(2016-04-08) Little Cyborg Lost
Little Cyborg Lost
Summary: Brianna gets some help navigating the supervillain base that is Coral Springs.
Date: 2016-04-08
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Brianna is very new here. It's all so confusing. She has a piece of paper in hand, turning it over. She's dressed casually, out of uniform, in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt from somewhere called Ian's Pizza. Finally she stops dead in the middle, making a face.

Tabitha comes off the elevator, also out of uniform but this time of day that's not so odd especially on the weekend. She's in her usual worn jeans and long-sleeve flannel with thermals worn under and on her way up from the subsurface levels via the stairs. She's got a violin case hanging on a long strap over her back and is walking casually, her aura held in as a golden amber glow hovering just over her skin. She spots the lost looking girl and quirks an eyebrow at the metalic reflections from her arms before strolling in her direction. "Can I help you?"

Brianna pauses and turns, eyes widening. "Yes, definitely! I was trying to find my way to lunch and I totally can't find the cafeteria," she says. "This place is…strange." She glances around, edging closer. "I'm Brianna," she notes.

At first glance, Jacob could be pretty much any student in not just this school, but any school in this part of the state. T-shirt, jeans, worn-out backpack slung over one shoulder. Okay, so the backpack has all his textbooks stuffed into it at once and he isn't breaking a sweat, but still. "Did you listen for the sound of urping?" he chimes in, clearly teasing a little.

"Tabitha. I'm sort of the official tour guide for today, so I can get you where you're going." Tabitha walks up to Brianna, offering her hand in greetings when she's close enough. She up close she really is as tiny as she looks at distance. "I was heading up to grab a late lunch myself. It's basically up on the roof, where the weather tower's at." She peeks at what Brianna was looking at, pointing to the right spot if it's a map.

The comment from Jacob causes her to shift a section of her all-around sight on him, a task that takes a bit of effort as it's still new to her. After she's answered Bri she turns her head to put her primary sense focus on him with a half-smirk. "We're still a bit far away to hear the caffeteria, even in this school."

Brianna reaches back and takes the hand. Hers is, one might observe, metal, a carefully crafted set of overlapping metal pieces. "Uh, no," she says with a shake of her head to Jacob. "I didn't think this shcool was…uh, like that," she says. Brianna curls her lips a bit and makes a face. "I must sound like a total rube," she says, blushing.

Jacob shifts the backpack to the other shoulder, offering the others a casual wave. "I'm kidding, it's actually pretty good compared to what I'm used to. Make sure you try the pizza next time they have it." He studies Tabitha for a bit longer… has he seen her before? Probably in the hallway at some point, in passing.

Tabitha shakes her head at Jacob, "Meatballs are the best here. And that's on the menu today." She isn't great with faces, as was proven when she didn't recognize Keakilani from the front earlier today, so she's not surprised that Jacob isn't ringing any immediate bells. He's obviously been here a while, though. The last pizza day was weeks ago.

To Brianna she offers a smile and a shake of the head. She didn't seem weirded out at all when shaking a cybernetic hand, either. "Nah, you're just new. This place doens't exactly follow the standard boarding school layout. I honestly think the only reason the caffeteria is on the roof is so the students will have to climb stairs to reach it." Sure, the reason likely has more to do with convenience of supply deliveries, but she'll think what she likes.

"I have pretty high standards for Pizza," Brianna tells Jacob, pointing at her shirt briefly. "I honestly have no idea what a standard boarding school is like. Or any kind of fancy school,. really," she admits. "I'm sort of a babe in the woods," she adds. "I always went to public school….before."

Jacob inclines his head to the others, mostly Brianna at this point. "Yeah, me neither, this is the only one I've been to. Just starting to get used to it enough to really stop and think about things, you know?"

Tabitha nods to Brianna, "So did I. It's takign some getting used to, for certain. The entire student body here is almost smaller than would fit into one classroom back home. And every single person here is genius or powered or unusual in some way or another." She shrugs and grins lopsidedly. "So that part's not too bad, because no one is too weird here. That part's nice." She nods to Jacob's comment. "Same here. This will be week three for me. I'm thinking of actually giving one of the student campouts a try this weekend."

Brianna ohs and nods slowly and smiles some. "I know. and it's this weird sea base thing." She pauses and shakes her head and Jacob. "I'm trying not to think about it," she says. "Helps keep me….calm," she adds, holding out her hand and holding it steady, even though it shakes slightly. "Does it get easier, going to school on a supervillain fortress?

Oh, now how often do you get a setup line like that? Jacob makes a show of acting shaken, setting the backpack down (with a heavy thud) and taking a step back. "She's discovered our terrible secret! We need to silence her!" Okay, now he's just showing off.

Tabitha wants to be mad at Jacob running with the supervillain crack, but she can't find it. So she just rolls her eyes at his corny delivery, "Personally, I love living undersea. And the best parts of the school are all down there. Classes, offices, and the rest of the boring parts are all up here on the surface."

A pause for a beat. "Plus food. Food is also up here, which is a mixed blessing. Oh, and major training and team stuff takes place out on Paragon Island." She notes the shake in Bri's hand as she holds it out and looks at the other girl. "How long have you been modified?"

Brianna stares at Jacob for a fwe moments, then breaks out giggling. "You're funny," she says affirmatively. Tabitha's question wipes her fsmile away. She looks awkward, caught. "Let's…let's get lunch."

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