(2016-04-05) What Color Is Your Water?
What Color Is Your Water?
Summary: Bruce meets Delilah as they catch the ferry to the School.
Date: 2016-04-05
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Bruce lumbers up to the dock, looking around. He's carrying a giant duffle bag over one shoulder while the other carries an easel and various tackle boxes. He looks over and notices that the ferry is on it's way over.

Arrangements had been made and now Delilah was coming to the school. Dressed in a pair of sweats and athletic shoes as well as a hoodie over a random shirt that's too big for her. She doesn't have much by way of luggage, just herself and a backpack. As she notices another, she gives a curious look, "Hello," she greets, there's not really an accent to her voice, but her speaking is very proper.

Bruce looks over.. and then looks down.. to see the top of Delilah's head. "Oh!" He smiles brightly. "Bonjour." He blushes, clearing his throat. "Pardon.. I mean.. Hello." His accent is pretty thick and noticeably French. "You are new as well, yes?"

New.. Lila does have to tilt her head back to see the mountain of a teen and a smile hitches the corner of her lips. "I am old," she corrects, but continues, "Though I just came to this place for the first time, so I am new here."

Bruce blushes and nods. "Pardon, I did not mean to say you were a baby, no. I meant new to the school." He nods, as she says the same. "Good. I am as well. I am Bruce." he says. "A pleasure to meet with you." He'd offer a hand but they're both full with cargo. When the ferry makes it to the shore, he steps back, allowing the girl to make her way on first once passengers are accepted.

"I meant old like.." Delilah is saved by the ferry and she gives a wry twist of her lips as she steps onto the surface and looks out, captured by the colors of the water. "I am Delilah, it's nice meeting you as well." Once on, she looks at his cargo, but it never occurs to her to help carry things. "Are you happy to be going there?"

Bruce doesn't look like he's having much difficulty. He moves them around easy enough and is not showing signs of fatigue. "Delilah, eh? A nice French name. Very… New Orleans." He smiles. He makes his way onto the ferry, the boards creaking under his weight as he makes his way over. He places his cargo on the deck for the time being. He now offers a hand to her, rather large in size. "I am quite happy. New experiences are great, plus it helps me to learn more about my ability… How to.. control it and not accidentally hurt someone."

"New Orleans." Lila muses, searching her memory then shaking her head and looking a touch lost. With the offered hand, she studies it until she realizes he wanted hers in return, and so she holds it out to him, her own rather small in comparison. "Ability?" The question hangs there a moment before her expression clears, "Your own magic. What is it you can do?"

Bruce smiles. "I'll explain it further some time. Have you been placed in a team yet?" He asks as the boat begins to move on. He shakes the hand, as gingerly and gentle as possible, as if he were holding porcelain. He nods when she translates. "Oui, yes. I'm not magic, though. I'm just strong. Stronger than most. I would demonstrate but I do not wish to jeopardy our trip to the island."

"I have no team. I know Derek." It's the sole of her acquaintances thus far. "Are you in a.. team?" Not that she realizes what the teams are as of yet. As he says Oui, she smiles, surprise flickering in her eyes. "Je comprends ce que vous avez dit." (I understand what you said.) She looks down at his hand that had gently clasped hers. "It is a school for special people. Are you from New Orleans?"

Bruce nods slowly. "I know Delilah, that is all." He smiles, the ferry now on it's way to the Island. "I have been placed in Prometheus. I am to help protect people." He shrugs, as if this is something well known to all. His face lights up as the girl speaks French. "It is a special school, yes." When she asks him about New Orleans, he shakes his head and points up.. He looks to where he points, an odd look on his face as he realizes that he said he came from the sky. "Nono.. I mean, up north. Saskatchewan.. Canada." he thinks. "Your name, sounds French and jazzy at the same time. It makes me think of Bourbon St., though… I'm not supposed to know that." he blushes a bit, showing his real age despite his size.

Delilah tilts her head back and there's laughter in her eyes. "You will meet others, I think. Maybe some in the teams you said." With the mention of the team name, she only looks more curious, perhaps having heard of a Prometheus before. And just like him, when his face had lit up as she spoke French to him, hers does when he mentions coming from the sky. "You did!?" Though he quickly refutes it and her expression clouds slightly. "I don't know Sasquatch Canada." Though she does turn to the mention of her name and the meaning to him, but she only looks confused. "I don't know it."

Bruce nods. "I am sure, yes." He smiles. He then blushes, feeling bad for making her think he came from the sky. "Is it proper for me to ask what it is you do, or should I wait for classes before finding out?" He asks as the ferry gets closer to the Island. The fort is now within sight and becoming larger by the minute. He chuckles at the botching of the name of his territory, making him feel so much better for not mentioning the city he's from. He tries to think of how to explain it. he looks up at the sky, contemplating. Then he smiles and gets an idea. "I will paint it for you sometime. The picture may explain better than my not-so-good English."

"My magic?" Delilah gives him a smile, it's filled with all sorts of intelligence and wisdom, but the way she comes across is a touch naive, unfortunately. "I don't know if I can do it here. I know I could do it back home, but here everything is different." She looks up at the sky as well, "I would like to see you paint it. Maybe I can know then if I have seen it or not." A look is given out at the water and she laughs as if it's comical, "The water isn't even purple here."

Bruce blinks slowly. "Water is… purple where you come from?" He's confused, perhaps he misunderstood what she'd said. He nods when she mentions not being able to show him, respecting her decision. "Ok. We will just have to wait until classes. I am a Fresh person.." He thinks.. "I mean, freshman, yes."

"Purple. Yes. And there are shadows beneath it." Delilah even peers over the side of the ferry and looks at the blue water. "There aren't shadows here and when I fell, I landed in the water by an island. Derek found me." Searching her vocabulary, she finds she knows the meaning of freshman. "Your grade in school. I don't know what mine is, but I can ask and I will let you know."

Bruce nods slowly, not understanding. "Interesting." He says, as the ferry begins to dock at the fort. The midshipmen go to tether the boat to the dock, some looking to bruce thinking he may be a new deckhand. "It looks like we are here." He says, as he grabs his gear easily and gets ready to leave. "It was nice meeting you, Delilah of the Purple Water."

When they dock, Delilah looks around, curious of this new place. "We are here," she repeats what he had said. "It was nice meeting you too, Bruce of great strength from Canada." Though that is said, she follows him, because she's not exactly sure where to go.

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