captivate them in some way. This one different, she some how captivated him. "Maybe it will look different if you are up there somehow?" Away from planet with a good look at the stars themselves. A grin, he gives a squeeze of her backside, "Oh mates?" The thought not lost on him, "How serious is mating where you are from?" Cause he would have something to fess up about, but is seeing what the rules are first. The smell of pizza coming to them the closer they get to Lighthouse Pizza.

"Then you can come, we'll make a way that you can come home with me." Delilah hesitates, "What if you get there and can't come back?" Maybe that part troubles her. "I don't know anyone like me here, what if I'm the only one that came through and it was an accident? Max is the closest. I'm going to give him blood so he can experiment on what I am, maybe where I am from." Walking with him, she grins at the squeeze, and having already claimed him as her mate when they met, she doesn't find it unusual for it. The question is given and she laughs. "We have been together. So you're a mate. I haven't been with anyone else here, or they would be mates too. What about you? How many mates do you have?"

"If I can't come back, then, that's an adventure for when it happens," returns Derek, thinking about it for a few seconds before deciding not to worry about it in light of the adventure itself. A look to her, "Maybe it was an accident, maybe it was on purpose. I don't know the Lady Silver, not like you. I don't know who that even is." Or that she's associated with the moon even. "I never thought about fate before, but who knows, maybe there is some destiny there yet." For her to be her, heck for her to find him, or him to find her. He thinks about that more than being stuck in some strange world or on some strange planet. "So you have more mates, back home." He shouldn't feel envious, but in a way. "Here, its not common to just have two or more. People do, but socially, a lot of people try to say its taboo." He pauses, "I guess I have two now, but you're the only one I've been that intimate with." He moves up a little to finally get the door, her butt gets patted as his hand comes away.

"An adventure," Delilah murmurs in response, "I suppose that's one word for all of this confusion." She walks with him, but when he looks at her, she looks up at him, "Lady Silver," she indicates towards the moon. "Much like her. I need stars, I need the moon, or I get weak. It's always cloudy here, or raining. I need the light of the stars to be alive or I just.. burn out." At the question of the mates, she grins. "I have others back home." The mention of him having two surprises her, "Not more?"

"Sorry, I suppose being away from home and not wanting it is different," he does get it, and he means more so than him. He would want to go, she didn't choose this. He can see the difference at least. "You get some, when its partially cloudy, just better when there are no clouds?" He's curious to get to know her too, then again, he's always inquisitive. That and he doesn't want her to truly burn out. Not a science geek by a long shot, but he gets the idea enough to know he doesn't want that. As they go in, he keeps with the conversation. "Yeah, what about here?" Cause that seems more important to him regarding her mates. A shake of his head, "Nope, not more, wasn't planning on two. I don't know, the people that have more than one mate here, I don't know how many go out looking, or just find them. You just fell into my life."
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Delilah considers it before offering him a nod. "I guess that is the best way to put it." Glad he does really understand. "I didn't mean to come here, I didn't mean to leave where I was from, but here I am. I will see what is going to happen, but I will also try and go home." She glances back at the moon before going inside. "Oh, I guess I get enough to stay bright when the clouds are out." So there's no immediate danger it seems. The further questioning of the mates makes her smile. "No one else yet, no other mates."

"Pepperoni is the best way to start, with pizza, then figure out what else you like," he explains, moving to the counter with her, an ordering one. "And some coke …." Unless she has another preference to drink, but pizza, he decided and ordered for both. He'll pay once she goes for a drink of course. "Don't stop, but I'll take what time I can get with you Lila." Moving with their drink cups and the buzzer thing for their table, he considers how he feels about the mates. Which is odd, he admirttedto another, in a way. "Do people in your world ever just take one mate, or is just as many as you like the way everyone does that?" He'll nod over to a booth for them to sit at, helping her to a bench, to scoot right in next to her.

"Pepperoni," Delilah nods decisively, watching with him as he orders, no objections to food, none to drinks, just allowing him to provide for them. She walks over to the booth indicated, slips in and looks up at him with a curious expression. "Just one? I don't know. I don't think so. I never asked anyone about their mates. If we like someone or want someone we just.. do that."

Sitting with her, he puts an arm about her, still possessive while they're together despite what he hears. Derek processes this, more curiously. Its exactly how he was acting and yet, it strikes him as different when he hears it from her. "So, you only have a mate as long as you like, it could only be once even, just whatever suits your whim?" That describes it best, that whim. He has the best of both worlds now, but can't think of just dropping them. Uncertain, but his smile remains for the moment.

Lila leans in when his arm goes around her and she shrugs again. "I guess? I don't really know. I have had mates before who have found other mates and moved on. I guess whim is a good word. What about you? You have two mates, does that suit your whim?"

"Yeah, it does," he returns, a grin. Him, two girls. Its like an accomplishment. Maybe shoe on the other foot, if one chose to find another. How would he feel. Then again, best not to think about it. "I think I see the value of that, I mean, why think beyond this moment. Sort of clouds it over." Not meaning to go for a metaphor, but it wasn't best for her when cloudy. "I want to enjoy my time with you Lila. Eat our pizza, see the moon. Get you closer to Lady Silver."

"There, see? Sometimes two mates are better than one. Or even three?" Delilah muses over that, but she looks towards the window and the moon casting the silver shadow over everything. "Yes, not beyond the moment, that's good." Then the buzzer goes off, and she looks at it, then him. "Is that the food?"

He doesn't ponder mates much beyond it. Shoe on the other foot, different to be on the opposite end, no longer player but played. Then again, she's not playing games, she is open and honest with him. That was different too. And they're in the moment. "Yeah, that's us baby doll," he says, and moves to stand to go get the foot. Moments later coming back with pizza and plates, he'll go for the pizza holder slicer thing, that is used to move sliced pizza to plates. He gets them each one. "Now, its your first one right, you have to let me feed it to you …" He doesn't know if she's had it or not, but offers, reaching to grab her's and blowing it to cool before holding it up, to get her ot turn her chin up to get it, carefully. "Its hot," he says, giving it another blow, then her neck.

Leaning forward when he offers the bite, Delilah waits for him to blow it before closing her teeth about it, taking the bite, closing her eyes when he blows on her neck. "Mmm, so good." She doesn't clarify if it's the pizza or the intimate gesture. "Your turn," she nods towards the pizza he had given her a bite of so he could sample it as well.

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