(2016-04-06) Metal Health Will Drive You Mad
Metal Health Will Drive You Mad
Summary: Just a normal day in the lives of two of Coral Springs' most metal ladies.
Date: 2016-04-06
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Gym class. Violet's absolute favorite.

And I know you can't read sarcasm in text, but trust me, it's there. Violet loved nothing more than to sit around and try to lift things, and hop over things, and worse yet, worse /yet/ - they were giving her hard things to lift. There were a number of 'tiers' of weights, and people with super strength had to take the really, really heavy ones.

And then climb a rope, bolted to the ceiling. "I can barely move in this crap," grouses Violet, in one of her rare bad moods, weights that read 'one ton', wrapped around each ankle. She was… kinda waddling, waiting her turn in the line to climb.

Other than the incident last week where she leared that even for her it was a good idea to go /around/ the lasers on the flyer's obstacle course, Tabitha actually does enjoy gym class. She's always been a bit tomboyish, so getting to spend school hours playing around is just a bonus to her. Almost like getting out of school early since it's her last class of the day.

Today she's not so certain, though. Not because she's back with the super strength types now that her aura was reactivated. Because she was being forced to keep her feet on the ground. 'NO FLYING, NO TELEPORTING, NO SHENANIGANS' was posted on a sign near the ropes. So she's in line with Violet with ton weights attached to herself. She nods her agreement to the Prometheus junior's words. "They could at least give us some kind of harness instead of just tying them to our feet like we're about to feed the fishes gangland style." She eyes the ropes with a wary eye. "Will those things even hold us with this much weight?"

Violet kinda glances up ahead at the ropes at the other girl's observation, the young woman still wearing her rather dramatic 'raccoon eyes' makeup she found so appealing. There was actually nothing in the school uniform code that she saw, that spoke to makeup, so… until someone bothered her about it.

Chewing on her lower lip, she lifts her chin a bit.

"Maybe it's like… space rope or something," she says. "And that one kid got a harness," she says, gesturing towards someone in a lower weight division, "So - maybe they just don't have them in f'… …" Violet closes her eyes, taking a deep breath. "In really heavy," she says, letting her eyes open again.

"But don't say stuff like that. Feeding the fishes does sound good right now," she says with a bit of slyness breaking her annoyed expression. "…I used to dodge gym class forever, but… yeah. Can't do that here."

Tabitha looks doubtful at the idea of space rope. Hell, she had enough trouble with the idea of magic measles and she had the damn thing. "Kinda wish I was with the lightweights then," is her response to others getting harnesses for their measly half-ton or so. "These things are as big as me, for fu…" She also catches herself from the automatic reflex to curse too hard where a teacher might hear. When the line moves forward she waddles along, having to use her arms and extentions of her aura to shift the weights without dragging them on the floor.

She chuckles at the response to her feeding the fishes comment. "I'd much rather the fishes feed me, thankyaverrehmuch. I'm Tabitha, by the way. Don't think we've had the whole formal introduction BS yet. I love your makeup. And I've made plots and plans on how I could steal your boots, even if I'd have to stuff a week's worth of newspaper inside to wear them."

Cursing was something Violet was working on - to just… you know, be better. But the caught swear word puts a grin on her face, and she glances towards Tabitha with a little bit of an extra twinkle in her eye. "Maybe we could ask to get moved down. I don't get the point of us climbing something all heavy, when I don't even know how to climb without weights," she says.

The line shuffles forward, and Violet takes two heavy steps, kinda grimacing as she goes.

"Dammit," she murmurs under her breath. A moment, and she brushes a lock of her blonde hair over her shoulder. "Naw, probably not," says Vi. She kinda twists around as if her feet were anchored to the floor, and offers her hand to shake. "Thanks," says Violet, with a wide grin. "I love your hair, and your ~sparkle~. It's all nice," she says. As for the boots, she laughs. "Well, next time we can go into town, I can show you where I got 'em? It's that… oh… that speciality store in the mall. You know the one, cuz I forgot the name already," she says.

"Metal Health, like the song." Tabitha identifies the store as she shakes Violet's hand. "I've window shopped there before." She shrugs as the implication is that she can't afford their prices. She grins at the mention of her sparkle. After the handshake she raises her hand and shifts it about a bit, letting her aura (the source of her sparkle) to extend away from her skin and then settle back again. "I've gotten used to it. Actually missed it when I was sans powers most of the last week. Been thinking of ways to use it on stage if I get a chance to visit home and my band over the summer."

The line shifts forward again, so it's time for the weights waddle. But their turn is next, so maybe an end to this is coming. "Climing isn't that hard, really. It's all position and strength. Not sure how to explain it with words, but I can show you when we're up next."

"Yeah, yeah, that's right! Metal Health - amazing boots," states Violet. Violet wasn't exactly rolling in money either, but what the heart wants - the heart gets, right? Ahem-hem. /No/, she didn't steal it, shame on you for thinking so. "Your band?" says Violet. A pause then, kinda awkward - she was judging the merits of turning all the way back around, with those weights on her feet, or just kinda twisting at the hip like she was doing now. "You play music? AMG that is so crazy - what kinda music do you play?" she asks, interest dancing in her tone.

"And your band name better not be Tabby and the Sparklefairies," she says, waggling her finger at the other. Their turn was coming up, Violet was trying to chase away the little feeling of dread at her gut. "Yeah. We're up next - I… can't wait," she says, her tone of voice a bit grim.

Tabitha laughs out loud at 'Tabby and the Sparklefairies'. It takes her a minute to catch her breath. "Gods, no! Although, honestly the name we settled on isn't much better. Par 'T'. We couldn't think of something really punchy, so we went with that because we practiced in one of the sheds at the golf course and we all had 'T' first names." She starts trying to get her weights into the least uncomfortable position she can manage while the ones before them make their way up the ropes.

"We do rock, metal, a bit of classical sound. Some covers, but mostly original bits." She doesn't mention that they were /her/ original bits. An artist is always their own worst critic.

And then the ones ahead of them were coming back down the ropes. She nods to Violet and shrugs. "Looks like it's us, now. Watch what I do. Take it slow. The only good part of this insanity is that we're not being forced to /race/ up the ropes."

"I'm down with a good Par T - I like it," says Violet, her expression lightening with that joke. "No shit, though?" says Violet, missing the idea that the teachers were /right there/ - luckily, they didn't seem to recognize the swear over the hubbub in the area. "Are the rest of your band here? I'd totes groupie for it," she says with a laugh.

A grimace, though, as the dreaded rope climbing comes closer. Rolling her neck, and kinda popping the joints, she looks to the other. "Alright. I trust you on this," she says. Upon reaching the rope, it didn't really feel like your typical school grade rope. It was a little bit artificial feeling to the touch, probably one of those new-fangled polyweave things they use to tug aircraft carriers around or something like that.

Turning her eyes to watch the other, she nonetheless grabs the rope with a deathgrip, the rope compressing under her grasp. It was safer than it seemed - there were antigravs built into the weights, so they couldn't smush themselves - or other students.

Tabitha sets herself at the rope next to Violet's when their turn comes. "Alright, good grip on the rope, then put one leg forward and wrap once around the rope. Then bring your other foot forward so the rope is braced between your feet and you can clamp them down on it." She demonstrates each step slowly, her mind going back to a few years ago when she was the one getting taught this by Master Nathan. "Now, we can cheat a bit because we're rockin' bitches with guns of steel." Which is somewhat hilarious coming from someone small enough to fit inside a suitcase with room for boots. "But the idea is that you loosen your grip with your feet, then bend at the knees. Tighten your feet on the rope, then push up with your legs. Your arms are supposed to be there just for balance, but that's for those who can't bench a Buick."

She demonstrates as she talks, making the motions and starting up the rope a bit at a time. Then she pauses to watch Violet's progress. "And no, my band is all back home on Mt. Desert Island in Maine. It's not far, only about a hundred fifty miles up the coast. Never managed to get groupies, but we've never really done a show, either."

Violet's gangly appearance might be deceiving. She did have a bit of tight, feminine muscle to her arms, at least, and that was super-apparent when she kinda clamped down tighter on the rope. "You act like I'm not the first one you've kinda helped up a rope like this," she says. She does follow along with the motions of the other, clamping the rope between her stylish boots.

"Hell, I thought this was mostly meant to work the arms. I think that's my first mistake," she says, giving the maniac grin of someone pushing themselves over a mental edge. And so her tone of voice was probably more than a little distracted as she starts to clamber up the ropes proper.

"Yeah - that's what you need before you can get groupies - a show," she says. A beat. "Were you guys any good? Do you have any like… a soundcloud, or… YouTube videos, or…" she says, kinda… hopping her way up the rope. Even if she was being careful to more or less maintain the same height and cadence of the other.

Once Violet has found her pace, Tabitha increases her own speed as well. Her strength comes mainly from her aura reinforcing and supporting her body, so there's an amber outline around her arms and legs that grips the rope along with her limbs. "Heh. First time teaching. Back home, Master Nathan was the one that gave me the same schpele I'm giving you." She focuses on the climb for a bit, then nods about her band. "We've got some stuff on bandcamp. Demos and the like. I'll send you a link if you want."

A little smirk that dances across Violet's lips - her eyes flickering curiously to the other every so often. That golden aura was eyecatching, at the least. Up they go, and Violet's eyes furrow with concentration. "Seriously? I'd love that," she says. "Somethin' I always wish I took the time to do, was learn to play something," she says, starting to grunt with the tugs upwards now. Those weights were heaaaaavy.


"Master Nathan? Were you like… a superhero before this? Or lived with one?" she asks.

Tabitha snorts and shakes her head. "Oh hells no. I've been 'super' for precisely 23 days. Master Nathan is my sensei. And probably the biggest reason I kept with getting in bully's faces instead of becoming one, myself." For her, the climb actually gets slightly easier as it goes on. The weights keep wanting to sway and she sucks out the kinetic energy buildup as it happens. This makes her stronger a bit at a time. She glances over at the sound of Violet's grunts. "C'mon… almost there, then the biggest worry is rope burn on the way back down. Soon as we've got these things off our asses, I'll send you a link to our stuff."

Violet's own grip was solid - a couple of tons was not… something she lifted regularly, and it was heavy for her, but she had a solid, solid core. So there wasn't a ton of sway. "Yeah… not looking forward to that. Might be easier just to let go and fall, right?" she says with a snerk. "I'd be okay. Eventually," she states.

"And nice, a recent convert," she says. "And you have a sensei? Like… a ninja and shit?" she says. The top of the rope was getting closer, and one can see, this close up, just how thoroughly the thing was bolted to the ceiling. Definitely heavy duty, with the 'lightweights' rope a a little less secure, to one side.

"So are you like… lifting lifting them, or… errrg… just… doing some tricky force fields?"

"Well, he'd deny the ninja thing completely, but I think he's totally a ninja. I'm just a student. Long way to go before I can try vanishing in a puff of smoke." She puts a bit of held back energy into her climb and taps the top of the dome, then taps it a few more times to try and get the attention of a passing fish. Because looking /up/ at the ocean is more than a bit awesome, really.

As to the question of how her strength works, "Bit of both, really. My aura absorbs energy. It goes into me and makes me stronger, tougher, and other stuff. And I'm learning how to use it as an extra set of hands. Gonna try using it to learn how to play two instruments at once, because that would just be plain bitchin'."

At the tapping, Violet's eyes turn towards the dome itself, her eyes catching the same fish that was no doubt the focus of the attention. A grin dances along her lips. "You know, I was so focused on climbing, I didn't look and see the sights. It's beautiful," she says.

A beat longer, and she kinda lingers there a moment, turning her head to kinda glance at the ground… "Oh, that was a mistake," she says, the smile leaving her in a heartbeat.

"Two instruments - why not three? A one-girl rock band, right?" she says. "A rock and roll sparkleninja. I don't think it gets any more badass than that," she states.

Tabitha nods her agreement, "Yeah, it is. I've lived next to the ocean all my life. Never saw it from below until I came here." She shoots Violet a concerned look when the 'don't look down' rule slips the older girl's mind. "Heh. Yeah, bad idea to remind yourself where we are. Won't be a problem, though. You'll see." She chuckles at rock and roll sparkleninja. "Ha! I like the sound of that. But I'll start with two, well three counting the voice."

She looks down and does a 'get out of the way' gesture. "Clear the landing zone!" She looks over to Violet and gives her a quick wink. "We've played nice, now it's time for a fun finish. Let me go first, then I'll catch you. Swear it." Her voice and expression are playful and wild except for the 'swear it' part. There her gaze and words are firm and strong.

And then she just lets go of the rope.

She falls backwards with her arms spread wide and an almost peaceful look on her face. Her descent is slower than physics should normally allow. Not because she's flying down, but because she's absorbing the kinetic energy of her own fall but allowing gravity to keep pulling her down. As she falls she lets her aura billow outward from her body, giving her a small comet's tail appearance. When she reaches the floor she lands on her back as if she had just fallen into a soft bed.

Then she stands up with a shouted, "Yeah!" and looks up at Violet. "Okay, now you!" Her arms are held out in an 'I'll catch you' pose, reinforced by her aura surrounding her a few feet out from her skin in the same pose.

"I'm wearing like ten tons of weight, though, Tabitha - and it's gonna fall fast - only thing that's gonna catch me is the ground!" hisses Violet a bit. The landing zone was super-clear - given the amount of weight in the air, there was a little cordon around the bottom of the strong kid's ropes.

As Tabitha falls, she might feel a tug at her feet - as the antigravs likewise try to slow the descent. No doubt the slower-than-normal fall was confusing them, but they didn't have brains or anything like that. So… they just did what they did. The supervising teacher wasn't quite quick to do more than watch - a little smile dancing across his lips. "Kids," comes a murmur under his breath, and he checks something off on his clipboard.

Not that Violet was really watching all those little details. She was watching a shooting star. That little grin on her face? it only gains a bit of strength as she watches the fall of the other young woman.

A little slide downwards on the rope reminds her of the situation she was in. "Come on…" she hisses to herself. "Even if she misses, you'll be fine. You'll be fine. You got over a broken back, for goodness sake," she says. Another moment, a breath in, a breath out, and she concentrates on her fingers, and… releases her grip on the rope, starting to slip.

There was something animal about falling like this, as her boots skid against the ropes, and she wills them further apart.

And she starts to fall, the very same antigravs kicking in. She had to get rid of that feeling, that utter terror that comes instinctually from falling. She shouts, but it wasn't a scream of just terror - there was excitement in there as well.

For a moment, she was flying.

Only to feel the tug at her ankles with the antigrav, the teen curling up in spite of herself as she falls into a… waterbed. Peeking one eye open, she glances towards Tabby. "…that was intense," she says, with an underlying giddy voice.

Tabitha watches Violet start off fighting it, then gives an encouraging shout when she lets go and falls. She extend her aura out as far as it will go to make certain she doesn't miss, and when Violet is about to hit she puts all of her focus into /only/ absorbing the other girl's kinetic energy. She gives an enthusiastic thumbs up, "Hell yeah! Want to do it again?" She is given a firm 'no' headshake from the teacher, which she ducks her shoulders to acknowledge although she is completely without contrition. She offers Violet a hand up as her aura folds inward until it's once again meshed with her skin and now brighter than it was before. "So what'd you think?"

"I think…" says Violet, reaching down to hit the release on those weights. She breathes a sigh when they fall free, not quite /clunking/ down due to the tech, but definitely making a minor impact. "That you have some of the most epic powers here, sparkleninja," says Vi, face flushed, and the girl grinning brightly. Straightening up, she takes a firm hold of Tabitha's hand, rising to a stand then.

"I don't think they're gonna let us go again, though… we're free to go after we climb up, right?" she asks, leaning over to pick up both the weights, kinda tucking them under her arms. "You need me to carry yours too?" she asks. She… didn't think she could get all four at once, actually - but she would give it a go.

Tabitha grins, although there is also a bit of a blush on the unscarred side of her face at the compliment. "Yeah… they don't suck most of the time." She also kicks off the weights but shakes her head at the offer of Violet carrying them. "Nah. I'll just cheat again." She puts the weights up on their round edge and uses her aura to roll them like wheels over to the storage rack. There she'll just lift them into place the old fashioned way. She then starts to walk towards the locker room. It might be noted that even after the exertion of class she isn't sweating. She's a bit winded as to be expected, but no sweat. "Time to shower, then lay seige to the caffeteria like it was Omaha Beach."

Violet didn't get off so luckily. "…yeah, I shouldn't wear makeup to gym class, I just… don't really expect it to get this bad," she says. Like the other, she kinda shrugs the weights off onto the racks proper. "I think… my butt and shoulders are going to be sore for a week. I haven't lifted that much since… well…" Violet bites her lower lip a bit. "For a while," she says.

Violet wasn't like drenched or anything, but she was definitely sweating. "You mind company? I'm super-hungry as well, I think," says Violet. Tabitha probably didn't know yet, but part of the amazing side effect of Violet's metabolism was that she… ate. A lot.

"They've put me through all my paces so we could figure out what all I could do when I got here last week." Tabitha wastes no time in the locker room. She's stripped down in under a minute, her gym clothes tossed in a pile at the bottom of her locker. Her burn scars do go all the way down her left side and most of her back as well, except for a large perfect circle of pristine skin in the center of her back where there's a complicated tattoo-like marking composed of circuit-like filigree and five ancient greek symbols.

She gets into a shower and starts to sluice herself off. Not a full wash-up, just a bare basics dip. "Yeah, I'd love the company. I think together we can make the cooks regret their career choices." Tabitha is another student that packs away the food as if she were a dozen kids her size. She's not sure herself where it all ends up, since she's still the same stick waif she's always been.

Violet would be a little less efficient stripping down - mostly due to her boots. She should've worn her sneakers, for sure, but. She had a garbage bag in her locker that a lot of what she wore went straight into, for later laundry. Unlike the other, her skin was perfectly pristine - not a tattoo, not a piercing, not a scar or blemish to be found.

"I love that tattoo," she says. Of course the burns were noticed, but stuff like that - it came out on its own, you didn't point it out. "I used to have some too - a total tramp stamp right above my butt, and a butterfly on my chest," she says, tapping at a spot there.

She was scrubbing a bit more too. She hated sweating. Made her feel ucky. "Yeah. I think it's the super strength - I need a shitton of calories or something," she says. "One thing I love about this place," she says. "They don't complain when I eat a ton."

Tabitha doesn't really think of her burns at any given time. She's had them her entire remembered life and now they're nothing special. She was somewhat self conscious about them when she first arrived here, but that's gone away as she settled in. She chuckles at the compliment of her tattoo. "Thanks, but I don't have any tattoos." A brief pause for the obvious questions to be thought of and then, "No idea what it is or how I got it, but it's actually part of my body not just in the skin." She's quiet for a minute as her head is under water. This is not something her powers allow her to get around.

"Why'd you get rid of yours?" Is the first thing she asks when she's done with her hair. She shuts off her shower and goes to dry off at her locker. "Yeah, they seem to be pretty well stocked to feed we ravenous monsters. But then they've been at it for twenty years, so one would hope they'd have their game down by now."

"Huh, ok," says Violet. She had her hair pulled back and out of the way of the water with a quick scrunchie, avoiding getting it too wet. She wasn't going to pry, but when the explanation comes anyways, she lets a little grin dance at the edges of her lips. "Did you get it about the same time as your powers? Or were you kinda born with it?" A beat. "Are you a robot sparkleninja, Tabby?" she says, that question leaving her lips with a roguish tease.

"I didn't get rid of 'em. Not really. They healed. Along with all the piercings I saved my quarters up for," she says. "Have to wear clipon earrings - the holes will just close up," she says, clicking her tongue against the roof of her mouth. It was time to dry, and get the uniform back on again, of course.

"Love the mac and cheese here," she states. "Hope they have that again."

Tabitha grins and rolls her eyes at the return of that nickname. "I am not a robot sparkleninja, ya metal goof. And as far as I know I've always had it." She gives Violet a look of sympathy when she says what happened to her tats and piercings. "That's… a really shitty side effect." She's putting her uniform back on when Violet comes out of the shower. Well, most of it anyway. She doesn't bother with her shirt, just putting on her leggings, skirt, and sweater over her skivvies. The shirt gets tossed into her laundry bag along with the gym clothes. "I could eat the beef stew at every meal if they had it, but the mac and cheese is good, too."

"Hey, it's not all bad," says Vi. Skivvies on too, skirt, then blouse, and floofing her hair out - that trash bag with sweaty clothes stuffed into her gym clothes. "I used to get ugly little outbreaks of acne - that's gone too," she says, giving Tabitha a grin sideways. "Mmmn, the beef stew," says Violet. "I love that too, but just a little too healthy for my tastes," she says, wryness in her grins.

"Where are you from, anyways? I think you told me on the rope, but it was kinda hard to hear over my pounding heart."

Tabitha is fond of using her powers to cheat: In this case letting her aura extend outwards and then floating a few inches over the floor. The effect of weightlessness causes her hair to float around her head, making it easier for her to get it tamed down into place. The bag of dirty clothes is left in her locker to be picked up after supper. "Yeah, got friends back home that would kill for a quick skin clearing like that." She chuckles as Violet calls beef stew 'healthy'. "If you want healthy, eat a salad. I'll stick with my cream chowders and thick gravies."

"Home is an orphanage up on Mt. Desert Island in Maine. Been there basically for always. At least I don't remember anything before. Good place, really." She slips on her shoes and leans against the wall while Violet finishes getting ready.

So Violet kinda watches at the floaty hair trick - if nothing else, it was really, really interesting to see. She had kinda wet ends, that she had to deal with a bit. There was a flush of her cheeks as she was teased a bit about healthy food, but the young woman rolls her eyes, letting a grin touch her lips. "No thanks, I'll pass on the salad. I guess… unless it starts getting hard to watch my weight or something. I have a feeling if my powers ever turn off, I'll just balloon, it'll be terrible," she says.

Inclining her head at the idea of an orphanage, Violet kinda gets a little grin. "Nice - I basically had to take care of myself, too," says Violet. "Knew you kinda had an idea of how things really worked in the world. That Sensei guy - does he work for the orphanage, or is that kinda an after school thing?" she asks.

Tabby would have to wait for Violet. Those boots slowed everything down. Too many buckles.

Tabitha isn't in any hurry. Sure she's hungry, but that's pretty much a constant thing these days. "Here's to the blessings, then." This is to the comment about the consequences of power loss on the figure. As to Master Nathan, she shrugs one shoulder. "Bit of both. He works in the system, but his family has like massive shiploads of cash. He's good people, though. Does a days's work, y'know? Not a snob. Pretty sure he's why we always had enough for the essentials at the big house." She grins and chuckles, "Never let us lean on it, though. If we wanted extra stuff we had to do the work for it."

Violet couldn't help but laugh. "Yeah, I get that. If I wanted something, I had to work for it too," says Vi. In a far more… direct fashion, generally. Finishing her uniform with a jacket from her locker, she zips the thing half-up, giving Tabitha a wry grin.

Her boots kinda clacked against the tile - even if she nearly slips on a wet spot.

"Did you like living there? At the orphanage, I mean?" she asks, canting her head to the side.

"Careful, there! I've spent enough time in med bay. Don't go making me have to haul you down there with a cracked head!" Tabitha says this in a not quite serious tone, mainly to keep herself from grinning at the slip. Because slapstick and pratfalls are funny, not because she wants to see Violet measuring her length out on the floor. She nods at the question about the orphanage.

"Yeah, it didn't suck. There were rules and such, and some of them did suck, but the kids mostly kept an eye on each other. And we had our own rules that we followed a lot better than we did the adult's. It's like the adults were there, but we didn't really consider them a part of the day to day stuff. Am I making any sense?" She starts out in the general direction of the stairwell leading up to the cafeteria. She'd go to the elevator, but that way requires some time spent outside and there's absolutely no way in hell that Tabitha is going to subject herself to the sub-freezing shitfest that is today's weather.

Vioelt took it like that. She laughed, at least. "Yeah, I wouldn't want to do that to you, either. I'd bleed all over your uniform, and no one wants that," she says. "You'd get like three demerits or somethin'," she says, affecting a lazier, more comfortable sort of tone to her voice. "So this place must be a little like home, then," she says. "Rules, regulations, all of that - all combining to make you happier, healthier citizens, right?" she says, with a grin. "Except there at your place, you had a little more… leeway?"

Violet didn't mind more severe weather, but… stairs were good too. More active as well, if a little harder to traverse in boots.

Tabitha gets a thoughtful look at the question, then nods slightly. "Yeah, it's a little bit like home. A lot harder to find some alone time, though. Back at the big house you could take off if you needed to get away from people. Only thing the staff asked was that we didn't stay out overnight without checking in first or leave Bar Harbor without permission. Here, though…"

She shrugs and opens the door into the cafeteria after the climb. "Well, you know how much of a pain it can be to make curfew if you want to head to the mainland. And the mainland is the only place to go that isn't the school." She heads over towards the chow line. Since they came up right after gym they're two of the first ones in. "What about you? How'd you get your worldly ways?"

That was part of the question, generally, wasn't it? Where were you from - what did you do before this? Violet certainly asked it of others more often than not. A flicker of her eyes towards Tabitha, and she gives a little lopsided grin. "Eh," she says. "Kinda grew up wild and free, in the bad part of town in some little shithole in the woods in Washington State," she says, picking up a tray nearish the beginning of the line. Some of the others had gotten here faster, but… some people were speedsters.

And that wasn't Violet.

"I could do what I wanted, but… the downside is that I could do whatever I wanted. So I skipped school a lot, and got into a lot of trouble, you know?" she says, flipping her hair over her shoulder. "Here - I can't imagine they could be too controlling if they tried. How many… invisible wizard kids or flying people do they have here, after all?"

"True. But the staff aren't exactly baseline humans themselves, after all." Tabitha slides into the chow line behind Violet, snagging two trays because she knows she'll need the space. She listens to Violet's short form background, nodding at the key points and smirking at the part about getting into trouble. "Yeah, I could see that. You seem like the kind of girl who finds her own fun." She loads up on meat and potatoes options for one tray, and sweets on the other. Entres and dessert. Side dishes need not apply. "I could never really get into the hang of looking for trouble. Always seemed to find myself either sitting on a rock by the ocean or doing something with music most of the time." Emphasis on 'most'.

"You spent a lot of your time up here," says Violet, bringing up a hand to tap against the side of her head. Vegetables were on the order of the day for Vi - potatoes of all kinds, a little bit of meat, but brocolli, carrots, and a side of fruit. "There's nothin' wrong with that. Hell - it was probably better," she says with a bit of a grin.

"Because lookin' for fun leads all kinds of places, right?" she says. "Did you go to high school, like… before this?" she says.

A shrug though, at the staff not being baseline humans. "Only some of them, and a loooot of us. I think I like my chances there," she says, with a wryness.

Tabitha nods at the question about high school before here. "Yep. Mt. Desert Island High, go Trojans. It was alright. Only real difference from elementary school was having kids from the other island towns in my class. How 'bout you?" She nods her agreement about looking for fun, and the part about spending time in her own head. "Of course I'm in my head a lot. That's where the music is. And roaming around looking for fun does lead justa bout everywhere. Including trouble, of course. But that's half the fun and entirely the point." She heads over to a table along the western wall. Better to be in the sunlight. "Eh. I figure I'll wait until summer to start figuring out all the best ways to find fun here. Let 'em get the wrong idea, then pounce."

Vi was a Washington kid. She could go without sunlight for /months/. Wait. No - she still appreciated it, and she takes a spot there. Even if she keeps her foot mostly in the shade cast by the edges of the the window proper. "I went to… well, it was Bellevue, I think was the high school I was supposed to go to. I went to like… two classes, and then just bailed. My mom said whatever to keep me out of school, and stop the government from bothering her, I have no idea," she says.

"I'd sometimes go to hang out with kids after class or in the middle, but I didn't see the point of it," she says, with a wryness. "So…"

A beat.

"I have a lot of catchup to play, right?" she says. Another beat. "Nice - when you start getting into trouble, count me in okay?" she says with a grin.

Tabitha listens to Violet's take on her upbringing, then smirks around a bite of shepard's pie, "Oh, so you're a professional delinquent. I'll have to come to you for tips." She gives Vi a quick wink before focusing on her meal for a handful of hearty bites. "I think you'll do fine. And the same goes for you on the trouble front. Don't leave me hangin' if you spot something good, yeah?" She puts a bit of focus into eating again, putting serious inroads on her first course.

"The most professional," says Violet. A beat, and she kinda leans forward a bit. "Kinda a thief, and a… uh… well, other things, too, but… a lot of that came out of desperation," she says. "Or boredom," she adds, kinda running her tongue over her lips. "I had to tell a judge that I wouldn't do most of that stuff anymore - and here I am," she says. "I'm so done with trouble, right?" she says, with a wryness in her voice - and a sparkle to her eye that might suggest otherwise.

"How are you doing with the classes, by the by?"

Tabitha leans forward to meet Vi halfway for lowered voices, then seems to freeze briefly with raised eyebrows. "Ah, well…" She comes back to herself before long, though and nods thougtfully. "Well, as long as you were telling the judge the truth about the big stuff. But no one can expect you to swear off all trouble. I think we've well established how it makes life more fun." She gives Vi a quick wink and a firm nod, settling the matter in her own mind.

Then she shrugs when asked about classes. "I'm doing alright. Doubt I'll ever be on the dean's list but they'll probably promote me for next year."

A beat though, as Tabitha makes that statement. Violet's grin only gets bigger and bigger. "And if I wasn't - are you gonna be the one to bring me in, Ninja McSparklepants?" says Violet with a laugh, straightening up a bit, and kinda picking up a bit of fried potato to chew on the edge of.

A beat though, and she leaves it there, dangling like a limp cigarette.

"I kinda like it, actually," she says. "All the studying, I mean. I'm feeling smarter by the day," she says.

Tabitha raises an eyebrow at Vi, "Well, if you start to slide I may just have to put you over my knee." Yeah there are some things that Tabitha feels pretty strongly about. But she's not so much of an Athenian tight-ass that she can't stay on the light side of things. Violet's a new friend. She gets benefit of the doubt by default. She also gives Violet a dagger stare and a stuck out tongue at the nickname. "I will pay you in real cash money if you bury that nickname and salt the earth so it can't be resurrected."

She nods about the school work. "Master Nathan says that no learning is ever wasted, and I believe him. I've got no plans to find a dog to feed my homework to, but I don't plan on doing more than the needed credit courses outside of music. Those I'm gonna knock out of the park so I can plant my ass at Berklee in Boston. That's /the/ school for a real world music degree."

Violet lifts her hands - laughing lightly at that joke. "Well, careful. I'm tougher than I look, too," she says, folding one leg over the other as she gets a sprig of broccoli, mashing it in something goopy before taking a bite of that. "And alright, alright. I promise to only bring out the sparkle ninja thing when it's /really/ necessary," she says. "As I'm a little low on salt," she adds.

A beat.

"Do you need a degree in music to… play? I mean, it sounds like you're already crazy good at music."

At the comment on the nickname, Tabitha very calmly slides over the salt shaker towards Vi. "Here. You can use this." She gives Violet a sidelong glance to catch her reaction, then wrinkles her nose impishly. Then she gets really animated on the subject of Berklee, "It's not just playing, it's every aspect of being a professional musician. They have classes in being a road manager, how to organize tours, stage design, video production, the works! They're not just a liberal arts school with a basic fine arts degree, they're the whole package and know how things are in the real world of music." Yeah, this is one of those things she gets stoked about.

Vi kinda glances down at the salt shaker with a grin. Picking it up, she kinda looks towards Tabitha with canted head, and a 'really?' expression, letting her own grin slide across her lips. As she talks about Berklee, though, she kinda taps the salt shaker against the table, before leaning over and giving the Shepherd's Pie that Tabby had a double dash of salt.

"It's cool seeing you get all stoked about that," she says. "It's music as a business, not just as… fun."

Tabitha hates not the salt in her pie, although she does give it a stir 'round before taking another bite. "Mmmmm, salty goodness. Good for the voice." She then nods about Berklee, "Exactly. And my music is how I fully intend on making my living. Being a well educated superhero is unlikely to pay the bills, after all. But this way, should things not go as well as I hope making records and touring and such, I'll know how to do things like compose scores for video games or movies. I won't have to lean on luck and the fickle affections of fans." Yeah, she's all about the songwriting and putting together a band that will be remembered as a legend of metal. But she's grounded enough to know that's a long shot.

"You're the one that said salt and… okay. I just wanted an excuse to salt up your food," says Violet, a little bit more wryness in her voice. "Hey, I'd be your fan. I'm so still gonna hit up your soundcloud when I get back to my room," she says. "Assuming my roommate doesn't mind the music," she says with a roll of her eyes, "She's one of those studious types - I think they put me with her to make a good impression on me - or maybe they thought I'd be a bad example for /her/, I don't know."

"It's never too late to be a bad influence. And I like salt. And grease, sugar, spices, syrup… maybe not all together, though." Tabitha wrinkles her nose as her stomach does a flop thinking about how greesy syrup would taste. She smiles at Violet's remark about hitting up her band's bandcamp site later. "Who's your roommate, anyway? I don't have one yet. It's so tempting to just take over the whole room."

"Julie," says Vi, kinda crinkling her nose. "I don't mind her, she's great, but… man, she is so not my kinda person. I wonder if they'd let me do a transfer. Would you be lookin' for a roommate? I mean, you're taking your chances, and you already know I'm cool people," says Violet at that.

That whole food mashup has her kinda crinkling her nose and curling her lip though.

"What's your favorite? Ice cream? You kinda seem like a cheesecakey sort of girl, though."

Tabitha listens to Vi's grumbles about her roommate. "I haven't met her, but she sounds like a really fun person." The sarcasm is strong with this one. "Heh. I don't think the school has a cross-team dorm exchange program just yet." When the topic of favorite dessert comes up, her answer is quick and firm. "That's easy. Love me some pandowdy." She gives the poor ignorant northwesterner a moment for the expected 'what the fuck face' then takes pity. "It's a kind of deep dish fruit pie, but with no crust on the bottom and the crust on top is kind of mashed in while it's still a bit uncooked. So tasty, especially with ice cream. What about you? What sweets make you drool?"

"Yeah. Forgot about that Harry Potter shit," says Violet with a sigh, bringing up a hand to kinda massage her temples. She did give her that 'what the fuck' face she was so hoping for, a little snerk leaving her. "You just like that because you like the fact that no one knows what that shit is, huh," she says. "Ice cream," she says, though. "Vanilla, with some kinda chocolate crunchies. That's all I need to be happy."

Tabitha shakes her head a bit, "Everyone keeps talking about Harry Potter. Still have no idea what they're talking about, though." She maintains a completely innocent expression when accused of dessert baiting, adding in a bit of haughty when she says, "It's not my fault that all idea of culture dies off west of the colonies." She doesn't take any shots at Violet's favorite dessert. Because you really can't go wrong with well dressed vanilla ice cream. She says only, "You are a woman of simple tastes, my friend."

Violet pauses a moment, trying to keep the wryness from spreading too widely across her lips. "So yeah. You're not into that series? It's a good series - I was into it as a kid, so it has all those nostalgic feels," she says at that. A beat, though. "Maybe," says Violet. "I do like you, so you might be right," she says, leaning forward, folding elbows on the table, and giving Tabby a mischievous grin.

And lo, they go off to their dorms soon thereafter, to rest and chilleth, according to each their own custom.

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