(2016-04-07) Tag, You're It!
Tag, You're It!
Summary: Harold, Tabitha and Lynzee meet in the gym, both doing various things.
Date: 2016.04.07
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A massive dome overhead is completely revealing of the ocean above it. This is a full size gym, with basketball hoops along the walls ready for play. Ropes hanging from a section of that dome ceiling ready to be climbed are tied off to not impede on gym floor activity. Exercise equipment and weights are off to the far end. At anytime the floor can be sectioned off for multiple team games to be played if needed. There are locker rooms for girls and boys to one side and opposite this are wooden bleachers that can be pulled out if needed for spectators. Opposite the bleachers there is a rock climbing wall, that goes right up to the dome itself overhead.

After school, some use the gym to train, sometimes. Harold is here with the beast Eryaog and the two are near the rock climbing wall. Harold is actually doing something resembling training. He is on the shoulders of Eryaog, like some bipedal mount, wearing green breastplate, holding a shield and with some lance. They look like green land crab shells or something. Something a hermit crab could use, but converted to armor. One may think its ocean crustacean of course, but just happens to be land critter of some sort. The beast has scaled part of the wall, "I do not know, this is safe?" It says to the boy, who nods and leans over, "Well, we have to train, to be an effective team." Cause they're a team unit, it takes the two of them. So it climbs more, Then shrugs and leaps down to the gym floor. Its the super gym, no floor damage like certain laundry room walls at least. "If you're not comfortable with the wall you can climb it a few times before we do it together?" Says Harold, who lets go to get to the floor, putting the equipment down, shield and lance thing.

A bit nervous because she's been 'invited' to some kind of special detail tonight, Tabitha is in here blowing off some steam by getting herself a hot foot. She's got some of the obstacle course hazards set up in a circle… lasers, flamethrowers, axe and saw blades, lightning towers, and such… and is going through them one by one. She's not avoiding the hazards, mind you, but walking right through them and using her aura to counter them. Either by absorbing the energy or using her aura like extra limbs to catch and break the blades. There are a few spare blades off to the side for replacements and another stack of the ones she's already broken. All in all she seems to be having fun.

Lynzee was there watching, sitting on the gym floor, curiously seeing Eryaog climbing the wall, then hopping down. Harold's attire doesn't really seem to alarm her any, it seems more commonplace to her a the moment than anything else. She doesn't exactly announce her presence to him or anyone, but when Eryaog jumps down, she giggles with delight. The detail for tonight doesn't seem to really bother her if her happy demeanor is anything to think about. Tabitha gets some glances too, but her eyes widen as she walks right through things.

As Eryaog moves to climb the wall some, Harold takes in the environment. The giggling getting some attention, "Hey, Lynzee!" And he can't help but look at Tabitha, aura smashing the course, so to speak, or aura walking through it. He looks up at the beast, "See, we have to get better. Maybe we could try out next year." For the school sport that is. Eryaog may be big and strong and all that, but sports and that much danger, just may not be his thing. "Want to play some tag or something?" A glance to Tabitha, "We could ask her to join?" He looks again and winces a little at some spectacle of avoiding damage that he wouldn't want to be around.

Tabitha starts another round of the hazards, but this time she does it while moving as her sensei, Master Nathan has been teaching her. She uses her aura like extentions of her arms, shaping it into a pair of long blades. Instead of absorbing the energy attacks she ducks around them, deflects them with the blades, or uses stiffens her aura to redirect them towards other hazards. A few times she stops, resets the hazards, and repeats a stage when she feels she's messed something up. But eventually she finishes this circuit, unhurt but also having avoided taking in more energy than she can handle. Best to avoid the kind of burnout she went through last week.

This time when she finishes she shuts the system down and walks over to where she's got a towel and water bottle on a nearby bench. After taking a swig and notices that she's not alone in the gym anymore. She gives Lynzee and Harold a smile and a wave, calling over. "Hey there, you two!"

"Hi Harold." Lynzee stands up, wiping her hands on her well worn jeans, the same pair she always wears when she's not in school uniform. "You did good there, Eryaog," she points to the rock wall. "I bet you could climb the pyramids in Egypt. You're good at climbing." There's a bob of her head, instant agreement. "I want to play tag. We could all play." She does walk over and hug the furry guy because he had soft fur. "Hi Eryaog." Then Harold gets a hug. Both are brief and she watches Tabitha doing her thing, rather impressed with it. Only after she is approaching does she wave all friendly like. "Hi Tabitha. Are you ready for tonight?"

The beast tries climbing a little, and looks down to Lynzee, "I have not been to Pyramids in Egypt." Simply stating it and climbing of course. Harold nods, taking the hug, warm and welcoming. "Hey, that is amazing," he calls back to Tabitha as she waves. He'll move closer to her so they don't have to shout across the gym, or over the sound of sawblades and flame throwers and lightning machines from her workout of course. "You guys doing something fun tonight?" He's just curious, no idea what they're doing even. "We're gonna throw down some tag if you want?" Unless she's serious about aura training.

Tabitha has shut down the hazards she was training with now that she's finished for the evening. She nods to Lynzee, "As ready as I can be. My powers are back and I'm all charged up." She shrugs when asked about tag. "I don't know. Maybe after I've had some time to rest. Been at hazard training for a couple hours." She shrugs to Harold's question. "No idea, really. Just know that a couple faculty members asked a few of us to meet them for some sort of 'special detail'."

Lynzee tips her head back as Eryaog starts climbing again, but she grins at his concession. "Maybe you can sometime. Or come see me when I dream of it." Or something, she liked their mode of transportation. With the question asked and responded to from Tabitha, she also nods to Harold. "I will play. Tonight we have a special thing to do the teachers are taking us to. People who got in trouble cause of the broken bench in the dorms area."

"Oh yeah, hopefully nothing bad," responds Harold to both of them, because it just sounds like detention. Broken sofa or not, he does ask, "Everyone is okay though, no one got hurt?" That more important than the bench incident in his mind. "We can do line tag first." He looks to the lines around the gym with consideration on course he could run even. "A couple hours, I can't imagine training that long." NOt at least at the level he saw her at just now, but he looks up to Eryaog who is climbing back down slowly, "Hear that, we need to step it up!" A grin, he's teasing, he adds on for Lynzee, "I'd like to see your Pyramids."

Tabitha shrugs, "I didn't get the impression that it was any kind of punishment. But beyond that, I guess we'll find out tonight." She spends a moment drying her hair out a bit before draping the towel over her shoulders. "Before I came here, I started martial arts training. Sessions would last a few hours. A warm up first, then an hour or so of solid workout, then the cooldown." She looks thoughtful then she blows some hair out of her eyes. "I think I'm going to take a rain check on tag, folks. Use the time between now and the outing to get a nap in. But y'all have fun, yeah?" She gives a smile and a quick wave then heads towards the locker room.

"I don't know if it's bad but it's something we gotta do." Lynzee bobs her head to Harold, but she shrugs about the getting hurt thing, she doesn't know. "Okay tag line first, then Tabitha is leaving and she smiles brightly. "It was fun watching you working out, Tabitha. Maybe you can play with us some other time." A wave as she heads off, then she looks back to Harold. "We could see the Pyramids anytime you want to go."

Harold bobs a little after Tabitha leaves, his hands sort of move up, then down, as if he might get in more hug now that the other student left. Cause it just feels good, and well, she's cute to so super added bonus. "Lets do a little tag, then we'll be good and tired to see those pyramid dreams of yours." He's grinning more and more, "I'm glad you came to the gym, sorry about you having to do something cause of the couch. Hopefully its not too hard, maybe it will be cleaning chalk boards or something." A beat, "Can you do the cat thing again?"

"I hope it's cleaning the erasers," Lynzee pipes in, because the chalk clouds smell good. Wait, was chalk edible? It smelled good anyway. Seeing his hands lift, she does offer another hug and a gentle one at that, but happy to give it. "We can do a little tag and I can be a cat again. Want me to be one again?" She finally steps back but only after he was finished with the hug.

He just holds, full hands holding, like one does simply to have and give affection. "Yeah, I liked it," he grins, then steps back. "I mean if you don't mind. It was soft and warm." A pause though, "Would you be faster as a cat?" He moves to take some lines. "I guess its more chase than tag this way too, only two of us. I can be it first. You'll be faster, but it will be fun escaping me at least." All in good spirits this kid, and literally his best friend here is playing, doesn't matter what he's doing.

Only when the hug was finished does Lynzee step back and not before. The question brings an impish grin and she steps back and closes her eyes, changing something softly in an ancient language. As she does, her body starts changing all over again, a yellow with black spots. Cheetah! She is really fast now and she runs a circle around him before rubbing up against him again.

"A cheetah, awesome!" Cause he only thought tiger, and its a new shape. He rubs her, "Wow, beautiful." Cause cats are awesome, then hormones and his puberty kick in, he blushes. "The cat, you." He can't stop rubbing though, cause fur and cat just need hands to run through the fur. "You are Lynsee, best smile in the world." Just so she doesn't think he only likes her as a cat. "Want to run with Eryaog, we can play speed line tag. I think you would be a match for him like this." Cheetah is like his top speed. He can't stop petting just yet though.

The cheetah nuzzles against him, seeming in no hurry to stop the attention from him, pleased when he continues petting her. She lifts her face and makes a soft growly sound before she turns into the tiniest, cutest white and orange kitten. All cute and cuddly, and she meows softly and twines about his feet. Or.. more stumbles over them.


He was so ready for running around, chasing, playing. Then she pulls one on Harold. Those eyes, that soft fur. So cute, she was pretty, she head a great smile. The kid liked her but was working on boundaries for their age and all that. He loses that battle right now. He picks her up a sshe meows to hold her. One hand, so he can put her right up to his face and bask in her warmth, petting her with one hand, nuzzling with his check. Forget its Lynzee, or even better cause it is, but he lost the battle of cute and can't help but hold and snuggle her.

Wooo, the kitty was being lifted! She pokes her nose against his then a little pink tongue darts out and she licks his nose before playfully nuzzling against him, curling up in the palm of his hand. A lazy yawn is given as she curls into that ball and starts purring happily. Oops, tag didn't happen.

Yes, its not happening now, Harold is in no hurry. And that lazy yawn. Little cats like warmth, and its Lyznee, and a cat, Lynze-Cat. He sits down, sitll with her nuzzling at his face, and she's purring, so he goes to lay on the floor, to let her lay on his chest. Giving her a safe home in his arms now. Cat's need that, or he wants them to, and he gives that to her, petting her, rubbing her chin, feeling her tail. Just affection.

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