(2016-04-06) Hollow Earth
Hollow Earth
Summary: Max and Delilah discover their origins are eerily alike in some ways.
Date: 2016.04.06
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Dark soft sand fills the beachhead of the cove, sporadically there are small motor boats pulled up on the shore. There is a public dock here that extends no more than 50 yards out over the small cove, allowing small ferries to pick up passengers and tourists to go out to the Isles of Shoals. With the tides a large harbor bell rings on the waves, heard around the town similar to church bells in some small towns. The scent of sea and the cry of gulls gives serenity to docks and beach.

While not really at the docks itself, Max is currently on the way back to the school, on the ferry. Humming to himself, trying to get back before it is too late. Once he steps off the ferry he takes a moment to stroll around on the outside of the school, not feeling like heading inside right away. While not warm it's warm for NE spring. A slight drizzle coming down.

Outside is one of Delilah's favorite places. She's not in the school proper, but she is still on the property and she is leaning back against the side of a rock, head tilted back so that she can look at the moon. She speaks in a foreign language as she murmurs, likely not anything recognizable to anyone here. It's possible though.

Max raises a brow as he hear the talking. Moving in the direction of Delilah. "Hello." He greets her. Moving closer, studying the girl. Tilting his head, this school certainly has some weird stuff. So hearing some weird language doesn't seem to surprise him much.

Hearing another voice, Delilah turns her attention from the moon to the approaching person. "Hello," she echoes his greeting, assuming he is from the school as well, since everyone she knew was. "It's not as clear out as I hoped."

Max ahs and nods. "I am sure that it will clear up." Moving towards her and the rock. "Pleasure to meet you. Name is Max Elucar." He introduces himself. "Want company? Or prefer being alone?"

"Delilah," the dark haired girl offers to Max. "If you want, you're more than welcome to." There's another look up towards the moon. "You go to school here too then?"

Max smiles and nods, "Yeah. Started this semester, after winter break. You?" He asks, moving to sit next to her. Looking up to the sky. "So, what are you doing out here?" Comes his question, relaxing some where he sits.

"I just started this week." Delilah drags her eyes from the sky to look at him, "Just looking at the moon, thinking of home. What about you? Do you come out here very often?" As if drawn, she looks back towards the moon even before he gives an answer.

Max shrugs, "Occasionally. Though not all too often." He offers about coming out here. "Though I can occasionally think of home." Watching the moon as well. "So, other than sitting and enjoying the moon, what do you enjoy doing?"

It was a question she hadn't been asked before and Delilah has to sit and think about it. "I like the moon, the stars, sitting by the water and looking at the reflections. I do enjoy singing and making words that rhyme. What about you?"

Max grins, "Quite poetic." He offers to her. Though as she offers it in return, he shrugs. "Mainly just reading and learning. Such as nano technology and genetics. Though also drumming is fun." He says and smiles.

"I guess learning can be fun. I don't know about drumming so much. I don't know about a lot of the things here that much." Delilah doesn't look away from the moon, even with the drizzle. "Are you from here?"

Max shakes his head. "Not really. Or, depends on where you mean." He says, since it can mean a lot of things. "Drumming, causing sounds through hitting stuff. A form of music." He explains. Leaning back some. "I was born in an alternative dimension. Hollow Earth. You?"<RE>

Whoa, that was something different. It's something that draws Delilah's attention away from the moon to rest on Max. "What do you mean? Hollow Earth?"

Max shrugs, "Well, basically a world inside of this one. It was technically through a dimensional portal. But the world was under the earth. A whole civilization hidden. Though it started collapsing, portal ruined. Leaving us stranded here." He explains. "Most there look like regular humans, but with slight differences. My family all have some psychic abilities." He explains, studying her a bit. "Now I've told you some of my life. It wouldn't be fair unless you offered some." He says, though clearly offering it a bit playfully. Especially with that small smile on his lips.

Lila listens, curious about it, her expression holds that quirky bemusement at his explanation of his home. "So you can never go back home? Ever?" The teasing at the end, the playfully offered words are considered. "I think mostly when I talk about myself, I confuse people more than I answer any questions they may have."

Max frowns, shaking his head. "Not that I am aware of. Though who knows." Sighing at that. "It's worse for my siblings. I was still very young when it happened." He admits, shrugging then. "Well, try me." He says with a small challenging grin.

"I don't know.. really. I'm not from Earth. I fell from up there," Delilah points up towards the sky. "But where I'm from, it's another time and place. There are kings and knights and stars. Purple water, yellow trees.."

Max ahs and nods. "Sounds interesting. We had the whole royals and stuff. And from what I hear, and what we have left, we did have interesting stuff similar to that. I don't remember many details though." Looking to the sky. "I am sure you will get to know the details in time." He suggests to her and smiles brightly.

"That does sound interesting. I fell in the purple water with the shadows beneath, but it was so long ago. I stayed with Lady Silver and she taught me what I know, and then one day this week, I fell into the water by the island and Derek found me." Delilah just looks bemused.

Max ahs and nods. "If you want, I could always try and help you out some. I do know some about chemistry and genetics. It could help me determine how your body work, perhaps also giving us the most realistic locations or so on. It's a longshot… But can't hurt, right?" He suggests. Tilting his head. "Are you okay?"
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"You would do that? I would like to know, I really would. I want to know where I was before in relation to where I am now. Earth. I want to know what I can do besides understand languages spoken, understand, speak and comprehend. What all can you do?" Delilah looks curious, but she does offer a nod. "I am fine, just want to go home."

Max nods and smiles, "Of course. Happy to help. My family run the Aion Institute. Highly educated for scientific purposes. I am sure we could try things out there if I can't help. I can start with my own lab equipment though. I am going to need blood samples though. We can take it later, when I have the equipment ready." He suggests to her. As for what he can do, he shrugs. "Some telepathic stuff. As well as something aching to telekinesis. Though only to pull in and shoot things away. But my main powers are to disable or enable things. Want me to show you?" He asks, holding out a hand to her.

"I don't know what the institute is but if you would help that would be good. I will even buy you a Milky Way." Because those are the best, she had proof! Delilah glances up towards the moon at the mention of giving her blood. "We can try it if you think it will help. I just want to know." She falls silent again when he describes his powers, though at the prospect of him disabling her powers, she shakes her head. "I would rather not."

Max nods, "I will do my best." Though at her refusal of him showing his powers, he nods, "That's fine. Just thought you might had wanted to see what you can do with a bit of a boost." He suggests to her. "Though I will help."

"You won't take it away?" Delilah asks dubiously. "It's really all I have right now but I don't really want to tonight. I can't really. It's raining, the stars aren't out. I am weaker when the stars aren't out."

Max shakes his head. "Nope. Giving it an extra boost. Perhaps it's enough for you to show even a hint. Though I understand if it might not be enough. I work like a battery." He explains. "I can also bond, but I don't have the exact down on that yet. It basically allows us to share powers for a moment." Shrugging at that. "That's left for another time." Smiling to her.

"A battery," Delilah muses, interested in the explanation of his powers. "So you're pretty good at what you do then. If you have a whole lab and a whole institute thing. So, Hollow Earth. Can you draw pictures or anything? Maybe I could write a story of where I'm from and let you read it so you could understand a little of where I'm from and what I've done."

"Yup." Pondering for a moment before he tries to take her hand, if she let him. "I promise, it won't hurt." He tells her. "This is the best way to explain it." Max then shrugs about Hollow Earth. "As I said. I was very young. Though water that goes into caves come to us through the portal at times. Though mainly we live inside and the light comes from inside. Though a lot of it is based on technology. Harnessing the light of the core to us in some fashion. We were all relatively advanced. With fauna that were similar to Earth's but with their own styles. Almost like it was made to fool you. Poison pools, healing plants. Animals thought to be extinct. A bunch of things. Most I've been told from my family though." He admits and chuckles. "I could try drawing something for you. Not sure how well it would come out. You should write a story though. I'd love to hear about it." Scratching his head some. Seemingly overly excited, and probably caught himself with such.

Delilah watches as he tries to take her hand again but there's a look to the moon and the stars.. well the stars are harder to see behind the cloud cover. "I don't want to yet. Not yet." Keeping her hand back from his by wrapping them around her bent knees and resting her chin on her knees. "Your place sounds a lot like mine. But I do know I fell from the sky." She realizes the moon thing is a lost cause tonight. "I think I'm going to go inside tonight, but let me know when you want the blood and I'll let you have it." She pushes to her feet and smiles. "I will see you inside sometime, okay?"

Max nods, "Okay." Smiling and nodding. "I am sure they are similar in some ways." Rising as well, nodding to her. "Yeah. Talk to you later. We can do it before the weekend perhaps. Gives me time to work." Putting his hands into his pockets as he yawns. "I should probably head inside as well." Starting to head in also.

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