(2016-04-07) Ares Detention
Ares Detention
Summary: Why when there's detention is it mostly Ares?
Date: 2016.04.07
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NPCs: Teachers played by various students.
Scene Runner: NA

Bricks and arched ceilings make this room feel utilitarian, much like the other rooms of the old fort. The math faculty has done little to detract from that feeling. The windows on the outer wall open up over the ocean and a view of Paragon Island about a mile away from the school. This gives something for the slacker and day dreamers to be distracted with. Two whitebaords are used, one at the front of the class and one at the back. The other wall has a few open light tables, that can be used for group mathematics projects. A few shelves with math tools also line the walls. The floor is barren concrete.

Classes are over though some students have had to return to the math class to serve out detention for various reasons. The teacher is at the front of the class, grading papers, reading or working on the computer. A few students are spread out, sitting at desks, quietly doing schoolwork or at least making it look like they are.

Like everyone here Felicia would rather be just about anywhere else but in detention, especially in math class. Unlike most of the others stuck here that are at least faking being busy she isn't. Instead she is lightly tapping her forehead on her desk, very lightly, she does't want to break the thing and get into worse trouble. "This. Really. Blows." she says softly. She really needs to learn to think before she acts or speaks..or does anything really, but we all know that isn't going to happen.

oommates! Annaliesa had to come after being late to class once too often. With a notebook and a text book in hand, she's just entering the class and looking around for a seat. Of course she sees Felicia and heads over in that direction to take the seat closest to her roomie. Once she's flopped down, she looks over with a lopsided smile. "We could pass notes," she peeeers towards the teacher to make sure she hadn't been overheard.

Daxton's not too put out, he's got so much catch up, it's what he'd be doing anyway. His pencil flies as he fills out his page, his leg bouncing rather quickly as he does so. He's been fairly absent since the laundry room incident. In and out of the dorm before anyone can stop him to question. The teen is at least now sporting the blue of the Ares Team.

"Ms. Carlyle, please refrain from breaking the desks too." the teacher says to the teen girl. As Anna comes in he watches her enter "Nice of you to finally join us Ms. Brooks." he gestures for her to have a seat and then goes back to what he was doing.

The words from the teacher have Felicia hitting her head on the desk that much harder, but not enough to do any damage. Her head lifts as Anna takes the seat beside her. Surrounded by her housemates, well its a bit of an improvement. Her brows furrow slightly at Anna's suggestion "Not the best idea." passing notes? Unlikely. There is a reason she's in remedial reading and writing classes. A glance is given to Speedy Gonzales "You're hired." she tells Daxton "To do my math homework." through the exchange she keeps her voice at a near whisper.

Anna doesn't seem to mind too terribly being called out for her lateness, she just tosses an airy smile towards the teacher, "Oh, you're welcome. I had to stop by my locker to get my work I planned on doing in here." Once seated, she tilts her head, confused, before realizing what Felicia meant by the idea thing and when she does, she facepalms. "Right." The word is a whisper. Noticing Daxton coming in too, she looks between them. "What did they get you on? Derek and I were lingering in the halls too long," she waggles her brows. "Like every day."

Daxton offers softly back, blue eyes never leaving his paper, "It's last year's work." Probably won;t help her. And who knows if it's actually right. His pencil slows and the speedster glances up juste enough from his work to glance at both girls briefly, "I ran into wall and cracked it." He doesn't say where, but Felicia was there, she'd know.

Felicia can't help but sorta smirk at Anna about the reason she is here "Is that lingering or "lingering"?" she puts air quotes around the second lingering, clearly implying something else by that, especially considering Anna's eyebrow gesture.

"Seriously? They are making you do last years?" Felicia shakes her head in disbeleif "You think they would just give you a test for it and call it good." this said to Daxton.

The air quotes can't be misunderstood and Annaliesa widens her eyes, a blush rising in her cheeks, "No, no, no.. nothing like that." So in a hurry was she to get the words out that she wasn't exactly quiet. She doesn't ignore the look from the teacher and gives him a sheepish sort of shrug. "Sorry," she murmurs before looking back down at her notebook and speaking quieter. "No, we haven't.. wouldn't. Well you know." Because roomies, and roomies sometimes swap confidences right? Even Annaliesa is curious about the work Daxton is doing. "That's bad that they make you do last years."

Daxton quirks an eye at Anna, even he's aware that she and Derek do more than just lingering. But it's better to just let that slide, he nods softly, looking back down to his paper. He gives the teacher enough time ti get back to the grading, "I was behind almost 3 years, they wanted me to do some of it. I remember some.." Which is weird, maybe there was some learning in his missing time? His leg keeps bouncing and he reaches up to rub his neck absently.

"Uh huh." Felicia isn't quite buying to either and she is less willing to let it slide than Daxton is "Totally know…shadow puppets." the teen girl sage nods as she uses her hands to make sorta of a bunny…though the light conditions are right for actual shadows.

Felicia nods "Yeah, memory is weirdo." she would know, "That sort of thing is stored in a different part of the brain. I remember the typical stuff learned in school, but doesn't ask me about birthdays, or family vacations and stuff. That part is broke."

Annaliesa gapes at Felicia at the doubt, "We've kissed," she whispers, "But that's it." There's a smile though that touches on her lips and she ducks her head as she starts writing something on the cover of her notebook. Derek's name with a heart beneath it and a smiley face beside it. The blush only deepens at the gesture from Felicia. As the topic of memory is discussed, she looks back at the others, a frown marring her brow. "You don't have your memories from growing up?"

Daxton's head tilts slightly, but he refrains from saying anything. Dangerous territory, that. His pencil stops altogether, but he taps it against the paper when he looks over at the two roomies. "I got everything up till freshman year. Went to a stupid meeting for ROTC and the only flashes of crap till Felicia was wheeling me out of that room…"

With the admission Felicia lets the subject of Anna and Derek drop, there was plenty of talk about that yesterday at dinner…or rather relentless teasing of Derek about it. She leans over a bit to try at see the doodle that Anna is defacing her notebook with. She gets the heart part at least but the question and answer from Dax brings her attention away from it. "Not really." Felicia answers even if the true answer is not at all at least not the memories she is thinking off "Racing gurneys." she gives a glance to Dax with a wink, "Now that is something I remember." though that's happened in the past two years so she would. "I sometimes have dreams about things when I was a kid, but I don't know if they are memories or my brain making shit up."

Annaliesa is just as happy to let the subject drop and at the admission from Daxton, she furrows her brow again. "You mean it was the government here that took you and kept you there?" She remembers the gurney race also. "I couldn't imagine not knowing my past." A sympathetic look is tossed between the two. "So do either of you have any family at all outside the school?"

Daxton stops his bouncing leg for a moment and then just shrugs, "I don't know….I know my dad had something to do with it, but…" he trails off, looking back down at his paper. There's anger underlying his voice, but he's trying to keep it pushed down. No use blowing up at his friends. He ignores Anna's family question, he might really blow up, instead, "Felicia, have you tried to piece together anything?" He's already started, but the notes make no sense.

"Loads. Parents, two brothers and a sister, bunch of relatives." the typical immediate and extended family that most everyone has. She'd probably ask similiar back, but Daxton's question to her is a bit more important, "Not really." she answers him "I have been thinking we should go back, sift through the rubble, see if we can find anything. Files. Computers. Something." though by now they could be to late to find anything useful "You sure you wanna do that? There is probably a good reason those memories are repressed."

Annaliesa drops off too at the mention of Daxton's father being part of what had happened to him. The notebook is pushed aside and she opens the text book to look busy to the teacher, but she's more interested in what the two are saying. Seeing his trouble with the question, she doesn't address it again, but turns her head to look at Felicia instead. "You probably have a bigger immediate family than I do." The idea does have merit, "Derek can fly," she whispers, "Maybe we could get over there somehow and check things out? I'd like to go back and look around. I could swim there really fast… if it's warm."

Daxton's jaw works, but he doesn't look up. He's also not writing, so he's definitely listening. He feels weird complaining, some people here have it way worse. It's just hard to adjust to. He will share this, "I have a brother and sister." Although who knows if he'll ever even see them again. After a few seconds, which is a life time for Daxton, he looks up, "You'd go back? To help me?" blue eyes dart between the two girls, "I…I know there were others. I remember seeing other people, on beds." All the gurneys they were in the room with him were empty when they rescued him. "They did stuff to us….it's not right to leave them." Even if remembering the past two years will be bad, it's not right.

Felicia isn't even attempting to look busy, which will probably earn her another detention in the long run. "We offered didn't we?" she gives a glance toward Anna giving the mermaid a grin at her backing up her up on this one "You could try to stop us, but I don't think you would be able to." she is in one-hundred percent. "Probably not good stuff." she nods then "Or let them get away with it either."

Like Felicia, Annaliesa is in it for the long haul. "I don't think he could stop us. He is faster, but you're stronger," she flashes a smile to Daxton and Felicia, glancing at them from under her lashes, still trying to look busy but she's obviously not doing school work. At the concession of family from Daxton, she does actually look up from the book though, an understanding look given to him. Still, she doesn't press, not wanting to lose him to the sad at the moment. "The sooner we go back the better, if there are others there especially."

Daxton blinks, did he sound like he didn't want back up? "No…I appreciate it, thanks." Unconciosly he rubs an injection site and nod, "No…not good." There's a small smirk at the girls sudden better than him attitude, which he just finds funny. "Probably."

"I know right. Fast doesn't mean nothing if your feet aren't touching the ground." she points out, laughing a bit to loud at the mental picture of her holding Dax up by the back of his shirt, with his feet just a pumping. Well she thinks it's funny.

Her laughter gets a shushing from the teacher "Quiet please Miss. Carlyle." and the girl covers her mouth with both hands a moment to stifle the noise.

"It's what friends do." Felicia states to Daxton "No thanks necessarily." she glances at Anna "How many can Derek fly around? If you swim and Derek can only fly himself, we," she gestures between Dax and herself "are gonna have to figure something out."

Annaliesa smiles at Daxton, "No problem," she reassures. At the question from Felicia, she looks uncertain. "I know he can take me. He took me flying with him. It was pretty amazing. If he could take two with himself, that would cover us four going back to take care of business."

Daxton's chin juts out, but it's at some nagging feeling, he's a little distracted by it so he just nods, "Yeah…" A brief glance to the teacher before she looks back to his paper, "How far is it, I could maybe run it…" Hell, he may beat them all there. After a moment of drumming his pencil he reaches and pulls something from around his neck that was tucked underneath his shirt. It's a set of dog tags with the word TEMPO and a set of numbers. "I don't know what it means." If either touch it it's still warm from contact with his skin.

"Flying is." Felicia nods in agreement to that one. Apparently she has done that one before, and its doubtful she is talking in an airplane. "It would..we'll figure something out." she isn't overly worried about it for the moment.

"Two, maybe three hundred miles. The facility was in upstate Vermont..I think?" that's what she remembers at least. She leans over to look at the tags, her mouth moves as she sounds out the name in her head "Tempo?" she finally says as she figures the word out "Your codename?" she isn't going to assume or anything.

"Oh running is a good idea too. Are you able to carry anyone when you're running?" Annaliesa does seem genuinely interested in that response. "Is it hard to breathe when you're going so fast?" With a glance to Felicia, she nods, "Sounds like you've already done it before too. It was fun, higher than the ferris wheel." Enough of that though, and she leans in also to see the dog tag, but doesn't reach out. It also catches her attention. "I wonder what the numbers are for."

Daxton just offers a shrug, "Don't know." The tags are set down on the table so he can turn back to look like he's at leafs trying to do the work in front of him. "It might be, it's doesn't feel wrong, anyway. I have no idea about the numbers though." It's been keeping him up at night, trying to decipher it. Anna's questions are easier to answer, "I've never tried. Guess I should before we try this, huh?" A pencil tap and he quickly writes down an answer before shaking his head, "No…I mean, it's like regular running." So hard to explain, "It's only hard to breath if I get knock out of it." Like in the laundry room.

"Serial number?" Felicia offers a guess "Or experiment number…like Stitch is experiment 626, in Lilo and Stitch." she likes cartoons, so sue her. "Well even if you can carry people and run it would only work for one of us…and certainly not me," she eyes Dax a bit "Unless you are stronger than you look too?"

Annaliesa is not so up to date on cartoons, but she does know Lilo and Stitch. "I bet he could carry you. I know I could swim, Derek could fly, so either he could take you or Daxton could take you. Either way we're set. I think. As long as there's water that leads completely there. I wonder what feeds the lake," she muses. The trio are seated all nearby each other, the teacher at the head of the class. Annaliesa has her book on the desk in front of her, her notebook beside it, and she when she remembers to, she tries to look busy. It's mostly not working.

Daxton's eyes narrow slightly at the challenge. "Don't know. I'd have to try." He's not enhanced strong, but he's stronger than he thought he should be. Although strict workouts could be the cause of that. Dax only kinda remembers the lake, so he can't help Anna with that. "We'll need to google earth it and see." Maybe even give them a view of the actual destruction of the house, maybe. If it's not in a black out zone. But even that could tell them something. His math worksheet is about half done.

However long after it started, Spellbinder comes in with one Derek. "I believe this belongs to you," she says to Enigma. Ah, he had detention too it seems. The lollygagging bit Annaliesa was in for, Enigma looks at him, "Take your seat." He points. Derek says, "I forgot …" The math teacher shakes his head, "Save it! We'll tack on another one tomorrow to help your memory." Derek looks to see who is here, a grin, "Team Meeting?" He moves to sit right next to Annaliesa too, "A little space." Not that the other students were told to take space probably, but the reason he's in here after all. Not knowing what they're talking about though, he goes into take seat near the group just the same, not knowing what they conversation is fully about.

"Bet he can't." Felicia immediately states to Anna and whether she can be carried or not. She seems pretty confident about it too. Though has no idea about the flying, though she is skeptical about that one too. Unlike the other two she isn't trying to look busy..maybe she doesn't have any homework to do.

"Googling the place is a great idea." she can even do that now. Pulling her laptop from her satchel on the floor she opens it up before her, giving a look toward the door as Derek comes in. "Hey there." she greets as she loads up google maps on the computer. See now she looks busy. She could be working on a report or something.

"I don't know, he thinks he can. So maybe?" Annaliesa looks between Daxton and Felicia, but leaves it to them to decide. As for the images on Google Earth, she leans in a little once the laptop is brought out, but as Derek comes in and sits beside her, her attention is swiftly brought to him as she gives him a warm and delighted smile. "You forgot?" The words are a whisper, filled with amusement. "It's good to see you." She doesn't try reaching for his hand cause the teacher is there watching, but she's obviously glad to see him.

Well, so much for that confidence. Dax rolls his eyes silently and focuses on another problem. Derek gets a nod, but not much else from the speedster. His eyes do flicker over to Felicia's screen, but he waits for her to pull it all up before really focusing. A few more problems are done.

"I forget I should of went another way and not through the tunnel," grins Derek to Annaliesa. Sitting down at his own place finally then, he listens about googling and stuff. "Homework, we're doing homework in detention?" As if that makes it more dreadful. Then a grin to Liesa, "Good to see you too, wanted to chat more, see what's going on for the weekend." Cause who knows, he's not planned anything yet and all. If he can sneak in a touch of fingers or something when Enigma isn't looking, he may just try that.

Watching the interplay between Derek and Anna, Felicia quickly turns to Dax and makes an gagging face. If they start flirting she may just get sick on both of them…or at least pretend too. "What?" she asks of the eyeroll "You saw how I made Tabs go all airborned…and that was just me sitting on the couch." okay she more like flopped down on it but still, she is a lot heavier than she looks.

"We are thinking of investigating the place we took Dax out of." she whispers to Derek and then she glances at the laptop "Well there is the nearest town…" she scrolls around looking for the lake and large estate…destroyed or not depending on how old the imagery is.

Annaliesa was distracted as soon as Derek walked into the classroom. At the question directed to her about the weekend, she smiles and leans in closer, finding his hand and lacing her fingers there when he sneaks in that touch, "We could go camping again or.." she nods towards the laptop. "Take a road trip, the four of us." She doesn't seem in a hurry to let go of his hand and leans in to whisper a softly worded, "Missed you." The gagging face is completely missed, but she does look at the screen to see what was being pointed out.

Daxton just shakes his head, he knows she's heavy, but he's not about to ask a girl her weight. There is a wrinkles nose of disgust that is an answer to Fel's gagging face. Maybe it's at their flirting, or the idea of getting thrown up on. Or both. Blue eyes divert back to the screen to see what's up. He only vaguely remembers the house.

"Aw, swell guy, should I be jealous of him," chuckles Derek noticing the notebook on Liesa's desk, as if some inside joke between them. "I'm always down for camping. Adventure camping?" The mushy isn't that mushy, hand holding stops, not snogging. No PDA's, where they act like no one is there, or lip to neck attack marks. "Like a catapult, you could launch me like that?" He imagines it like a cartoon, sitting on one end, the other person goes flying. Like those water blogger things.
Fred arrives from the Coral Springs Hub.

"Huh." Felicia says as she finds the familiar lake and then pans to the house. The image on the screen isn't all that old. It shows a large mansion like building, partially collapsed from the explosions that rocked the building during the rescue. The strange part is the large trucks that are in the picture one minutes, but when she refreshes the page they are gone. She is to focused on what is showing on the screen to pay attention to Anna and Derek's calf eyes and hidden hand holding.

Daxton glances from the screen up to the teacher who looks like she's going to say something, so before anyone can get into trouble, Dax zips up there and starts asking for help with his math.

"Not a chance," Annaliesa tells Derek honestly, and judging by her expression, she's pretty genuine in that despite the ongoing joke. "Adventure, for sure." But not what he's assuming and she gently nudges Derek at the suggestion. As the laptop is being directed by Felicia towards a desired location on Google Earth, she looks back to it. "Wait, what were those trucks? Are they clearing it out? We should hurry.." The four are seated nearby each other, the teacher at the front of the class. Annaliesa has a notebook and textbook on the desk to look busy while Felicia has a laptop and is looking up something.

You know what's worse than being a sophomore? Being a transfer sophomore mid-way through the session. It's long past time school got out, and yet there's Fred. Fred the Dead, wandering the halls looking like someone just slapped him upside the head with a sap. You know, dazed and confused. He glances down at a sheet atop his books, then up at the room door number. Down again. Up again. Then shrugs, pushes his glasses up with a finger and opens the door.
"Hi, is this..?"
He begins, and is immediately told to shut up and sign in. Shuffling the pile of freshly creased books in the crook of his arm, the boy does as told and then finds a seat near the back. Waiting with silent expectancy as he stares at the detention teacher. And the board. Back to the teacher. And to the other students. And tries to lean over slowly.
".. What page are we on?" He murmurs. Everyone looks to be busy reading, after all.

"Oh good, no need to have words with them, wish someone would do that for me." Put hearts around his name. But a big grin, someone is. Win. Derek looks over at the images everyone is confuse about. "We sort of helped with that." He isn't noticing the trucks at all, only destruction of course. As the other one shows up and asks what page they're on. "Beginning of chapter 8 I think. The part about some school stuff we're supposed to learn to graduate." The boy looks over the other boy, the observant may notice Derek has no book, but doesn't mind helping find the page to turn to.

Felicia shrugs as she refreshes the image again, but the image remains unchanging after that. Just the partially collapsed mansion on the lake side estate. "Hopefully they missed some stuff and we can get some answers." her eyes lift to where Dax is keeping the teacher busy "He needs them." since her eyes are already up she notices in arrival of the unfamiliar student. But she is sorta new herself, so unfamiliar isn't that unusual to her.

If Derek were close enough Felicia would nudge him, but with Anna between them she can't do that. "Don't listen to him." she tells Fred "You can study whatever you want, or at least fake it. As long as we are quiet and not causing problems, Enigma doesn't care." Enigma being the teacher at the front "Who're you?"

"Maybe they will someday." Annaliesa tells Derek with a crooked grin. The pen is put away for now though, slid inside a zipper pouch inside her notebook. "I can't wait to swim again though, so if there's water all the way from here to there, I'll swim it." With the conditions of it being warm though, that was a necessity. When the new kid walks in, she glances over and offers a friendly smile. "Welcome to Detention," she murmurs, because that's where the Ares kids end up a lot. "I'm Annaliesa, this is Derek and Felicia, and that person there is Daxton." Crinkling her nose, she glances back to Felicia and her computer. "That was odd.

"Chapter eight..?"
Begins Fred, opening a particularly soft-back slim volume and scratching at his cheek. ".. But there's only seven chapters.." He frowns down at the text, flipping it to the end and back again. Then briefly turning it upside down, in the hopes of something new being revealed. When the book utterly fails to be more than a simple book, he looks back at Derek in confusion. And then his attention cranes aside to Felicia, though the bespeckled Fred is keeping half an eye on the distracted teacher. "Uh, wait. Study whatever we want? But isn't the teacher supposed to lay out the lesson?"
And finally Annaliesa lays it out on the line. Fred blinks owlishly at her, and quickly tumbles through the books on his desk before pulling out a flimsy of the school map. He tilts his head, squints, and then turns the whole map upside down.
".. Ooooh. That makes a lot more sense. Urgh." He slumps down, scratching and tugging at his cheek for a moment. "And I signed in." A deep, slow sigh, before he casts his voice low as well. "Oh, uh.. Right back at you? I'm Fred Kh- uh. Fred. So. Detention." A slow look around.
"Doesn't look as bad as I thought it would?"

"Welcome to team Ares," says Derek to Fred, cause he signed up for detention, he wants to live the life of excitement now. Its done and done, in his book at least. "Not so bad, but next time, do something fun before you show up, this is the boring part of having fun." Being in detention. "Okay, we go there, help out that Dax. He needs to say that more, its like he doesn't want to let anyone in." And Derek raises an mischievous brow, like they're solving Daxton as a mystery. But Derek being boy and Dax being boy, he has no interest in that, other than to joke about it completely. "If someone does that for me, I'll be the luckiest boy in the world." To whatever is ongoig between him and Liesa.

Felicia waggles her fingers as Anna introduces her "Oh detention never us..unless it isn't. Gym detention is the worst. Don't ever get that one." the girl advises as if she knew that from experience…which she does.

"Team Ares, where everything is made up and the points don't matter." Felicia adds to Dereks welcome, totally stealing the tag line from Whose Line Is It Anyway. She nods toward what Derek says "Really. If you are going to do the time, you may as well have done the crime." And eyebrow arches and she hmmms "Well considering what he could be repressing maybe that's a good thing?" Dax not letting anyone in "He'll get there, maybe." Dax gets another glance and she shrugs before dark eyes focus on Fred…well one does, the other is good and hidden behind her hair "What's your story?"

"You're here and you don't have to be?" Annaliesa couldn't look more surprised if Derek had just started flying through the air during class. "Oh Fred.. you're hanging out with Team Ares, well most of the time the people in detention are Ares, so if you wanted to lay a little lower, you could choose another team. I think they are prejudice against us and watch us more. But if you want people who'll stick by you and are friendly and all, well that's us." Recruiter!
Derek makes her marshmallow a little, "Then you're the luckiest guy in the world." Sickeningly sweet moment that doesn't last because she is looking back towards Felicia. "So this weekend is a go for the adventure then?"

"I was actually aiming for 'remedial parahuman ethics and morality'."
Mumbles Fred to Derek, still scratching at his chin. "Turns out that's something you have to learn rather than just.. know?" He then flashes a weak grin, before tucking his chin in and adjusting his glasses again. "I'm not on a team yet. They said I've got seven days to, uhm, sign onto one?" He frowns for a moment, switching from cheek to the back of his hand. Itchy, itchy, itchy. A glance up at Dex keeping the teacher busy, before he chews on his lip and slides a small packet of salt from his pocket. Quietly dropping a few grains around his desk. Sneaky, he isn't.
"Story?" He asks of Felicia, pausing for a moment. Before continuing the scatter of a few salt grains. Semi-circle now. "Uh, took a wrong turn, apparently. Or.. why I'm here at all?" Another weak grin. "Uh. Family business, sort of. This is actually my first public school." A pause. "Semi-public? Or, secret. Secret.. public school?" A vague shrug. "I mean, I watched TV at home when I got the chance, so I'm pretty sure I know how this works. Didn't think I'd get detention off the bat. Or sign into detention." Sprinkle, sprinkle, and the loose circle of salt is finished. Fred setting the packet in his lap and dusting off his fingers.
"You need some?" He proffers the package to any of the three, quietly. And then he blinks at Anna, and shifts his jaw. ".. That actually sounds pretty awesome. I mean, what do, uh.. what do you guys do? Or, your story?" And then?
Adventure! Had he the facial control to do it, he'd probably be straining his ears forward. Which he doesn't, because he's human. Ish.

"Doesn't matter, you vouch for Dax and what he needs, count me in," Derek says to Felicia, "Plus, adventure time, and camping. Might be some berry picking." He won't deny that today for some reason, eyes to notebook with his name on it. "I agree, they just can't handle our awesome, the other teams. They're too serious besides. Deathly serious, ugh, they need to lighten up a little." A shudder, serious and homework, thoughts that shouldn't be pondered both in the sme day, and they were now. "Ugh, mine … I was camping," he says, lots of camping in his life, "And found an amulet, presto change, wings, energy lasers and I can like make things with them. And occasionally Onida shows up to guide me, I guess he's like my ancestor. He's pretty awesome for being so old." Technically old, centuries, he's more mid-life come to think of it. He opens with his story, he thinks what he can do is cool though.

There is that gag face again when Anna gives what she considers calf eyes at Derek. If she were mean she would totally be telling Anna about what was going on at dinner last night…and she still might later, before they turn in, girls gotta stick together an all that. "Totally on. Like white on paper kind of on." she is commited. Ares are quite loyal as well, they are like the best combinations of Gryffindor and Hufflepuff…if this were Hogwarts at least.

"Yeah. Like your reason for being here. Or what it is you do. Whatevs." she waves a hand at Derek's story "Like that. You don't hafta but ya know we are all gonna find out eventually, best its on your terms." she listens as Fred gives up some info on himself though his fiddling with the salt has her looking at him oddly and she waves off the offer of it.

As for her story "I was in a car accident and poof, powers beyond that of mortal man." as she speaks to reaches out a finger to touch Fred's book. It instantly becomes a book more fitting for a barbie doll than a person. It's so tiny!

"Maybe you got the remedial part right," Annaliesa teases Fred, a playful smile given to him. There's a curious look as he brings out the salt and starts sprinkling it around him. She looks, oh she really does, for the imaginary food he's seasoning. "This isn't Hook, you're not Peter Pan." BANGARANG! The teasing look is still there, she does reach over and swipes a finger through the crystals and looks at them there on the pad of her finger. "Curious.." She sniffs it a little. "Salt circle?" The conclusion given, she wipes her finger on the skirt of her school dress uniform. A head shake at the offer. "I don't need any, but thanks. I'm afraid if you add salt, someone may want to add butter and lemon and grill me or something."
At the mention of the berry picking, Annaliesa looks at Derek and blushes, though she doesn't elaborate on it. Instead, she listens about his amulet. "Onida is really nice, I have met him." Anna has no clue about what was happening at dinner the night before, she was actually doing homework for once! She looks between Felicia and Derek. "I think Fred wants adventure with us!"

Fred's voice goes up a pitch before he hurredly glances to the distracted teacher and back again. Apparently, Derek isn't the only one who thinks his powers are cool. "You've got a chained ancestor spirit, -and- he grants you powers? AND he's still sentient? AND he's benevolent? Oh man, I mean, I read about stuff like that.." A pause, and a cough. "… MOOOooostly about when it goes horribly wrong and how to stop it, but still. That's frickin' awesome. You gotta show me." A pause. "Probably not here, because walls and, you know, but still. Later." Murmuring the word 'Onida' to himself, the dark haired boy scribbles a note to himself on the palm of his hand. Then goes back to scratching and tugging at the top of it.

Before Felicia shrinks his text book down to miniature. There's a moment's hesitation as he taps on the book a few times, then gleefully plucks it up. "Size shaping! Right?" He looks to Anna for confirmation, then back to his book. Tipping the cover open with a finger nail as he continues. "How long does it last? I mean, uhm… do I need to go buy another book?" A worried nibble at his lip again
And finally, Ana. He blinks a few times, before tucking his chin in. "Oh, yeah. Uh. Normal salt. You know, most spooks hate the stuff. I mean, not all of them? And, you know, there's probably nothing that could get in through these walls, but if you 're up against an unknown or just to be safe, then you should.. always carry a bit of.. salt.." He finishes lamely. And finally, he adjusts his glasses, fiddling with his pen. "I, uh. I can pull my skeleton out." A pause, and a squint. "Or.. my skin off. It's magical. That's… about it. I mean, I'm pretty down with the geometery of leylines, and I know a thing or two, but. No lasers, or shape shifting, or .. stuff. Yet."
"You, uh. I mean, if you guys don't mind, and yeah."

"I think he likes you too," says Derek helping with the gag reflex action of Felicia, "I know I do." He will sneak a handhold. A look to Fred, "Well, I can, but I don't like control him. He shows up when he wants to, but when I see him again, I'll put in a word." He leans back a little in his desk and listens more. Looking sort of out the window. Maybe getting tired. Detention is good for sleeping if the teacher doesn't notice. He leans up, puts his head down, a hand to forehead, like he could be reading something. Maybe he's listening, maybe not. "That's sort of awesome, skeleton out … like nightmare before christmas … nice work bone daddy!" Hey, they all know that reference, or he assumes. Stifling a yawn. Half a grin, he throws in for it being cool, caese skulls are cool at least.

The mystic talk goes right over Felicia's head. Up until coming her magic was just David Copperfield, Criss Angel and that Blaine dude stuff…a bunch of sleight of hand and visual trickery. She's going to need more than a few weeks to adjust to it being real.

"On account of her being able to turn into a mermaid." Felicia has no compunctions of outing Anna, and she did bring up the grilling her…which is just gross. Fish should only be eaten in one way…sticks, the way god intended…or maybe it was that Gorton's fisherman guy, whatever.

"However long I want it to really." Felicia will touch the book again, and in a blink it grows to its right size. "I can do that to myself and other people too." she adds "And I'm strong."

Pulling your skeleton out…that brings an ick face just as much as the pulling the skin off thing "I don't even wanna know how that works."

Annaliesa had missed the whole shrinking of the book somehow but now that it's brought to her attention, she outright laughs. The teacher gives her a sharp glance and she gives an apologetic one, so very, very, very sincere. Maybe. "She's awesome at the size changing thing. I saw her when she sneezed just shrink. It was pretty cool. Plus she has super strength," Because Annaliesa doesn't so it's cool when she sees it in others. "Oh," she manages, considering the salt again. "Well I don't really mess with spirits and all. Weird stuff." Speaking of weird, she almost laughs again but manages not to, a glance towards the teacher. "You can take your skin off?" Because that's probably the best thing ever. "I bet you'd be easy to operate on. Hey doc, I got this here stitch on my side." She's not making fun, really!
As Derek sneaks in a hand hold, she smiles at him, then pats his back a little after releasing it so he can lay down his head on his desk. When Felicia outs her, she looks up and laughs. "On account of that." There's a look to Felicia and she grins, "Maybe you could make the couch in the hub huge.. that would be funny."

".. Kinda like taking off a really tight pair of pants. I mean, it's part of the whole family legacy thing, so it, uh, there's no mess.. It just kinda lays there on the floor until I pull it back on. But yeah, it's kind of stupid without the rest. Oh. And, thanks." Fred turns his head down to look at his book as he answers Felicia's unasked question, clearing his throat. Gross? Before giving a grimace to Derek. "Bone daddy?" He asks, aghast. Before a soft grin leaks through the expression, and he finally looks to Anna.
"I.. didn't really think of it like that. I guess? I mean, my bones heal pretty quickly now. Just not the rest of me. So.. mermaid?" Chin comes up just a bit. "What's that like?"

"I totally am." Felicia doesn't have a humble bone in her body, she knows she is awesome, but isn't egotistical about it though. Since they are pretty much done with the research she closes the laptop and slips it back into her satchel.

"Huh." she says as Fred explains it even after she was told she didn't wanna know "So kinda like the Slitheen in Doctor Who. It's kinds like a suit you can take off and put back on." she can handle it better if she puts it into sci/fi context.

Bouncing to her feet "Hey Mr. Enigma.." or whatever his name is "Can I go to the restroom?" at the affirmative from the teacher she bounds out telling the others that she would "BRB."

"I guess it would be." Kind of like taking off the right pants. With the book back to normal, Annaliesa mentions in an aside to Fred. "She's the best roommate. Ever. All of her belongings can take up so little room." With Derek passing out, Dax keeping the teacher busy and Felicia disappearing, it left her attention solely on Fred. And class was over soon. "I think it would be kind of cool to be a walking talking.. you can talk right? When you're a skeleton?" Her brows furrow a touch and she looks down at her skirt clad self, no tail to be seen. "It's all I have mostly ever know. Mermaid mom, human dad. I lived in the sea most of my life. Costa Rica. Warmer weather. The cold is bad."

"Slithereen? Yeah, that's pretty close, actually.."
Begins Fred, before Felicia bounces out. Then he turns his attention fully to Anna, as everyone else is busy - or asleep. "Yeah. I mean, it's magical, so it doesn't work over cellphones and stuff." A face. "Which sucks. But I see and talk just fine. Just.. all my squishy bits stay in the skin suit." A blanch. "Uh, in the .. you know. What's left over."
He then crosses his fingers over his chest, blinking. "Oh. Yeah, I think I know what that's like. You know, you tell guys that your dad's pinto catches on fire when he drives it too fast or, you know, that you should always put iron nails around your garden and they just look at you like your stupid. But, you know, it's normal? Right? For us. You. Or, me." Cough. "I lived in an RV. Uhm, home schooled. But we'd go to the lake every summer.."
And then a smile. "Oh man. That sounds awesome. I'd love to live near the sea all the time. I mean, I know it's probably my legacy, or some junk? But I really like boats. It just -feels- good to have the water beneath my feet. So, do you transform when you're wet, or..?"

The squishy bits. Annaliesa doesn't know what to think about that and for a long moment she considers it before drawing her own conclusion, blushing. "Oh," she says softly, a quick glance to the teacher, making sure she was otherwise occupied. "I'm glad you can still talk," she says finally. "I mean that has to be pretty fun doing it."
His understanding of her predicament does illicit another laugh but she tries to disguise it as a cough so they don't get in trouble from the teacher. "Exactly like that. Like, my brother Vincent? He goes to school here. He goes by Vinny though. He's not anything at all like me." Reaching for her pencil, she taps it lightly on her textbook. "But this sort of life is normal I guess. I was homeschooled too!" She grins. "This is a big, big change but the people are nice."

"Sort of. I mean, I'm lighter? But it's still me, just with all the soft bits wrapped up somewhere else. I mean, the real problem is afterwards, when I put my skin back on. It always feels off for a while. All itchy and stuff. All the time." He frowns down at his hand, tugging at the perfectly normal looking back of his knuckle. With no adverse affects or unusual stretchiness. Just normal skin. And he glances aside, and clears his throat. "Too much info. Sorry."

He picks up his own pencil, idly pulling it back and forth across a page without really doing much more than leaving ghost lines. His smile slides back, however, as Anna keeps talking. "I hope so. I mean, I know its stupid, but the only place I've ever seen high school is on shows on the internet, you know? So I keep expecting some big jock to walk up and be all, 'hey you! Fresh fishie!' and slap my books down or something. And then I've got to stand up for myself or there'll be a musical number or some magical spark happens. I know that doesn't happen in real life? But I think my brain's been warped by too much junk TV." A pause. ".. That doesn't happen here, right?"
A glance aside, and a sideways grin. "Ares. I like Ares. It's a good team name. I mean, it's even on the same paradigm as my forebear, Kharon. Uh, Charon."

"Ares is good, television is good. I have fun with both." Annaliesa watches his drawing on the paper, but she pays about as much attention to his as she does her own. Tilting her head, she wears a thoughtful expression, the playful smile making a reappearance as she cuts glance to Derek. "If anyone were going to do that, it'd be Derek, he messes with the younger kids. Nothing to hurt them or anything, nothing to single them out. Like he made up a Freshman Find day and send the ninth graders to Paragon Island, telling them there were surprises hidden there. It made them late for class, but they weren't hurt or anything." Resting her arms on her desk, she slumps a little. "You really should join Ares though, we're the cool kids." She's joking, but she looks friendly enough. "Though I have friends in all of the different teams." She nods about the paradigm, but she's not too terribly sure what that is.

"All Hallow's Eve should be a blast. I mean, I've already got my costume picked out at least. And it'll be nice to trick or treat someone besides… " A pause. ".. Well, my parents and whoever we're parked near that night." And then he flashes another smile, before tucking his chin in. And adjusting his glasses, like he's forgotten he's supposed to be a dork with boring clothes. "Yeah. Ares-" He begins, before being shushed by the teacher. Who is now fully paying attention again. Fred glances aside, then goes back to 'writing' on the paper. Which mostly consists of trying to draw himself atop a flaming car holding a scythe. Unfortunately, he apparently was never taught anything about composition, so it ends up being a stick figure holding a banana atop a wheeled box.

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