(2016-04-06) Inversely
Summary: Alternate realities, Time Travel, Who is Dating who. it all happens here. Oh! And a bear selfie!
Date: 2016.04.06
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At one time this served as the crow's nest and lighthouse of the fort. About the size of a small land based lighthouse, the bottom floor has been converted to a modern glass structure that serves as the seating of the cafeteria of the school. There are a dozen tables, enough to seat the entire student body of the school. Each table has four or five aluminum chairs around it, each with a view out of one of the glass walls. The stairwell up to the light and crow's nest is in the main room but is marked as off limits to the student body.

School had ended for the day, a confusing day with Delilah no nearer answers than when she had arrived. At the moment, all that didn't matter, it was dinner time and she was finding that she rather enjoyed the food in this land. Seated, she has a wide variety of food around her, the tray loaded down with some of everything, and she was elbow deep in trying it all.

A good day, at least that is how it seems to be for Vinny. But then again, he likes schoolwork. Stepping into the cantina, he moves to get himself some food, humming a bit on some kind of melody as he does.

What was that pleasing sound? It was enough to draw Delilah's attention from the food long enough to look around. Spotting the source, she gives a short wave. "Come sing to me." It never occurs to her that he wouldn't do as she asks as she motions to the chair across from her.

Vinny pauses as he hears Delilah's words. "Who? Me?" A brief pause as he continues to load up some food. Looking a little unsure now.

"Oh yes, you were just making music, will you come and sing to me? Or make more of the music?" Delilah gives him a warm smile. "It sounds like something I have heard before, but from a harp. If you would come and sing, I would like that."

Vinny pauses once more. "I'll get some food first," he replies, with a smile, finishing loading up his tray. Turning to head over towards Delilah's table, he offers her another smile. "I'm Vinny," he offers, introducing himself.

Delilah would never begrudge anyone their food and as he approaches, she looks up from a bite of her own. "I'm Delilah." And the natural question following, "Where are you from? There are people from so many places here."

Placing his food on the table, and seating himself, Vinny grins, "A pleasure to meet you, Delilah. I'm from Costa Rica." A brief pause, before he gets ready to eat some of that food. "How about you? Where are you from?"

The two are seated at a table, and it's dinnertime.

Lunch and dinner always seem to be tbe busiest for the Cafeteria — at least with Dinner though, the students are less stressed as they go into the evening's socializing and homework. Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but dinner seems to be the most fun. Rushing in from whatever activity or class he was coming from, Oliver skids over to to grab his food.

Once his vegan dinner is obtained, he then glances around the Cafeteria to see where he should sit…

School had ended for the day, a confusing day with Delilah no nearer answers than when she had arrived. At the moment, all that didn't matter, it was dinner time and she was finding that she rather enjoyed the food in this land. Seated, she has a wide variety of food around her, the tray loaded down with some of everything, and she was elbow deep in trying it all.

Vinny has just arrived at the table, Lila had been drawn to his humming and invited her over. However, the simple question she had asked him is returned and there's no simple answer for her to give in response. "I don't know. From the sky." It's all she can offer.

Not all that far behind Oliver in line, but not in so much of a rush, Felicia comes up beside the teen boy, glancing at him and then looking at the small expanse that makes up the cafeteria "And here we see the young lion…" she starts to say like the narrator of some nature documentary, "studying the wild Savannah and it's herds of zebras and antelopes…" she doesn't get much further than that before she breaks into a bit of laughter, followed by a wink at the teen. "Was your day a roller coaster of excitement like mine was?" her's wasn't of course, this is school, not an amusement park "Where you sitting?"

Oliver grins at Felicia's narration and he turns to look over his shoulder at her, "You make it sound like I'm preying on all of them!" he's kidding too. "Oh, it was a blast, let me tell you. So. Much. Fun." Blue-green eyes glance around and notice Delilah and Vinny, "New Kid at nine o'clock." Possibly two of them. "Think we should be friendly and go over there?"

Delilah had given her response, but her food was calling her and she takes a few more bites of the bounty, not really particular about the order in which she tries things. When she finds something she particularly likes, she eats a few more bites of it. She does look around though, these people were interesting in their interactions, and she catches sight of those in the line and offers a friendly smile.

"Aren't you Oliver? Aren't you?" Felicia teases him right back "So much fun I nearly exploded!" if only that were the case. Looking at the two Oliver indicated she gives a nod "I've seen him around. He's in Ares. I think his name is Victor?" she ponders a moment then shakes her head "No..Vaughn…or is it Vincent?" a shrug is given "It's one of those V-names…we'll figure it out." she seems agreeable to joing Vinny and Delilah and heads over in that direction, offering a friendly smile when Delilah looks thier way.

Vinny pauses as he hears Delilah's answer, "From the sky? That sounds like an interesting story," he replies, offering her a smile now.

"Well, maybe just a little," Oliver admits. As Delilah smiles their way, he shrugs and follows Felicia over to the table, "Oh, one of those V-names, huh? Like there are so many?" Says one with an 'O' name to one with an 'F' name.

He steps up to the table and sets his tray down, offering with a smile, "Hope you don't mind if we join you. I'm Oliver and this if Felicia," he nods to the other. There's no real asking of permission.

With the smiles returned, Delilah looks back at Vinny with his response and looks a little bemused herself. "I don't know if it's interesting," she shrugs just a touch, "But it happened and I have no idea how to get back." The quad of people are seated at a table, the school day is over, so it's dinner time and Lila has tons of food she is working her way through, sampling everything. As Oliver and Felicia get there, she looks up, "I am Delilah and this is Vinny."

There is another chuckle given to the response she gets from Oliver and then she is being introduced to the pair at the table "Hey there. How's things?" Felicia as the takes a seat at the table as she sets her tray down. She's no longer in the school uniform so her house affiliation isn't obvious "Did you pick a house yet?" she's all sorts of curious about that one. Her gaze then goes to Vinny as she pulls a can of Monster from her pocket, which with a metallic ding expands to full size. "Aren't you related to Anna?" she asks him.

Oliver also takes a seat then, "Nice to meet you both." He looks sharply from Felicia to Vinny, "Annaliesa? Are you a mermaid then too? Well, a mer…man? Is that the term? Wait…or is it a Triton? No, those have different fins…" maybe, just maybe he's been reading up on mythological creatures. Call it an Independent Study/Experiment.

Glancing over at Felicia's drink of choice, he can't help but grin, "Now I know why you have all that energy! I think I'd be bouncing off the walls if I had that stuff!" He just has water. Plain, simple water…to go with his vegan dinner.

"Huh. From the sky, not knowing how to get back? Well, it's nice to meet you, no matter what," Vinny offers to Delilah, with a grin, before he looks to Oliver as well, "Of course we don't mind," he offers. A smile is given to Felicia, "She's my sister," he replies, before he looks over at Oliver again. "No, my abilities are… different," he replies, after a few moments of pause.

Coming up the stairs is Derek, with … wait a second, what's that in his hand, is that a text book. Did he bring something from a class outside of the class, to do something with it other than hold up more books in his locker? The shock of it. Okay, maybe no one else really notices, and he doesn't care either way. But he has a book in hand. Some sophomore comes up to him, something about a math assignment. "I only got a C." The kid is saying to the junior. Derek blinks startled and looks at the kid, "Ya, you passed." A blank stare at him, open ended, you passed, what more do you want implied in the dead stare. The kid returns, "Put I traded for the answers cause I want an A." A sigh from Derek, a roll of his eyes, "Not my concern, you passed." He walks away, the kid says more but is ignored, so the kid moves along to eat food.
Ahh, familiar faces, that group there, Derek approaches them all, "Sup?" Anyone can answer, he does turn a grin to Delilah, hanging from the light chuckle he had when the kid gave up on the cheating thing they were discussing. "Fitting in, or need a tour?" Open ended, he turns a grin to Felicie at her choice of drink as well, "They say that will stunt your growth." Not cause he thinks she's short persay, but, all things considered.

"I don't have a team yet." Delilah tells Felicia, in case the question was for her, she assumed it was because the question had been asked of her before. Then there is the mention of mermaids and she laughs, "I have read about those in story books, heard about them in tales." She gives Vinny a smile, "Nice meeting you also," but the look encompasses all of them. "Nice to meet all of you." Then there is a Derek, she misses the first interplay and only catches his approach. A smile is given, "I could need a tour, if you wanted?"

Felicia looks to from Vinny to Oliver and gives her usual "Huh." in response to learning that the pair don't have similar powers "Well there goes that idea." she says to Oliver, if there was an idea, she's not a mind reader or anything. Another can is produced from her pocket in the same fashion "You drink. I'll get a tennis racket." she's full of jests, as always.

"Well we could always use more people in Ares." Felicia grins to Delilah "Just sayin'." and the wink. Boy she winks a lot. "Don't pick on unless you are sure. Don't think you can change your mind and you don't want to get stuck with a bunch of people you don't get along with. Ya know.

Felicia isn't short at all. She just can make herself that way. There is a difference! "Heya Derek." she eyes the book "Some loose that and you are finding its owner?" because it can't possibly be his.

Is dinner time, after classes and students have gathered for eating and more importantly socializing. Vinny, Delilah, Oliver, Derek and Felicia are at a table, pretty much doing just that.

Oliver gives a snap as Felicia does basically read his mind with that. "Drats. Maybe she'll shift for me one day so I can try it…" he keeps hoping. And then Derek shows up! "Hey! Can you ask Anna to let me know when she becomes a mermaid so I can see? I want to see if I can do it too!" Back to Vinny, "Weird that the powers wouldn't be the same. Maybe not all are hereditary?"

Felicia gets an eyebrow lift when she plunks the can of caffeine in front of him, "No thanks. I want to be able to sleep tonight." It's pushed back over before he grins at Delilah, "Metis is pretty cool too. Just saying. And yeah, find a place where you feel you'll fit in and learn something and succeed. I don't know if there's any sort of rush."

"Those powers go to the women. There's a reason why they are called mer*maids*," Vinny points out with a grin, before he glances between the others, and over at the approaching Derek. "What? Actually reading something?" he remarks, with a grin, before he looks around once more, then finishes off the rest of his food, attacking it like an animal would, more or less.

"Of course I want," returns Derek to Delilah, a lot unsaid there. The grin is encouraging, not insidious. "Later when we have time. Good to see you, here." Just a hint of a pause to toss in the location of here. There is a pause as the others call him out, then he looks down at the book. Caught, and proverbial jaw drop, then a grin. "Yeah, okay, its mine. I didn't want to waste time putting it in a locker, so its here. I may actually read. I think there is something due in it tomorrow." He shrugs though, chuckling. "Rumor is, it has pictures, so that helps."

"Ares," Delilah echoes Felicia, "Like the God." She knows of those. "Bruce is Prometheus. I'm not sure what Grayson and I don't know what Derek is." Those are the extent of the people she knows, except those present now. The whole mermaid thing was odd to her, but she doesn't question it further. "Metis," she nods, liking the name of it, she gives a smile. "I don't know what is better for me, I don't know anything about this place. This Earth." Weirdo. A look is given to Derek and she gives a warm smile. "I can whenever you want. Want to join?"

"Huh." she says as the energy drink disappears back into her pocket with no bulge or anything in indicate that it is there. If someone told her she isn't supposed use her powers outside of classes or without faculty supervision she clearly didn't listen. "I never have a problem sleeping." maybe she burns it off quick.

Vinny gets a dubious look "Are you kidding? They do not…" she narrows her eyes "Do they?" she isn't sure whether she believes Vinny or not.

"Something like that yeah." Felicia grins "Grayson is Ares too, so is Derek here." she gestures to Derek since he is right there. Another huh is issued when Delilah says she knows nothing of Earth "Join the crowd. Most of us have been here all our lives and we don't know squat about it either."

"Well, that's pretty sexist of that power, isn't it?" Oliver scoffs some when Vinny explains that only the girls can be mermaids. "Won't stop me from wanting to see if I can do it though." Gender seems irrelevant to him. Derek gets a snicker, "Senioritis already?" Felicia gets a roll of his eyes, "Metis is cool…don't let her peer pressure you into joining Ares!" Is there a friendly rivalry? Who knows? Maybe they'll have to start one! He does look up from his veggies as Delilah mentions 'This Earth'. "Wait. You're not from here?" That's certainly piqued his interest. "Where are you from?" He looks to the others as if to ask why they didn't lead with this fascinating information?

Vinny pauses as he listens to the others. "They don't. At least not that I know," he replies to Felicia, before he offers a grin to Delilah. "I was almost tempted to ask if there's other Earths," he remarks, lightly.

"Course I'll join," returns Derek to Delilah, moving closer to stand with the group then. "Totally Ares, the best, I recommend trying." A smirk and more of a grin, more to try certainly. "I like Earth best of all, but its all I know. I'm down for seeing another planet or two." As in, that would be awesome in his book, space adventure. Nodding along with Felicia though, "Yeah, I can't tell you much about those other countries, let alone how my state does its governer stuff." Politics that woud be. A grin to Oliver, "Yes, out of here and doing something … itis. I own that." No need to deny it, who doesn't want some action. A slight raise to the ponderance by Vinny then a look back to Delilah, "It did sound similar in some ways."

Delilah doesn't believe in mermaids at all, but then there's the whole Earth thing too. There's a distinctive look of relief at what Felicia offers about Earth. "Good, maybe we can all learn together." Oliver though, receives a shrug of her shoulders and a half smile. "From somewhere long ago, somewhere else, I fell here." It's as good as it gets, because she simply doesn't know either. "It's different here." A nod to Vinny though, "There are other places like this, I guess. Other times." As Derek gets closer, she reaches out a hand to take his, not seeming to care about customs. "Are you hungry? I have food."

Felicia chuckles at the sexist powers comment as she twirls pasta on her fork and takes a bite. Spaghetti, yum! "You totally should." she encourages Oliver after a quick drink to wash down her bite. "I'm sure you can get it, just takes practice I bet." a smirk "I never said they weren't cool…but they aren't Ares." she gives him a gentle nudge with her elbow. The question Oliver poses does have her looking at Delilah with curiousty as well as she listens to what the other girl says "I knew it. Time isn't linear."

Vinny smiles as he listens to the others, as he finishes the last bit of food. "I should get going. Got something I need to finish up." Starting to get to his feet, he offers a grin to Delilah. "The music will have to wait, sadly." Nodding to the others, he makes his way for the door.

"Wait," Oliver leans on the table, "So you're from an Alternate Reality?" That takes a moment to set in, "That is SO COOL!" He stabs at his own meal and takes a few bites, "I mean, really. So cool." His fork is then pointed at Derek when he talks about Ares, "Don't make me…do something, Derek. Metis is just as good…if not better!" Aha! It is a war! A good-natured one, at least…currently. The fork is also pointed to Felicia for the same reason, his eyes narrowing. He's going to be watching them.

Relaxing, he goes back to his food, "That's why I want to see Anna because I can't turn into something I haven't seen for realsies." Although apparently elves count. That's something to ponder. Could have been an effect of the glitter flu. A wave is given to Vinny as he departs before he looks back to Delilah, "Music?"

"I am hungry, what all do you have," says Derek, the language of his hunger spoken and invoked, being male, he cannot refuse this call. Especially from a good looking girl who is offering. Felicia nets a chuckle from Derek at Metis not being Ares, his chuckle alone gives his agreement to the sentiment. His hand is taken, he doesn't let go or anything. A light look to Vinny at that, but just a little one. "Alternate Reality, or could be just another planet or something." Offers Derek on the explanation of where she is from, cause space is awesome to him still. There a look back to Oliver on the war, "What, I didn't say it, Felicia did." More directly at least.

Delilah is completely being swayed by the Metis crowd and gives Oliver a thoughtful look. "I think Metis would be a good one." As Vinny takes his leave, she agrees very much. "I can't wait to hear it. When you were singing it, it sounded like good music." The mention of the Anna has her attention back to Oliver. "Has anyone ever seen her be a mermaid or does she just claim it?" Because she still doesn't believe in mermaids. She brings the food closer to Derek, providing food for him. "There's all sorts of everything," she points out tender roast beef with gravy, "That's my favorite so far, I'm trying out things to see what I like best."

"Later." along with a wave is given to Vinny as he leaves the group to take care of stuff. Felicia snickers at Oliver's threats to Derek "Do something." she glances down at Oliver's plate "I suggest throw your peas at him." of course she isn't serious…she rarely ever is, especially when she is supposed to be. More laughter as she looks at the fork "Sorry but you'd do more damage to the fork than to me if you poke me with it."

She hmms at Delilah "You know there is a cheesy pick up line about falling to earth…" she pauses and waves a hand to kinda dismiss the thought "Nevermind, its more fun if you figure it out yourself."

Oliver ooohs, "Another planet. Although…" he looks at Delilah rather intently for a moment, "You look really human." Because apparently that's a deciding factor. Back to Derek, "I bet you thought it…and you said it earlier!" Or something like it. As far as food, he sort of hunkers over his own vegan meal and hisses like Gollum, "My Precioussss," his fork half-heartedly jabbing in Felicia's general direction. Another bite is taken as he straightens up and just smiles.

To Delilah, he answers, "Ask Derek. They're dating. And what sort of food do they eat on your…where you're from if they don't have meat and potatoes?"

A chuckle from Derek at the ongoings of team wars at the table, and food fights. Felicia's return on the fork gets him to chip in more, "Do it." A little interest, "Fork Art, we'll cast fortune depening on how the, finger things bend." Cause he has no clue what they're called. And he nods, reaching over to use Delilah's fork, "Its one of my favorites, Roast Beef and Gravy. Just like home, except processed school food flavored home." And he takes a bit. There is a slight choke about who is dating Annaliesa, he has to cover his mouth. No telling what he wanted to say. "There was no asking out," as if to clarify, "We've seen each other a few times, no shape changing witnessed to date." He says, curious how Delilah would take that, that or what sort of food she has of course.

"I can also speak like you. And when Bruce spoke French, I could speak it too, and understand it." Delilah lifts up a few tresses of her hair. "I was blonde before I came. I was blonde and there were so many lights, everyone was bright. Then I fell in the water and I stayed with the Lady Silver for so long. Years and years. Then suddenly, I fell in the water here by an island, and Derek found me." There's no thought of a food fight, she likes the food. As Derek eats some, she reaches for the drink, water, and takes a sip. She does look at Derek at the mention of the dating and processes that word for definition. She grins. "Your girlfriend?" Nope, doesn't seem to bother her one way or the other. Nor does she take her hand from his.

"If peas are your precious you can keep 'em." apparently Felicia isn't a big fan of the little green globules. At Derek's denial of dating Anna the teen girl just stares at him breifly and then looks to Oliver "Remind me, wasn't it Derek and Anna that snuck off to go "berry"," there are air quotes around berry, "picking during the camping trip?" she asks him all curious and innocent like as an elbow is put on the table and she rests her chin in her hand blinking up at Derek. She totally thinks that Anna is his girlfriend.

"Mmmm…Peas…" Homer Simpson would be proud. In fact, Oliver does take a forkfull of them and pop them in his mouth before he just blinks at Derek when he denies that he and Anna are together. At Felicia's question, he sits up straight and answers very properly, "Why, yes, Felicia, it most certainly -was- Derek and Annaliesa who went," he imitates her air quotes, "'Berry Picking' during the camping trip. Together. At night." A smug smile is given to Derek before he turns his attention back to Delilah, "Are you a shapeshifter too, then? That your hair changes color?" His formerly dark hair is now red.

"That's a far more interesting story than mine. I mean…mic drop there."

"Oh, there was some berry picking," he fully admits, that Derek character. He does not join in with air quotes, because one hand is apparently busy. "She is a girl who is a friend, yes." See he can admit it, openly. "The details are foggy." It was just the other weekend, he isn't that forgetful, is he. "It may have been at night." All night? Ah, subject change, "Cool." He indicates looking to the hair changed color. And a nod, "Yes, peas and planets. I'm with Oliver here. I'm curious about this lake of stars. We look up and say its the Milky Way, but fascinating." That and adventurous and less about his facebook status for the moment.

Delilah wears a mostly bemused look, "I don't like the peas as much as the meat." Though the expression isn't about the food, more about the Derek and Annaliesa thing, though as the two elaborate on it, she laughs a little, not sure what else to do in that point in time, especially when it comes to weirdness between everyone. Instead of that, she focuses on the whole hair changing thing. "Ooh, no I can't change mine. Mine was white before and now it's black. The water was purple now it's blue and the trees were yellow and now they're green. So many things are different. It was bright and light and beautiful there."

"Oh and I love Milky Way, they taste good. It's Grayson's favorite too." Adds Delilah.

"Yeah, that's what I thought." Felicia snickers more and all out laughs as Derek continues to deny. As Oliver's hair changes colors she reaches up to pet the ginger locks "There is a look I don't think I would ever be able to pull off." yeah she can't keep her hands to herself. Nothing new there.

As Delilah explains the color differences she leans forward to study her a moment "So, like a negative. Where you come from is like a picture negative to this one. Cool but weird."

Oliver adjusts his coloring then to go better with the ginger hair. For now. His blue-green eyes can stay, but now he has a smattering of freckles. "Hmmm. Berry Picking. All night. You know, I think I'll go chat with Anna…since you two aren't dating, maybe she'll want to go see a movie or something." He inspects his peas for a moment, not looking at Derek as he teases.

Delilah gets another blink though, "Was the sky purple? Because doesn't the water just reflect the sky? And apparently, did you know we couldn't see 'blue' for, like…generations? Isn't that weird?"

A face is made as Felicia tugs on his hair, "Careful, or I'll make it long…" he teases before he looks between Delilah and Felicia. "A photo-negative? That would explain the hair thing. Was your skin dark? And that totally sounds like…ok, I don't know what it sounds like, but that's really weird."

As she mentions Grayson's favorite candy bar, he gives a simple, "Huh…" and goes back to his food. "Peas are better when they're fresh…almost as sweet as candy."

So Derek is in the rock and the hard place, on the one hand Grayson is sharing candy bars with Delilah, that gets a curious look. Him glancing to Delilah for the moment. And then, the comment from Oliver on going on a date with Annaliesa. No matter what he was at currently, that gets a curious look too. "You can ask her, not like we made anything official." Implied with a tinge to his voice of indifference for the moment, while finally caught in the crux of it all. A nod to all in the group that are pushing the topic at least. "Something like a picture negative, or somewhere in between. I wonder if we went there, would our hair change color. I can't pull off an Oliver, that's for certain." Through it all, he eats some more beef and gravy though, cause it was offered and he can't refuse. "I should see about grabbing my own food, but this is just too good." To keep deflections going for the now at least.

"Maybe?" Delilah muses about the photo negative as Felicia voices it, not one hundred percent certain of anything. There were no answers for her at the moment, but she didn't seem to mind one way or the other, "You couldn't see blue? No, my skin was white, paler than it is now, and my eyes were black." They are a pale blue now. "I can't say what yours would look like if you were able to go there, but if you could, that meant it was possible I could go home."

"Sorry!" she didn't /mean/ to pull his hair, but its red now. What was she supposed to do? Felicia's hand smooths it down and makes an ewww face at what she hopes is an empty threat about the long hair. His other threat to Derek goes without comment.

There is some food eating from her, as well as a drink taken from the can, nodding in agreement at the weird part, probably both of the weird parts actually. And she isn't buying the pea remark either.

She hmmms at what Derek asks, taking a lock of her black hair and looking at it. "So if yours was white and is now black. Mine would be white if I went there?" question, statement, a little of both. "Or you're to lazy." she asides jokingly to Derek. "And my eyes would be like yours are now." since hers are pretty much black now. She's gotta try this! Out comes her phone and she is holding it out so she can get a group selfie of all of them. "Smile!"

Oliver just shrugs at Derek when he gives his answer about asking Anna out. Not that he really would unless it was for some sort of prank to pull on the Senior. He continues to eat at his own meal, not chiding others for enjoying the meat, but not partaking in the conversation about its deliciousness either. "So not really photonegative then. Just…different."

Didn't he say not really photonegative? There's a snort as Felicia goes to take a selfie and she ends up with a selfie of three students and a black bear…who is back to being Oliver once the picture has been taken.

"Oh yes, Lazy may have a lot to do with it," admits Derek with a grin, eating more of Delilah's food, since she offered and all. "Don't get me wrong, I'm not lazy when it comes to fun. I'm all out, to the wall, but food. I couldn't be a hunter, or predator, who has to chase food to eat it." He takes some of her food with his hand, holds it up so his chin has to turn up and he can drop it in. Hopefully its done before the selfie happens. He grins though, whether food was all the way in or not. "I'll take a copy, facebook me." Then he blinks, "Hey, that was better than bunny ears, bear bombing!" Then he ponders, "Well, only one way to ever find out, we'll have to figure out how to get there now."

It's good that Delilah was distracted by the picture taking and by Derek and his eating of the food, she misses the bear at first. "Maybe it would be. I don't know how to get there though, but if I could I would be home. I'd show you all around though before you left." She doesn't know about the Facebook thing though, but she does look curious at it. "If you can figure how to get me home, I would like to go. I have people there."

Clearly Felicia wasn't paying all that close attention to what was being said this time, "Oliver!" she exclaims as she gives the boy a nudge with her elbow, she's amused of course, but that is hardly a picture she can send her mom. Her mom would have a heart attack! Her eyes lift from her phone screen to Derek "Don't Facebook, tweet, tumble or any of that other stuff." GASP! she admits readily. The phone is handed over to Derek though "You can send it to yourself though if you want."

An understanding nod is given to Delilah "Yeah being so far away from home is hard for a lot of people. It must be even worse when you aren't even in the same reality as yours."

Oliver pretends to look all innocent, "What? I'm just sitting here…eating my peas." And other vegetables. "You didn't tell your mom that there were bears at your school? Really!" He works on finishing up his meal though rather than join in on the discussion of 'family'.

"There has to be some way to get into space," ponders Derek, focusing on awesome things. "Just, I don't think I can like breath up there." Yet, maybe. He should speak to someone about the way his energy works now. Curious himself. He takes the phone, one handed, thumb swivels and swipes all over it and poof. Its sent. Didn't even dig through her photos, too much. "What, none of that stuff? Stone age, do you text by chiseling on rock?" A laugh, no, actually more respect, the girl is out there doing more than being sucked into internets in his mind. Over to Lila then, "Thanks for the food, we should do that tour. Maybe after school?" Cause its lunch? Or he has practice of some sort to do. He starts to get up, "Careful of the peas, someone will slip on one if you fling them, I'll get the blame some how most likely." He gives a wave to folks, with half a smile. Meaning to put that book away before others see him with it.

Delilah does eat all she wants of he food, glad Derek seemed to enjoy it also, but she was finished with the meal. "I can breathe where I'm from, I can breathe anywhere. That doesn't mean I can breathe for you though." She nods, "I can do it tomorrow, the tour, but for now, I think I am going to go outside and wait for the moon to come up." Curious that. And since classes were over for the day, it was the final meal. "I'll sneak by and get a Milky Way with that money you gave me." Realizing Derek was leaving also, she grins. "I will see you later or tomorrow then." And to the others. "Thanks for letting me get to know you."

Felicia huffs in amusement at Oliver "You are incorrigible, ya know that." and she means it too, even though she thinks its a great quality to have. Taking the phone back it gets slipped back into her pocket "Who needs a chisel. I just scratch it out with my fingernail." nope none of that social media stuff, but she does plenty of texting. As Derek leaves she gives him a wave. "Anywhere? Really? That's handy." the breathing anywhere thing.

Oliver just smiles at Felicia. He certainly knows it and he is completely unapologetic. His hair goes back to it's 'usual' dark color and his skintone likewise returns as he finishes off his dinner. "Do we think they have ice cream tonight?" is asked of either girl as Derek slipped away. As Delilah also starts to make her exit he offers, "Maybe I'll see you outside tonight some…unless you and Grayson are sharing a Milky Way or something like that." He wouldn't want to interrupt, after all.

Delilah is on her feet and she smiles at Felicia. "Well, I think so. Not sure I want to test it so much." A bit of a saucy wink is tossed in her direction and she takes up the tray of food. What Oliver says has her looking at him curiously. "I hope to see you out tonight. Bring others with you if you want, even Grayson." She laughs. "I have no plans with him." She nods before heading off with the tray to dump it. "See you all later."

The question of ice cream is met with a shrug. "If they don't we can always get some from the commissary." Felicia tells him as she pushes her nearly empty plate away. There is a snigger at the or something part "Something like berry picking?" she asks.

The wink is meet with an eyebrow waggle from Felicia, though only one of her brows is actually visable "Later."

And then there were two. "So, ice cream?" she gives a head nod toward the hub where the commissary is.

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