(2016-04-05) Meeting of Ares
Meeting of Ares
Summary: A few of Team Ares meet up on the way to the dorm room.
Date: 2016.04.05
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Far overhead, its a cold spring day, below freezing. The ocean stays its normal temp, above freezing, warm currents running up the coast. But knowing that, those pale yellow rays that slice the water and fall into the school, they just seem a bit chill. The air is warm as always in the hub. Its maybe a later period or after school, Derek has nothing to do. He has returned from classes, no books in hand. Heading for the Ares Dorm, he has a slight smirk on his face. As if life couldn't be beter, or he doesn't care. One of those two. He nears a sofa on the way, steps up on a corner like he'll jump off, but meh, too much energy, good mood and all but, yeesh, too much. So he rotates on his shoe, leaving a mark on the sofa, then sets his foot down. School blazer, pants and all, he weres a tie in the color of ares, its already unknotted and loose about his neck. It couldn't want for that moment. He pauses to look around for a camera or something with the sofa incident a few weeks ago, and makes a point to dust off that shoe mark. Its dirty enough under his shoe that his hand patting doesn't remove the mark by a long shot.

With it below freezing, Annaliesa doesn't chance it. Staying in the controlled environment of the hub of the school, she's wearing a thick parka, jeans, snow boots and a knit cap on her head. Gloves are on her hands as well. You know, since she just came from classes topside. It was cold, even if her body would be warm to the touch at the moment. Stepping into the lower area, she notices Derek just in time to see his antics of wiping off a mark, and she approaches him with a warm smile. "Wasn't the sofa just replaced?" Doesn't matter really, just conversation.

The decision has been made, so here comes Daxton to his new dorms. He's got two small plastic bags with him. It's all his belongings in the world. No Team colours are on yet, those have to be purchased at the school store, and he's already went through most of the money he got to get the casual clothes he has now. He casually wonders if he can get a job on the weekends. That thought process is halted when he sees the other Ares standing outside the dorm hub, "Hey."

The whistling comes first, as Vinny comes down ino the hub. Looking around, the whistling stops as he sees the people present, before he starts attempting to sneak over in the direction of the others. The whistling before may or may not already have given him away, though.

The first voice is Annaliesa, Derek favors her a smile, and looks her over. "It was, too soon to borrow it like that." For whatever that stepping up was about. He'll pull her over for a one armed hug, "You look sexy as ever. We should figure out doing studying or something." Fully implied he might not have any studying in mind whatsoever. He would say more, but others around, his hand slips back slowly after a brush at her. "Sup," he says to Derek, "Getting around and all?" A slight turn towards whistling, as if who could be so chipper. That's more chipper than him. "This is Annaliesa … He's Daxton." By way of explanation. "Ready for the weekend yet?" Derek is, its been two whole days of school already, ugh.

Daxton's head tilts slightly and he gives Derek an odd look, "Yeah. She was with you when you guys found me." Before he can say anything beyond, "Hey Annaliesa." There's whistling and Vinny. The younger classman gets a nod, but he doesn't say anything, figuring the siblings will want to talk. Derek gets another eyebrow raise, "The weekend? Sure, I guess."

Annaliesa slips right there beneath his arm as if meant to be there, the impishness of her smile unmistakable when he compliments her and mentions studying all at the same time. "Sure, we could study whenever you wanted." As Daxton approaches, she lifts a hand, "Hey, good to see you again, Daxton. Settling in good?" The lack of team colors is noted, but not commented on. It's the whistling that draws her attention and she glances over to the newest arrival. "Vincent!" Not using his nickname for a moment. "As cheerful as always. Vincent this is Derek, Derek, Vincent. And this is Daxton, he's pretty new."

For a few brief seconds, Vinny looks a bit sad that he's noticed. No doubt, he was planning some kind of mischief. "Hey," he offers, with a brief grimace as he hears his full first name used, and he moves the rest of the way over. Looking to Derek, he offers him a grin. "Hello." Daxton is given a grin, "How's things?"
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There is a pause, then a chuckle from Derek at the dawning of realization. Then more a chuckle at himself, "It was a good weekend. Friday night in particular." A look to Annaliesa at that thought. Seeing the impishness even. "Now I can't wait to open my books." All the books he has in his hand, the whole zero of them. "They get you all figured out?" Settled in here he means, there was some ponderance of family and the year last time. Then they are introduced to Vinny, "Hey, Vinny, its good. Glad you made it to the school finally. Been wanting to meet you, Liesa mentioned something about folks and pizza night at Lighthouse one of these weekends."

Daxton shrugs to Vinny, both hands full with plastic bags. "Not much." The pretty girl gets the same shrug, "I guess. I've got a lot of school work to catch up on." Good thing he can speed read! (ha!) "I guess. I'm moving into Ares now." He nods towards the Team hub entrance, "Hey…do you guys know if we can get jobs on the weekend in town?" Wow, Felicia was right about one thing, these two really don't ever stop flirting.

"Ah that was last weekend," Annaliesa reminds Derek gently, but she doesn't really look put out, she doesn't seem upset or anything. Hearing Daxton, she smiles with excitement, "Oh that's great, Daxton, welcome to Ares. We're all Ares," nodding to indicate her brother as well. "I think you could get a job on the weekends in town. I don't see why not." A grin is given to her brother, "We had a good time out at Lighthouse Pizza this weekend, right?"

"It's a quite lovely place, with some very good food," Vinny replies to the part about the Lighthouse Pizza, before he offers a grin to Derek. "A pleasure to meet you," he offers, with another grin. Turning to Daxton at his revelation, he grins, "Excellent. Good to hear you've made the choice." There's also a grin offered to his sister. "And yes, a wonderful time."

"Ugh, school work," says Derek as if it was the plague. He doesn't put that much umph into it, but just a tinge of it at least. "I have some. I'll cram it in, sunday night I think." Then he's told he missed the date to meet the parents, a slight squint in his eyes. "That's right, I forgot. I was checking out one of the islands." That's the totality of his excuse it seems. "We can make a new one, or are your parents disappointed." As if he's not wholly disappointed that someone would be with him, but he's making an effort.
Daxton, a good refocus, "Yeah, glad you're with us, they told you about Arena Fetch? I think we can field a good team next year at least."

Daxton shrugs again, "I fit best here, I guess. That's what the teachers said." He watches Derek briefly, wondering if he has some memory issues too.The speedster seems relieved about the job, anything to not have to contact his parents. "Good." A head tilt, "Arena Fetch?…Oh, is that the sport thing here? All I heard is that that was something, not what it was."

"The food is good there, it's the first time I have been to the Lighthouse place." Annaliesa gives her brother an affectionate look. "It was fun anyway." She looks at Derek and shakes her head, but she does notice his lack of sincerity or explanation for missing it. She simply shrugs in response to him. "I don't know. I didn't ask them." Yeah the refocus is good that Daxton offers. "It'll be good with you in there with us. Good times." She also looks curious about Arena Fetch, since she'd not heard about it either.

"School work is a necessary evil of going to school, I believe," Vinny replies a bit lightly. For the Lighthouse, he adds, "Food was good, the scents there even better." That's said a bit quietly, before he pauses, "Arena… Fetch?"

A slight look to Annaliesa from Derek, they're all flirty, but this hiccup at the moment suggests something to talk about later, or never. Hit or miss, "It is good pizza, wish I wasn't forgetful." So he could of enjoyed it, with her implied at least. "Yeah, its our sport. Sort of like … I guess hockey meets rugby. Take a ball across the field, score with it. Six players though, two defending, two offense." That completely explains it, "And the field changes, gravity, no gravity, platforms and stuff. Full powers to stop and subdue, not to try to hurt each other."

Daxton will happily talk about this sport, if it keeps the two from fighting in front of everyone. "That kinda sounds fun. Do they have any games recorded?" Could be interesting to watch, at least. Vinny is ignored about school work. Bah, it's awful. Well, maybe it's so awful because Daxton is so far behind.

"I'm glad I was homeschooled until now, but the change was so different in coming here from where we lived before." Annaliesa smiles at Vinny who understands better than anyone. Catching the look from Derek, she smiles, doesn't seem to hold any bad feelings about it. "It's okay, I know you like the island." The smile brightens a bit, but there's no explanation why. Instead, she listens about Arena Fetch and nods a bit. "Sounds fun but a little complicated."

Vinny hesitates a little at the explanation of Arena Fetch. "Sounds interesting… A bit physical, I think?" There's a brief smile, as he looks between the others again.

"I bet they do," returns Derek to Daxton, "Or you could go to the game on Friday. Losers bracket, we'll be playing in it." He owns up, he knows they need to get better. "Storm Waller would probably know where they archive is, they take it pretty series in Athena." They take everything seriously tough. "The island was fun, but so are you." A choice, maybe he didn't think it all through, but he did say the island first curiosly enough. "You should come to the game too. It only sounds complicated, not like chess or something though." A nod to Vinny, with a smile. It is physical. "I have a ball in my room if you want to check it out. Maybe we could swing by the court later, let you see what it looks like?" To both Daxton and Liesa.

Daxton nods, he thinks maybe doing something like that, even just for fun, could be good for him. Dax knows he's being guarded. But nightmares and a feeling of paranoia will do that to a guy. "I'd like that, thanks." he shifts one bag to the other hand, freeing up one hand to rub the back of his neck. "Is there practices and stuff?"

"Physical," Annaliesa offers to Vinny, "It sounds like it is. Sounds fun though." She looks at Derek and allows her hand to fall to her side, but she doesn't mention anything, just gives him a quiet, solemn look before focusing on the others. "I think I will go check out the game and see what all is going on there, see how complicated it is." Remembering Daxton and his powers, she gives him an encouraging look, "I think you would be excellent at it since you're so fast."

Vinny nods a little. "It sounds fun, that's true." Looking a bit thoughtful, he smiles, "I'll at least come watch it?" He looks to Daxton again now, offering a smile. "Fast?"

His hand trais for hers, but doesn't quite grab it, letting her put it down as it seems her want. Derek does grin to Daxton though, "You would be a great carrier, they are the ones that score and move between offensive and defensive zones. I like playing forward." Just keeping up the interest in the topic for now. "Come fall, usualy there are a couple a week, outside of team training. But this late in the season, they're all done mostly. Except Prometheus and Metis, who play the finals in a couple of weeks."

Daxton blinks, looking at Vinny, "Me?..I guess, yeah." He shifts, putting his weight from one foot to the other as he glances at Annaliesa then. "I'm sure there's people faster." Somehow he knows there is. He then looks back to Derek, although his eyes land on the boy's shoulders, he doesn't make direct eye contact, "okay. I'll check it out. I'd like to have…something." Anything, really. The speedster is feeling a bit lost.

Annaliesa gives a bit of a smile to them all. "I have to get in the room, it's really cold right now, I can't do cold." She even shivers for them, see? With a wave to the others, she heads towards the Ares dorms and after that, to her room she shares with Felicia.

Vinny reaches out to gently pat his sister on the shoulder as she speaks about the cold. "Take care," he offers to her as she leaves, before he looks back to the other boys. "Fast is good," he offers to Daxton, before he grins, listening to the talk about that sport now.

"Maybe," returns Derek to Daxton about faster folks and all that. "But don't you want to be faster?" Like if he was a speedster, he'd want to keep going until he was. Maybe slightly competitive for the boy. Then he nods to her, "Okay, catch up with you for study?" Offered to the parting Annaliesa, as if that's still on his mind, no matter what happened with this island adventure he's not really talking about. Then he's back to the group, "Either way, how fast are you, with a few good teammates, you'd be an ace in the whole for the first few games if they never really new how fast you were." Then a consideration and a look to Vinny, "What's it you do? Like Liesa?" Not that he's seen all that she can do yet.

That's a loaded question for Daxton so he does that trademark shrug thing and focuses on Anna leaving, "Later Annaliesa." He let's his gaze go over to the freshman, to see what his skill set is. The speedster's foot starts tapping to some unheard song.

Annaliesa hesitates at the door and offers a shrug, "Sure, if you have time later," she offers to Derek, though the pat from Vinny earns him a smile, "See you soon, little brother." And Daxton also gets a wave. "See you, Daxton." Then she disappears inside.

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