(2016-04-05) Milky Way
Milky Way
Summary: Grayson and Delilah meet in the commissary and have an odd conversation. He's great about it though.
Date: 2016.04.05
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With uniforms and school emblem clothing lining the glass walls looking out, a lot of the room is full of books needed for the classes here at Coral Springs. The wall near the register has supplies such as pens and pencils and erasers. Though there are a few more items than a normal school commissary, including snacks and drinks ranging from soda to energy to teas and water. This is built up as a one-stop shop for all school needs and school spirit.

The new girl. Nothing too special about that with all of the recent additions to the school lately, but to Delilah, this is about the most confusing thing she'd ever confronted. There was food in here, food that was different, and she was interested in trying out whatever there was available. With a ten spot in hand and wearing sweat pants, shoes and a hoodie over some generic shirt, she comes to the commissary, taking the time to check over the items for sale, full of questions that are answered mostly by picking up each and every candy bar one at a time and reading the ingredients.

Grayson is standing in front of the rack of notebooks. He's picking up and opening various nicer ones - smaller, leather bound moleskin notebooks an artist might be happier with. He runs his fingers over the paper, then puts it back and picks up the next one. It's a process of pickiness, and he's rather into it. He notices the other girl, but doesn't say anything aside from offering a small, friendly smile.

Nothing like a good candy bar with the perfect combination of nuts, chocolate and everything else inside that's tempting. Delilah lifts an Almond Joy and a Mounds, looking at the pictures on the front of each before replacing both back. "Coconut?" The query is musing and not directed at anyone in particular. Looking up in time to catch the smile, she returns it, but notices his notebook shopping. "So many things!"

Grayson looks back at the girl. "Um…" His brow furrows just a little, taking in the bit of odd behavior. "…yeah. So many, uh… things." He tilts his head a bit. "Go with the caramel Milky Way, if you aren't sure. It's my fav." He then gestures toward where they are on the lower shelf.

Well that's all it takes. "Milky Way!" Delilah crouches down and selects the one, able to at least read the wrapper and she does exactly that. Once she has read it, she selects another one, making it two, before rising and putting both on the counter. "I hope it's good." She has absolutely no accent in her tone at all, and her words are fairly precise. "I am Delilah and I just got here today."

Grayson lifts his brow a little. "Yeah?" He grins once more, amused. "I'm Grayson." He puts the notebook in his hand back on the shelf, looking over to her again. "A greenie, huh? Where ya from, Delilah?"

It's a question without a simply answer, but Delilah tilts her head back and looks up, "I fell from up there." It is spoken like it's not so out of the ordinary. "I landed in the blue water. Where are you from? Bruce is from Sasquatch Canada and New Orleans."

Opening his mouth a moment, Grayson isn't sure how to respond to her origin. He closes it instead. Pausing, he finally nods a little, "I'm from Salt Lake City. So… You FELL… from the sky… into water?"

"I did, I fell from the sky into the water. The blue water." Because those things are important. The candy is given another look and she slides the ten dollar bill on the counter and picks up the candy bars but holds out one to Grayson. "Because it's your favorite," she explains. "Where is Salt Lake City?"

Grayson smiles once more, and he takes the candy bar, tapping it on his palm. "Thanks." He sniffs, "Salt Lake City is in Utah." He shrugs, "It's dry. Lots of rocks." With another tilt of his head, he follows that by asking, "So, you fell from the sky into blue water. Where was this water? Was it a lake? Ocean? River? What was in the sky you fell from?"

"It was by here, there was an island by it and I met Derek. He helped me find people from the school and they told me to come here. So here I am." Delilah deliberates about Salt Lake City in Utah, "Rocks." She cracks a smile. "I like rocks, but mostly moon rocks." She gets the money handed back to her and looks down at the candy. "What is it you do that they let you come here to this school?"

Nodding, Grayson shares, "Derek is my roommate, though we hardly see each other." He inhales and shrugs, "Well…" Exhaling, he tears open the candy wrapper. "I'm what they call an elementals. I can control water." Taking a bite of the chocolate, he grins, "Thatsh good," he offers through his full mouth.
GAME: Save complete.

"Elementals." Delilah tries out the word and finds she realizes the gist of what he means. "Have you ever seen purple water? In pictures or anything else? I'm trying to figure out if anyone has ever heard where I come from. The purple water has shadows beneath it." She also opens hers and prepares to take a bite.

Grayson shakes his head, "No. Purple water isn't really… normal." He shrugs, "Neither are we, though, right?" He sniffs, and takes another bite of the candy bar. After swallowing, he asks, "So, how long ago did you, uh, fall?"

"I think it was three nights ago, but during the day." Because obviously days are gauged by nightfall. "I guessed it wasn't normal when Derek didn't hear of it and then neither did Bruce." The purple water that is. "I'm not normal I guess. I don't even know if I was normal where I came from either though."

"Well, none of us are normal here, so you'll fit right in." Grayson considers a second, "You don't have any memory of before? I mean, how did you learn things? Who taught you to speak?"

"I do have memory of before, but I wasn't here. I was home, so far from here, so very far. I fell into the purple water when the King was overtaken, and I stayed with Lady Silver for so, so long. Then one day, I fell and it was beside an island. I don't know how I know this language, but when Derek started saying it, I just knew. Then Bruce was speaking French and I knew that too. I know what the words are and what they mean, but I don't know where places are, since I've never been." Delilah looks as confused as she sounds.

Grayson opens his mouth again. All that comes out is, "…huh." He takes another bite, the last, and chews it up, wadding the wrapper and tossing it in the nearby garbage canister. "Well…" He chews and chews, and then finally swallows, "I'm adopted. So, you win in the weird youth experience competition, Delilah." He grins, that's a joke, evidently. "Well, I have to get a paper written. Don't fall any more, okay?" He winks at her, and then turns to head back to the dorms.

"If you need any help, let me know." Delilah flashes him a smile. "Sorry if I sound weird, I realize I do. I'm just trying to make sense of everything. It was nice talking to you." She finally takes a bite of the candy and moves over to select a few more to take with her.

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