(2016-04-06) Spies Like Us
Spies Like Us
Summary: A small meeting of students in the commissary, paperclips and spies come into play
Date: (2016-04-06)
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Kerry enters the commissary herself, still in uniform. She isn't here for the sweets or snacks. She wanders over the class supplies aisle, brows knitted as she scans the shelves for her target. She pauses and reaches out to pick up a box of black and chromed bulldog type paper clips and studies the box. Turning it over in her hands one can almost see the gears churning inside her head.

A beat, and Violet looks between the shelves towards the other young woman. The candy aisle was the next aisle over, you see, and there were little slots between the shelves that one could kinda peer through - so Kerry could see Violet's eyes, and likewise, Violet had just kinda a narrow view of Kerry's own features. "Psst! Pssssssssssssst!" she hisses. "Are you /seriously/ here to buy paperclips?" she whispers, shooting a look to the bored attendent at the checkout desk.

There is a shadow that moves over the front windows. Just something to block some sun or light from the main part of the hub out there, and colorful. It stays there. What comes in is a small'ish kid, glasses and all. Wearing school blazer and tie himself. Instead of starting to browse, he goes for the counter, to the bored attendent. "Do you have a chess set?" Which may go in some schools, depending on size and such, but most likely not here. There is a returned negative shake of the head, then the smaller boy asks "Can I order one?" A form is turned over. Before he fills it out, he decides to look around. The attendant never says a word. He blinks curiously a moment, was there a psst in the ailes there, surely not. He looks dubious though, as if this was the library, which it most certainly is not.

Kerry didn't get the first hissing bit of contact. Lost in her attention on the box. She blinks though and looks around before finally peering curiously between the shelving at Violet. "Ummm…" She looks at the clips in her hands. "well. not these. they're not big enough. But those.." she grabs two boxes of the larger style clips and then for good measure a box of standard paper clips. "..and these? Yeah. I used up the last of the ones I had." She frowns in confusion, "…why?"

"Because it's weird. You're not going to eat those, right? Those paper clips?" asks Violet, kinda sticking a finger through the hole in the shelves and waggling it in Kerry's direction. "I mean, if you're a robot or whatever, it's cool, but, if you're not… the good stuff is over here," she says.

A beat then.

The young man's voice from the counter draws Violet's eyes that way. So when he looks towards the aisles with his weird look, he might see Violet looking back at him. She crosses her eyes at him.

He doesn't catch all the conversation, something about robots and using up the last ones. A brow lifting, curiousity growing on Harold's face. A startle double take at the cross eyes, then a nervous chuckle. Smile wide, but he covers it with a mouth. He does move forward to whisper, "You'll get me in trouble." As if simply stating he could lose his library priveldges by proxy. So he moves forward to the end of the aisle that the two talk across at least. From there, he leans in a little just the same to whisper, "Is this like a secret meeting?" Spy like, but really, what spy actually asks is it a secret.

Kerry blinks. "Weird? Paperclips are very useful. And /no/ I'm not going to eat them…" she frowns at Violet. "Those things will just give you cavities and a ton of empty carbs." She shrugs and turns. Pausing as Harold chimes in she looks a little incredulous. "Yeah… super secret spy stuff..she's the leader. Get her." She grins and moves to the register to make the purchase.

Violet pauses a moment, frowning a touch. "Hey, if you were, I was not gonna judge. This is a no-judging zone," she says. A beat, then, and she glances between Harold and Kerry at her betrayal of her spy behavior. Picking up one of the candy bars, if just to prove a point now, she had it in a grasp in the palm of her hand.

"I was trying to coordinate the agents in the field, dude," says Violet. "But one of them has gone rogue or some sh… … uh… stuff like that," she says.

Flipping the candy bar in the air, when Kerry sets the box of paperclips down, Violet slides the candy - it was one of those peanut butter nutty ones, on the counter beside her, and gives Kerry a dazzling grin.

A brow raises again on Harolds brow, told to get Violet, he raises a gun. A finger gun, she is a culprit allright, cross eyes and all. Then she corrects him, rogue agent. She nearly slips, both eyes widen a slight fraction. Okay, more than a fraction, its noticed, his curiousity. He follows Kerry then, nodding to Violet, as if she's the rogue agent that must be turned back. The kid doesn't mind a little pretend, even at his age. "Turn to the dark side, we can rule the universe." He puts his own spin in it. "Okay, you do have my curious, why all the paper clips?" He reaches for a school logo pen, to fill out the order form to get a chess set to the school store for him to buy.

Kerry eyes the candy bar and looks at Violet. "If I'm buying, I'm eating it." She hasn't met Violet and she's not just buying stuff for people because they try to be sneaky. She pays for the clips and the candy before commenting to Harold. "The bulldog clips are for my robotics work. They hold the wires out of the way really well. The regular ones.. are just for paperwork." She shrugs.

A sharp laugh from Violet at Harold's joke, and the young woman says, her tone of voice in a lazy cadence. "We have candy bars. But only if you're the nicest new friend ever," says Violet. She kinda steps up to the counter, and hops up unto it, nevermind that her back was to the attendant, who was kinda giving her a weird look - then looking to Kerry as if she knew Vi, with a curled brow and kinda a 'wtf' expression.

"You'd eat it? Empty calories and all? It'd go straight to your gams, you know," says Vi, with a roguish grin. "I'm Violet, by the by. I think I've seen you guys around, but never quite said hi, right?" A beat. "Robotics work? You… can build robots?"

Kerry shrugs a little. "If I'm buying it why not?" She smiles playfully. "Hi Violet. I'm Kerry." She nods, "I've probably seen you around but I'm usually busy in class or with projects." She shrugs a bit as she pays. Then with a sigh, tosses the candybar at Violet. "You own me."

Listening to the other two as he fills out his form, Harold considers all that they are saying. "I only like kit-katt's." Just for the record, even while that is mostly between those two, who is buying, who is letting it go to the gams. He doesn't think it would, not just one at least. A ponderance, and he looks up, "That sounds cool, I don't know enough about robots." The clips are cool, holding the wires up. "Do you think you could make a robot to do a foot race? I think my friend needs to go a little faster and needs a challenge that isn't like." His eyes bulge, he makes a zipping noise and uses his hand, the one holding the pen, to demonstrate how fast. Then the cap goes flying off it, he has to go and retrieve. "I'm Harold," he throws in as he goes to get it.

Violet, as a side effect of her hyper-metabolism, tended to be hungry more than not, so… "Empty calories, best calories!" says Violet, her grin growing so wide it shows off her teeth. Catching the candybar in midair, she folds one leg over the other, apparently making herself comfortable on the counter. She was wearing slacks, but habit was habit. "Harold, Kerry - nice to meet you both. And hey, thanks for the candybar, for serious," says Violet, already peeling the thing.

"Want some?" she offers graciously to Kerry, breaking off the end and kinda waggling that in her direction.

"So," she says. "What are you guys in for?" she asks, glancing over her shoulder towards the attendent. "You can answer too," she says. The attendant chose not to.

Kerry shakes her head, "no. I dont' really like peanut butter." She looks at Harold, "I.. probably could but I don't think it'd be ready anytime soon? I mean they could probably race Harper but I don't know that that would work very well." She shrugs, mind wandering to possible racing robots.

"I'm in for trouble at school," returns Harold, both answer and with the pen cap. He caps the pen to put it back in the container one would buy them from. "Well, not trouble," even though he got what she was talking about, he pushes his glasses up on his face a moment. "I'd come by choice. This place is pretty awesome so far. If I do well in math, I can take a college course in it before I graduate." Cause who doesn't think that's cool. Agrin to Kerry, "He's not a robot, but he's fast. I can't run to make it something competitive for him is all. Harper, this is your robot?" Beat, eyes to the formerly cross eyed Violet, "What are you doing time for?"

"You don't really like peanut butter?" says Violet, with all the gravitas of someone telling her they don't like like… air or something. Clicking her tongue against the roof of her mouth, she offers the chunk of candy bar to Harold instead. The main part of the bar? She takes a bite out of that. "Yeah. You guys must be super math and science smart, right?" she asks.

A beat.

And Harold asks the question of Violet, and she rolls her shoulder with a shrug. "It was better than prison," she says, casting a wink at him.

Kerry shrugs, "I blew up my bedroom. Twice. Child services was going to put me in a foster home. But the school stepped in. Now I get to try to blow up my dorm room!" She grins some. "Math and science? Ehn…. I do okay" she downplays. "I haven't got powers like most of the kids here. I just make things." She nods to Harold. "Yeah. but if your friend is super powered fast? Maybe a jet would be a better choice" she suggests.

"I don't like peanut butter either," states Harold for the record at hand, "But peanut butter and chocolate." He'll take the candy, not PB&J sandwiches. If a choice was there. He hands the form over, the attendant drops it in some basket, a real staff members job, due diligence done, they return to boredom. "And you've been in prison before …." For the comparison to be made, but he catches the wink and grins, then giggles, yes more a giggle. A slight shake of his head to Kerry. "Sort of, just faster, not super powered I guess. Like, cheetah fast, can Harold go that fast?" Simply to say a jet would win any time, no challenge for the jet.

Violet chews on her lower lip a bit - she does give up the hunk of candy bar - but she unfolds her legs and kinda hops down from the counter. "You guys wanna walk around a bit as we talk?" she asks, kinda lifting her chin up towards the door, taking another bite of her candy bar.

"I think you're doing 'I make robots' okay," says Violet to Kerry. "Unless robots are randomly not science and math things," she says, wryness in her tone.

A beat, though, and she glances back towards Harold. He seemed to take the prison thing as a joke, and she was okay with that, just kinda grinning along.

Kerry grins, "I need to get back to my room. I was working on something and ran out of clips to hold things!" She waves and starts to scamper toward the door. One track mind it seems. "Nice to meet out and that you didn't go to prison!" She grins at them both.

"Sure," agrees Harold readily enough, turns to go. Then turns back to the counter, "One Kit-Katt." Which he puts dollars on the counter for real quick. That in hand, he turns. "Nice to meet you too, don't blow it up, I don't want my room flooded." Though the school probably have a way to stop that from happening. Moving there, he'll get the door open like a little gentleman and all, raised right by his mother. Kerry may have ran off too quick, but outside the door is the big colorful beast whom Harold was talking about, Eryaog. "The prison thing was real?" After Kerry said that she was glad for that. He's not sure so much now. "Can Eryaog walk with us?" The thing does look at them both, "Hello, can we pet this one?" Something about him wanting to pet, probably cause some students forget manners and pet him just the same, he may think its an earth ritual of some kind.

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