(2016-04-08) Of Tracks and Cars
Of Tracks and Cars
Summary: Harold, his fuzzy buddy, Felicia and Lynzee discuss some stuffs
Date: 2014-04-08
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Mostly cloudy, one of those semi-grey days where it could rain but it doesn't. Not too grey, the clouds are broken up, as if they can't decide enough to form and drop some rain, or disperse and give total sunshine and warmth. Still, its in the 50s by the time school is done for the day. So Harold has a wind breaker sort of jacket on. Its not a cloth hoody, its plastic'ish. Red, with some silver design on it. Off-brand. He's there with Eryaog, as they can be pals at the school. And tickets for something cool, takes a lot of skee ball and bee catching and basketball too. But finally, an RC car. A cool one, cause its super colorful, has neon lights for night time, and is rollable, so if you flip it, it keeps going. Who could ask for anything more.

Harold is so ready to play with it, but he's not the rider, the car isn't ready until she says it is, so he's out beyond the training grounds on Paragon Island. Near a prior used area that may have had a structure once, but is more a clearing. Planned to meet perhaps, but visible along a trail from where the tunnel lets out too. He's scratching his head, looking at the colorful beast, "How big should we make the first jump … if you were Felicia how far would you like to go?" Cause beasts from alternate realities of some sort are experts on gauging what Felicia would like. "She would like to touch the sun." He waxes poetic, and not helpful.

Okay so Felicia isn't as out as soon as she would like to have been. And Harold had to wait a bit, but what was she to do! It's not like she could bail on detention…again. But she's here now, racing across the island, satchel hanging across her torso and beating a steady rythm against her hip as she jogs out to where she has spied the younger boy and his furry friend. "Sorry. Sorry. Sorry." she says as she runs up. "Enigma just wasn't letting up. I swear that man spent the whole time standing behind me, looking over my shoulder making sure I was going my work."

With a grin Harold turns over to look at the approaching Felicia, listening, then shudders. "I always think he's looking over my shoulder." Harold looks over his shoulder and pulls his jacket closer. Eryaog looks up and around, his head more like grazing cow looking up at some approaching danger but not running, only looking. Then turns to Felicia as well. "Hello, you are going to fly today?" He'll meander closer and give her a head pet, cause someone sort of got him into doing that like its a people custom. Harold doesn't say anything, cause some people seem to be okay with that too. "I was trying to figure out how to make a loop or something, but that might be hard with just dirt."

"It's a little creepy isn't it." Felicia adds to the whole Enigma thing. Though she probably ran all the way here, she doesn't seem to be overly winded "Heya Era." she shortens his name, his is a mouthful for the girl and she pets his arm as he pets her head. She isn't bothered by the pettings "Probably not today. Though it would be awesomesauce if I could." she beams at the though. Looking to Harold and his conundrum of making a loop she looks around and toward the school and the windows in the upper levels, "Vertical blinds?" she suggests "A few attached end to end, and then attached horizontally like a rail road track."

"Yes, Felicia … it would be awesome," grins Era, looking up at the sky a moment, pondering it. He shuffles a little on his feet, keeping to his slow peaceful ways for the moment. "Maybe tomorrow." Cause that is the answer to all riddles, it will come tomorrow.

Harold nods, completely creepy, and Enigma probably doesn't mind the reputation. Turning to look, keeping hands in pockets for the moment as a breeze goes past teasing with some warmth, "Yeah, blinds, that would be perfect." He may be thinking of them differently, or how they will get them that is. He would never repurpose school property, or come to that conclusion. "We could probably buy some in town, I bet." That is his thought at least, "I didn't see an Ace hardware or something, but they probably have some store we could find some at."

Felicia shakes her head, setting her curls in motion "Got big adventure plans off school grounds tomorrow. Secret Ares team stuffs." she taps her lips with a finger to suggest it is hush-hush top secret, clandestine goins on. "Maybe Sunday…could totally do Sunday."

Removing her satchel she sets it down to dig the boxed RC car out. Of course it is shrunk down to really little so it will fit, but its a quick thought and it quickly expands to full size "I'm sure we will find something. They probably sell those at Target or Wal-Mart too. We don't have to get the expensive ones, cheap will do." if she was thinking about re-purposing school property she doesn't admit it, (she totally was) and goes with Harold's idea. Less detention for her "First though this thing," she holds up the box "needs to modifications to it."

Slowly the big brows of Eryaog lift at the revelation, then his fangs starts coming up, but the grin is noticed. "Someday then, maybe we can make wings?" He looks to Harold, who doesn't seem certain, and explains for the beast, "I'd have to see some made in a dream that works." Maybe, just maybe, but it would take a bit to get there with the logic of that dream idea. Though he looks to Felicia, "We can sort of get there with the car a least." And she is digging it out from shrunk warp, literally shrunk, in her satchel. "You should pick a number too, we can paint it on the side." Cause that makes it a race car in the boys mind, he does come over to look closer. "Like working doors?" That is the mod he's thinking of, painting and working. He didn't go to like glitter and goggly eyes at least. "Do you have a way to get a seat in there, I mean if we find one, and you shrink it down, its still the same. That way you could have a seatbelt."

Felicia looks between the pair of them then "Huhs." at the flying and wings "Ya know I have never dreamed of flying." she comments as the car is flipped over in her hands and examined "Is that weird?" she glances up at the pair a moment.

There is a nod "Oh yeah has to be the number 5. Yellow in a red circle." so what if the car isn't white, can't be perfect. "You don't think working doors will give it weak spots?" Felicia asks. She's no engineer or mechanic, but that seems like it would compromise the integrity to her "I was thinking of just a cutting an opening in the top to access the inside.. so we can put seats in." she then hmmms "We should hit Goodwill or Salvation army, see if we can find a model car kit or something. That would have the needed parts…or at least seats.

"I don't know, I only dream of one place," returns Harold, "Or, I visit on place in my dreams. If you start dreaming of flying, can I come to your dream and try it out?" Cause that's a serious interest by all dreaming people he thinks. Eryaog only shrugs, maybe he doesn't dream, or this world is his dream. The boy and beast stand with Felicia. She has just dug out the RC car, they are discussing what to do with it. Its a cool day, in the 50s, the boy wears a red wind breaker jacket. They are just off the training grounds in an old clearing on the island, the location for the course they plan build for her joy ride(s). "Yeah, I didn't think of that. But we could try putting supports into it too?" Or just leave the window hole for getting in and out. "Yes, a model car kit, we could do cool things to it there, mix and match pieces. That sounds way better than hardware store, we could find something to make the loop there too!" Cause he's keeping things honest for now.

Felicia uhms…."You can do that?" she gives him one of those odd looks "Might be hard. It's not like I can control what I dream about. And if I am dreaming about flying I'd be asleep and unable to tell you what I was dreaming about."

Handing the car off to Harold she digs into her satchel again and a shrunken laptop is pulled out, which of course expands to full size when it comes out of the bag. It's almost like a Bag of Holding…only it isn't, it can just hold a lot because of shrinkage. "We should be googling and looking at youtube videos." she says as the wheels in her head turn "We can't be the first to think up remote control race car tracks and modifying them.

Bouncy, bounce, bounce, Lynzee happens into the mix carrying a backpack of wonders. To her they are wonders anyway, simple mundane things she has gathered here and there. Seeing Harold and Felicia, she waves big, her hand moving in an arc. "Hi Eryaog!" Course, she greets the big guy first and bounces over to hug him, burying her face against his soft fur. "Hi Felicia, Hi Harold." She beams, but the coughs a little, it's a fake cough, that's obvious. "Hairball," she says after, giggling. "Are you playing?"

Looking at the car, imagining the red 5 in the circle, Harold is considering making a stencil and painting it that way. Then the brilliant idea comes up of google, "Of course, I'm sure they totally have some cool stuff. Big bank turns, like tunnels and jumps that go over them. And they would say how to get the dirt to stay in place!" Google, the answer to everything, just not his first thought it would seem. "We should see how fast it goes too, then figure out how to make the engine go faster."

Taking the hug, Eryaog does more petting of Lynzee, an few extra pets. "It is the Lynzee-Cat. Maybe she will fly soon too?" In his slow manner as usual, holding longer too. Then he is confused about the hairball, checking his own fur, watching to see if a colored one is offered up in the coughing by Lynzee.

Harold gets it and laughs, "The downside to cat, but everything else about it is awesome. We're pondering track and car modifications! The set mod, its #5, red in yellow circle." A slight pause, "I don't have a phone," to check google, "But I can get a shovel."

She chuckles at the interplay between Lynzee and Era before her brow furrows slightly "Playing…what are we six?" Felicia smirks as she shakes her head at Lynzee. A nod is then given to Harold and she opens the laptop waiting a moment for it to boot up before starting any searches "You know any of the students here that are good with electronics or stuff?" she glances at the laptop held on one arm and directs the browser to youtube where she searches for remote control car race tracks…oh the hits "No Harold, yellow #5 in a red circle." she opens a new tab on the computer and brings up images of the Mach 5 from the anime Speed Racer. "Like this." she shows it to all three.

Lynzee will hug Eryaog as long as he wants to hug her, the girl has been seriously lacking even the most base of affections her whole life, and so she takes that hug and returns it. Felicia is given a considering look, but she's just not sure how welcome a hug to her would be.. and so she hugs Harold instead, but only when he's not busy talking and gesturing. Because he gestures a lot. "Not you, Eryaog, not a hairball from you. I was just playing." Aw, bad choice of words and she frowns ever so slightly as Felicia sort of downs it a little. "Oh, I thought we were." Surely the RC car and all.. maybe not, and suddenly she looks doubtful but gives an attempt at looking serious instead of playful. She leans in to look at the laptop, all solemn.

Harold takes hugs too, missing out on some the same. Its a hug, affection, not some gratuitous PDA. "Well, not six, but not sixteen." Yet. Cause Harold will be suddenly mature at 16, and he's not, yet. "Yeah, Kerry! She was getting those black binder clips things to help with a robot she was working on. I bet she knows something." A nod, then the youtube comes out.

Eryaog ahs slowly and nods, "Lynzee, is tricky, she should be watched." Then his smile is less slow, a hint at underlying wisdom in there, beyond the facade of some beast. To cheer her up, to show he is not put off by the confusion, or the frown just demands one from here.

"OH yeah, that guy! I think I saw the movie when I was younger," which was a good movie, he didn't know it was a cartoon before. He doesn't try to look more serious, but looks at Lynzee's attempt of a serious, solemn face. Confused a little.

Probably better to not get hugs from Felicia, she doesn't want to accidently break bones because sometimes she doesn't know her own strength. "Not yet." and certainly nothing like the playing she thought Lynzee was implying. "Right Go Speed Racer." she grins when Harold recognizes it "This is no Mach 5, but we can at least pay homage to it, right." she switches back to the youtube tab and clicks on the video about how to make a track.

Hugs given, happiness abounds and Lynzee's natural exuberance refuses to be down for long. "I don't know how old I am. I only remember from when I was already grown up some, five years ago." However old she was before that, well… no clue. Leaning in to look, she doesn't get the racer thing, but she does understand the other two do. "We should make the car so it doesn't smash when it crashes and get Felicia hurt during it." She looks at Harold as if it just occurs to her. "How old are you? How old is Eryaog?" then Felicia. "And you?"

"Maybe someone can make it go faster!." Some schools have climbing robotic challenges, some have cub scouts and pinewood derbies. With Felicia being the test dummy for a car that may crash and she roll away from, and some other student making the little car super awesome, those schools have nothing on them in this moment. "Oh yeah," he agrees with Lynzee, "Maybe a safety harness to, to protect her inside." He still is under the same impression, she could be hurt. And he's seen RC cars before, knows its easy to tip one becuase its easier to push than a normal car. Then again, idiots all the time show how easy it is to wreck and flip normal cars too for the matter. As Felicia seems into Speed Racer and getting ideas for this car, he turns to Lynzee, "I'm 15, I'll turn 16 in June though." A pause, he looks to Eryaog, who ponders as if never having considered his age, "I am old." The beastie concludes after some thought. Then he goes back to watching the picture box that Felicia is holding.

Harold is curious on Lynzee still, "So you're literally like five? In memory at least. Do you think you had some life before that, just something you forgot maybe?:

"Well if we are going by personal memories I would barely be two years old." that's as far back as she can truly remember "But mostly I'm sixteen." Felicia isn't old enough to want to hide her age from anyone. "Seriously?" she looks between the two of them "Don't worry about me getting hurt. Not going to happen in this little joyride, the other passenger on the other hand…" she pauses making a face at Harold and then rolling her eyes. She's the one that mentioned safety harnesses and now the teen boy is acting like he is just hearing it from Lynzee…typical.

Lynzee wasn't here for the harnesses but she only meant something like roll bars herself. Harnesses never crossed her mind. "I didn't mean.." she just looks a bit helpless. "I'm not five." She's not that ignorant, really. "I know I was older than a baby when I woke up, so I know I'm not five and I'm not two." There's a look back to Eryaog then the car, "Eryaog, want to go play or something?" She's just not sure where to fit in with the venture of the race car track. "We could go find sticks to make a bridge over water or something."

"Can we get someone else in there," ponders Harold. He knows Felicia can shrink herself and other objects, not sure if she can shrink other people with her. "I mean, like, what if someone just started existing, no matter how mature they looked or seemed?" Not to say she was aging faster or anything, Lynsee that is. "Do race cars have passenger seats? I just want to drive it around." And it became more appealing for someone to get into it of course. "How much can you take?" For damage, directed to Felicia. "Bridges with sticks! That's exactly what we need to help with the track. I wonder if we could do like a sand castle, make mud and shape the dirt into what we need?" He moves a little between the two, as if stick collecting and making actual things is a good idea.

Eryaog nods, "I will play. I can dig a river, we will find water to put in it?" So they build a bridge over it.

Looking at the car Felicia nods "Oh yeah. I can shrink other people too. Though they stay proportionate to me. The other question is ignored, about the existing thing, way to deep for her at the moment "I don't know, never been in one, but I think some do." she grins though when asked about her durability "A lot. And the smaller I get the more damage I can take. If I am small enough to fit in that." she points to the car "I could get stepped on by a T-Rex and not get a scratch. Could suffocate though if he didn't get off me."

"I got water in my backpack," Lynzee assures Eryaog. "If you want to dig the river you can and I'll get sticks. Or we can both dig the river and put water in it so the car can go through the mud. That would be fun too, but it can't be so deep the car and Felicia can get lost in it." She nods to Harold, not going on about age and existing or anything, she just doesn't know. Leaving the answers to his questions to Felicia, she wanders off a bit with Eryaog to collect some of the sticks. Or dig the river. Whichever they could make the most fun.

"Ugh, that doesn't sound fun," suffocating under a T-Rex, "BUt if you get more durable, maybe you could throw it off if you get small enough too?" Seems plausible to Harold, so he goes with it. "Did it come with batteries, I'm curious how fun it is before we change it?" He looks at the box it came out of, curious if it had batteries or needed them. The most important thing for their car, having juice to run of course. He looks as Lynzee goes off, not having answered him, curiosity in his features.

Eryaog, squats down low and one of his big arms racks the ground with a claw. "Both, a river and then some mud." He does a circle where they could make a pool of mud if they wanted. "It is the River Infinite, which pours from the World Mountains. Into the Lake of Time." As if making a little map.

Felicia watches briefly as Lynzee moves off with Era. "I would guess not. I haven't done it, and I really don't have plans to…ever." because usually suffocating means death and that certainly isn't fun "I could. I get stronger too." she flexes an arm. "Dunno know." she picks up the box and looks at it and inside "Batteries not included" she frowns as she reads the small letters "Of course not, that would be to easy! Guess that is one more thing we need."

Lynzee moves off a short distance to look for sticks and with an impish grin, she squeaks and holds out a twig to Eryaog, "Hurry, hurry, this one has a fierce bark!" Har, har, bark, cats afraid of dogs. She doubles over with giggles and picks up a few more sticks as she does. There's a glance back to the other two, but with them doing the more technical stuff she doesn't understand, she remains with the furry mountain. "Want to make the bridge after we get enough sticks and then maybe make some other obstacles?"

Scratching his head, and without a computer or phone even, Harold puzzles the growing list. "I should of brought a notebook. I was just going with, make a track, get the car going." He should be organized for this, but fun was on his mind. Though he's adapting, not to being Ares and rolling with it, but the idea of better preparing for next time. "I think I could run and find some in my dorm room!" Its a thought at least, not that he runs to do that. More like should they finish a list first and get what they can.

Eryaog hears her hurry and turns, jumping to where Lynzee gather's sticks, belying his general slow meander with a burst of speed and power. Landing with a thump nearby. "Lynzee is pretending," he says with a slight grin at her antics. "This dog will bark?" As the bark seems to be something that is bag. He give her a gentle push and grins. "Yes, obstacles, they were talking about a jump, fast and high to go flying."

Lynzee widens her eyes when Eryaog moves so very fast to her and she laughs a little. "Pretending, that's what I am doing," she reassures him with a grin. "The bark will bark." She meanders a little further away to where she finds a grouping of rocks. "We could make a mountain with the rocks and maybe find some broken little cars so it can be like monster trucks."

He starts gathering sticks with her, or a branch, he picks up a whole branch. It looks like what she is doing. "Ah, pretend. This is what Lynzee likes to do. Harold will do this sometimes too." Though Harold tries to seem mature most of the time. If he notices the rocks she is looking at, he'll come to help, but he sticks to branches for the moment. "There are monster trucks. This is some beast? It is fearsome and should not be on the track for Felicia, it may eat her?" Trucks could be a thing tht isn't scary, but monster trucks, most certainly.

Lynzee giggles lightheartedly, shaking her head, her blonde locks whipping around her cheeks as she does. "Not that kind of monster. Just big, big trucks with huge tires taller than me. Maybe even taller than you!" She reaches out a hand to pat his fur. "I like when Harold pretends with me. We had fun in the dream world." She whispers as if it's a secret. "He's a knight there."

"Ah, big tires, the car they have will be like one if we find smaller ones." A nod from Eryaog at the idea, thinking he gets it, a grin at the pat. He bends down to help her small hands just the same. "He is a knight there, it is like pretend, but it is my world. I will go back there when Harold is done. It is my home." He returns, squatting for the moment as they use quiet, whispering voices, "What will Lynzee be there?"

"Yeah! Like that, just like that!" Lynzee is pleased when Eryaog seems to get it, exactly. As he helps her, she beams a smile at the bigger guy but then it kind of fades a little. "Why would Harold be done? He's not ever gonna be done with you. Neither will I. I want Harold to keep you. And so I can to." She hears the whisper and ponders, "I already have you and Harold and two names now. I don't know what I should be. What do you think I should be?"

"I mean, when he is old and is no more," returns Eryaog, perhaps not a bright topic. "People are not forever." A look to her, understanding in his eyes, then a look to Harold, more on that topic, but not for Harold to know. Instead he smiles, "No, we don't plan to be done, with Lynzee, ever. She has two names. I think she should adventure, be a warrior maybe? But it is finally up to her to decide, it would be her life there."

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