(2016-04-08) Island Campout
Island Campout
Summary: A group gets together on another island for camping, roasting marshmallows, music, dancing, whale watching, mischief.
Date: 2016.04.08
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Cedar Island
One of the early destination islands, Cedar Island used to have cabins. Those that remain have tumbled down, but there are a couple available to rent around the island. One must check in at Shady Cove with the local state park and game commission that is responsible for the island. The island itself is no bigger than a several miles in any direction and the cabins spread out enough its rare to encounter others without hiking across to another cabin.

Word gets around, its been a few weeks since the last one, but Derek is down for another camping trip. To avoid the potential green flu thing again, another island chosen. A little up the coast of main. A small island near Mantinicus, far from the shore. Small, remote, and just enough camping that there should be no worries of other campers coming near. He'd flown out to set up some tents, helped get a few students there himself. Got his phone going for GPS for other students to find the island. A campfire on the beach near the tents to help of course. Its a cool spring night, things are perfect for camping. He finishes his own personal tent space, tossing some sleeping bags into it.
"Whew, the hard part is done. Now we can enjoy the night." Moving closer to the fire. Then in general conversation, "I need to watch my tardiness, I nearly pulled a late friday detention. Enigma let me out on good behavior today just in time." He wears a school hoodie, thrusts his hands into the two front pockets, giving a look to the fire to see who has made it or who has arrived since he went to focus on his tent.

Rosa considered getting here on her own, but concluded that if the frog took control she might wind up ruining everybody else's good time. So she's come over on the boat from the school. This is her first time attending one of these camp-outs. It's not that she hasn't done her share of camping — but that was the New Mexico desert with her cousins and uncles, not the middle of the Atlantic with a few classmates.

She's clad warmly. A dark blue jacket zipped to her throat, jeans and sturdy boots, a fuzzy blue cap pulled down over her ears. "I will make sure you aren't late getting back to school," she offers.

Tada. Delilah had been invited and she's here, having flown in especially for the occasion. Once landed though, she stumbles once, before catching herself and looking up at the overcast sky, searching for something before she looks towards anyone else present, perhaps the last -so far- to arrive. A smile is given to Rosa and then to Derek. "I don't know what that is," she points to the tent, "But I don't have one."

The ferry made the trip, only one for the handful that used it, Derek was sometimes more legit then he let on. Sometimes. A head jut to the freshman, "Glad you got my back." He could tease just a little, about wanting to be late, but props to the girl, she's in Ares too. That's a line he doesn't cross, especially around other teams, in which case he'll be defensive about the junior classmen(women). "If I don't wake, just kick me a few times." And a stumble, slightly, later, Derek grins to Delilah, "I have you covered. I brought an extra bag, not sure it will be needed." Implications implied, "And food will be provided. Good to see you found us." His eyes linger a moment. Then back to the group, "I think this island is close to the last resting place of the Whydah … one of Black Sam's old ships." Why not start with something ghost story'ish.

Rosa waves to Delilah as she comes in for a landing. "Hello," she says brightly. She does have a tent, for all that she hasn't gone about setting it up yet. It was one of the many unnecessary things that her grandmother sent with her. MANY unnecessary things. The young woman has packed her closet full of things that she suspects she will never use. The tent, surprisingly, has come in handy.

She casts a smile at Derek as she starts to extract her things from the pack and set up her tent — not far from the fire. "Who is Black Sam?" she asks, playing the perfect straightwoman.

"Oh thanks!" An extra bag, tents, things were looking up considerably. Walking over next to the fire, Delilah warms her hands and wills the clouds to part just a little. It was terribly overcast for so long and she glares at the clouds accusingly. The mention of the.. whatever it is that he mentions, she looks towards him and tilts her head to a curious angle. "So, what is that?" She doesn't realize it was a story. If it was a story.

Moving to get at a bag of marshmallows, Derek gets two out, and finds a pronged stick to ignite a couple. "Black Sam, Sam Bellamay. A local pirate. The Whydah was his flag ship." He explains as the mallows catch fire, and he blows them out. He moves towards Delilah to offer her one. "Its good … you have pirates where you come from?" As if to explain that, just so everyone is one the same page. Letting her decide, he does look back to Rosa, props for her knocking out the tent, perfect fit in Ares. Something to consider in that. "Yeah, it was his flagship, but he was on the Anne that night. His mate, Sunny Jim Falcner took the helm of the Whydah. They raided right up to Maniticus. The Whydah was lost near here in a storm." He explains away. "The log said they didn't realize the other ship was lost until they docked there. The rumor is they ran them into rocks over a dispute. The ghoststory is that Sunny Jim is still seeking Black Sam." He'll eat the second marshmallow, looking again towards Delilah, to see if he needs to explain ghosts/ghost stories too. Wanting to go with some telling of it, but not wanting her completely lost either.

"Sunny Jim does not sound like a very pirate-y name," Rosa observes. Her tent is small — a pup tent, really — and military green in color. It doesn't take very long to set up, and soon she's settling herself beside the fire and claiming a marshmallow and a stick to toast it. "Or a ghost pirate," she adds thoughtfully. "Sunny Jim the Ghost Pirate. I just…" She shakes her head. "He does not sound very scary, Derek. I'm sorry." Her marshmallow catches fire and she tugs it back from the flames to let it blacken properly before she blows it out.

Well Delilah knew food and food was good so she also pokes a marshmallow, watching Rosa for how she does it. She gets it roasting and toasting, watching the sugar turning brown. "Shadows." She inputs, sort of hinting she gets it, in her own way. "Beneath the purple water the shadows live and they bring you down with them. I think ghosts are like shadows then." And there were plenty of shadows around them!

A chuckle and a shrug from Derek, he eats both marshmallows it seems that were on his pronged stick. "Long John Silver doesn't work, cause fast food and James Hook was taken." A pause, then for Delilah, "Fast food is just food made fast, you can pick it up at a window and take it home with you if you want." He looks for another marshmallow, on a roll for the moment. Before he lets it catch flame, he goes to a nearby cool, where he pulls out some waters, one for Delilah, offered over, one for himself, and a look to Rosa, "Water?" If she agrees, he tosses one. "The shadows do sound more spooky than Jim Falcner. But those shadows aren't scary to you, you fell into the water?"

"What about just 'Jim Falconer'?" Rosa suggests. "Because 'sunny' does not make him scary. It makes him sound like that girl in Athena." She pauses a moment. "Those two girls in Athena." She pulls her completely blackened marshmallow off her stick, has white goo all over her fingers when she catches the water bottle that Derek has tossed over. "Purple water?"

With two of the tents set up, well there may be others with others from the school having wandered off in exploration, but Delilah is near the campfire with Rosa and Derek, the trio are roasting marshmallows on pointy sticks. And talking ghost stories. "Fast food, like the pizza we shared." She does remember the food part at least. A nod is given, "I did, I fell in the purple water," she tells Derek, "And then you found me after I fell into the blue water, near here." There's a shudder, "The shadows in the water were scary, but regular shadows?" Like the ones surrounding them, "Not bad." With a confused look, she turns her attention to Rosa. "I guess I don't know them yet." Though the purple water thing is already explained.

With two of the tents set up, well there may be others with others from the school having wandered off in exploration, but Delilah is near the campfire with Rosa and Derek, the trio are roasting marshmallows on pointy sticks. And talking ghost stories. "Fast food, like the pizza we shared." She does remember the food part at least. A nod is given, "I did, I fell in the purple water," she tells Derek, "And then you found me after I fell into the blue water, near here." There's a shudder, "The shadows in the water were scary, but regular shadows?" Like the ones surrounding them, "Not bad." With a confused look, she turns her attention to Rosa. "I guess I don't know them yet." Though the purple water thing is already explained. (repose)

"Okay, so the ghost of Jim Falcner is still searching for Black Sam." Derek concedes on the name change, and yeah, sunny isn't scary much at all. He listens to Delilah, reaching over to squeeze her hand in her talking of the shadows from her home world. "I don't think we have scary shadows like that here. Well, there was the flying monkey thing, it was dark, like a shadow fire thing. It sounds more dangerous in some ways, your world." He opens his bottle of water for a drink. "Oh yeah, Athena … those two girls are like glitter force, its all light right?" Like if they did light up a little, he imagines it could be hard sleeping in those conditions.
As the topic moves on, there is a splash sound at in the ocean. Its one of those fish noises from a silent lake, except its the ocean, there are waves constantly rocking the shore, so this was some big splash apparently.

"Somehow Athena has two light projectors," says Rosa with a shrug. "I really do not know them well, just, they are there." She nods to Derek as she takes another marshmallow. "Do we have graham crackers?" she wonders. "And chocolate?" She's assuming there are things for s'mores. They're a staple.

Her eyes go toward the shore when she hears the splash. "Jim Falcner is coming," she observes. "Or possibly me."

Tabita is a bit late getting here, but she had to detour to use some of her unspent support stipend to pick up some secondhand camping gear to go with her sleeping bag from home. Military surplus and secondhand stores are wonderful things to someone on a tight budget. So now she's flying in low over the sea with her army duffle strapped to her front and two of her instrument cases strapped to her back, her aura spread out and flattened like an airborne manta ray but the glow turned down to minimal.

She's got her old tablet out to ping the GPS signal from Derek's phone, then once she sees the campfire she tucks it away inside her coat. She slows her flight down before landing so she doesn't send any spray up the beach, giving a wave to folks as she touches down a dozen or so yards away from the group. "Hey, all. Sorry I'm late, but I brought music!"

Daxton got here with the others, but has been out tromping around the island in the dark. His own tent was put up in record time, and is perfect (Kinda creepy) military standard. He come out of the wooded area with an arm full of sticks for the fire. He's moving normal speed, dressed in worn jeans and a long sleeve plain shirt. He doesn't say anything, just moves to stack the pile near the bonfire.

Jacob took some time to get his own tent put up before joining the others. He used to do it back in Boy Scouts a few years back, but not with this particular one, and he wanted to figure it out while there was more light to work with. "Did I miss something?" he asks curiously, glancing toward Rosa.

"Jim Falcner." Delilah also agrees with everyone else, it was a good, piratey name and worked for everything. Accepting the water when offered, she places it beside her and looks at Derek when he reaches over to squeeze her hand. A smile plays over her features. Perhaps she had heard about the monkey. People talked. About to ask something, she hears the splash and looks in that direction. "What was that?" Famous last words. Totally. As the others arrive, or come out of the woods, she looks up with a curious expression. "Derek is telling ghost stories," she catches them all up. "And I'm Delilah."

"Wish I could make light some days," returns Derek on the Athena subject, "But to always have light associated with it." His shrug of indifference says he may not always be up to things that should be illuminated either. As others near, he nods at least when he notices a face returned, or a new face, moving to his pack to get out crackers, but no chocolate. Not officially s'mores yet. Handed to Rosa instead of thrown, because they break more readily. "A whale maybe?" As he comes back to stand near Delilah. "I'm trying and failing, I mixed in to much sunny and blew my attempt at a ghost story though. Just Jim Falcner it is, next time." He admits readily enough. "Uptown Funk," he puts in a request for music, getting to work on another roasted mashmallow. A slight smile to Delilah when he's near her again, curious what sort of music she's heard here, or what she might think no matter what Tabitha plays.

Rosa smiles as others arrive, waving to Tabitha and Daxton. She doesn't know Jacob, but that matters little. She waves to him as well. "Maybe a whale," she agrees. "I have seen many while swimming." She purses her lips. "The frog mostly decides not to try to eat them, since it could not swallow them whole." She takes the graham crackers from Derek and opens the package before spitting two more marshmallows on her stick and starting them properly toasting. "There was a noise," she tells Jacob. "Something loud from the shore." A glance around. "I can go check, if you want."

Tabitha shoots Derek a sharp look at his music request, then shrugs. "Maybe I'll do an acoustic of that. If you behave." She smiles to Deliiah and offers. "Delilah who fell from the moon?" Yes, folks do talk and it's a small school. "I'm Tabitha, Athena's living singularity. Good to meet ya." She shrugs off her various loads and sets Duffle in a clear spot near the other tents to claim her space while she brings the instrument cases with her to the fire, guitar and violin from the looks of them. She sits upwind of the fire to lessen risk of damage to her instruments and takes out the violin to start tuning it while listening to the others. She doesn't say anything about the noise from the water. That sort of thing stopped registering on her radar when she was still little.

Daxton glances in the direction of the noise, and then the newly arrived visitors. Not really in a talking mood, the teen stands, hand twitching, like he's trying to decide if he should go check on the noise, or go get more firewood. Busy is better than not.

Jacob looks around for a good place to sit down, not too close or far from the others. Or the fire, for that matter, as it spits out an odd spark here and there. "Mmm, I don't know," he answers Rosa, "it might just be one of the others trying to spook us. That's how I'd do it if I was going to."

Jacob brings up a good point. It could be one of the others trying to scare them. Delilah looks at teh water dubiously, but since the story had faded, there is nothing too scary about it anymore. She shakes her head about the music. "Vinny made nice music. He was humming it." She had met him once at the cafeteria. "I do like music, but I don't know your kind. Earth's music." She looks at Rosa curiously at the mention of the frog. "I think a whale could swallow several things whole, all of us." Tabitha gets a smile in return but at the mention of the moon, she grins and looks up towards it. "From somewhere, I guess. It's good to meet you, Tabitha. I'm in Metis now." Her hand, her free one, seeks Derek's and holds it. Nothing mushy, just a warm gesture. "I just like music, I would like if you play, Tabitha." A glance to Daxton and Jacob, "Would you both like to hear something too?"

Looking to the noise a moment himself, he throws in his vote. "I'd wait," says Derek, "Unless we hear it again. Student or whale, both may give up and go away if we ignore it." Or the island gets invaded. He's content to eat another marshmallow, and enjoy the warm hand that has grabbed his. A good night for that, friends, fire, food. The three Fs to live by. Derek may get some of those in school, he knows his Fs. "Sure, liven us up. I'm ready to act like I can dance while watching everyone else do the work." He's a guy, he can stand just off the dance floor and watch like most guys seem to do. "Is music similar to what it was like on your world?" Just a curiousity for Delilah, if she's listened to music enough since arriving here.

Daxton chews his lower lip and then softly says, "I'll go check it out." The speedster's been pretty quiet as of late (Not that he isn't usually). Before hew can turn away Delilah asks a direct question he can't not answer without being rude, "Anything Tabitha wants to play is fine. She's really good." The teen fidgets, one sneaker scuffing the dirt before he turns towards the water again. Better safe than sorry.

Rosa smiles. "They should not try to spook a girl who turns into a fifty-foot frog monster," she tells Jacob. "It is generally not a very wise idea." However, she shrugs and leans back when Derek suggests against checking it out — for all that it seems a bad idea to her, perhaps even against the nature of the Ares team. "I look forward to hearing what you have to play, Tabitha."

Tabitha looks up from her work tuning the violin with a small smile, "I'll try not to disappoint. Might even try a couple new tricks I've been working on." She's keeping her aura fairly tight to her body now, although a few tendrils of the golden amber energy field to reach from down by her feet towards the fire. Where they get close, some threads of flame move towards the aura completely against the wind as the wisps of energy are absorbed by her. Not enough to cause the fire to get lower or fade, but enough that she isn't feeling the cold quite as badly. Bev's comment gets a grin as she finishes with the violin and pulls out her battered 8-string guitar to tune as well. "Pissing off a fifty-foot frog is something I try to avoid, yeah."

"Maybe it will go away," Delilah agrees, but she isn't too keen on going to explore it. "You'll dance with me won't you, Derek?" The mention of the dancing had her brightening as she looks at him, not realizing that he meant to avoid it all together. Maybe she dances really weird, since she's from some weird place. Only time will tell. "I think it's mostly the same. I'm not sure, I've not heard a lot since I got here." The response from Daxton is met with a smile. "I can't wait to hear her," she confesses to her fellow teen. "Be careful if you do check though.." She's not in a hurry to see someone get hurt. And that was true.. "What if it's a frog monster too then?" She grins, not thinking it was, but it could have been anything.

A pause, caught, he was asked, directly, by a pretty girl. One he was liking lately. "Yeah, I'll try," he concedes after half a moment. His eyes going out to watch Daxton, or sort of seeing him as he is off that is. "I'm with the safe vote, no interest in being on the receiving end of frog monster attack. I won't be sneaking up on you any time soon Rosa." He free hand held up, thumb holding stick to the palm there, cause other hand is occupied, tied to the dreaded dance that may come. Then there is a chuckle at Delilah's return, it could be a monster too. "That would be awesome to see." A monster fight, his grin is there then fades, cause it would involve a teammate of his risking injury potentially.

They have their own frog monster, Daxton isn't afraid of another one. Unless it licks him. Maybe it would improve his disposition. Either way the teen shoves his hands into his pockets as he patrols the water's edge.

Rosa frowns as she sees Daxton wandering off on his own. In addition to the possibility of monsters at water's edge, she figures she should check on the young man. "Excuse me, please," she murmurs as she climbs to her feet, putting a pair of marshmallows on graham crackers as she moves to follow. "I am going to wander down to the water."

And this is the girl who turns into a frog kaiju? Or was Rosa talking about one of the others? Jacob shrugs and draws his knees up, watching her go and turn turning back to the others. "Keeps you on your toes, at least," he says to no one in particular.

Tabitha tunes the guitar faster than the violin. She's had it longer and knows its every trick. Then she puts it back in its case and gets up to head over to Duffle. After rummaging around inside she pulls out what proves to be a small battery powered amp which she sets inside the guitar case and plugs the instrument in. "I'll start with one of the fun songs one of my bandmates got me to do. It's a metal version of a song from one of the Zelda games. No idea what those games are all about, but the music's good in some of them." She starts in on the piece, which starts strummy then gets pretty metal as it continues. She keeps the amp turned down low enough that it doesn't carry far past the campsite. Players of Zelda games might recognize it as Saria's Song.

(link for the curious: https://youtu.be/8PdhYlYEh3I)

He was going to dance with her. Delilah was pleased with that and she squeezes his hand, not bothering to take it away from him. "I don't know if I want to see a monster fight, but I'd like to know nothing was going to eat us while we sleep." Hearing Jacob, Lila nods rather solemnly. "At least we have one on our side too. Just in case." As Tabitha gears up and gets the music going, she taps a foot along, but makes no move to get up and dance yet. Maybe she forgot. The music is amazing though and as her foot taps, she taps her fingers on her leg as she listens.

No complaints about forgetting the dance, Derek is content to hold hands. In fact, marshmallow stick put between his knees, he uses his free hand to thrust another mallow upon that stick for good natured roasting of its gooey innards. "I'm sure we're fine out here. I've never been attacked camping on the islands," he says casually, "By a huge frog monster." Just to clarify, as if that was needed. "But just in case, we'll keep an eye where Dax and Rosa went." The music is good, he listens right along, chimes in somewhere in the middle, "Of course, we probably won't see those two for the remainder of the trip now." No foreshadowing.

Having heard that some of the others had gone out camping, David decided to join them. It wasn't too hard to find the group, with Tabitha's music playing. …hey, you really can follow Saria's Song through the woods. In any case, he arrives with a wave. "Hey, folks," he says cheerfully. "Hope you don't mind if I join you."

Jacob hasn't played that game either, but the music has a pleasant enough energy to it— especially once it hits that pick-up about half a minute in. He looks over and offers a silent wave as David approaches, scooting over a little to open up some more room.

The music was distracting in the best way possible. Delilah isn't too concerned with the teens that disappeared, figuring they were doing mating things. Hey. It's a thing where she's from. And she wasn't concerned about food, she'd already eaten. And so the music is what captures her. As another joins, she looks up with a friendly wave. "Hey!" Glad to see another. "There are sticks and marshmallows," she offers David. Then also Jacob.

Tabitha grins over her guitar at Derek's remark about never seeing Rosa and Dax again, but she's focused on the music so doesn't say anything until she wraps up the song with a small flourish. Once she's done, though she puts the instrument aside so she can lay claim to a stick and some marshmallows before they're all gone. Which is a thing that might happen once she starts getting wrapped up in her music. She gives David a wave as he comes up to the campfire, then looks around the group with a grin. "So… any requests?"

"Yeah, plenty of room, your own your own for tents, mine is full now," offers Derek to David, as Jacob scootches over to make room. Its a good time in the night to get closer to the firer. "I put in my request," he says to Tabitha, putting stick between knees again to grab his water. A twist of the cap with one hand, pink and palm holding bottle, forefinger and thumb making small twists till the cap falls away. One handed drink and gulp, "Or something dancy." He filches the cap from the ground, wipes on pants, puts it back on. "I suppose I can get that out of the way now at least?" A turn and look to Delilah, implied they could do that dance.

Free Bird! Okay, no, Jacob doesn't crack /that/ joke, at least. Let's see, though, guitar numbers… "You know Rockhouse?" he asks, meanwhile getting up to wander over and grab some of the snacks as well.

David takes a seat beside Jacob, getting himself a stick and a marshmallow. "Thanks," he says. "Let's see…" Before he could think of a song, others have already chimed in. He'll be fine without a tent… he has something better anyway.

Does Delilah have a preference? She shakes her head, "Anything, I just love this music." And Derek was asking about the dancing, reminding her. "Yes, we could dance now, but I'm getting a little sleepy. I'll go to the tent soon while you all party and eat marshmallows." Seeing Jacob and David getting sticks and mallows, she points out the graham crackers. "Lots of food and there are drinks in the coolers. I;m glad you came."

A smile is sent over to Derek about his request from before. "Still haven't decided on that one… or rather I'm still figuring out how handle it. Rap can be tricky to transpose." She fires up a marshmallow and eats it while she thinks of something else, something dancy. She's careful to not use her hands at all while doing this, which keeps them clean for playing but also results in a bit of lost roasted goop. She grins, seeming to be fine with this. "Something dancy I can do, though," is what she says once she's had her first roasted 'mallow of the night. Gotta keep with the traditions.

Jacob's request gets a brief frown, then a shake of the head. "Don't think I know that one, sorry. What's it from?" She asks this while pulling out her violin. "I'll do one of my dancier songs. Haven't written much for just the violin, but most of my stuff is a bit metal for a campout." She shrugs and grins sidelong, "And isn't really solo material." Then she puts her focus on her instrument. This one starts slower like her previous tune, then picks up after a short time. While playing, her aura pulls back and starts to tap out some percussion accompaniment to the piece.

(again, for the curious: https://youtu.be/QAD0BtEv6-Q)

Getting up, Derek nods, "Yeah the sleeping bag is calling I think." But Tabitha supplies some music, he has to stop and dance as he said he would. He's no pro, but he can move to the music at least. Hopefully she does too, he follows her lead, the accompaniment on feet to her dance. A little splash. His stick left there. "Only my food tonight," he says to her, something between them. Then a grin to Tabitha, "If you figure it out, I'll be on the list waiting to hear it, you're good." He really does like her playing, good from him could be another saying awesome, but he keeps it mellow that way. "Tomorrow we get to find out what washed up on shore and if Dax and Rosa are still alive. If something attacks in the middle of the night, wake me up, save some fun for me." He'll work on heading to bed too.

<FS3> Delilah rolls Dancing: Success.
<FS3> Derek rolls Dancing: Failure.

"Wait, what?" David seems concerned with what Derek said. Not that he's scared, of course, just concerned about mysterious things washing up on shore and questions about whether classmates are still alive. "I certainly hope you're kidding."

<FS3> Tabitha rolls Musician: Good Success.

Delilah rises and curtsies to Derek, because that's just what was done. "Shall we?" Propriety has her being modest as she dances, but she does let loose a little and has a little fun. The mention of the shore, the splash and the others has her glancing briefly that way, and she nods her agreement. Once she is finished dancing though, and has taken the abuse of stepped on toes rather gracefully, she grins but recaptures his hand and sneaks off towards the tent for a good nights sleep. Yep.

"I never kid," except when Derek is kidding. Half a smile. Then he abuses some toes, sneaking off for that good night sleep.

Tabitha is hard pressed to keep from laughing as she watches Derek's attempt at dancing. Laughter would throw off her playing. That would be bad. Yes. When the song ends and various folks start to head to their sleep, she waves them out. "Good. More treats for the rest of us, then." See how she makes no promises to not keep people awake with her music? Yeah, that's not something she's gonna say. She's starting to get into things, but she does set her violin back in its case to rest a bit.

There wasn't a whole lot to do in these little islands - it got way too cold for most, way too quickly. Violet didn't mind. She didn't mind many tempurature extremes anymore - it kinda bothered her, sometimes. But sometimes, in a night like this - she loved the chill. She could feel it in her bones, feel her body respond to the chill with almost /almost/ a shiver, and be right as rain again.

But Violet was here on the island for her own reasons.

The sound of music drew her. Like a ghost, perhaps, she appears at the edge of the encampment - walking from the darkness with a quiet purpose, bringing with her the scent of ash and smoke. A hand pulls out of her jacket, and she lifts it in a wave. "Heard the music, thought I'd check it out," she preemptively explains. "So, uh… awkward hi."

Just when their numbers seem to be dwindling for the night, someone new arrives. It isn't the first time and it may not be the last, either. Jacob turns and looks to Violet, raising a hand of his own in greeting. "What's awkward about it?" he asks. That dancing earlier, now /that/ was a bit unwieldy.

She hears the approaching person, and spots the flre-lit silhouette through her aura. But Tabitha doesn't recognize Violet until she's close enough to be fully lit by the flames. She raises a hand in greeting, then nods to the logs pulled up around the campfire. "Pull up a stump, Vi. Didn't realize you were here for this outting, too."

"Hello," David says, after finishing a marshmallow. "I think I'll go set up the good ol' force tent for the night," he says. Finding an open spot, he takes out a small device. Activating it creates a flickering green force-field which he comfortably sits under, making a few adjustments to it.

"You know - crazy person coming from the woods in the dark of the night - I might have a machete or something, you never know," points out Violet, kinda making a wiggling gesture with an outstretched finger. "Is this something official? I was kinda just… out and about," she says, bringing up fingers to scratch at the side of her neck.

"This would be perfect for a horror movie, after all - just two of you left," she says, waggling her brows devilishly.

Or some kind of movie, Jacob thinks, and thankfully has the presence of mind not to say out loud. "Oh, there was a thing about a giant frog whale thing coming out of the water earlier," he offers instead. "A crazy person with a machete would be easy compared to that."

Tabitha gives David a quick good night wave, then nods to Violet. "Don't know how official, but Derek put out the invite and I figured why not take advantage." She grins at Jacob's recap of the earlier semi-drama. "Yeah. Rosa was thinking of going out to fight it frog to frog." Violet's crack about horror movies gets an even wider and somewhat sinister smile, teeth flashing white in the reflected firelight. "Oh, but which one of us would be the killer?" Her hand goes smoothly down by her ankle and when it comes back up there's a very sharp looking butterfly knife. She flips it open, then shut again, then slides it back into its concealed sheath. Then she picks up her guitar again and starts to strum it lightly, all innocence once more.

In the firelight, Violet's own grin flickers into being when Tabitha's does.

A hand lifts, gently pulling a lock of her blonde hair out of her eyes. "Probably not me, I never was a ninja," says Violet then, glancing towards Jacob at the talk about… a frog. "Well. Frogo a frogo is one thing, but…" A beat. "People can do some strange, amazing things when they are crazy. Hell, you've hung out with Tabitha how long, and you don't know that?" she asks.

"I didn't get the invite, but my head is in the clouds more often than not. I come out here just to think, really - and well." A pause then, Violet steps closer to the fire. She was in casual clothes now - a white blouse, leather jacket, and shortish black skirt. And always, forever - her boots.

"Was that you playing the violin?" she asks, kinda gesturing to the case.

Jacob whistles softly as the knife comes out, watching how the light from the fire glints off the smooth metal along the side. He's got a Swiss Army knife himself but it's back with his stuff by the tent. "Not long, actually," he replies to Violet, "but I'm working on changing that. And yeah, she's pretty good with it. That, too," he adds, indicating the guitar case.

"Ninja in training," is all Tabitha says to Violet's remark once her knife is back where it belongs. Then she nods to the question, "Yeah. Brought it along because campfire music. That bit I was playing was something I came up with while I was cooped up in med bay last weekend." Jacob's compliment causes her to blush on the unburned side of her face. She hides it by leaning over her guitar and shrugging one shoulder. "It's a living. Or will be, eventually."

Violet finally grabs a stump, dragging the heel of her boot through some loose soil. A breath in, a breath out - her eyes hood half-open, and she gazes down into the fire. "Yeah, but at least it proves that all those songs on your soundcloud were yours," she says, with a wryness.

"You have a talent, Tabby - but you don't need us to tell you that. You tell us that, with your music, right?" she says. Reaching into her jacket, she had a notebook, the spiral kind, kinda curled up and tucked into there. "You got the Martian death flu too?" she asks.

Jacob gets her attention next. "Working on changing what?"

Jacob points a thumb toward Tabitha. "Getting to know her. Well, getting to know people in general, now I've got classes more or less settled down." Mid-semester transfers: never an easy thing. "And was that really Martian flu or is that just what people were calling it? I never quite got straight on that one."

"Just one of its names. Because of the green spots people got." Tabitha nods to Violet's question of if she had caught it. "Yeah. I had it for a few days. Lucky for the school my powers were burned out at the time. I'd hate to think what might've happened if I'd been active and my aura started going haywire." She smirks at Violet's comment about the songs her band has online, then the compliment causes her to blush again so she shrugs once more as she starts to put her instruments away.

"An artist is always their own worst critic, right? I should get my tent set up before it's too dark. There's room for you if you want to stick around, Vi." She closes up her guitar and violin cases and picks them up along with her small battery powered amp. Her duffle isn't too far from the campfire. She pulls a midsize dome tent out of it, the kind that only needs a quick tug on a rope to pop it open and a few stakes to hold it down. With her aura to help it only takes her a couple minutes to finish and get her stuff inside.

She comes back to the campfire for a minute to have another marshmallow and give Violet and Jacob smiles, "Good night, you two. Don't let the frog monsters bite."

A smile for the departing aura user. "Thanks - I'll think about it, Tabby," she says. Almost offering to help set up the tent, the aura does that work far better than she ever could. But marshmellows. She was down with stealing one of those.

Violet clicks her tongue against the roof of her mouth, pausing a handful of moments. "You new here then, uh… you were Jacob, right?" says Violet. Flickering her eyes over her shoulder then, she glances forward, setting her notebook aside for a moment. Reaching into her jacket again, a crumpled pack of cigarettes was removed, one of the things tapped out and snatched up.

"How are you finding it so far? Feelin' all superheroic yet?" she asks, leaning forward to dip the end in the fire to light the thing.

Jacob turns to look after Tabitha a bit longer as she heads off, a touch of crimson in his own cheeks… or is that just the light from the fire? Might be some of both. "Few weeks," he answers Violet, turning back around with his hands in his pockets. "And— getting there, yeah. Definitely liking the gym." A physical type, then, most likely.

There was a wryness in Violet's features, hidden at the edge of her lip. She brings the cigarette to her lips - and takes a drag from it, letting a sigh of relief pass her lips then.

"You can get the big ol' one ton weights there, right? Are you good to use those?" asks Violet, tapping the deathstick against the side of her boot, and letting ashes fall down - she blows the smoke out of the side of her mouth, away from the other. "She's hot, huh?" asks Violet of Jacob, lifting her chin in the direction of the disappearing Tabby.

Jacob eyes the cigarette curiously, not bothered by it, it just doesn't seem to be his thing. "Probably could," Jacob replies. "I've been working more on speed, though, that's what I have more trouble w—" Then he stops, turning to face her fully. "…that obvious, huh?"

One would hope it wasn't his thing. Whether it was Vi's thing was something else - the woman kinda dips her head down and breathes in another draught of the cig, although this one was a little more shallow. "Speed's just as important, or so I hear," she says. "I'm Violet, by the by," she adds - with a smirk. "Yeah, a little bit. You guys were making each other blush a lot, so I suppose there might be something there, right?" she says.

"It's the artist thing, huh?" asks Vi. "I know that gets me every time. Creative people."

"Jacob, hi," the boy introduces himself in turn. He didn't earlier, did he? And he's probably seen Violet in passing before, just he was distracted by something else or she was just one face in a group. Like he said earlier, he's just now starting to sort all that out. "Well, I— A lot, you think so? I thought it was just the once. And yeah, it's all kinds of impressive."

Probably, Violet had a terrible memory.

The cigarette was patted against the stump, and the pack she had - she replaces the cig into the pack proper, the rings and things she wears catching the light and glimmering. Tucking the pack back into her inner pocket, Violet affects a wry grin. "Yeah, probably. I wasn't really counting," she admits.

A beat.

Violet kinda watches Jacob with a cant of her head to the side.

It's that brief silence that ends up doing Jacob in, giving him just enough time to dwell on his own thoughts. Which, since he's only recently started to get to know her, are focused on the most obvious thing. "Oh man, she's /so cute/!" he admits, flopping down to a sitting position. Oh yeah, he's got it bad. At least for now. "If she was going out with someone else, you'd let me know, right?"

A little smirk dancing at the edges of her lips.

"Sure, man, I'd tell you if I knew," says Violet at that. A brief bit of wind blows a strand of her blonde hair into her eyes. A handful of moments more, and Violet draws her fingertips - nails painted black, of course - through the soil at the bottom of the stump. She was kinda being hunchy right now.

"But I don't," she states, with a certain finality. "A lot of the kissyface that goes on around here - not really my business, so I try not to notice it goin' on," she states.

Jacob gets up to his feet, wandering in a sort of circle around the fire, keeping enough distance to just catch a little bit of warmth from it. "Yeah, I know the feeling. Back home? Some of it got shoved in people's faces, others no one was ever really sure about." A shrug. "I guess I'll just have to risk it and see what happens." But not tonight; tonight seems to be winding down, finally.

"Well, good luck with that," says Violet.

Her eyes were caught by the fire, really - the young woman seeming pensive - thoughtful. Considering. Bringing her hands up, she kinda folds them in front of herself, her elbows resting upon her knees. "Wouldn't be a high school without a little bit of who's dating who drama, anyways," she states.

A beat.

"I know she likes potatoes?"

That last comment gets a little bit of a smile out of Jacob. "Cheeseburger and french fries, got it. Or— something." He stretches his arms up above his head, fatigue starting to set in. "So, see you in the morning, I guess?"

"Mmhmm," says Violet. "I'm gonna stare into the fire a while longer. Think deep thoughts and shit," says Violet, a little grin tugging up the edges of her lips. Bringing up her hand, she zips her coat up, breathing out a sigh. "Sweet dreams, and all that, Jacob. Nice to meet you."

Jacob grins, shaking his head as he heads off toward his tent. "Try to stay off the sauce while you're at it." Not that there was booze going around earlier, but you never know. "Nice to meet you too," before he turns and trudges further off into the dark.

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